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  1. SeanBlair

    in my opinion the theory is different in the field. the name of the person who loses must be angry.
  2. SeanBlair

    I think forex is not a money-making machine. because not everyone succeeded and profit in forex.
  3. SeanBlair

    trading in forex is related to Currency pair.
  4. SeanBlair

    resentment and anger will come out when losing money.
  5. SeanBlair

    all financial businesses carry risks. is there a real solution in forex risk management?
  6. SeanBlair

    in my opinion, for beginner traders must follow the instructions of senior forex.
  7. SeanBlair

    thank you fxb. I will tell my friend about you.
  8. SeanBlair

    thank you for sharing your knowledge. hopefully it's useful for me.
  9. nothing can be relied upon except yourself.
  10. SeanBlair

    Google is now focusing more on social signals such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
  11. SeanBlair

    Thanks a lot already share AAFX.
  12. SeanBlair

    Forex trading is not an easy thing. But it does not mean it can't be learned.
  13. SeanBlair

    AAfx, we love you. because we'll change with you.
  14. SeanBlair

    in my opinion, AAFX one of the world's most famous brokerage forex.
  15. SeanBlair

    OK, could I would like to see testimonials from successful traders from you.
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