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  1. Yeah, I am extremely grateful of been a trader, but that’s not enough for us, we got to make sure we are working hard and get enough knowledge, experience and also practicing regularly, it’s something which will help us with achieving success. I am trading with OctaFX broker where I get all the tools to make me a good trader and that’s especially to do with their educational setup, it’s so simple and straight forward yet covers all required points, it’s something that allows us to be successful and there is also many demo contest facility present, so by regularly participating on there, we are
  2. I have been with OctaFX broker for nearly 3 years now, I have regularly participated on this contest, but now things have only got better with so many amazing contest been present especially Southampton Supreme, it’s rocking with been just 90 minutes yet there are unlimited prizes to be won, so it’s a sort of contest that everyone loves to participate on and help us gain some serious rewards which eventually helps in working nicely while there are no charges to participate on this mighty demo contest and we can participate on this as many times as we like without any restrictions, it gives us
  3. Forex is not a job or easy, it is a business which is easily the toughest, but it profitable too so that’s why it is worthy to be working here. I am trading through OctaFX broker which guides me so very well with their excellent educational section while more importantly, I love their demo contest like cTrader, it is weekly based and fairly simply yet the prize is simply awesome which goes as high up to 400 USD, it is just ideal way to practice and makes trading all so easy, so that’s why I enjoy participating there regularly and it obviously makes my job all so much easier to do and allows me
  4. Yeah it is very much correct that right analysis is the solution to all, if we are capable of doing analysis well than we will win quite regularly, so that’s why it is absolutely vital that try to get the analysis part correct, as that can help us make huge profits consistently. I am lucky enough to work with OctaFX broker where I am able to do analysis easily with their own service and team of expert which provides daily market news and analysis service, it is free of cost yet seriously accurate which makes trading all so much easier for me and allows me to succeed due to no fear of losing wi
  5. I completely agree with you HencyC, I believe if we lack either of the two then other will be useless. I don’t think we need to try to learn too much, it is far better if we focus on learning bit and then carry it on for execution, if we are able to do both part correctly then only we can each towards getting success. I don’t think it is ever easy, but success is something that never comes with easy road, so that’s why we need to be strong enough to get it. I have been quite lucky due to OctaFX broker, as they are one of the best brokerage companies with wonderful demo contest present in South
  6. You are right Gaban Forex is a really luxurious business to be part of, but i won’t say that every broker allow us to start with low capital, it’s few companies which allows us to do this. I started off with 5 dollars with OctaFX broker on their micro account since I was very scared to put in too much due to the risk factor involved while I was also not sure about OctaFX. Now I am sure about both Forex and my broker, so investing big is not an issue for me and I always get full advantage, so I will suggest you too to try out their service I am sure you are going to enjoy a lot.
  7. I am also using this lovely contest by OctaFX broker, I really enjoy participating on this because this way I can practice regularly and of course been able to win massive prize up to 1000 USD, it is always special to be participating on such contest because there are so many highly rated traders participating and working around them not only give us good tips, but it gives experience which I believe is really vital in order to be successful.
  8. It’s not easy job to be a profitable trader because we need to have solid plans, it is only possible if we have knowledge and experience which can be gained if one is determined and willing to put the hard yard. I have always given my all, but what makes me profitable trader easier is OctaFX broker, it has incredible weekly cTrader demo contest, it’s not just right to gain ability, but can be good to win some money due to 400 USD prize.
  9. I don’t think there is any fake reason available either, it’s obviously for making money and earning, I don’t find any other reason for which people could join Forex trading, it’s one of the finest business in the world, so anyone joining this is surely on the basis of making money and I am no different. I work with OctaFX broker and that helps me make money faster with minor charges of spread at 0.2 petite, it’s easy to cover that.
  10. Analysis is always the strength for a good trader, but it’s not anything to get easily, it requires a lot of hard work and effort only than we will be able to succeed. It is possible only after we get proper education and experience which is again not something easy to do, so that’s why been determined is very important. I have learned a lot from Baby Pips, but of course things are extremely difficult and we need to work really hard, so till than I am extremely pleased to rely and depend upon this, as they have never really let me down, so kudos to OctaFX broker for making things so good that
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