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  1. I am trading with Fullerton Markets since they are giving excellent service since last year and ever since I joined up with them, I am able to generate fair amount of profits with ease. The massive benefit under them is that they are fully prepared to do with Segregated Account, Independent Trustee Administration (via Kiwi Global Trust) and are world’s FIRST Company to have insurance for the clients’ accounts through AIG Insurance Company! It what makes them very very special!
  2. I think the best way to judge any strategy is on demo account and see how much money we can gain. We need to be sure that we get the consistency working right and only then we could be gaining good money. I work with OctaFX broker and with them, it’s extremely easier for me with the solid conditions in place with tight spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, quick execution, daily market updates and much more, it’s very useful.
  3. Yeah, best broker, a broker who is not even regulated properly is BEST BROKER in your eyes! Thanks for such logical stuff. Forex market is no child’s play yet people join it. I believe the only way forward to succeed is through knowledge and experience. I have learned it all well through Baby Pips while my current broker OctaFX too plays their part. They have lovely educational setup that covers all things from basic to advance and one can use their demo contest option to further improve with chance of winning prizes as well.
  4. It’s not even just about success, but it’s about maintaining it because success is almost a fluke till you maintain it and that’s where the biggest issue comes up. I am extremely fortunate to be able to maintain it and the biggest key to this is OctaFX broker with their superb facilities and features from low spreads at 0.1, high leverage up to 1.500 and over 70 instruments to pick from plus much more, it’s all very cool to work with.
  5. Lol, will you care to say the hazards that every trader will encounter? And how the so-called ECN broker helped you over it? The broker got terrible reputation, so I am not sure how would they even be anywhere near helping anyone let alone anything else! Common sense needs to be used and then you will have minimum troubles. I am joined under OctaFX since they are licensed by FCA and are true ECN (not self-claim) and for which they have even won the award!
  6. Having a good broker is very important to our chances as we can gain good help in tough situations. Although, I always believe that any good trader should not worry about broker too much. But still it only helps having one that can be relied and trusted upon. I have OctaFX on my side, I could say they are great and all that but they have proven it with winning 18 awards in just 6 years with is nothing short of spectacular achievement.
  7. I don’t think there are too many people who would say they hate it. I believe it is clear that demo contest is extremely beneficial for one and all; it’s why it is rated so highly in this era. I too work with OctaFX and they are amongst the best companies with awesome demo contest like cTrader, as it is weekly based with having 400 dollar prize to be won as well, it helps me enjoy things and keeps me comfortable.
  8. It is indeed all about money, but you can’t gain in a cat walk, it has to be earned! It’s not exactly the hardest, but takes discipline and confidence to get it working. I work with OctaFX broker and through their support, I am able to earn pretty well because of their low spreads starting from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also 50% bonus on deposit which is use able, so all this is ideal way to make more money.
  9. One or two minutes are not scalping! It’s gambling! Also, it’s strange how you would be comfortable with such b-grade company just because they FULLY ALLOW it. Any genuine broker is going to do that, so what’s the big deal? I trade with OctaFX which is regulated by FCA and is also a true, so that is why working under them is special not just for me but anyone. Also, there is all techniques allowed which is rightly so since any genuine broker allows it.
  10. Forex is indeed a business that offers us large opportunities, but we need to be good enough for it. I don’t think having wide range of options is what you need, it is about skills only. I work with OctaFX broker and under them, I have over 70 instruments to pick from but I only prefer currency pairs which is easier having tidy spreads from 0.1 pips and then there is also their 50% rebate program, it’s all extremely like able and makes trading easy.
  11. Mate, I would like you to be little more honest not with us, but yourself! The so-called 0 pips spread come with massive commission which is double to the spread. I trade with OctaFX broker where they have spread starting from 0.1 pips, but it comes WITHOUT commission which makes it worthy to use. They are license by FCA and also are a true ECN that too an award winning one, so it is really pleasure working with them in any situation.
  12. There are tons and tons of money bundles in a business like Forex, but it is only for those who have skills and ability for it. I don’t think this is going to work if we lack anything of that sort. I do it all nicely with support of OctaFX broker, as they are classic with having low spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs while there is also 50% bonus on deposit that can be used too, so all this works out perfectly for me and brings in so many rewards.
  13. I don’t think spread or leverage is important, it is security that should be the top prize. I am extremely fortunate that I trade with OctaFX broker where not only I get facilities but I also get with the security which makes me feel extremely good. They are licensed by FCA and are servicing since last 6 years, so trading under such broker is always priceless and makes trading as easy as they are likely to become for anyone especially newbies.
  14. A quality broker is not one who offers low spreads or high bonuses, it’s one that offers quality all-around service. This is where I love working under OctaFX, as they are amongst the best out there due to been licensed by FCA and is a true ECN too which is also an award winning company, I enjoy it so much with them at every level. The conditions are also sweet to work with from low spreads to negative balance protection, swap free account and many things on that line.
  15. There is no such broker as SCALPING; I believe we need to use sense, at least. IF we don’t have such common sense then going anywhere in business like Forex is out sights. I trade with OctaFX broker, it’s not a SCALPING broker, and it’s a genuine broker. They are licensed by FCA and has excellent features and facilities including low spreads from 0.1 pips, quick execution, 50% deposit bonus that is use able plus plenty more which helps us in working!

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