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  1. We have added a new cryptocurrency – Tether TRC20
  2. Exchange Tether ERC20 (USDT) to Perfect Money USD and get 1.5% Bonus! The offer is valid until reserves run out!
  3. We are working on the new XMLGold Prepaid Card integration which will allow you to withdraw cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin ,Tether ...) and e-currency(Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, ePay...) by Cash at ATM. See more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/720/XMLGold-New-PrepaidCard-for-digital-currency-Withdrawal-at-ATM/
  4. The US Securities and Exchange Commission / (SEC) is examining an application from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) which, if approved, could grant the company a coveted BTC ETF license, and bring new waves of institutional investors to the BTC spehere. See more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/705/If-SEC-approves-bitcoin-ETF-BTC-course-will-experience-rapid-jump/ www.xmlgold.eu
  5. Litecoin Foundation Acquires 10% of a German Bank! According to the press release, TokenPay passed 9.9% of its equity in WEG bank in return for the Litecoin Foundation’s technical assistance with progressing the bank’s plans to bring cryptocurrency payment solutions to customers and for working with TokenPay on its various blockchain projects. Read more: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/702/Litecoin-Foundation-has-announced-purchase-of-the-WEG-Bank-shares/
  6. Attention! We have replaced the old link to our rates in XML with the new one: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/request/rates.xml
  7. How to choose a Forex broker? No matter are you a professional or just a beginner sometimes it is not so easy to find the right broker. This article will give some ideas how to find a reliable broker! Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/688/How-to-find-reliable-Forex-broker/
  8. BTC Price Rebounds After U.S Tax season On tuesday, the BTC price again reached the 9250 U.S. dollars mark. Tom Lee (the major analyst of Fundstar Global Advisors) was not surprised by this fact. In Tom Lee opinion, the negative impact on BTC price was caused by the U.S tax season... Read the full article here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/664/Bitcoin-price-review/
  9. What is Tether (USDT) and how does it work? Official website: https://tether.to/ Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency the value of which is fixed one-for-one by the US dollar. The idea was to create a stable cryptocurrency that can be used like digital USD. Coins that serve this purpose of being a stable dollar substitute are called “stable coins.” USDT is the most popular stable coin and even acts as a dollar replacement on many e-currencies exchanges! Read the full review here: https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/news/article/662/What-is-Tether-and-how-does-it-work/
  10. [btc] Current Fee: Exchange Bitcoin to PerfectMoney EUR (commission 0%): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/exchange/bitcoin-to-perfectmoney-eur/?c=hl Exchange Bitcoin to PerfectMoney USD (commission 0%): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/exchange/bitcoin-to-perfectmoney-usd/ Exchange Bitcoin to Payeer EUR (commission 1%): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/exchange/bitcoin-to-payeer-eur/ Exchange Bitcoin to Payeer USD (commission 1%): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/exchange/bitcoin-to-payeer-usd/ Exchange Bitcoin to AdvCash EUR (commission 1%): https://www.xmlgold.eu/en/exchange/bitcoin-to-advcash-
  11. Special offer! A special offer! Exchange Bitcoin to AdvCash USD and get 3% bonus!!! The special offer will long until reserves run out! More: www.xmlgold.eu
  12. The XMLGold team wishes you a happy, successful New Year, full of successful cooperation opportunities! www.xmlgold.eu
  13. Good News! We have added new cryptocurrency - Ethereum. More: www.xmlgold.eu XMLGold is an e-currency & digital currency exchange company. With XMLGold.eu, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following: AdvCash EUR, AdvCash USD, Bitcoin, BTC-E Code, C-CEX USD, CoinMate EUR, Ecoin-code-USD, EPay EUR, EPay USD, Litecoin, OKPAY EUR, OKPAY USD, Payeer USD, PerfectMoney EUR, PerfectMoney USD, Online Bank Transfer EUR, Visa Prepaid Card EUR, Visa Prepaid Card GBP, Visa Prepaid Card USD, XMLMoney USD, XMLMoney GBP, XMLMoney EUR, Bank Transfer EUR, Bank
  14. Great News For XMLGold Clients In Europe! We have added a new payment method - SEPA. Why is it better than the regular BANK / IBAN transfer? • First, it is cheaper than the regular IBAN transfer, the cost of which is only 5 EUR for the transfer fee, instead of 20 EUR. • Second, it is much faster than the IBAN and the bank transfer, because the funds can arrive at its destination just within 24 hours, instead of 2 to 4 banking days. What is SEPA? SEPA is the Single Euro Payment Area; it is a payment-integration initiative of the European Union for the simplification of t
  15. Aktualisieren: Online-Banküberweisung ist zurück! Wir hatten einige technische Schwierigkeiten, jetzt geht alles gut! Kaufen PerfectMoney USD mit Online banking: https://www.xmlgold.eu/de/exchange/online-bank-eur-to-perfectmoney-eur/ Kaufen Payeer USD mit Online banking: https://www.xmlgold.eu/de/exchange/online-bank-eur-to-payeer-usd/ Kaufen Bitcoin Verwenden Online bank: https://www.xmlgold.eu/de/exchange/online-bank-eur-to-perfectmoney-eur/ www.xmlgold.eu
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