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  1. Projects like these are something that always fascinates me. I have already invested in so many such projects and this amongst those and on top of my list.
  2. I mostly point fingers towards lack of discipline. If anyone wishes to be successful then it is absolutely must that he work on discipline, as that is one major way for doing things right. I love it a lot through OctaFX broker, as they are really special with having lowest possible spreads from 0.1 pip to high leverage up to 1.500, over 70 instruments to pick from and we can even use their ECN account that can be operated with as low as 20 bucks!
  3. The best way we can go towards planning correctly is via practicing and through demo account. If we manage to do that then we will easily achieve better results and will also help our self with performance. But, if we don’t practice or planning well then we could face a lot of issues. I do it all superbly through OctaFX broker with their lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500, zero balance protection and even rebate scheme to help getting up to 50% back on all trades.
  4. You got to be very good with selection of the broker, as it is something that makes life easier for traders. I feel absolutely great with OctaFX broker since they are just the type I feel relaxed and comfortable with. I love it with their lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, over 70 instruments, rebate program where I get 50% back on all trades even if it’s lost and all the payments are proceed instantly that really helps up big time.
  5. It’s really shameful that anyone is even considering brokers for education. The only and ONLY priority broker should give is to provide good service not education. I work with OctaFX broker and I am joined with them because they are licensed by FCA and also have superb conditions with lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips, high leverage up to 1.500, zero balance protection, swap free account and many other features including educational guidance, demo contests and all such tools to help further out!
  6. Spread is indeed very crucial for scalpers, but still, it’s not just about that. I believe broker offering low spread alone can’t be considered good. It is overall picture that we need to see which will ensure things and that’s why I am joined in with OctaFX. They are awesome licensed by FCA and have all the tools and resources one requires. From their educational guidance to webinars and to superb conditions from small spreads at 0.1 pips, zero balance protection and much more, it’s all amazing!
  7. It is indeed skill and not too many people are able to manage it, but it is something that’s required to be managed well to ensure we are in safe zone. I am lucky enough to be with OctaFX, who offers 50% deposit bonus and that really makes the work easy to manage. I also feel happy due to their crystal policies that allow one to trade through whatever technique we wish and that too without restrictions at all in any situation.
  8. Having a broker who supports or have clear policies will ensure that we work comfortably. This is where I feel great with broker like OctaFX, as they are awesome with their crystal clear policies allowing us to do whatever we want without restrictions. Also, they have ECN Account which can be operated with as low as 20 USD and comes with little to no issues over slippage, re quote or any such deal which helps up in working really smoothly.
  9. It is must that we have broker that we can trust and have crystal clear policies that helps us going far into achieving solid results. Luckily, I am joined under OctaFX broker given they are awesome with having lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, crystal clear terms and conditions while have absolutely transparent system, it all ensures that I am able to work it out nicely and help myself with the performance and helps up with doing everything.
  10. I am not sure how this explanation is going to do anything. It’s not about tiny bits of info about Forex; it’s about whole structure that we need to know. It’s not easiest of things, but you can’t make money sleeping. I am lucky enough to be joined with broker like OctaFX since they are awesome been licensed by FCA and have lovely educational guidance along with webinars that really goes long way in helping us understand things and get going in this giant world of trading.
  11. A quality broker is not made from offering bonuses or luxuries, it’s made from offering quality service, and therefore, it is common sense to give priority to our safety first! That’s why I prefer OctaFX, who are highly reliable and proven performer with been licensed by FCA and also are a true ECN that too an award winning one, so I feel absolutely great working with them. I also feel good with their 24/5 support service that’s forever active with helping us out!
  12. We can’t find trading opportunities randomly, it got to be figured out only after proper analyzing and working towards applying it. If we do that then only we will move towards real gains. I love it most with broker like OctaFX since they are awesome with having lowest possible spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1:500 and then they also have got cash back where we get up to 50% on all trades even if it’s lost which makes me feel pretty good.
  13. Why you should not be saying it? Anyhow, I will certainly not be saying it if the broker is that since they are not even properly regulated, so it’s just crazy to go with such company. I am with OctaFX, who are licensed by FCA and allows one to work with any technique from scalping to hedging to news trading or even EA, it’s all fantastic and helps us in every way to do trading with any style. Even they have 24/5 support present that makes it much more likable!
  14. I feel fed up with these types of stories; it’s really irrelevant what spread we have on the offering; it’s more to do with quality of the broker which means everything. I am joined under OctaFX and I don’t trade with them due to their spreads, but due to their overall setup which not just ensures safety but also encourages me to work with comfort and confidence. They even have low spreads, cash back and various such schemes that make it ever easy for me to work out!
  15. I think the reason is pretty obvious and that’s this business. Forex is a legitimate business and with so much potential, it’s awesome to be part of this. I have been working with broker like OctaFX which has only enhanced my chance. I love it a lot with their ECN Account that can be operated with as low as 20 USD and comes with little to no slippage; it’s awesome to trade with such highly rated company and benefits one and all.