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    Dear friends! I would like to bring to your attention the project, which allows you to earn online. The main thing - is to have a computer and the Internet. On average, you can earn a couple hundred dollars a month automatically. What is the essence? You register in the system, then install special software on your computer (the program is "clean", here - you can see the results of scans) from the site, and then download the browser extension and unpack it in extensions of your default browser. The more detailed instructions are here (non-ref). If everything is done according to the instructions, your computer will begin to get tasks, and after executing these tasks you get the money. The automatical mode means that software turns on while you computer is unactive. It begins to imitate your actions - entering a search query into a search engine Google, the transition to the advertiser's site, the simulation activity (mouse movements, scrolling, navigating pages, etc.) The main idea of our service is the automatical websurfing while your computer is inactive. And for each successfully completed session payment amounts $0,04. So you can get up to $100 monthly in automatic mode without making any afforts. You can withdraw money on your PayPal account. Also there's the refferal system, so you can get 5% of income of every user you have invited. Right now it's available in United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and Russia. More information you can get here [non-ref] (English version, but you can choose Spanish, Italian or Russian).
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