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  4. I really feel sorry who fall in this situation.We also have a number of traders reach out to us with stories of being ripped off. Usually it is quite hard to help but I can offer some suggestions.These of course do depend what the scam was exactly? Did you use a broker and the broker is refusing to refund you? Or did you send money to someone who said they would trade for you?Of course, the latter is harder to recover than the former. Assuming that you did pay money to a broker rather, there are a few things that you can do.If the broker is regulated then of course you can threaten to take them to the overseeing agency. Of course, it is unlikely that a regulated broker would facilitate a scam.If they are an unregulated broker then the first thing you can do is use a threat. You can tell the broker that you will be taking the steps below. Usually, if the broker is concerned about general self preservation then they will at least consider just giving your money back.If however, they are not responding then you can take the following steps.Preserve all records: If you are going to be challenging broker, you need a record of all of your conversation. This includes Skype, Emails etc.Contact their Payment Provider: Assuming that you funded via credit card, then you most likely used a payment provider. If you tell the payment provider that the broker is running scam operation they are likely to send you the money back. If not, they may be likely to take issue with the broker and hence put pressure on them.Contact the Regulator: Although the broker may be unregulated, regulators are still keen to take down operations that offer their services in an unauthorised fashion. Regulators regularly issue cautionaries about illicit brokers. This is usually a death knell for a broker.Tell the Community: Let other traders know about your experience. For a broker that scams their clients, bad online reviews do come back to bite them. Hence, taking the time to spread word of the broker’s illicit operations online is likely to tarnish their reputation. The broker may also realise that you are unlikely to stop and may choose to refund your money. We know of a few traders in which this has indeed occurred. Feel the spirit of community Get support and inspiration from like-minded people and share your achievements — all without even leaving the traderoom! Start today =>>>http://bit.ly/2IGBKkn
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  8. Do your research before choosing a broker. Here’s a list of some of the most important considerations: Is the broker legal in your jurisdiction? (Some countries like the US and India have, in their wisdom, decided to limit your choice.) Is the broker properly regulated? The most trusted regulators are the UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and, despite some egregious failures, the USA. Avoid unregulated brokers or any “regulator” based on a small offshore island. Does the broker offer good liquidity, spreads and execution?Compare spreads, and if you have any ambitions to scale, research the depth of their book and the speed and reliability of their order execution. Does the broker offer a suitable trading platform and/or API? MT4 may be the standard, but it has some pretty glaring weaknesses, particularly for serious automated trading. A small number of brokers offer more powerful and flexible alternatives, and an even smaller number offer powerful APIs for serious automated trading. Does the broker offer a competitive fee structure? You can save a lot of money by comparing costs. Can you afford the minimum deposit? Many of the more professional brokers set quite a high minimum compared to the mass-market retail brokers. Does the broker offer decent customer service and technical support? I suggest testing them out with a couple of pre-sales questions to see how they respond. Btw, wanna learn about world’s largest True ECN forex broker, operating since 2007.
  9. I made my first trade when I was 17 years old. I made a lot of money. I turned 20 dollars into 80 in the course of my senior year in highschool. I was hooked. I needed to know everything I could find out about investing. I retired at 45. I'll be 47 in october. Its not as hard as you think. You need just 2 things. a regular investment, for one. In other words you put money away every payday. Doesn't matter how much. Just make it a habbit and do it. I started with a lousy 10 bucks a payday so 40 dollars a month. Later when I was better off I was doing 200 a month. Then my investments got big enough and the dividends got big enough that my investments were putting in more money each month than I was. Then one day I noticed my investments were earning more per month than I was. So I retired at 45. The second thing you need is education. If all you have is 20 dollars, you don't need a lot of education because there is not much you can do with it. As your nest egg grows so will your knowledge base. Other wise your nest egg will shrink. The fool and his money are soon parted. So all you need are two things, regular instalment of cash, and education. Get some books do some studying. Or you can get some from 4xcube.com and Spreads starting from just
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  13. The best signal provider for trading cryptocurrencies is yourself. However I do understand that for beginner traders and people without enough time to pour over graphs, charts and data every day, that using a signal provider can be beneficial(especially if they’re profitable)Learn also about Lucrotrade here to know more about crypto-trading signal. Personally I recommend Silver Stone Crypto, so many groups use telegram to delete messages and only post winning trades to coax people in to giving them money, however Silver Stone Crypto are different. Their analysts have over 50+ years of combined experience in trading financial markets, and a large majority of them have been in crypto since the beginning.They trade on binance, providing up to 3–5 signals per week for free members, they do have a V.I.P channel, but it only costs $19.99/month(which isn’t much considering you get other things such as Coin/ICO of the week recommendations, daily market analysis and the ability to re-sell their signals)I haven’t looked back since I signed up, check out their free telegram channel first to see if you like their style, and then if you want to upgrade they offer a 1 month FREE trial of their V.I.P service. Upon signing up earlier this year I’m up over 70%(despite crypto crashing and being in a bear market).Not all trades win and some do hit the stop loss, but that’s just the cryptocurrency markets, highly volatile and immature unlike stocks/forex. The best part is is that Silver Stone Crypto don’t try to hide it and delete the messages like a lot of crypto telegram channels do. There’s a lot of potential for cryptocurrency as you probably already know so it’s great to be able to trade it! Hopefully I’ll see you in the Silver Stone Crypto V.I.P Channel!
  14. I had a rough year in 2016. I was broke, but had mined about 80 litecoins years ago that I discovered half way through 2017. I sent them to an exchange and diversified. When I had income from work, I put it into Crypto Currencies. I added thousands more over a few months. In January I took out the original investment I had made and the rest is just growing from my profits. Crypto has given me more financial stability than I’ve ever felt in my thirty years alive. At one point I had diversified into about thirty different coins, watched to see which performed the best, and consolidated to about fifteen that I saw had the most potential for growth. Am I gambling? Yes, but I would rather see my money moving up and down with the possibility to make me more, rather than be stagnant in a bank account while the bank gambles with it. There’s too much money invested in these technologies now that although some coins will not survive, there are a few that will come out on top. The key is to choosing wisely what to invest in, and looking at how much room they have to grow. You won’t get rich off of 1 BTC, but if you take that $10k and invest in three altcoins, you can easily triple your investment.
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