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  1. EUR/USD: Bullish above 1.0900 on ECB taper hints & softer USD The EUR/USD pair stalled its recent bullish momentum in the Asian session this Wednesday, and now enters a phase of consolidation, after the bulls ran into the key resistance of 1.0950 levels. The spot is trying to defend the bids near 1.0935 region at the moment, moving slightly away from five-month tops reached at 1.0951 in the US last session. The Euro extended its rebound versus the American dollar on Tuesday, after the US dollar took the back seat across the board amid risk-on trades and doubts whether the Trump administration will actually provide details on the tax reform plans on Wednesday. The spot also remains underpinned amid easing French election-related anxiety, as a Macron win appears to be full priced-in by markets, with most opinion polls showing about 60% support for Macron against 39% for the anti-EU candidate Le Pen. Also, expectations of some hawkish hints from the ECB, with markets widely anticipating the central bank to resort to taper talks, adds to the recent bullish tone seen behind the major. Nothing of relevance for the major in the day ahead, and hence, the US tax reform plans announcement will hog the limelight later in the NA session. EUR/USD Technical Levels Technical resistances for the pair are aligned at 1.0950/51 (psychological levels/ 5-month tops), 1.0968/71 (classic R1/ Fib R2) and finally 1.1000 (key resistance). On the flip side, the spot finds next support at 1.0909/00 (daily pivot), a break below that level could open the door to 1.0866/67 (5-DMA/ classic S1) and 1.0775 (10-DMA). Find More Analysis @
  2. USD/JPY Forecast April 25, 2017 The Dollar Index (DXY) gapped lower overnight as the outcome of the French election underpinned the euro, which makes up a big portion of the index. Despite the DXY’s weakness, the USD/JPY gapped higher as the news also undermined perceived safe haven assets such as gold and yen. But the gains for the USD/JPY were short-lived and the daily chart of the USD/JPY is currently displaying a bearish price pattern, which suggests that the gap may well be ‘filled’ completely in due course and there may even be a possibility for a deeper pullback. As can be seen from the chart, the USD/JPY is in the process of potentially forming an inverted hammer candlestick formation after the gap up. This price pattern is typically bearish as it highlights a lack of willingness from the buyers to hold onto their positions. Thus, we may see some weakness follow-through in the upcoming Asian session. Read More:
  3. How to do Fundamental Analysis & Fundamentals Trading Strategies In the equities market, fundamental analysis looks to measure a company’s true value and to base investments upon this type of calculation. To some extent, the same is done in the retail forex market, where forex fundamental traders evaluate currencies, and their countries, like companies and use economic announcements to gain an idea of the currency’s true value. All of the news reports, economic data and political events that come out about a country are similar to news that comes out about a stock in that it is used by investors to gain an idea of value. This value changes over time due to many factors, including economic growth and financial strength. Fundamental traders look at all of this information to evaluate a country’s currency. Given that there are practically unlimited forex fundamentals trading strategies based on fundamental data, one could write a book on this subject. To give you a better idea of a tangible trading opportunity, let’s go over one of the most well-known situations, the forex carry trade. (To read some frequently asked questions about currency trading, Read More
  4. Commodities Daily Forecast – April 20, 2017 | XtreamForex Gold prices fell on Wednesday in response to a stronger U.S. Dollar and rising U.S. Treasury Bond yields. June Comex Gold finished the session at $1283.40, down $11.50 or -0.89% and continued the trend on Thursday morning. The market fell to its lowest level since April 12 and closed lower for the first time in five sessions. Investors were caught off guard by gold’s response to a steep drop in U.S. equity markets. However, support continued to be provided by concerns over geopolitical events in North Korea and the upcoming French presidential elections… Read More Silver Silver fell a bit during the day on Wednesday, testing the $18 level for support. This is an area that has a certain amount of psychological significance, so obviously, a bit of a bounce could be coming. On top of that, we have a nice, strong, uptrend during the day. The market looks as if we are going to try to reach towards the $18.50 level, and then the $19 level after that. Ultimately, the market might be choppy, but I still believe the buyers return repeatedly. It is not until we make a fresh, new low that I would even consider selling… Read More WTI Crude Oil Crude oil prices were hammered on Wednesday, with a sharp drop that followed the Department of Energy’s report on inventories. Initially the decline in imports kept prices buoyed, but the robust increase in gasoline inventories, weighed on prices. WTI has been buoyed by supply constraints which has lifted market sentiment over the past couple of weeks. Inventories in the United States remain high, as production from U.S. producers have taken the place of OPEC output… Read More Find Details Here:
  5. How are Bollinger Bands used in forex trading? Bollinger Bands are one of the most popular technical indicators for traders in any financial market, whether investors are trading stocks, bonds or foreign exchange (FX). Many traders use Bollinger Bands to determine overbought and oversold levels, selling when a price touches the upper Bollinger Band and buying when it hits the lower Bollinger Band. In range-bound markets, this technique works well, as prices travel between the two bands like balls bouncing off the walls of a racquetball court. However, Bollinger Bands don’t always give accurate buy and sell signals. This is where the more specific Bollinger Band “bands” come in. Let’s take a look. As John Bollinger was first to acknowledge: “tags of the bands are just that – tags, not signals. A tag of the upper Bollinger Band is not in and of itself a sell signal. A tag of the lower Bollinger Band is not in and of itself a buy signal.” Price often can and does “walk the band.” In those markets, traders who continuously try to “sell the top” or “buy the bottom” are faced with an excruciating series of stop-outs or worse, an ever-mounting floating loss as price moves further and further away from the original entry. Perhaps a more useful way to trade with Bollinger Bands is to use them to gauge trends. To understand why Bollinger Bands may be a good tool for this task we first need to ask – what is a trend? Read More:
  6. The USD fell to a five-month low against the JPY | April 18, 2017 The U.S. Dollar fell to a five-month low against the safe-haven Japanese Yen on tensions with North Korea over the week-end. The dollar rebounded, however, as the Dollar/Yen Forex pair neared a major retracement level at 107.856, sending it higher into the close. The catalyst behind the rally was a rise in U.S. Treasury yields which made the dollar a more attractive investment.U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures were also down 47 cents at $52.71 a barrel. They rose 7 cents to $53.18 on Thursday. Read More Details:
  7. Oil falls - 0.79% after failed North Korean missile test Crude oil fell in quiet trading on Monday, after the three-day Easter break, on signs the United States is continuing to add output, undermining OPEC efforts to support prices, and as the market digested North Korea's failed missile launch on Sunday. Benchmark Brent crude futures were down 49 cents at $55.40 at 0310 GMT. On Thursday, before the break closed most major markets, they settled up 3 cents at $55.89 a barrel. U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures were also down 47 cents at $52.71 a barrel. They rose 7 cents to $53.18 on Thursday. Read More Details: Gold Price rose in Asia as china GDPs improvement Gold prices gained solidly on Monday as China GDP came in better than expected and tensions on the Korean peninsula supported demand. Gold for June delivery on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 0.35% to $1,293.00 a troy ounce, while silver futures were up 0.49% to $18.600 and copper futures gained 0.62% to $2.583 a pound. Read More Details:
  8. EUR/USD analysis: Correction after rally, consolidation likely to continue Trump and geopolitics have been the driver of the currency market during the last 24 hours. Trump’s interview with the WSJ triggered a decline of the US dollar. Read More : five stock market tips for trading like a professional These five stock market tips for trading like a professional will put the odds in your favor if you are just learning about the stock market. Read More :
  9. TRADING PLATFORM Forex Trading Platform is software, which acts as a medium between traders and brokers. Selecting a good platform is the first step in your journey into foreign exchange market. Read More :
  10. GBP/USD Fundamental Analysis – week of April 10, 2017 GBPUSD spent most of the week within a tight range between 1.24 and 1.25 and we had mentioned in our daily forecasts that this is likely to be the range for the next few days and that’s what had happened. We had also mentioned that even if the pair was to break through the highs of the range at around 1.25 region, there was a very strong resistance around the 1.26 region and so there was not much for the bulls to look forward to. GBP/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.2367 - 1.2389 Support levels: 1.2356| 1.2309| 1.2235 Resistance levels: 1.2504| 1.2551| 1.2625 EUR/USD Fundamental Analysis – week of April 10, 2017 EURUSD pair continued to weaken through the week and there has been no respite so far. Looking at the bigger picture, the pair is moving within a larger range between the 1.09 and 1.05 region and as we had mentioned in our monthly forecasts. EUR/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.0570 - 1.0589 Support levels: 1.0577| 1.0550| 1.0507 Resistance levels: 1.0663| 1.0690| 1.0733 Read More & Details:
  11. GBP/USD: GBP/USD pair is on a minor-recovery mode in mid-Asia The pair bottomed at 1.2450 this Thursday, now the immediate support, although a more relevant one comes at 1.2410, and only below this last the pair can gain bearish momentum. GBP/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.2447 - 1.2477 Support levels: 1.2452| 1.2438| 1.2415 Resistance levels: 1.2498| 1.2512| 1.2535 Visit: EUR/USD: Has Euro lost its funding currency status? the EUR/USD pair hardly moved following the US attack on the Syrian targets. The common currency has been referred to as a new funding currency, ever since the ECB hit the zero lower bound and started the QE program back in 2014/15. EUR/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.0633 - 1.0660 Support levels: 1.0630| 1.0616| 1.0593 Resistance levels: 1.0676| 1.0690| 1.0713 Visit:
  12. Daily technical Analysis & Forecast: WEDNESDAY-April 6, 2017 EUR/USD Forecast: Will it break the range ahead of Trump-Xi Summit? Day’s Range: 1.0662 - 1.0684 Support levels: 1.0640|1.0626|1.0604 Resistance levels: 1.0684|1.0698|1.0720 GBP/USD Forecast: GBP/USD has a relook at 1.25 handle, focus on Trump-Xi meeting Day’s Range: 1.2475 - 1.2501 Support levels: 1.2437|1.2418|1.2387 Resistance levels: 1.2499| 1.2518| 1.2549 USD/JPY Forecast: USD/JPY downside playing out, fresh lows scored in Tokyo Day’s Range: 110.30 - 110.73 Support levels: 110.52| 110.30| 109.93 Resistance levels: 111.26| 111.48| 111.85 Read More Details:
  13. Daily Technical Analysis & Forecast | XtreamForex EUR/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.0663 - 1.0675 Support levels: 1.0649|1.0639|1.0623 Resistance levels: 1.0681|1.0691|1.0707 GBP/USD Technical Forecast Day’s Range: 1.2421 - 1.2496 Support levels: 1.2466|1.2445|1.2409 Resistance levels: 1.2538|1.2559|1.2595 Read More Details:
  14. Gold Fundamental Forecast For The Week of April 3, 2017 Gold futures posted a two-sided trade last week before closing only slightly lower. Investors had a lot on their plates last week, dealing with Trump administration issues, the U.S. Dollar, interest rates, Brexit and French presidential elections. June Comex Gold futures closed the week at $1251.20, down $0.50 or -0.04%. Comex gold futures started the week more than 1 percent higher after President Trump’s failure to put through a healthcare reform package the previous Friday raised questions over his ability to deliver promised tax cuts and spending plans. This news drove the U.S. Dollar into a four-month low, making dollar-denominated gold a more attractive investment. Gold prices retreated the rest of the week after the dollar strengthened due to hawkish commentary from several Fed officials. Read More on
  15. GBP/USD analysis: tough EU position on Brexit weighs on Pound GBP/USD Current price: 1.2425 The UK formally begun the Brexit process through a letter that PM May delivered to the EU, resulting in some wild swings in Pound crosses and with the GBP/USD settling at 1.2425. The two parts are beginning now a two-year process that EU President Donald Tusk expects to start with “key arrangements for an orderly withdrawal.” UK PM May, on the contrary, wants to focus on a comprehensive free-trade deal, something that the EU is not willing to put on the table, at least for now. Read Full on :