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  1. The best trading robot doesn't exist and there is a valid reason for saying that. I actually program trading robots and I do so whenever I get a strategy. Robots are good if you indeed have a plan and a strategy and you can also code. The only reason why a lot of people complain about robots is the same reason why it wouldn't work for them. Best Forex Robot Free download ! Full Version ! Try now ! free-forex-robot-download.com First off, it is an established fact that 96% retail traders lose all their money. Just know that at least 50% of them also decided to dabble into the MT4 market looking for profitable robots. They do not care about the strategy behind the robots and truth be told a lot of the robots will not indicate or define their strategy. When some do and you find out that the strategy is garbage. So, anyone who picks up a robot without knowing the strategy it was designed to follow will definitely lose his money and then blame the EA. Secondly, money management. A lot of people are fooled by highly optimised back test results that they just buy the robot and assign standard lots on their small accounts with no regard for money management. Again, they quickly lose money due to inevitable drawdowns. Thirdly, combine the lack of knowledge about the EA's (robot) strategy be it good or bad and lack of money management then ask me what you'll get? You're right. Loses. So, the best you can do is study and practise on a demo or cents account a strategy to determine whether it's profitable or not. If it is profitable, you can then go ahead and create a robot following the rules of the strategy. I am sure when you do that and then backtest it, you will have clearer understanding of EAs (robots) and how effective or how potentially destructive they can be if you don't know what you're doing in the first place. Downloading and setting SL and TP doesn't make a robot. The strategy is everything. You are better coding a robot or getting a professional programmer code the EA (robot) for you based on your own strategy. There is no better robot than a robot that trades your strategy. I hope that answers your question.
  2. I actually struggled to understand and to forecast the signals in Forex. I Then identified a software program called Forex Profiter which helped me to determine the signals, so that I received more profit using Fx in a smart way. It's not a self-promotion, I cannot stop myself from detailing it's uses because of the profit I obtained from forex profiter. If you wish to learn more about MT5 indicators. Now I'll explain a better solution for your doubts Metatrader 5 uses a programming language called MQL5 as opposed to the MQL4 used by Metatrader 4. The exciting thing about MQL5 is that it allows “black box” programming which, in a nutshell, means that it is easier to program and so will logically be a better framework for users and developers of trading robots and other expert advisors. However, MetaQuotes expanded this capability into MQL4 in 2014, so it is not a difference between the platforms any more, although there is a likelihood that if the language is upgraded at some time in the future, MetaQuotes will not extend any upgrades into MQL4 as well as MQL5 It should be noted that there is no backwards compatibility. Programs written for Metatrader 4 cannot run on Metatrader 5. This can be a serious drawback for traders who were wishing to “upgrade”, and is a key reason why such a change shouldn’t be seen as an upgrade. It is true that Metatrader 5 retains two key programming-related advantages over Metatrader 4. Firstly, its back testing functions where you can test programmed trading strategies execute at a much faster speed, which is a feature that can save you a lot of time if you are the kind of trader who needs to run a large number of back tests. It also allows simultaneous multi-currency pair back testing. Together this can speed up back testing procedures immeasurably.
  3. Here I have given a brief explanation about Forex indicator. This will help you to get basic knowledge about this. If it is also not clear then don’t hesitate to Learn about MT4 indicators .You will get more information there, There are thousands of indicators that are used to find opportunities in the market and profit from them. However, most of them do not give good signals and will get you in the market late. In this article we will present several indicators which are the most accurate and give the biggest trading edge. The Bollinger Bands: The Bollinger Bands were developed 20 years ago by John Bollinger, and were designed to show the volatility of the market on the screen in an easy-to-comprehend manner. They give very good signals and can be used as support\resistance indicators, telling us - before the move occurs - that a reversal is prone to happen. When price touches the lower band it is oversold, and when price touches the upper band it is overbought. The trading method for the Bollinger Bands is basically to look for price-action support and resistance levels, and confirm them with bounces on the Bollinger Bands themselves. This results in very high win rate and consistent profits. The Relative Strength Index (RSI): The Relative Strength Index was developed 30 years ago by J. Welles Wilder, and is considered a powerful trading indicator that also has a predictive edge in the markets. It tells us when the price is overbought\oversold before the trends begin, so we can enter early and have great reward with little risk. The signals it gives are usually very accurate, and if confirmed using the Thomas DeMark mild bounce system it can even reach 70-80% win rate (depending on the timeframe). It is a very accurate indicator that we highly recommend. Simple Moving Average: The Simple Moving Average, or the SMA, is an interesting trading indicator that most traders do not use in the right way. Most traders use it as a trend-following indicator to enter trades after a trend has been established, however we use it in an entirely different way. The most accurate and predictive way to use the SMA is in the bounce method: we wait for trend to establish, but instead of randomly entering, we wait for price to retrace to the moving average and bounce off it. Once a reversal signal is given we enter a trade in the direction of the trend with stop loss right below the moving average, thus entering at a tactical point with small stop loss and huge reward. The 3 indicator described above are the most accurate indicators for trading Forex and stocks, and have proven themselves in countless opportunities.
  4. First - always start with the platform of choice and features/add-ons/EAs that you’ll be using. This should narrow down the number of brokerage agencies a bit. Once that’s clear - time to look at the broker. If you want to share your Forex Reviews then can take a look at https://www.forexprotect.com/ Regulated - Must be regulated with at least one big regulator. Always check with the regulator if that broker is indeed regulated or is just registered. Spreads, fees and commissions (contract specifications) - depending on the type of trading strategy this (spreads) might not be a factor for some. Account specifications - types of accounts, how to fund it, minimum amounts for funding and withdrawals and timeframes required for the transactions to go through. Also, the different ways you can fund and withdraw are important (bank transfer, card payments, payment providers like Skrill, for example) Order execution - DMA/STP is essential but these days every broker will claim that and it’s a bit tricky to pin down until you’ve actually started a live account. One thing that you can do to determine if the broker is a genuine DMA/STP provider is to ask for a post-trade report (also called post-trade transparency report) - if they can provide you with such a report you can then see for yourself if the execution times are delayed at any point of the process. Again, it’s almost impossible to verify this point without a funded live trading account! No Dealing Desk - The market is hard enough to navigate without having to trade against your broker. This one is kind of explained in the point above. Negative balance protection - self-explanatory Online reviews and community feedback for the broker - want to take some time to research what your friends, colleagues and the internet in general and trading communities have to say about this particular broker. The broker has been operating for at least 5 years. Is Automated/Algorithmic and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) allowed - if not this could be a signal for internal issues and system/platform problems within the broker’s structure and potential trading and security vulnerabilities. If a broker’s systems can’t handle a high volume of trades that means his servers and systems are not good enough and thus may become an issue for all traders using his services. 10 Last but not least - Support response speed and knowledgeability. - You want a broker who has the support desk that will get involved with your issues and requests as fast as possible.
  5. The first thing you should know about Forex is that there is no holy grail in trading – there is no strategy or system, which is guaranteed to profit 100% of the time. They say that all successful traders make profits differently and all losing traders lose the same way. This isn't hard to accept, considering the variety and versatility of trading tools available to Forex traders, and at the same time only a handful of the most common trading mistakes to make. In order to be successful, every trader must take the time to try out different strategies and systems to see which one works for them. The most profitable Forex trading system is made up of 50% of a strategy that you understand thoroughly and the other 50% is a strategy that you can follow consistently with patience and confidence, which only happens when you trust the strategy to yield a return. Allow me to emphasize the latter 50% by directing your attention to one very important fact that might save your account one day. Most traders fail not because of the flaws in their systems, but because of flaws in their discipline to execute it. Strategy Building Blocks At the beginning of his journey, a rookie trader will quickly discover that a rich pallet of tools is available in Forex trading. There is plenty of room for creativity. Sometimes, a trader will borrow a strategy in the form of pre-determined techniques and styles and adjust it to his liking. Most of the time, traders start from scratch and gradually create their own mix of charting techniques, technical indicators, fundamental indicators, and trading styles. They will then continuously mould the strategy as they progress, perhaps adding new tricks or getting rid of what is considered to be obsolete. A strategy changes with the trader, the trader changes with the market and the markets change with time. In this article we will discuss the two broad groups of trading tools that more or less classify all trading indicators available. Hopefully, you will develop an understanding of what is available to you, how tools from various groups complement each other, and what the most profitable Forex system could look like for you. Learn more about Forex Trading Strategies Technical Tools Technical analysis is chart bound. It takes one of the Dow theory postulates as the premises – the market discounts everything. Whatever factor has an impact on supply or demand it will inevitably be reflected in the price, and by extension technicalists’ claim, it will be reflected on the charts. Price action Charts are made from the time/price field with the price action displayed on it as if on a plate, waiting for your interpretation. No matter which trading style – long-term positional or short-term intra-day – you are using, everything starts with charting. This wasn't always the case, but now what is considered the most favourable method of price action charting in the world, not only for the Forex market, is the Japanese candlestick. This method is around 300 years old and there are trading strategies based on reading candlestick patterns alone. These strategies are somewhat subjective, since there is always a degree of disparity between the example pattern and what you see on your charts. This leaves room for interpretation and decision-making in the hands of a trader. As a side note, whether you want freedom in interpretation of charts or prefer algorithmic type trading that leaves no room for self-debate, is something you will have to find out for yourself as a trader. Nobody else can do this for you. It may be worth mentioning that algorithmic trading is more instructional and rule based and therefore possibly safer for beginner traders. Now, back to candlesticks. Candlestick pattern based strategies may be used for various markets and on various time frames. They are simple to understand as a concept, but often lack signal precision. If not being the alpha and omega of your trading strategy, candlesticks and their variation like Heikin-Ashi, may prove to be a solid building ground. Now that your charts have the price action mapped out, let's talk about your supporting constructions. In the foundations of price action trading lies an observation that the market often revisits price levels where it reversed or consolidated – this introduces the concept of support and resistance levels into trading. Support or resistance levels are less of a line defined strictly to a pip and more of an area that can range from a couple to a couple of dozens pips in width, depending on the time frame you are looking at. Traders generally refrain from trading near S&R as it is unclear whether the price will bounce off or break though.
  6. The Forex Trendy is actually an eBook which contains 30 pages with tons of examples “Understanding The Myths Of Market Trends And Patterns”. Other than that you will get a full access of the member’s area only which contains the following: Learn about HOW FOREX TRENDY WORKS: https://secondonlineincome.com/forex-trend-scanner/ – No thick eBooks to read or complex software to install – Live charts of the best trending currency pairs and time frames – Audible alerts, email alerts – User friendly interface – Optionally, you can select / deselect pairs or time frames from the auto analysis and more options – Quick overview of the trends on all time frames – Now a special bonus! Automated chart analysis – recognizing “Triangles, Flags, Wedges and Trend Lines” on 34 currency pairs and all time frames – Live charts of emerging patterns and the history of completed patterns – Audible alerts and email alerts for the new completed patterns – Forex Trendy uses sophisticated algorithm to consider which trend line or pattern looks better – with more touching points, etc. Many traders don’t do this correctly. – Chart pattern recognition is included in Forex Trendy for no extra fee.
  7. Yes, I have! In fact, I have been trading with Olymp Trade for almost a year now. I have to admit that I do not get a profit every time I open trading but even if you trade with the most well-known platforms, you will not gain profit every single time either. The reason why I choose to stick with Olymp Trade is that it is not only safe but they make sure that nobody can easily withdraw your money. Every trader will get an email from Olymp Trade asking you to verify that you are the owner of the account. They will provide details on what document that you have to provide for the verification. However, this is only one-time request. Besides that, I have not mentioned about their very efficient customer support. Once when I was having problems with my account, they managed to solve my problem in no more than 24 hours only through live chat! How awesome is that! So, because of the above reasons, I decided to continue trading with Olymp Trade. I hope you will too as this is a safe platform as far as I am concern. Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet without verification Anonymous Bitcoin wallet https://bitcoinofficial.org seeks to increase the level of security by maintaining the anonymity of transactions. This is an open source Bitcoin wallet that mainly focuses on anonymity, privacy and security. How it provides anonymity and security: 1. Thanks to Tor and VPN support, the Bitcoin wallet allows you to send all your transactions through an anonymous IP address. 2. Data about your wallets is never disclosed. 3. Used military grade encryption provides the highest level of security. This type of encryption is carried out on your phone through the AES-256 protocol (Advanced Encryption Standards). 4. Bitcoin wallet without verification.
  8. Yes, of course! Forex is a place where traders can speculate and earn money on price movement. Forex is a job absolutely the same as other jobs, IMHO. Let’s compare Forex trader with cashier in the store, bank employee, and forwarder in a logistics company: Beginner who wants to work as a cashier will have to learn how to use cash machine, count money and customer communication, only 3 main functions. It will take not more than 1-2 weeks to become good cashier in a store. It will bring money for living. Beginner who wants to become bank worker will have to be familiar with financial sphere, probably pass banking courses, work with specific computer programs, be ready to communicate with customers, and work with money. Become good bank employee will take some weeks. The higher position in the bank, more need to learn and know. It also will bring money for living. Beginner who wants to be a forwarder in a logistics company, will have to do more functions. As minimum need to learn information from Internet or pass some courses – to understand how logistics works, etc. Then it is necessary to start communicating with customers, offer good services conditions, provide specific information about cargo, documentation and so on. It will take some months to become advanced worker in this profession. It will bring money for living as well. FOREX – Beginners who want to become successful Forex traders and earn money for living will have to: MAIN rule – don’t expect that Forex will bring you profit when you start trading, so you have to get somewhere money for living, while you are learning Forex and reach the point when Forex brings you amount of money that is comfortable for living. learn Forex information by their own, searching it in Internet, watch some courses, or visit a local city Forex courses. Everyone choose his or her own learning method. Practice trading on Forex terminal that you chose. I recommend to practice on demo account, so you could increase your trading skills and experience without spending money. Find or build your trading method that will have loss-profit ratio as minimum 1:1+, so you could get more profit rather than loss. After you reach the aim for getting more profit than loss, you move to real account and start trading. Strictly follow your trading strategy rules, don’t trade on emotions, and control money management. In a result Forex trading will bring you profit for living. All you need to know about Forex Trading Signals check this out:- https://www.top10tradingplatforms.com/forex-signals/ Some traders are fast learners and start trading Fore after several months, but some learn slowly and it can take years. Don’t give up, and always go forward. You can see now that any job you would do, need to learn, and every profession need different information and time for learning. In any profession you will earn money for living. So, Forex can also bring you profit for living, everything depends on you. Wish you to be independent Forex trader! Dorrow Green
  9. First you should understand what is margin? A forex margin account is very similar to an equities margin account - the investor is taking a short-term loan from the broker. The loan is equal to the amount of leverage the investor is taking on. Before the investor can place a trade, he or she must first deposit money into the margin account. For more detail visit https://www.vpsforextrader.com/ , we will explain to you how you can use the leverage and how much you can earn? Newly Enrolled Clients >> 1:1 Leverage = 1% PROFIT = 0.1% RISK If we take 1:1 Leverage means 100% Margin will be used. So, 1000 USD can buy 1,000 USD Value of Commodity. Suppose Price of XYZ Commodity is 1000 USD and you have account balance of 1000 USD then you can buy only 1 Qty. of XYZ = 1000 x 1 = 1000 USD RISK >> If STOP LOSS we keep 0.1% (Price 1000 USD – 0.1% Risk i.e. 1 USD) So your loss will be 1 USD. (1000 USD – 1 USD = 999 USD) RETURN >> If stock price moves from 1000 to 1010 = 1% movement in Price, You used 1:1 Leverage so 100% of your 1000 USD, you get 10 USD as PROFIT 1:10 Leverage = 10% PROFIT = 1% RISK If we take 1:10 Leverage means 10% Margin will be used. So, 1000 USD can buy 10,000 USD Value of Commodity. Suppose Price of XYZ Commodity 1000 USD and you have an account balance of 1000 USD then you can buy 10 Qty. of XYZ = 1000 x 10 = 10000 USD you can use against 1000 USD of capital. RISK >> If STOP LOSS we keep 1% (Price 1000 USD – 0.1% of 10000 USD i.e. 10 USD) So Your LOSS will be 10 USD. 1% of your Capital 1000 USD is 10 USD. (1000 USD – 10 USD = 990 USD) RETURN >> If stock moves from 1000 to 1010 = 1% movement in Price. You used 1:10 Leverage so 1% of 10,000 USD = 100 USD = 10% Return on Invest Capital 1000 USD 1:200 Leverage = 200% PROFIT = 20% RISK If we take 1:100 Leverage means 200% Margin will be used. So, 1000 USD can buy 200,000 USD value of Commodity. Suppose Price of XYZ Commodity 1000 USD and you have account balance of 1000 USD then NOW you can buy100 Qty. of XYZ Price = 1000 x 200 = 200,000 USD RISK >> If STOP LOSS we keep 10% (Price 1000 USD- 0.2% of 200,000 USD i.e. 200 USD) So Your LOSS will be 200 USD = 20% loss from your Invested capital (1000 USD – 200 USD = 800 USD) RETURN >> If Stock moves from 1000 to 1010 = 1% movement in Price. You used 1:200 Leverage so 1% of 200,000 USD = 2000 USD PROFIT
  10. You want to make money online from Olymp Trade transactions? Turn Olymp Trade into your passive income channel? But you are new and don’t know where to start? In this article, I will show proofs that I’ve made money successfully from Olymp Trade every day. Then I will show you how to trade, win and successfully withdraw from Olymp Trade. Proof of make money from Olymp Trade This is the total amount of money I have withdrawn from the Olymp Trade platform. Although it is not a big number, it is regular. Every day, I usually withdraw $15 from Olymp Trade to my Visa/Mastercard account. Every weekend, I will withdraw both interest and capital then deposit again at the beginning of next week. And this is when from Olymp Trade money goes to my Visa/Mastercard account. How to make money from Olymp Trade Step 1: Register an Olymp Trade account herehttps://olymptradeclub.com/go/register-olymp-trade/ If you haven’t register an account at the Olymp Trade platform, let’s create one for yourself here to get a free $10,000 DEMO account to trade. At the same time, I will give you 1 promotion code to gain 30% of the total value you deposit. Step 2: Deposit into your Olymp Trade account To trade and make money real money at Olymp Trade, you just deposit $15 into Olymp Trade account. Clicking Deposit on the Olymp Trade interface After that, choose the appropriate deposit method. I often use Visa and Mastercard to deposit and withdraw money at Olymp Trade. Next, select the $15 for the first deposit. Use the promotion code “OG3YA” to receive an additional 30% of the total deposit amount. Fill in the information on Visa/Mastercard to proceed payment. So now, your Olymp Trade account has $20. You can start making money. Step 3: How to trade simply but effectively at Olymp Trade There are 2 things you need to do: The first thing: Customize the Olymp Trade interface First, choose the currency pair to trade. EUR/USD is the best. This is the most profitable and easy-to-play currency pair for beginners. Next, select the Japanese candlesticks chart to observe the price comfortably and open orders later. Then, in the indicator tab, you select the Bollinger Bands indicator. This is the most reliable technical analysis indicator during the Olymp Trade transaction process. Finally, you select the time frame for the display chart to be 5 minutes. At the same time, the expiration time for 1 transaction is also 5 minutes. So, you have prepared everything. Now is the time to start opening orders. If you wanna learn full setup then please check it here:- https://olymptradeclub.com/how-to-make-money-online-earn-15-per-day-from-olymp-trade-for-beginners/
  11. All Options bookies love those who like to get rich quick and have gambling blood. In fact, Options is not easy to make money. You can read this article to know more – What is Options? And if you really want to try in this Options game, you might have some doubts when choosing a platform to begin, right? Is Binomo alright? Is Olymp Trade okay? How about IQ Option? This article will show you how to check these platforms’ credibility. From there, you will know where to open your trading account. Check the website name of Options platforms in Hypestat There are many reputable websites you can use to check the domain name of the platform you know. But to use their full functions, you have to pay a fee. For example, similarweb.com, alexa.com, etc. With a website specializing in “checking” like Hypestat.com, you don’t have to pay any fee but still can check every information you need. After that, you will know where the platform you choose to trade takes place in the world. To know fully about this then check out this: https://iqtradingpro.com/iq-option-scam-how-to-check-the-credibility-of-an-options-trading-platform In the following articles, we will practice checking the credibility of other Options platform to help you know more.
  12. Do you want success in Forex? Business Star is really good and you can make much profit with it just like us and many other traders who have used it. 100% Automated Trading Solution. 15 day Money back guarantee! Low Drawdown Minimum deposit : $200 IC Markets Live account / Fxblue + MyFXbook / https://www.best-forex-robots.com/l/business-star/
  13. Salman1

    There are two main categories of brokers: ECN/STP Brokers (No-Dealing-Desk) An ECN (Electronic Communications Network) is a Forex broker electronically connected to the ECN network of banks. An STP(Straight-Through-Processing) Forex broker routes its client orders electronically to a liquidity provider. Both ECN and STP brokers place their client orders directly in the global currency market without any human intervention. ECN/STP brokers are categorized as NDD brokers (No-Dealing-Desk). Get more information to Compare Forex Brokers right now. Thanks
  14. There a lots of good ones and what you have to remember is that it is your attitude to the whole set up and how you operate it that is going to make the crucial difference. The biggest failing in running a winning system in anything is discipline and it must be 100%. I had this amply demonstrated with my own method of trading. For 9 months everything was going along fine, regular winning trades and a nice smooth growth in the account equity. Then I started to think I knew what I was doing and started to try and ‘improve things’. Within a week I had lost 30% of the account. I had a big lesson in not messing with something when it is going along fine. I recently devised a system for another type of trading, not forex, and sent the details over to a friend to have a try. All he had to do was copy a very basic set of rules and make money just as I was doing every day for weeks before. Strange that two weeks later he was complaining that the system was rubbish and he was losing money all the while. Now as we were both trading the same market and placing the same trades what could have gone wrong? Well he had been following along for a few days but then decided that as around 50% of the trades looked wrong he would miss them out and improve his strike rate but of course it did exactly the opposite. In the end no amount of persuading him would convince him that he could not improve on what I was doing. The end result was he gave up after a few more days and still thinks I am nuts. So the message here is no matter what system you devise, buy, rent, lease or whatever is going to work unless you adopt a disciplined approach in it’s implementation. I have tried many forex systems and techniques with varying degrees of success but the one I have been using for the last four years suits me fine. It is assembled from some various bits of standard techniques and runs pretty much on auto pilot as I have plenty of other things to do. Now, if you don't have much time to focus on these all or want to get quite shortcut then you can check https://tradingbrokers.com/ for best online trading brokers.
  15. First of all, I think it is important to clarify that Olymp Trade is NOT a binary options platform! It is a Digital Options platform, there is a bit difference between the types of tradings. Also, Olymp Trade has a forex platform-app, so, in total, 2 platforms-apps for trading. I have been trading with them for more than one year and a half, and I really like the apps! It is very easy to use and understand the tools and the graph. So, my answer is, Olymp Trade is the best company for trading Digital Options an Forex! I can assure that, considering that since I started, I am making a really good profit. Besides having a great app, they also offer many training materials and webinars for beginners, as well as for experienced traders. Another positive point about the platforms, is that both have free demo accounts, in which you can make trainings of your trading strategies. UpForex Presenting US100 NO Deposit Bonus available for the fresh clients that register for the promotion till it is valid. Take the opportunity to test Live Forex Trading as well as the UpForex Broker. Apply now and trade with the 100 Welcome Bonus to start to explore the trading services now!
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