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  1. The USDCAD has potential to continue resuming the big picture bearish trend as long as we trade below 1.2800 an important pivot point. Last week high is also near our important pivot point and should provide further confluence. However, a break and a close above the 1.2820 can signal that we’re entering in an extended period of ranging activity. On the downside, the last week low 1.2663 remains our first level of support and since based on the stochastic indicator we’re already in oversold territory we can expect early in the week an attempt to fill in last week price range. A break below 1.2663 and a daily close will open the downside for a retest of 1.2550 followed by the big psychological level 1.2500. Get more idea: USDCAD Weekly Forex Forecast
  2. Take a look at the chart at ... Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Analysis This chart shows a multiple moving average configuration where the moving averages have converged and are ready to explode upwards. The gray line is the close price and the colored lines are the 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. moving averages. This in conjunction with the stocastics crossing the MACD at the 0 line upwards is an extremely strong signal. Note also that this formation is also a cup and handle breakaway, but there are many other patterns to consider too. Another problem with PIR is that the industry group - home furninshing - has taken a big hit last week. In addition to technical and sector analysis, please don't forget to factor in fundamental analysis of the stocks you are considering. This is the trinity to finding stocks that will appreciate.
  3. Technology is giving more of us the ability to work from a home office. As work flexibility becomes more of a priority for employees, many companies are responding by offering flexible work schedules. That's giving rise to plenty of telecommute, virtual, and remote work opportunities that aren't scams. More info: https://x-traders.com/partners#link1
  4. Alpha Capital Markets is a scam broker, uses the same unethical practices like most of systematic fraudulent do in the forex industry. they offer you everything best to start relation and after you win consistently, they delay your orders and you start to see a lot of slippages. same old tricks adopted by losing market maker as they run book against your order flow. Just wanted to alert all the forex traders Alpha Capital Markets is sophisticated cheat who will systematically rip your money. Alpha Capital Markets use cheat order matching systems that shows you narrow spreads and when it comes to execution they will fill your order on different price. The fraud unethical order matching engine works on the logic whereby if they cover better price Alpha Capital Markets confirm client order or else they pass you slippage and systematically rigging your trades. In addition will you trade with broker who has biggest conflict of interested of offering shares in customer loss. And those share they never give you back. website backlink url: http://www.alphacapitalmarkets.review/
  5. Investment is a vital necessity for a cushty and secure future. net stock commercialism has become one in all the foremost widespread sorts of investments since the arrival of the net. This on-line technique provides convenience for the dealer and allows him to effectively trade at any time and from any location. As technology progresses often there area unit many apps that change you to trade effectively while not the necessity for a browser. Adequate information regarding the follow is one in all the foremost necessary steps you would like to require before you start commercialism.Most people retreat from commercialism as they think about stock investment stock investment to be too difficult for his or her understanding. to actually maximize returns from your commercialism practices you'll be able to begin by understanding the manner commercialism functions and might profit you. Despite widespread belief, commercialism in stocks isn't only for the those that area unit loaded. There area unit varied stock investment opportunities in commercialism that may suit a private despite his monetary standing. More know: http://partners.etoro.com/B10237_A58975_TClick.aspx
  6. Oceanic Bliss Is Quick As Well As Steady In FX Industry Oceanic Bliss is not only quick but steady and stable as well in FX industry. It is the global leader in the ECN (Electronic Communication Network) market right now in terms of forex trading. Other companies are not witnessing the progress in it within their organization, but ECN is the future of Forex trading, and Oceanic Bliss is one of the best on it. This quality makes them stand out in the eyes of the clients. When you trade with Oceanic Bliss, you have the benefit of having similar functionality as interbank traders. The other advantages the clients get through Oceanic Bliss are the risk management technologies and proprietary price discovery that offer individual traders consistency, liquidity, and execution stability in the rapidly growing world of the financial market. The Priority The priority of Oceanic Bliss investment company is to offer top-notch services to its clients. The key to success for Oceanic Bliss is the experienced and talented employee base and the cooperation with the clients on each and every matter. They keep things transparent, and that is how they keep on investing the money in the Forex industry and keep gaining. An Opportunity For New Clients Apart from being successful in the industry, what Oceanic Bliss is offering to its new customers? There is a new and proved opportunity for the new clients as well. Oceanic Bliss was established in 2016 but already known by everyone in the FX industry. Let’s take a glimpse at some of the advantages that new customers can avail. 1. With excellent tools and free analysis from Oceanic Bliss, you can remain up to date with market news and analysis. 2. It works hard to provide you simplicity, support, and easy to access services. 3. There are full depth and variety of instrument from which you can take benefits. 4. You will witness the purest trading services at Oceanic Bliss. 5. There is a wide variety of account types. 6. Last but not the least, It takes transparency and regulation very seriously. The objective of the company is to maintain the high results for the clients by providing them perfect assistance that every client can feel confident about it. Get more: www.oceanicblissfx.com
  7. Trading the forex market successfully requires the extreme level of technical skills and clear understanding of the different parameters of the financial instrument. Those who are trading the financial industry for a long period of time have been following strict trading discipline. There are many traders in this financial world who often ask, “Is there any holy grail in the forex market”. To be honest the answer is yes. For more: CANDLE STICK PATTERN
  8. RevolutionaryExpert Advisor which is based on correlation decline between currency pairs EURUSD and GBPUSD. With each new bar it analyzes correlation and if there is a very huge correlation decline it opens double hedging position (long and short). Then it closes long or short positions by specific profit level in USD (Target profit parameter) and the rest of positions by specific loss level (Target loss parameter). Each trade set is secured by loss threshold level. Key facts 18% of maximum equity drawdown for testing period of 11 month; +400% of profit for period of 11 month; Current market situation does not matter; Max. risk for each trade set no more than 20%; Auto money management system which controls parameters for target profit and loss levels, loss threshold and order volume in depends on current account balance; Here you can see backtesting results for period 01.10.2016 – 01.09.2017 with Auto_MM mode on M15 timeframe and starting deposit 1000 USD. Backtestingwas performed with real market ticks by using testing method – “Every tick based on real ticks” in MetaTrader 5. More info here: http://hedgexpert.com/doublehedge/
  9. “I am looking around for a trading diary and have so far used myfxbook, fxblue. I noticed this broker has some sort of diary. Anyone used it before? More here: https://www.blackwellglobal.com/the-trading-diary/
  10. Forex is a best market place to make profit. If u want to istablish a good position here u need some facality, like low spreed and fast withdraw facality bonus facality and there ragulation payment mathod and leverage. Learn more: Rate fx brokers
  11. I'm looking for a simple and intuitive trading platform similar to eToro but with good spreads. Any of these alternatives suitable - or others that are worth looking at?
  12. I have found this amazing binary option auto trading, their performance is quite good. I tried this for 2 months, not all weeks win but I'm in profit now. I have tested it for just 25$, maybe next month will upgrade it.I can confirm the result in their website is real, they showing all the chart for each trade that replicated to member. The problem is, this auto trader only works for binary.com, can not use in any other broker.Visit: http://optionfox.org/ for anything that you would like to know.
  13. Many users asked me that "Suggest me best broker. Because I am a beginner". So for all of them, I am telling to them that you need to consider/take into account the following points:1) Which country you live in and what are the regulations and if the broker is regulated by those? 2) Always better to go for the biggest and well-established names. That always cuts down the risk even if the spreads are not very attractive. 3) I would always avoid brokers who give you some initial money when you open the account. They know that you will be losing and hence give back to them soon As you are a beginner? So have to know many things where you can get them. Try to read http://123forexbrokers.com/ where you will get many info that you must need to know.Best regards
  14. Binary Options are a simple way to trade the price fluctuations in the global markets. A trader decides the movement of a particular asset and places a trade in that particular direction. If the trader analyses that the market will go up he will invest in a CALL option for a set expiry and vice versa. If the trader’s analysis is right and at the expiry the price is above the strike price for a CALL the trader successfully wins the trade. A win will give a return of 70-85% on the investment. A binary option investment can vary from a very short period to a long period of time. The type of binary option investments are : Classic Options, Turbo Options, Touch/No Touch, One Touch. You can find all the details here: Best Options Broker
  15. Many people asked me for a forex trading keyboard, and today I will share about this.I love to use a forex trading keyboard which is Free. It's called Free Forex keyboard for Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5, with over 78 shortcut functions. The website is http://www.forexkeyboard.com/ The solution is two parts a fast optimized ea that runs in MT4 or mt5 and a software virtual keyboard for windows PC. The software is completely free for the first 1000 users so far there have over 600 registrations. And will be launching end of January. In the medium term they will be making a physical forex keyboard. So, get this when it's become too late. Thanks. Smile