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  1. ADSPLACE Blockchain platform classifieds ads Website | Discord | Wallets | Explorer | Whitepaper
  2. EMJAC aims to expand the penetration and knowledge sharing of our recycling concept and ecosystem around the world starting with major cities which produce the highest numbers of waste tyres. EMJAC will integrate blockchain and traceability technology to solve the global waste tyres problem. EMJAC (EMJ) adopts the Ethereum blockchain ecosystem, well known for its decentralized approach that runs smart contracts to enhance the transparency and traceability of global waste tyres management to reduce illegal dumping. EMJAC's market place will also allow direct trading for both P2P and B2B for the recycled products. We strongly believe that our project will create long term value to token holders who aim to promote green technology and earth conservation. TWITTER TELEGRAM FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM REDDIT Read Our White Paper Here is our full White Paper that will help you to understand about our unique project. WhitePaper OnePager Privacy&Policy Terms of Use Executive team The EMJAC Team combines a passion for green energy industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing. Contact EMJAC Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly. TWITTER TELEGRAM FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM REDDIT
  3. UCBI Maroc Blockchain Banking Worldwide Union of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain International The Future of Banking Worldwide Website | Twitter |Telegram | Reddit | Github | Medium | Whitepaper About UCBI UCBI Maroc is your blockchain data bank it is a revolutionary banking concept that combines cryptocurrency rates with an international blockchain service Indeed the purpose is to accompany the customer by creating synergies between trading partners from around the world our group is already present in several countries Our Technology Services Road Map Executive Team
  4. Home Official |Whitepaper (EN) | Block Explorer | Pool | Discord | Telegram More to come soon ! Mainnet Launch November 01 2019 Coming Soon ! November 15 2019 In order to develop the project and stabilize the market for investors, as well as price support policy, we would like to estimate the initial WIPC price equivalent to $ 0.5.[/size] Soon up ! The DISCORD BOUNTY will run at 09:00 UTC SEP 01 2019 | The total budget of this Bounty is 5000 USD | REWARDS FOR TOP INVITERS: 1 $600 2 $500 3 $400 4 $300 5 $200 6 $100 RULES: Don't Invite FAKE Accounts! People who bring BOTS, people that are not related to crypto (game servers), Inactive or 24/7 Offline Accounts or Newly Created, will be Banned or Disqualified Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/spcgV6a OPENING PROGRAM FOR SALE & REGISTRATION OF SALES AGENTS ***********************Wipcoincash.com*********************** I-TIME (UTC +0) New Time: Mainnet launch at 14:00 October 01 2019 Opening time of pre-sale:15:00, October 01, 2019 End time:08:00, October 22, 2019 Pre-sale Summary: 10:00, October 22, 2019 Register Agent:16:00, September 23, 2019 Register END20:00, September 29 2019 ***********************Wipcoincash.com*********************** II-PRICE OF WIPCOINList price: $ 0.5 / 1WIPC -$ 2500 / 1MN / 5000WIPC ( Bonus 500WIPCOIN when buying enough 1MN) ***********************Wipcoincash.com*********************** ****************** Contact Information: ****************** Please register and add your information here. #agents-register Discord: https://discord.gg/8nwU73Z Message: @WIPC_CFO # 1217 Website: http://wipcoincash.com Email: support@wipcoincash.com ***********************Good luck**********************
  5. Libertad Venezolana A crypto currency designed for the people of Venezuela! Website | Discord | Github | Twitter | Intro | Explorer Venezuela's Hyperinflation Crisis. The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain influences the entire globe, creating a reliable non-cash economy. These technologies change the intellectual process of startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and companies, allowing many of them to move beyond fiat to digital currencies. The cryptocurrency market has been through a lot, the total capitalization reached up to 800 billion dollars, and the number of cryptocurrencies themselves and various tokens exceeds one and a half thousand. However, in order to buy a cryptocurrency, or sell it, it is necessary to use cryptocurrency exchanges. The use of such exchanges is safer than other exchange methods, and the number of cryptocurrencies and various tokens on exchanges can reach several hundreds. By investing in your own cryptocurrency exchange, your company can become a part of this digital revolution. Beetok Exchange is a centralized exchange for cryptocurrency. The base platform provides people with all the necessary tools for professional trade and high-speed transactions. You can add any functionality that is needed right up for your exchange. Once you have added it, you will receive a unique and reliable solution in the shortest possible time. WEBSITE:http://libertad-venezolana.com/ DISCORD: https://discord.gg/b8puhMt TWITTER: https://twitter.com/venezonlana WHITEPAPER: https://github.com/KingricharVD/Libertad-Venezolana/blob/master/LibertadVenezolanaWhitepaperFinal.pdf EXPLORER: MASTERNODES ONLINE: SOON https://github.com/KingricharVD/Libertad-Venezolana/releases Website | Discord | Github | Twitter | Intro | Explorer
  6. UNITED KINGDOM (U.K) REGULATED GLOBAL DECENTRALIZED MORTGAGES || |||| What is VITA? VITA is the worlds first Smart Mortgage provider with revolutionary, forward-thinking, dynamic and simplistic underwriting processes for first time buyers buying a home. Vita is breaking the mould of your standard high street mortgage lenders. Our radical approach will be smashing all the traditional archaic approaches used by traditional mortgage lending and home ownership and changing them in a way to make the world look at our approach and wonder why this has never been thought of before. This radical reform is long overdue. VITA is the brainchild of a few dedicated cryptocurrency developers from around the world. We wanted to find one major problem and try and resolve it. We did just this with the creation of Smart Mortgages. VITA has created an innovative new concept which will turn the process of obtaining a mortgage and home buying on its head. For far too long people have struggled to get a mortgage or provide a family home without working every hour God sends. This is about to change! Throughout our white paper we have demonstrated our vision of what we can achieve and how together – with the support of like minded investors the dream can be realized! Buying your first home should be easy, with VITA our Smart Mortgage’s will make that possible. Funded by crypto currency VITA will be leading the way forward with purchase of homes using crypto currency. THE VITA MARKETPLACE The VITA APP will run alongside of the VITA HOMES website www.vita.homes You will be able to apply, view and purchase a property direct or simply make a request to view. The VITA app will also be used for customer’s to pay all utilities in VITA tokens and FIAT. The exchange from FIAT to VITA will also be available. It will be a one-stop process for buying your first home, fully integrated to give you the most simplistic process of buying your first home. All Vita app features will be available to use once VITA homes are built. App release date Early 2020 for IOS and Android TOKENSALE PRE ICO VITA Crypto tokens will be released on the Ethereum platform. The Vita token will be compatible with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc. and provides easy-to-use integration. We suggest that you use… MetaMask or Trust Wallet TOKEN ALLOCATION & DISTRIBUTION THE FUTURE OF VITA VITA will be a major force in the mortgage and property business. VITA aims to create and provide affordable eco-friendly homes all over the world. we not looking at a short term venture. VITA is a long term business model backed by investors like you. VITA will be at the forefront of the crypto funded home for many years to come! Nothing is impossible in this life and the only way to make a positive change is to actually get up to make a stand and do it. The VITA team have the drive and determination to make VITA the worlds biggest Smart Mortgage company. Why settle for anything less than the best! Our investors will benefit long term from VITA. Each year a percentage of profits will be divided between all ICO investors. This is not just a token sale, it truly is an investment into a world changing idea. VITA will grow from strength to strength. This will come from the commitment and dedication of the VITA team and the many investors who have already offered their services to bring VITA to the forefront of the Smart Mortgage process. OUR ROADMAP POWERED BY A TEAM VITA PARTNERS CONTACT VITA JOIN US VIA TELEGRAM You can reach at our office: Name & Registered Office: LIFE VITA LTD KEMP HOUSE 152-160 CITY ROAD LONDON UNITED KINGDOM EC1V 2NX Company No. 12164885 You can also contact us Monday to Friday on our contact centre +44 1270 901 342 WHATSAPP BUSINESS +447704593021 Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
  7. Website | White Paper | Lite Paper Campaign Video | How IX15 Works Video
  8. Website | White Paper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more AdSana's Security Token Sale Learn more
  9. WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | FACEBOOK | BOUNTY ZooomEx- a new cryptocurrency exchange! Exchange with the lowest trading fee of all represented on the market! Our task is to make trading operations accessible to everyone! We do not strive to earn on clients, we create a convenient platform on which it will be comfortable to trade to everyone! Until September, trade commissions - 0%! Further, it will be increased so low that you will not even notice it! We are the first to take this step! You won't find anything like this on the market! Crypto Exchange ZooomEx made for the benefit of users! All members of our team are active traders, and we know all the nuances, pros and cons of the rest of the crypto-exchange, so we made our product for you and for us. It is suitable for both ordinary traders and professionals, both for users with a small capital, and for institutional ones. We started to change the cryptocurrency trading industry! We invite you to follow our example! On our exchange you will have the opportunity to win valuable prizes, with a minimum of effort, we will develop many new things with good prize funds! We present our first tournament! Tournament for active bidders! The pair for trade, which will be held the tournament will be determined by the community or developers and published a few days before the start of registration for the tournament. You will need to pre-register for the weekly tournament in the appropriate section.[/size] Terms of participation in the tournament: You need to hold on your account on the ZOOOMEX exchange ZXE tokens in a pre-announced amount for several days before the start of the tournament You need to apply for participation in the appropriate section. Example of scoring points: BTC / USDT pair User 1: on the balance of $ 100, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 110, profit - 10% User 2: on the balance of $ 10,000, as a result of exchange transactions by the end of the tournament on his account was $ 10,500, profit - 5% User 3: on the balance of $ 1,000, as a result of exchange transactions, by the end of the tournament, on his account was $ 1,350, profit - 35% Winner - User 3. Thus, the participants profit will be calculated automatically and prize places will be distributed! 1. Registration of those wishing to participate, if the conditions are met, is held every weekend in the appropriate section 2. Start of accounting trades (Monday) 3. Completion of accounting trades (Friday) 4. Distribution of prizes What kind of prizes will await the participants of the tournament will depend on the chosen pair for bidding before it starts. It can be BTC, ETH, ZXE tokens and others. The distribution of the prize fund (may vary): 1 Place - 60% 2 Place - 25% 3 Place - 15% Accounting trades: Bidding registered users to the tournament will be counted in the period of tournament. The average percentage of profit / loss of all transactions for the entire period is taken into account. Unclosed transactions at the time of counting will be counted at the latest price. Remuneration Fund: 1. Fixed 2. Dynamic from the collected fees for transactions of participants Schedule: Private sales:[/b] 24 June 2019 - 01 July 2019. Bounty: 27 June 2019 - 12 August 2019. IEO: 05 August 2019 - 12 August 2019 or when all tokens are sold.
  10. Homepage | Whitepaper | Telegram | FacebookTwitter | Instagram |LinkedIn
  11. Bounty | Website Twitter | Whitepaper Telegram | Facebook | Medium It is undoubtedly I want to see the scene that my work can be seen by more people. I think an open community will enable me to communicate with more like-minded artists and promote my creation to a new stage. Andrew Hladky Contemporary Oil Painting Artist Nowadays, the drawbacks and shortcomings of the art market have not been improved. The global market for the fake artworks and collections amounts to US$6 billion annually, accounting for almost one tenth of the total trade volume of artworks. Tom Otterness Sculpture Artist Social Media
  12. WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | ONE PAGER | BOUNTY AssetStream is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) microfinance platform through enabling technologies such as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, developed by veterans from various industry including Finance, Investment Banking, IT Security and Blockchain.
  13. Bringing the worlds of digital currencies and gaming together. WEBSITE | WHITE PAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | MEDIUM The PixelBit Ecosystem The major problem which most blockchain-based projects in the gaming industry are facing is its incorporation into existing code and their restrictions to certain apps and platforms. PIXELBIT is designed by game developers, with game developers in mind, offering instant, cost-effective real-money gaming to players and developers. We designed PIXELBIT from the ground up for maximum cross-platform interoperability and providing a set of intuitive and easy to use tools for developers. While generally being based on the Ethereum (ERC20 token) system and utilizing it’s blockchain, PIXELBIT offers a few unique properties relevant to the gaming market. In-game reward system similar to trophies/ achievements on certain platforms. Gamers will be able to earn actual digital currency by completing certain tasks in game. P2P trading mechanisms for players 1. Allow the direct trade of additional content such as skins, cosmetic assets and the like directly using the PXB system. 2. Allow circumvention of third-party marketplaces and gambling sites 3. Unified currency and an open, cross-platform marketplace. Intuitive tools for game developers and publishers to make it almost allowing a super-easy implementation of our systems, allowing for virtually immediate revenue generation. APIs for game developers and publishers tailored towards certain third-party game engines like Unity, Unreal, etc. as well as custom solutions. Allow for game developers and publishers to set up a dynamically adapting pricing system that constantly monitors PXB value and adjusts the pricing for digital items to the current market value, thus offering continuity and predictability to customers. Our backend will handle the heavy lifting, processing and verifying transactions and providing a reliable backbone. Our goal is for PIXELBIT to be available on every gaming platform imaginable, from mobile gaming to PC to consoles while maintaining a high level of compatibility and cross-platform capabilities. Problems and Solutions One of the main reasons cryptocurrency based monetization endeavours in gaming have so far been largely unsuccessful is due to the insular nature of previous implementations. Systems were clunky or difficult to incorporate into existing code and they have been mostly restricted to certain apps and platforms. PixelBit resolves this issue with their proprietary-developed in-game APIs that allow game developers using the top game design platforms such as Unity and Unreal, as well as custom built solutions, to implement the currency in their games. The APIs allow the implementation of both the mining process as well as payments and transactions. Unlike most ICOs with just a concept, PixelBit has already designed these APIs. PixelBit is the light at the end of the tunnel for blockchain based games, none of which are playable at the moment because they are simply too slow. The technology behind PixelBit does the hard work of making truly instant blockchain games available to everyone. By virtue of being a universal in-game currency, PixelBit aims to keep gamers interested in not in certain games, but the entire ecosystem for a long time. Not only does the prospect of earning actual money through gameplay significantly increase the chance of gamers staying engaged long term, due to it’s cross-compatible nature, no funds converted to PXB will ever become obsolete, leading to a greatly increased willingness to keep spending. Even if the player no longer has interest in the game they originally purchased the currency for, they can simply use these same funds in other games, keeping them invested in the ecosystem and, ideally, willing to spend even more over time. Another issue that PixelBit can potentially solve is the centralized and monopolistic nature of the gaming industry that benefits mostly the big game development studios. PixelBit will give smaller development studios and freelance developers a chance to stand out with their own games and receive the credit they deserve. Industry Facts Global gaming revenues neared $400 billion USD in 2015, with Asia making up about one third of all gaming activity. Approximately 10% of that global market, nearly $40 billion USD, is interactive or online gaming, which has enjoyed a 50% increase in activity since 2010. H2 Gambling Capital predicts the worldwide total (traditional plus online) gaming market will near $60 billion USD by 2020. With over 6 million adults gaming around the world and estimates of greater than 10 million for 2020, the gaming market overall is growing rapidly, with the online virtual segment of the market expected to accelerate faster than that of traditional casinos. The major problem which most blockchain-based projects in the gaming industry are facing is its incorporation into existing code and their restrictions to certain apps and platforms. Join us in revolutionizing gaming economics by helping us to bring the worlds of digital currency and gaming together!
  14. SMM coin community and project watchers! SMM is now listed on another very comfortable ROI monitoring site. coins.masternode.buzz - It's a masternode information and statistics by Masternode.Buzz coins.masternode.buzz - https://coins.masternode.buzz/SMM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow the next simple rules to take part in our invite campaign. 1. Follow SMM Coin twitter https://twitter.com/smmcoin1 2. Retweet this tweet with like and comment https://twitter.com/smmcoin1/status/1112835764189052929 3. Join our discord https://discord.gg/uaHA3vb 4. Post your retweet link and wallet address in this channel First 150 participants will get their rewards. Stay tuned to take part in our future bounty campaigns! Rewards depends on your followers count 1. 100 - 3000 followers = 0.5 SMM 2. 3000 - 5000 followers = 0.7 SMM 3. 5000 - 8000 followers = 1 SMM 4. 8000 + followers = 1.5 SMM
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