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  1. The best thing about this news is the fact that they are partnering with another reputable organization.
  2. Dean Headley

    I liked BitMEX fair bit so really sad to see this news
  3. In my view such ways are never great at all. So this is where and why we should be sensible with the way we take up. I believe we should try to keep things simple and straightforward instead of making them complicated because then there is just too much risk connected. I work with very simple formula and that’s following market news and that then through using of proper Trading Tools, it’s the sort of stuff that leads towards making profits.
  4. Dean Headley

    Honestly speaking, I have no clue why will anyone be interested in going for such Crypto Exchanges, I for one will every day of the week prefer to go for something that’s reliable, established and trustworthy. So there is no way I am going for any new or one that just offers few freebies, it’s just too risky for my comfort and that’s for sure. If anyone still wishes to go for some of these exchanges, I can only say its lack of experience for doing it because no one with sense will do that.
  5. A very complicated way for me. If you are not experience enough, it could turn out to be disaster
  6. Are there any administration changes that has led to such fallout?? As this is not only thing but in recent times we have witness too many things…
  7. Dean Headley

    We should not just be looking to understand the Blockchain technology but the overall Crypto industry, as that’s how we will benefit in real terms. I always ensure to have enough Crypto Guidance to help myself with working smoothly. If we have sufficient knowledge regarding this it will only make life easier for our self. But if we just get half-baked knowledge, it will really not help us or at least it will be something that will limit our potential.
  8. Dean Headley

    We have to be extremely careful with the Crypto Broker we select to work with because it’s too risky to go for any random or company that’s not reliable. I only prefer established options, as I know how much of a difference it can make in something like crypto trading. The most important thing we must do is to ensure we don’t join up any random options because it will mean that everything is at major risk, so got to be so careful.
  9. This is where quality speaks. If you have the quality, conditions and situations are least of a worry
  10. These for sure are significant in helping industry reach far and wide!
  11. Dean Headley

    I don’t think VID will try to replace Instagram, as that’s not realistically doable this fast but can just work creating their own place in the industry….
  12. Wait till they get 90% wipe off. Taking users lightly and this will be the results
  13. I am not a fan of these type of investments. If you are interested in anything, I will say it’s much better to go for Crypto Lending Platform, its far better and also is something that will bring results. But if we are going to go for these type of options, it is most likely to take us down. So my personal choice is lending platforms, but only ones that are truly reliable and trustworthy or else that too can be very difficult to manage.
  14. Frankly speaking, I am not really interested with zero fees, as I know this means nothing if the quality of the exchange is not on the mark. I prefer using Crypto Exchange, which holds up in terms of quality because that’s the main deal for me and should be for anyone. If we are not thinking in that way, we might save fees but eventually we will regret it because of the low quality that we will be getting in return. So I will not be too keen for doing that.
  15. Dean Headley

    It will slide down real quick! BNB will be the 2nd-part of Bitconnect!
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