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  1. Dean Headley

    It’s not about magic or miracles, it’s about common sense. And any successful trader has a lot of it. We just need to make sure that we trust ourself and the ability. If we do that then we will achieve a lot more than we normally do. There are so many opportunities if we are willing to be dedicated. One such opportunity is this Fidelcrest, a truly remarkable creation. It’s based upon very realistic setup allowing people the opportunity to join big league. With their unique system, one can eventually get chance to handle accounts with initial capital up to 200,000 USD! So we just got to trust our ability and be dedicated with things.
  2. Dean Headley

    No, I disagree completely. In my view, Forex is not dangerous or risky business if you are doing it in proper way. But if you do it in random way then it’s not just Forex but anything you do is dangerous. I am not an expert but still I plan things very accurately especially because I have money involved. I use Forex signals as one simple way to get things on track but using one that’s reliable is major task. And that’s where BuyForexSignal is a service worth trying with having 80-90% accuracy. Interestingly, it can be used for FREE if joined via Avatrade broker. The service in actual can be purchased but with joining through the broker, it becomes FREE.
  3. Dean Headley

    It’s very unfortunate that majority don’t actually understand how to select the right broker, and make no mistake, if you don’t know such basic stuff then you are not meant to succeed. The selection of broker is so much based upon common sense, and that’s with going for broker that’s proper regulated. I only prefer FXLinked, as they are a highly reliable and trustworthy company with regulated by FSA, and have some lovely features that include with low spreads, which often goes to 0.0, and then there is also bonus available upto 100%. So a properly regulated broker with such features, it’s perfect combination!
  4. Things are quite ugly for me due to recent performance of the Cryptos, but at least something to cheer about....
  5. Dean Headley

    The project is as interesting as they come but I am interested in how people take up this after this rebranding. I have years of experience and I know that such changes are not easily taken up. Finger crossed!
  6. I have been part of various ICOs in last few years, whether as an investor or through bounty campaign, but I have seen NOTHING like Hope Token. 99.9% times, it is just about money when we talk about ICOs, but Hope Token is really exceptional. It is certainly an ICO, but as I said not the "routine one". Their whole mission is to help humanity especially those who might require financial assistance due to the medical condition, funeral, or disconnection of services. They are willing to handle any type of case with providing complete assistance. And, It is fair to say that such concept that revolves around Charities and Donation with helping each and every individual in need is not found elsewhere, at least not online. So having an ICO project for that is almost unthinkable, but that's what Hope Token is all about! They even allow the donor (us) to earn their (our) initial investment back to a dollar to dollar. So, let's join up to become part of the movement that will change our HEART, and Life of others! The ICO starts on 15th October, just a day away! Join the project that’s going rewrite history and will become the symbol of generosity, and will be remembered for decades to come! We can even get 50% bonus in the first week for the ICO sales. Check out their official site https://hopetokenfoundation.com/
  7. How many of us have our money in bank to get something like 1-2%? I am sure many. Why we do that? It’s because we want to feel safe and not having to worry over what we have ALREADY earned and getting something even if it’s 1% which make sense! But, what if this 1% turns into 10% or 20%? It is possible! It’s happening all thanks to the DREAM PROJECT – Profitest Group Project! It has been tested and tried for decades to filter out everything and come up with the BEST and here it is! It is Safer than BANK, It is profitable than just about ANYTHING with bringing you 10-20% rewards per month with Maximum drawdown to 30%! They not just preserve our CAPITAL they preserve their OWN REPUTATION which has been SKY HIGH since last couple of years – With Success Rate of over 95% - Having Gained 79.74% - 14.45% Drawdown and standing at +$4,913.21 Profits, it is the creation of the decade! Proven by MyFxBook, it is the Future of traders! Change your mind, change your FUTURE NOW!
  8. Dean Headley

    It’s extremely hard to figure out good strategy because we often feel have the right one, but mostly it’s not the case and that’s why we start suffering. Fortunately, I have out Set Signals, its ideal place for me, as their magnificent system Profitest Group Project, as it helps me get around 15-20% per month with $2000 that I have put in. Now, I can life luxuries life because my money is safer than BANK and growing faster than it would anywhere else!
  9. Who said lazy people can’t be SUCCESSFUL? If you are lazy and feel you can’t do anything than here is something for you! LazyBinaryOptionSignals are here not just to turn your laziness into rewards, but also turn you into life into something worthy. This is not just ANOTHER signal service or system, its LIFE CHANGING one, as you aren’t required to be glued to your screens for 24/5, but only just 1 specific time every day is ENOUGH! Here, once you are joined you get access to ALL the providers, so it’s easier to pick one that fits our trading schedule and targets as even couple of trade is enough to build mountain of profits! With Epic systems that are not just tested, but also proven with 85-90% win rates! We don’t just say, we guarantee SUCCESS for EVERYONE! That’s why we don’t shy away from giving trial offers! Try out our 14-Day Trial and Change your life for EVER!
  10. Dean Headley

    I have just one simple requirement and that’s having good professional relationship with my broker, if that’s happening than nothing else is there to be required. Right now, I am working under FP Markets, it’s a worldwide recognized broker been operated from Australia and is rated highly. Offering competitive spreads, high leverage, smooth trading platform with excellent execution speed. Also, we can learn really nicely here with their educational setup and free demo account. They even have got IB program and all that stuff to bring in extra income, it’s just fascinating!
  11. Success is like protein for our body, it’s possible to survive even with having low level of it, but it can never make anyone fit and comfortable. It’s possible to lead life without success and become an average person, but that can never make you truly happy! Now, it’s time to inject the energy into your life and work yourself towards happiness not for yourself, but even for your entire FAMILY! Here is the chance to join the GREATEST Professional Trading Signals and Alert service for Forex/Stock/Binary or any sort of trading you prefer, it’s all possible now in easiest and simplest way through your Mobile Phones! Join My Wealth Generator to generate unlimited income, so now finally you can make sufficient income in the most comfortable way imagined! You’re invited to sign up, but please remember to state my name Tehmina and ID number 85103. Click Here to Learn More => http://bit.ly/Tehmina
  12. Dean Headley

    I don’t really get into that sort of mind set or relationship with the broker. I don’t think that’s even possible because Brokerage Company is run by employs and they don’t even know or details, so we are just another client for them and there can’t be any favoring there. I believe we just need to be with the best. I don’t care about love or hate, it just needs to be the best and that’s really what I have with OctaFX broker, it’s regulated plus a worldwide recognized company servicing in over 170 countries, so trading with them is just so pleasing and makes trading ever easier. I really enjoy working under them and it helps me in every way!
  13. Dean Headley

    Take this if you want to take it as rude, but for me there is no respect when you say scalping brokerage, I just don’t understand how you rate any broker good when it’s limiting you to single technique. I certainly have no respect for any such broker. I am with OctaFX broker who I respect highly. The reason is very simple; it’s that they don’t restrict anyone to any technique instead here we can do whatever we wish from scalping to hedging to news trading to news trading, it’s all do able here and is what makes them stand out. In just 4 years, they have won 17 awards, it’s shows how good they are and that’s what you call a real broker!
  14. Dean Headley

    Demo account in early phase of anyone’s career is very crucial and how he takes that is what will determine the future outcome. I am lucky enough that I am working with OctaFX broker where I get plenty of help and support which comes through the long list of benefits and features including low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also rebate program where we get 50% back on all trades which is even with the losing one too, so that’s why I find it so good and is something that helps me work out nicely. I am able to work with extra freedom and comfort through it and that’s what enables me to perform well.
  15. Dean Headley

    I believe bonus is something we have all become addicted to and that’s why it has become a must for all. But, it’s important to know that bonus is useful only when it’s from company that is reliable and trustworthy. Otherwise, it’s really meaningless to have bonus because there are bonuses available up to 500% with many brokers, but we can’t trust such broker and that’s why bonus with them becomes absolutely irrelevant. I believe bonus from quality broker is what we need and is what will make any difference. Fortunately, I am with OctaFX broker which is amongst the best there is and have awesome bonus which is up to 50% and is use able too, so that’s why I like it so much.
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