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Dele Alli

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  1. I have being trading for years now and still I have not found my way through. And that’s why I am looking for various ways. One of such way is Social Trading that’s very popular in recent times. So I like to know if any of you guys have tried it and your experience.
  2. Dele Alli

    Well, these are good additions but I like how nice OkEX platform is. Hope they stay on same lines
  3. Dele Alli

    What else you expect from a Malta registered company?
  4. WOW. This is nice. OkEx is doing a wonderful job. Let’s hope it continues on same pattern ahead
  5. It's great to hear this. I think this will really help a lot of people do mining in far far more comfortable way.
  6. Dele Alli

    Wow, what’s going on with Bitmex? Almost seems like everything is going bad for them
  7. This is weird, why they don’t simply give a press release over this and sort it out for once and all? It’s just snowballing.
  8. So essentially what they are attempting to do is to cause individuals to disregard this. This is so terrible, such a large number of individuals need to settle on their own information because of Binance like organizations! Thank god I am not utilizing them
  9. Dele Alli

    Not able to understand how exactly is this going to work???
  10. Not sure the drop is because of this. The whole Crypto Market had similar fall, so not sure if it’s right connect this with that.
  11. WOW. This is pure craziness. How can Binance ban U.S??? Almost half of their exchange going to be dead.
  12. Dele Alli

    Why WaykiChain choose gate.io? I have read reviews about em and most likely it isn't good for waykichain
  13. Every news about Mithril is a big news for me and maybe for anyone who likes serious investment. I feel great to see the Airdrop, it’s truly spectacular thing and makes me feel all very happy!
  14. Projects like these are something that always fascinates me. I have already invested in so many such projects and this amongst those and on top of my list.
  15. Dele Alli

    I mostly point fingers towards lack of discipline. If anyone wishes to be successful then it is absolutely must that he work on discipline, as that is one major way for doing things right. I love it a lot through OctaFX broker, as they are really special with having lowest possible spreads from 0.1 pip to high leverage up to 1.500, over 70 instruments to pick from and we can even use their ECN account that can be operated with as low as 20 bucks!
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