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  1. You are right just like markets can't be controlled similarly it can't be blamed. It has to move as it has to, no one can force the market. So control yourself and use all the necessary tools that can facilitate your trading.
  2. Do we need a special degree that can boost our trading ability in the forex market. Are there any special educational certificates that show a certain trader is a good trader? Whats your views about this?
  3. As soon as you become disciplined in your trading, you become successful. There isn't any other reason that can make you profitable as a forex trader.
  4. Mostly people want to earn some extra cash by trading in forex market so they try to join this market. But this market is not easy to earn from it in start. You need to be very careful and spend good time in learning proper trading before you actually start making money from forex.
  5. For making consistent profit from trading, you need to have a good trading plan. A plan covers all the aspects that is required to become a good trader. If you won't follow a trading plan then you won't going to become a profitable trader.

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