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  1. LOOKING TO ENTER THE CRYPTO WORLD WITH LESS RISK? GET SECURED THE RIGHT WAY #INTRODUCING https://www.taboow.org/images/logo.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/gmqs5e4kp/27423_1.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/mxre83yft/if_43-twitter_104461.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/j1e2c4svt/if_51-linkedin_104452.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/uclbebp5l/375c71349b295fbe2dcdca9206f20a06.png[/img] TABOOW is looking to disrupt the way business on the blockchain is carried out by being the first blockchain association to offer solutions to tackle the main risks and obstacles related to investments in cryptocurrency. Watch the Video! https://i.imgur.com/jafQPds.png[/img] Our Model Our Goal is to create a platform where investing in Cryptocurrency and reaping the benefits of the Blockchain revolution can be achieved in a safer and less risky environment by leveraging on our Blockchain Certification Authority framework (BCA) https://i.imgur.com/lBPSEkq.png[/img] Taboow tokens [TABU] TABU is a multipurpose token designed to facilitate regulatory and security features of the Taboow Platform. Here are some of its uses: https://i.imgur.com/HJEBblL.png[/img] Token Distribution https://i.imgur.com/VAZaUew.png[/img] Our Roadmap https://i.imgur.com/fbCBXeg.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/wcjwG1E.png[/img] The Superstar Team https://i.imgur.com/v7zOGVu.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/FABNYBx.png[/img] https://i.imgur.com/d6e8N4O.png[/img] https://www.taboow.org/images/logo.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/gmqs5e4kp/27423_1.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/mxre83yft/if_43-twitter_104461.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/j1e2c4svt/if_51-linkedin_104452.png[/img] https://s26.postimg.cc/uclbebp5l/375c71349b295fbe2dcdca9206f20a06.png[/img]
  2. The Crypto industry, in particular, Bitcoin has become the MOST crucial aspect of people’s lives, especially youngsters. So, with the trend so hot, the right option for people is all that’s missing. An option that can appeal every potential investor with a genuine concept and likable structure for everyone involved. An opportunity that could life-changing, this is exactly what FOMO3D (F3D) aims to bring to the table! FOMO3D is a decentralized, trustless Blockchain game running on the Ethereum exit-scam Network. The game consists of a smart contract, which is programmed and designed in such a way that no one can influence or impact the game including the creators! The core functionality of the game is entirely powered by a deployed open-source Ethereum smart contract, and since Smart contracts are immutable, there is no one who can access the funds but the autonomous program. It makes it such an epic creation with ensuring comfort and security for every individual. You can join up anytime you may wish, simply by visiting the https://exitscam.me site. It is a LOTTERY game, where the last person to buy a key at the end of a round wins the pot! During a round, people can purchase 1 or more keys, which add time to the timer and marks them as the CURRENT leader. With each key purchase during the round, the key price increases slightly. All the players receive a stream of passive income from the game as keys are bought during the round and these rewards are allowed to be withdrawn ANYTIME. When the timer reaches zero, the last person to buy a key win! (F3D players/P3D holders get a piece too!). With a few cool added game mechanics: Players select from one of four teams which determine certain rules during the round. P3D holders receive dividends on each key purchase and at the end of the round. Players can purchase a vanity URL and/or refer your friends to the game for extra rewards. Buying keys offer you a % chance to receive an "airdrop" winning ETH from a growing side-pot! Game Modes Fomo3D is split up into two separate games each designed with custom rules sets to generate different experiences, volumes, and different scales of jackpots: long and quick. Long is launching first, and then quick will be launched at a later date. Notable differences include that long does not have an ICO phase, uses different timer durations, and has a totally different key price scaling model than the quick mode. Check below to know further details: FOMO3D: https://fomo3d.hostedwiki.co POWH3D: https://powh3d.hostedwiki.co
  3. Hey guys, I just published this article Supplement Manufacturing, so wanted to share a short-and sweet version here. If you want to become a self-employed entrepreneur and potentially make significant amounts of money by launching your own Sports Supplements Product Line, you’re certainly going in the right direction to success! The sports supplements industry has grown exponentially year on year for the last decade and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, in order to make your dreams into a reality, you will need to know how to tell which products actually work, and what will keep your customers coming back for more. Why sports supplements? Sports Nutrition is big business today, as more and more people are waking up to the concept of fitness for life. This means there is already a market demand of people who are prepared to invest in their wellness for physical improvement and long-term rewards. The year-on-year growth within the sports nutrition sector is rising steadily at a rate of 7% a year, and by 2020, industry projections see the sector reaching an annual worth of over $33 billion dollars. The sports supplements niche isn’t small change where this growth is concerned either, and as the fastest-growing product category within the market, annual growth is climbing at a massive rate of 11.1% a year! All of this means that for savvy entrepreneurs who get into the market now, there is a virtually unlimited potential for profit just waiting out there for the taking by individuals who are ready to go! How to Get Started If you’re ready to get started and want to find out more about potential opportunities in the sports supplements field and how to maximise your profits, our easy-to-understand guide covers all you’ll need to know. Find out more about product development, capsules, packaging, and labelling, and getting back to basics with product testing and sourcing the very best available raw ingredients for your brand.We’ve worked through some of the most common questions we’re asked about turning sports supplements into a successful business and have written an in-depth handy guide to get you started. Read on to find all of the information you will need to create, launch and promote your own sports supplements brand and become a successful entrepreneur in one of the fastest growing industries in the country! These are important considerations, as they are critical factors which will ultimately make or break your supplement brand. Continue reading Supplement Manufacturing - http://www.blackburndistributions.com/blog/sports-supplement-manufacturers/
  4. With Cryptocurrencies still in the very early days of becoming adopted by the mainstream, there is still a huge space for new blockchain projects to break through. The World-wide $40B film industry is a prime example of needing blockchain transparency and new routes: to investment, to market and ultimately profit! Is the World’s 1st crypto currency feature film and it’s Ethereum based tokens the answer? Possibly… With that, let us to introduce you to KevCoin the erc20 (ethereum) token and the feature film movie it funded! KevCoin: The Movie – A Crypto themed hybrid Documentary, funded by KevCoin: The Token, is the world’s FIRST Crypto Feature Film. Created by a multi award winning producer team, lead by British duo; Danny Wimborne and Jason Attar. Both highly experienced in feature films, online viral hits and Blockchain tech, having taken part in many successful ICO’s, won numerous awards for feature films and scored multiple viral hits online. These people have a real and rare combination of experience in this exciting environment. The film is built around KevCoin, a REAL ERC20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain. The KevCoin the Movie story is an outrageous mixture of reality, fantasy, and comedy. The story follows the ambitions of Kevin Powder, an ex rock star “Fixer”, as he attempts to kick start a trillion-dollar Crypto dream, by creating KevCoins, and spreading them as far and as wide as possible. The very unusual aspect of this project, is that these coins/tokens, really exist and can be bought and traded. There is no reason why the KevCoin token could not become a significant technology in the entertainment industry in the near future. This is no dodgy ICO! When people buy this newly released movie from it’s own website (for only $5), via Paypal or Bitcoin - You get 5000 KevCoin tokens For free!!!! The idea behind the time-limited give-away is to build the KevCoin ecosystem. This is the first phase of the KevCoin blockchain project. There are so many scam projects, asking for billions of dollars, and have not created anything and possibly never will! KevCoin the Movie is real. The tokens are live. The ecosystem is building. And for $5, the risk is practically non-existent, but the upside, well as Kevin Powder says “Let no shadows be found where dreams are born” With over 15 unique pieces of international press, including Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance, Get in early, enjoy the film and keep those tokens safe! YOUR 5000 KevCoin tokens and Movie download: https://kevcointhemovie.com/product/kevcoin-movie-download Movie Trailer: Some of the press: https://kevcointhemovie.com/press
  5. When it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, it is absolutely critical that we make right investment and to make it where we are certain of getting sufficient rewards. If we make random investment, then there is no way to be able to gain from it! Fortunately, it all has worked rather brilliantly for me. That is all to do with CryptoNewsTrends , it is easily the site you could wish to be at if you are a Crypto trader! It is without any doubt the HOME for Crypto traders.
  6. Frankly speaking, I don’t care how many types are there, I only feel concern on how many I can trade through with confidence. So, the simplest aim we should have is to focus on our strength (quality) instead of quantity and trying to master everything at once. I mostly prefer to trade long term tight money management. I always prefer to look at the forecast by experts. I prefer eur aud forecast the most, as it’s a kind of pair that you can trade well with long term thing.
  7. Since the inception of cryptocurrency, there have been different opportunities for investors and individuals. However, because of the lack of liquidity within cryptocurrencies, price manipulation, and the increased non-professional traders, this has led to inefficiencies. This situation has contributed to the varying prices between exchanges. While various solutions have been implemented in averting this situation, the complexity of the entire process makes it unachievable for everyone to deal with it. Arbitao is providing a better platform by providing users the advantage of making profitable trades within the community.
  8. The Story of Sean Shek and the Realisation of UniGame UniGame – a sportsbook platform which utilises blockchain technology to revolutionise the online gaming industry. A visionary with a dream, to revolutionise the global gaming industry. To bridge the barrier between boarders whilst maintaining a level of integrity which is unmatched by the traditional gaming industry. This is his dream. Sean Shek, CEO and Co-founder of UniGame has been a professional in the online gaming industry for over 20 years. With a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University and an Executive Masters in Business Administration, Sean Shek chose to negate the idea of joining top IT firms and set his sights towards digitising the global gaming industry. Having gained 6 years of grass roots experience with many of the world’s leading online gaming company between Hong Kong, Macau and Las Vegas, he decided it was time to consolidate his knowledge and utilise his skills and network to transform Asia’s most innovative gaming software developer, BG Global Gaming, into the legacy it is today. Fast forward 10 years and as CEO of BG Global Gaming, Sean Shek realised there was something missing. With the recent boom of the bitcoin bonanza and the steady development of the peer to peer blockchain technology. Could this be it? From extensive research in blockchain technology and collaboration with an extensive network of global gaming professionals, sporting authorities, seed investors and sporting heroes the vision of UniGame was soon to be realised. As part of the Global One Belt One Road Initiative, to re-live the rich trade and cultural collaboration once seen from the historic Silk Road, UniGame has established offices in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia with headquarters in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai. The UniGame sports prediction platform and /www.livecoinwatch.com/price/UniGame-UNC]UniCoin (UNC)[/URL] token connects the global community of sports fans to their favourite international sporting events and provides an online wager service which utilizes blockchain technology to ensure safe and easy access to the platform and fixed and transparent odds for players. With intent of showcasing the sporting cultures and events from around the world, UniGame has coverage on major kickboxing, football, and basketball events and has exclusively sports book operating licenses with the International Boxing Federation (IBF), Kunlun Fight, and Glory of Heroes (GOH). As for the practical application of the UNC, Sean Shek’s objective is to provide an online game focused digital token which is commonly accepted via strategic industry partnerships, with enough stable liquidity to enable circulation throughout the entire online gaming ecosystem. Sean Shek’s mission for UniGame is clear – to revolutionize the online gaming industry by utilizing blockchain technology to provide a safe, easy access sportsbook platform which is fair and transparent to sports fans all over the world. Follow UniGame on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UniGameOfficial Follow UniGame on Twitter: https://twitter.com/UniGameOfficial
  9. Very honestly, it’s not rocket science to know why. If you work without logical reason then you are pretty much gambling, are more often you are to fail. I absolutely believe on with PROPER analyzing before trading. I usually focus on the main pairs like EUR/USD, EUR/JPY and GBP/USD. I mostly do analyze myself only, but I always keep on the tab with USD to EUR forecast, as it helps you with decision making and keeps you at peace.
  10. Keeping your money in your bank account is a good thing. However, do you know that when you fail to invest your money it will not grow? Always have in mind that "You earn money with money" Introducing You to Seed Capitals Seed Capitals is an online investment and trading platform offering services to institutions and individuals alike, giving all participants an opportunity to profit off the cryptospace. - WHAT WE OFFER - Seed capitals offers an investment opportunity producing 1.5% - 2% daily returns without members breaking a sweat. Our investment packages include: Iron Package - $20 to earn $75.96 at a daily growth of 1.5% *Bronze* - $50 to earn $180 at a daily growth rate of 1.5% *Silver* - $100 to earn $384 at a daily growth rate of 1.6% *Crystal* - $200 to earn $672 at a daily growth rate of 1.6% *Ruby* - $300 to earn $1071 at a daily growth rate of 1.7% *Emerald* - $500 to earn $1530 at a daily growth rate of 1.7% *Platinum* - $800 to earn $2592 at a daily growth rate of 1.8% *Diamond* - $1000 to earn $3600 at a daily growth rate of 2%. Plus, you earn *5% bonus* on every *referral* investment. *Questions You Might Want To Ask* -- But I do not have a Bitcoin Wallet, How do I go about this? If you do not have a bitcoin wallet, you need not worry, our internal exchange takes care of that with the multitude of members available to help fund your wallet with bitcoin and give you your local currency when you need to withdraw. -- How much will I lose if Internal Exchange takes place? You will not lose a penny but earn some extra profits free as all internal exchange transactions go with no charge or fee. -- How can I be Part of Seed Capitals? To register, Visit www.seedcapitals.biz -- Still want to know more About Seed Capitals? Check out our brochure and About us on Seed Capitals Page for details. *Seed Capitals* Earn Money with Money.
  11. You don’t just need to look at Bitcoin, but you need to look at the WHOLE industry, as that’s the way forward towards getting things right. With some mind boggling news like Li Xiaolai’s one yesterday, it is just hard to ignore. With the Chinese market already on the top radar of waves from it, there is a lot that might develop ahead, so all these need to be taken into view!
  12. Financial crises are becoming a common aspect of people’s lives, especially ones with a weak financial background. So, with such scenario, the need for solid yet secure income is an absolute must! And, that’s not an easy thing to achieve in present life with good options becoming limited. Therefore, we have come with the creation that’s not just meant to be life changing for many, but it is also going to be transparent, secure and easy. We are here to introduce you to “Seed Capitals”. Seed Capital is an online investment and trading platform offering services to institutions and individuals, which opens up doors of life changing opportunity in the land of Cryptos. It's a community, where members can carry out various financial transactions with the highly efficient internal exchange and investment opportunities. Seed Capital’s roadmap leads to a MASSIVE agricultural investment while exploring the world of Cryptocurrencies with the aim of utilizing the Blockchain technology with an impending ICO. The aim is to ensure everyone is able to generate easy profits and offers an investment opportunity producing 1.5% - 2% daily returns without members breaking a sweat. You can begin from as low as $20 and able to extract up to $0.3 per day with able to get up to $8.4 per month and runs up to 9 months on full circle. There are 8 packages to select from, so one can pick it according to their requirement and desire. Seed Capital’s mission is to bring the glory to common people with LEARN TO EARN Campaign, where you could join in with thousands of others to change your financial condition for GOOD and explore your REAL potential. And that's all done by Seed Capital with picking out investment opportunities focusing on the use of the Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency trading to give members the ADVANTAGE of networking and rewarding them appropriately. At Seed Capital, the ultimate desire is for giving people peace of mind and something they could trust upon. And that's exactly why Seed Capital is here with not just secure investment environment, but also got great returns with ensuring complete stability due to well-built structure by highly qualified team of experts! But that’s not all since there is also good rewards available for bringing people to the table with the referral program, which helps member earn more on every referral with 5% interest rate! If you think that there is some degree or skills required for all this, then stop right there! With Seed Capitals, you can receive “PROPER” training to be able to understand the world of Crypto and there is a section for getting regular news and updates. While one doesn’t require having a Bitcoin wallet because the internal exchange of Seed Capitals takes care of that with the multitude of members available to help fund the wallet with Bitcoin and give one the local currency when there is withdrawal needed. So, come forward and secure your future NOW! Check below for further details: Official Website: - https://seedcapitals.biz/ Bronchure: - https://seedcapitals.biz/seed-capitals-bronchure/ In order to register: - https://www.seedcapitals.biz/dashboard/signup
  13. Imagine the current state of the Healthcare industry, in years ahead, it’s already running in slow mode along with the process becoming more and more expensive day by day. The population too is on the rise and so is the need of the hospitals and the medical facilities, but unfortunately, it’s not up to the mark. With major overhaul required, there comes a solution and the change required for the industry and that's called “Mediex”. Mediex is a blockchain-based system for the global medical device industry and aims to become the leading digital solution for the Medical instrument development industry. It is to be achieved with an advanced ecosystem that combines manufacturing with clinics, hospitals, Marketplaces, etc. With Mediex, it will support Medical instrument manufacturers with allowing the patient's data to be decentralized and freely accessible at any scale. Mediex provides robust and continuous follow up on claims appeal denials and a complete processing on applications and revalidations, all denials are sent for reviews, and often getting these denials paid. With the redundant, mirrored servers kept in a climate-controlled, free resistant room, and the backup is run several times a day to keep all information safe and secure. The technology in place is developed in such way, which enables the confidentiality and safety of the accounts! Mediex is an emerging Medical Devices manufacturing company creating a broad range of medical equipment and devices. It’s a revolutionary healthcare infrastructure project build on an advanced system using Ethereum technologies in the field of Medical devices. It’s an opportunity for everyone to participate in this spectacular project, which is to ensure their health and health of your loved ones by having robust healthcare infrastructure with complete transparency, safety and security. The Mediex team has been working in healthcare technology for a substantial amount of time, successfully creating high-end devices and instruments used in state-of-art-hospitals and clinics. MDX Tokens will be released on Ethereum’s platform and will provide compatibility with third-party services wallets, exchanges, etc. And will provide easy to use integration. The Crowd-sale has started on 16th June, 2018 and will end on 26th August, 2018. So, come forward and be part of this life-changing opportunity that comes once in a lifetime! Check out below for more info: Official Website: - https://www.mediex.co/ Whitepaper: - https://www.mediex.co/Mediex-white-paper.pdf Social Media Links: - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mediex.MDX - Telegram: https://t.me/mediextoken - Github: https://github.com/MediexMDX - Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mediex_MDX - Gplus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/103374207423404966898 - Medium: https://medium.com/@mediex.token - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeLmYS7CEDyJ4SC9wOgfJw/featured Contact Us: - Phone: +1 (914) 465-6943 - Email: [email protected]
  14. | WEBSITE | WHITEPAPER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | YOUTUBE The World of Crypto combined with the Blockchain technology has taken a major place in people’s lives, especially the youngsters! And it goes without saying that Cryptocurrencies are the future of money! But along with entering such exciting phase, there are problems too coming into existence that needs to be tackled. In order to give the people a solution to their problems, especially in the e-Commerce space comes “LiTeum”. The Global e-Commerce market is rapidly rising with over 40 billion transactions annually and with predictions for further growth in the large emerging markets with having more online buyers than offline. It clears up the message that E-Commerce is becoming the NEW channel in both developed and emerging markets. In order to extract more from this entire scenario, the 33% of online merchant and business owners use affiliate or referral programs of a certain kind to attract/enhance sales. Hence, it opens up ample opportunity for promoters/marketers to earn good amount of money. However, the case isn’t so straightforward given a lot of time people do not get rewards for their efforts and that after even generating traffic with hundreds or even thousands of unique visitors to the target, as the commissions are only given once sales are made. So with such structure, it distances a hard working person given low rewards! That’s where LiTeum got the solution for everyone with LiTeum cloud Application, which will convert the marketing effort of e-Commerce affiliates to measurable levels of activities and incentivize it with a Blockchain utility token and that even when there are no sales made! LiTeum is a marketing platform for e-Commerce space, powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. It's not built for just one category or range of people, but it’s for EVERYONE or anyone who believes in hard work and wants to have comfort in their life. There are a lot of loopholes in this giant e-Commerce industry, but LiTeum aims to fix them all. With the major points focused is to reduce online marketing and advertising costs for merchants, to motivate the ordinary person into e-Commerce Affiliates and Referral marketing, which will open up a new lane for people to earn through in an easy and consistent way. LiTeum also puts priority to eliminate suspicion with establishing absolute transparency between merchants & affiliates. The security, safety and easiness too are amongst the key features of LiTeum online marketplace. LiTeum is going to be the revolutionary project, which not only will make e-Commerce space a lot easier to manage for all but will also boost the whole industry in terms of popularity. LiTeum project is very precious with the concept and thought process coming from Mr Daniel Chukwuma Anyamene, the Founder and the CEO of the company and Miss Jana Kozakova, the Co-Founder and the COO of the company. The designed and developed is done by iDiTech s.r.o, a Prague based company comprising of Tech entrepreneurs and developers. However, LiTeum didn’t start suddenly, as the real journey started in 2016; when we with a vibrant team of fearless Tech entrepreneurs and developers dared to challenge convention with our innovative solutions over the years. Then came the product called “Proximi-Fi (our currently existing platform), which is running steadily in the North American market with several corporate clients and distributors across the United States. LiTeum is created as the extension of the Proximi-Fi platform. LiTeum is a win-win-win creation for everyone involved with e-Commerce Merchants getting their products and services promoted for FREE by genuinely motivated affiliates and referral promoters. Meanwhile, affiliates and referral promoters too are victorious as they get incentivized with LiTeum tokens with aid of AI algorithm even if the promotional activities don’t result in sales. And last but certainly not the least; the online shoppers too, get special discounts and instant secured transactions, when they use LiTeum to order products and services of merchants in LiTeum online marketplace. So, this is the opportunity to be part of the revolutionary movement to change the way the world works! And in order to do so, we invite everyone to be part of our Token Distribution Even (TDE). LiTeum’s Token Distribution Event is not a traditional ICO sale event, as tokens are not sold or bought with this. LiTeum does not look for investors, given our whole priority works towards development and building up the community around the platform. The primary objective of organizing the TDE is to promote wider crowd adoption and build a community of early adaptors using the Technology to be provided by LiTeum platform. It must be noted that LiTeum tokens are not sold during TDE. You only contribute if you believe in the idea behind the LiTeum project, the LiTeum team will acknowledge your contribution by sending an undisclosed number of tokens to your wallet, the amount is not revealed in advance. However, prior to the automated crowd TDE that instantly sends $50 worth of Tokens to Ethereum wallet of every new signup, LiTeum team intend to conduct a pre-TDE airdrop, where anyone will be able to contribute any amount and receive upto $500 worth Tokens. It will require individual to like Facebook Page, joining the Telegram, Discord Group, Tweet and Retweet on Twitter and so on, along with the option of trying out the exciting products. To ensure rewards for people contributing to spreading about us, we have 2 tier referral systems in place, which allows people to sign up and receive the FREE tokens. Come be part of the game changer in e-Commerce space! FACEBOOK | TWITTER | TELEGRAM | YOUTUBE