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  1. In a business like Forex which is full of adventures, it’s no rocket science that we need not just support, but we need guidance, almost parental like! When one put forward the name XM, it’s very short, but like the name, it’s their actions too very short and simple. They are not just ANOTHER broker, but they are the real deal. With servicing in over 190 countries to over millions of clients, it’s the FINEST broker I have witness (traded) with. From having stable spreads, high leverage, instant payments to ZERO re quotes or rejections as promised! From Welcome Bonus to Loyalty Program, it’s as rewarding as it gets! XM, as they say is BIG. FAIR. (SUPER) HUMAN. For me, XM was the past, is my present and is going to be my FUTURE!
  2. Everything that’s attractive is going to bring both negative and positive side, so we need to handle it. I won’t say that we should take forex scam laying down instead I recommend people to fight and don’t let your hard earn money stolen by anyone! I am grateful to Winchargeback service, as they helped me get my money back ever easy! I invested in Iron fx and they did fraud with me and took all my investment, but applying for their service, it was just 8 business days that my money was refunded!
  3. Market marker is easily the worst choice to make and we are likely to be scammed. I too have been scammed in past with brokers like Iron FX and there are several forex scam that goes on daily. The biggest problem is that everyone thinks it’s their fault that they invested with such company. But, I will tell all such people that stop blaming yourself! It’s not your fault if you get scammed! You should come forward and fight like I have done through Winchargeback. They are the ideal place to help us recover the money and that too easily! This is also lesson for brokers that scam us and think it’s over! IT’S NOT OVER NOW!
  4. Currencies are very important for all the people in the world. They are required for all the international transactions, trade and business. The exchange of currencies is at such a big level that the forex market is considered the largest liquid financial markets in the world. The forex market does not have a centralised place but it is done electronically between the traders around the world. The forex market is open for 24 hours daily except during the weekends. The trading is carried out in the majority of the financial centres like Tokyo, London, New York, Frankfurt, Zurich, Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore and Paris. When the trading ends in one part of the world, it starts in the other part. We at ArtemisForex.com assist all those who aspire to engage in forex trade through personal account management and VIP trading signals. Personal Accounting Management Proper guidance: People want to earn through forex trade but cannot do it perfectly all the time. There are various factors that play a crucial role for the trade. A common man cannot understand all the intricacies of the trade unless he/she spends maximum time studying the trends, identifying and evaluating the positive signals. Our experts provide you with proper guidance. Time factor: For all those people who want to engage in forex trade but do not have sufficient time and expertise can avail the services of our personal accounting management personnel. Expert analysis: Our personal accounting managers have the required expertise and a proven track record to tackle the forex market trends. They keep the track of the trade through real time monitoring, analyse the market trend, spot the profitable opportunities and trade on behalf of its clients for profitable returns. Risk management: Forex market includes lot of risk. It requires great amount of knowledge, study and expertise to carry out transactions. Many people cannot devote lot of time studying the market trends, risks and signals. Our professional experts identify the risk factors and communicate them to the customers at the proper time so that they can avoid the losses.
  5. Forex is a sort of business which can do miracles to our career, but it’s also sort of work which can be deadly dangerous, it’s entirely dependent on how we work, if we are trading with proper way or method then we will be able to achieve positive results and Forex will be like our friend, but if we are not going with proper strategy then it can be our worst enemy. For me, I find Forex as my friend because of having good plan to work with and it’s easier due to OctaFX broker’s support with their low spread from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus there is also smooth trading platform in cTrader, it’s all very good!
  6. Yeah, I am extremely grateful of been a trader, but that’s not enough for us, we got to make sure we are working hard and get enough knowledge, experience and also practicing regularly, it’s something which will help us with achieving success. I am trading with OctaFX broker where I get all the tools to make me a good trader and that’s especially to do with their educational setup, it’s so simple and straight forward yet covers all required points, it’s something that allows us to be successful and there is also many demo contest facility present, so by regularly participating on there, we are able to execute whatever we have learned and also stand chance of winning good prizes.
  7. This was true in past 7-10 years back, but now there no one that got that much patience, so that’s why we can’t just learn and I have found awesome solution for this and that’s all thanks to OctaFX broker since they have outstanding demo contest like cTrader, it’s just weekly based with 400 dollars prizes to be won while we can also participate regularly on there while we can also try so much stuff, it’s all easier for me to trade without any trouble at all, so that’s something that keeps me comfortable and relaxed with things and that’s how I am able to trade nicely and allows me to perform well and that’s how I am able to trade easily.
  8. In my view the best broker for scalping is one that’s offering us quality conditions all-round not just with low spreads, but even good smooth platform all that. I believe the ideal example of good broker is OctaFX since they have low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while they also have cTrader platform, it’s especially develop for ECN trading and always help up with performance while there are no issues over slippage, re quote or stuff like that, so it makes me so much comfortable with things. We can even operate this type of account with as low as 5 dollars, so that’s highly beneficial and allows me to work with absolutely comfort which allows me to succeed.
  9. There is no doubt or question that Forex is entirely based on strategies and methods, if we have the right way to work then we will be able to work smoothly, but if we are not having right way to work, we will always feel hard to adjust and cope with situations. I work with OctaFX broker and thanks to their demo contest like cTrader, I am able to get things rolling so nicely with such motivation in terms of prize, it keeps me in good shape and I am always able to get enough practice under my belt to work things out nicely and if things work better than I am always in with chance of winning good prizes, so feel very pleased with it.
  10. That’s true VIpro, we all have wish to get deposit bonus and it’s right too, it will be crazy to say no to extra capital, but I don’t like brokers that offer bonuses with hidden terms and conditions and there is always a catch, it just doesn’t work out for me, I believe it’s so much better that we stay away from bonuses, if it has to become that way, but as I said above, I am very lucky on this race and that’s with been OctaFX, it’s one of the highly bank able and trustworthy companies in the world and have absolutely awesome deposit bonus which goes up to 50% and is trade able too, so that’s why I love it!
  11. I have been with OctaFX broker for nearly 3 years now, I have regularly participated on this contest, but now things have only got better with so many amazing contest been present especially Southampton Supreme, it’s rocking with been just 90 minutes yet there are unlimited prizes to be won, so it’s a sort of contest that everyone loves to participate on and help us gain some serious rewards which eventually helps in working nicely while there are no charges to participate on this mighty demo contest and we can participate on this as many times as we like without any restrictions, it gives us chance to gain experience while we also have chance to win some serious prizes which is just awesome.
  12. Everyone needs it, we all wish to have every benefit that is possible because that’s how we will be able to work with comfort and freedom, but often we forget that quality is what matter the most, it won’t make any use to have bonus or benefits from broker that’s scam or one that’s not reliable, so our primary objective should be to work with broker that’s reliable and trustworthy and then everything from them would be beneficial, it’s the reason why I go for OctaFX broker, it’s regulated and trustworthy plus have epic 50% bonus on deposit offer, it’s absolute master piece with been use able too, so that’s why I find it so handy and helps in every way to work well.
  13. Yes, I really like Forex trading and why not? I believe Forex trading is one of the best businesses in the world, so been part of this is just incredible. I have been trading for past 3-4 years and it has been unbelievable journey for me, it’s to do with OctaFX broker, it’s regulated plus highly reputed, so trading with them just adds up another level as far comfort goes. The conditions present here especially small spread starting from 0.1 pips is marvelous and for scalpers like me, it’s just what one wishes for while they also have super smooth trading platform like cTrader, it’s making things even better and helps up with working without any major difficulty whatsoever for us.
  14. Please tell me where you heard of this NON SENSE? Which large regulated trading brokers don’t allow scalping? I am sick and tired of hearing this repeatedly; it seems to me you are a robot not a human. Anyway, I won’t waste time with you given you don’t even care to explain. I work with OctaFX broker where I get plenty of benefits and support which is through their conditions which include low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 plus there is also 50% bonus on deposit offer, it’s also use able which makes it pretty good and helps in working easily given this bonus is also use able and makes trading ever easy especially scalping.
  15. At present, I will put OctaFX into top category as best broker for all techniques and methods, it’s because of their all-round facilities and features which includes low spread, high leverages, bonuses, rebates and man features like those, so all that makes for trading easy and allows me to perform really well while there are several other benefits that I love to trade with especially their cTrader platform, it’s super cool with especially develop for ECN trading while there are no issues over slippage, re quote or even delay, so all my trading orders are executed instantly and that’s what allows me to be successful. We can also start with as low as 5 dollars which makes starting in here easy for all.
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