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  1. Dollar down amid financial market variations The Dollar stabilized on Tuesday as COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly, and uncertainty on the stimulus bill fabricates the confusion among investors. Moreover, traders were also carefully looking forward to the Federal Reserve’s review later in the week. GBP/USD volatility is lowest since March seen at 7.465%, hits a low of 7.225% on Jan 22, according to data source Reuters. Prime Minister Boris Johnson mentioned on Friday about the new variant of COVID-19 that might increase the death rate. Meanwhile, the U.K. Government has exten
  2. BITCOIN – DOMINANCE BEGINS TO RISE AS OTHERS FALTER Bitcoin on the rise early, though holding on to $6,300 levels will be key in the early part of the day to avoid a pullback later in the day. Bitcoin gained 1.24% on Sunday, following on from Saturday’s trend bucking 1.5% rise, to end the week down 10.2% at $6,310.1. A late Saturday reversal continued into the early hours of Sunday morning, with Bitcoin pulling back to a start of a day intraday low $6,162 before recovering to $6,300 levels, the day’s low steering clear of the first major support level at $5,998.23 and more
  3. AUD/USD FOREX TECHNICAL ANALYSIS – TREND DOWN, BUT RIPE FOR COUNTER-TREND REVERSAL Since today’s session begins with the AUD/USD in the window of time for a closing price reversal bottom, the key level to watch today will be yesterday’s close at .7272. We’re looking at three possible scenarios: Rally, Break or Closing Price Reversal Bottom. The Australian Dollar is trading slightly higher early Tuesday, but inside yesterday’s range. This tends to indicate investor indecision and impending volatility. We’re probably looking at some short-covering amid easing tensions in Turkey. Trad
  4. GOLD PRICE CHART HINTS AT BOTTOMING AFTER US 10-YEAR BOND AUCTION GOLD & CRUDE OIL TALKING POINTS: Gold prices rise as US bond yields, Dollar fall after record debt sale Crude oil prices drop, talked down by officials from China and Iran Chart setups hint gold may be set to bounce as crude oil suffers losses Gold prices rose yesterday as the US Dollar retreated alongside Treasury bond yields after hitting a 13-month high intraday. That helped the yellow metal leverage its appeal as an anti-fiat and non-interest bearing alternative. The move came after demand held impressively
  5. BITCOIN – THE BEARS TAKE A BREATHER A relief rally on the way or just a pause in the downward spiral? Holding on to $6,300 levels will be key through the morning. Bitcoin’s troubles continued on Wednesday, falling by 6.62% off the back of Tuesday’s 3.27% decline, to end the day at $6,273.9. Negative sentiment towards the latest SEC delay tactic on approving Bitcoin ETFs was left accountable to the broad based market sell-off, with Bitcoin sliding through the first major support level at $6,544 and second major support level at $6,374 to an intraday low $6,128.2. A
  6. AUD/USD COULD YET RISE ON RBNZ WITH LOWE AND CHINA TRADE PASSED Australian Dollar edged cautiously higher on Philip Lowe speech and Chinese trade Ahead, a relatively dovish RBNZ monetary policy announcement could boost Aussie AUD/USD remains in consolidation after recent push higher, eyeing February line. The Australian Dollar edged cautiously higher as RBA’s Governor Philip Lowespoke. Just yesterday, the central bank left its benchmark lending rate unchanged at 1.50% as expected which marked the 2-year anniversary if its last adjustment. There, the Reserve Bank of
  7. BITCOIN CASH, LITECOIN AND RIPPLE DAILY ANALYSIS – 08/08/18 The cryptos are in free fall once more and if the ship doesn’t steady by late morning, there may well be more pain ahead.Bitcoin Cash tumbled by 4.92% on Tuesday, following on from Monday’s 2.61% fall, to end the day at $657.A mid-morning rally saw Bitcoin Cash move back through to $700 levels, with an intraday high $713 before easing back, with the day’s first major resistance level at $712.5 pinning Bitcoin Cash back from any breakout in the early afternoon.Bitcoin Cash slid through the late afternoon, a broad based news driven
  8. BITCOIN HOLDS ON TO $7,000 Bitcoin’s on the move early, with $7,200 levels in play should Bitcoin avoid a pullback to sub-$7,000 levels in the first half of the day. Bitcoin gained just 0.15% on Sunday, following Saturday’s 5.48% tumble, to end the week down 14.55% to $7,023.9. Moves through the early part of the day saw Bitcoin continue to call on support at sub-$7,000 levels, with Bitcoin falling through the first major support level at $6,912.6 to an early morning intraday low $6,890 before recovering to $7,000 levels through the late morning. The afternoon faile
  9. WAIT-AND-SEE RBA TO KEEP AUD/USD UNDER PRESSURE TRADING THE NEWS: RESERVE BANK OF AUSTRALIA (RBA) INTEREST RATE DECISION The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) interest rate decision may keep AUD/USD under pressure as the central bank is widely expected to keep the official cash rate (OCR) at the record-low of 1.50%. Fresh comments from the RBA may do little to influence the Australian dollar as the central bank persistently promotes a wait-and-see approach for monetary policy, and officials may continue to tame bets for an imminent adjustment in the cash rate as ‘the low level of
  10. USD/CAD SOARS AFTER SAUDI ARABIA FREEZES TRADE WITH CANADA TALKING POINTS FOR USD/CAD: Canadian Dollar fell against its US counterpart early into Monday’s trading session Hawkish BoC and increasing inflation helped the Loonie pare its losses Housing and employment data releases later in the week may fuel downside momentum The Canadian Dollar started Monday’s trading session sharply lower against its US counterpart after news of Saudi Arabia expelling the Canadian ambassador crossed wires. The Saudi Press Agency, the nation’s official news outlet, also announced that
  11. BITCOIN MONTHLY FORECAST – AUGUST 2018 The BTC prices were finally able to break through the highs of its range last month and this signals the onset of the bull run. The bitcoin market began the month of July on a quiet note which was a follow up to the way that the market was trading over the month of June. This was the case during the entire first half of last month and it looked as though the trend would continue for the rest of the month as well as the prices struggled in the $6000 region and it also appeared that it might weaken further in due course of time. But this did no
  12. BITCOIN TURNING BEARISH, WITH THE BEARS EYEING SUB-$7,000 It’s getting bearish for Bitcoin, with the morning slide bringing sub-$7,000 levels into play should sentiment not shift through the early afternoon. Bitcoin fell by 1.05% on Thursday, following on from Wednesday’s 1.7% decline, to end the day at 7,527, the moves through the day marking a 5th consecutive day in the red. A choppy start to the day saw Bitcoin move through to an early morning intraday high $7,713 before pulling back to $7,600 levels, the day’s high falling short of the day’s first major resistance level
  13. GOLD PRICES RISK FRESH 2018 LOWS AS RSI FLIRTS WITH OVERSOLD TERRITORY GOLD TALKING POINTS The recent rebound in gold continues to unravel, with prices for bullion at risk for fresh yearly lows as the bearish momentum from earlier this year appears to be reasserting itself. GOLD PRICES RISK FRESH 2018 LOWS AS RSI FLIRTS WITH OVERSOLD TERRITORY The price for bullion quickly approaches the July-low ($1211) following the Federal Reserve interest rate decision, and the weakness may persist over the near-term as Chairman Jerome Powell & Co. appear to be on track to deliver a
  14. USD/JPY STRENGTH SPUTTERS AS FED KEEPS KEY INTEREST RATE ON HOLD JAPANESE YEN TALKING POINTS The recent advance in USD/JPY sputters as the Federal Reserve keeps the benchmark interest rate on hold, but the fresh string of higher highs & lows may fuel the recent advance in the exchange rate as it breaks out of a narrow range. The July-high (113.18) remains on the radar following the Bank of Japan (BoJ) meeting as Governor Haruhiko Kuroda & Co. lower the inflation forecast, and the dovish forward-guidance for monetary policy may keep USD/JPY afloat as the central bank remai
  15. BITCOIN – THE BEARS ARE COMING TO TOWN Bitcoin’s hit on Tuesday raises the possibility of a resumption to the bearish trend that saw Bitcoin down at $5,000 levels. Regulatory risk is the key. Bitcoin tumbled by 5.35% on Tuesday, following a 0.63% fall on Monday, to end the day at $7,741.1. Playing catch up, following two days of minor losses relative to the broader market, Bitcoin slid from a start of the day intraday high $8,178.9 through the first major support level at $7,919.37 to an early afternoon intraday low $7,664.9, calling on support at the day’s second major sup
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