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  1. There are endless upcoming ICOs out there, but very few worth remembering and worth mentioning. GoldenAge is above all those with having everything that you could wish to see! GoldenAge Coin is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform designed to provide investment opportunities with cryptocurrency education, where it’s completely possible to find the independence we all wish and desire for. With GoldenAge, it is indeed a golden opportunity for us to invest in them. They allow us to do Lending with having up to 45%, Staking, Trading, Team Builder onus up to $1000, Affiliate program and the best part; it is their ICO Bonus, where we get 10% during purchase and 10% as a referral bonus. They also have ideal customer service, which is 24/7 active to help us through and are also available on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram! The Presale starts on 12th December, so it is an opportunity that is not to be missed, at any cost!
  2. A professional chef understands that a good knife is the cynosure of any kitchen, which is why they spend thousands of dollars on top notch quality kitchen knives to suit their taste. A Great Knife is the key to excellent cuisine. KnivesMasters comes to mind when you think of where to order your kitchen knives. Our knives are 100% handmade and are designed, produced and perfected in the United States and Germany with state of the art facilities. Visit www.knivesmasters.com to place your orders.
  3. Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency and raise funds of your own? Do you want to make your money work for you just as you have worked for it? Yourfreeworldoffers you Initial Coin Offering Script, that helps you build a reliable financial backup in cryptocurrency as well as the right platform to start from, and progress in. Try out the best platform there is, Initial Coin Offering Script now and see the magic! Take action now while offers last.
  4. With Bitbeeline, you can make a hell of money in the following ways: Earn up to 42%/month through lending Get 10% PoS yearly interest rate Buy and sell digital currencies directly from and to each without the involvement of any central organization Get PoW reward of 50 Receive up to 8.50% for referring people Lowest transaction fees on digital currency exchanges Make money by joining the ICO, which has just started! Register now to participate https://bitbeeline.co/
  5. Cryptocurrency is a hot commodity with the price increasing by the day. Most people practically save and trade with it, without taking advantage of the other opportunities like spending and paying bills with it. People nowadays are more likely to use credit/debit card during spending than use the traditional cash way of spending. With the innovation of a bitcoin-friendly debit card, you can spend your bitcoin only through the Bank by Bitcoin debit card. With just 10 USD, you have your own customized Bitcoin debit card. Purchase your card at www.bankbybitcoin.com
  6. Now get your hands on the finest Album there is! Hunter Wallace Haller is the kind of Album that contains everything you might want in your list. With the Album containing of 9 Songs that includes superhit songs like Timber, Poo and others, it gives you the kind of range that will make your life and alive. So, now get into the world of music through iTunes and make your life ever so enjoyable! Get your hands on this epic Album before anyone else does!
  7. When it comes to investment, it is always thought about making it in a way that it grows without having to add up on the risk factor. That is exactly the case with Powerminingpool, as they allow us to grow our income by literally doing nothing! That is because this is the BIGGEST mining opportunity for people out there. All we need to do is to purchase the mining share; it will add us to the BEST mining pool to generate revenue WITHOUT making any effort.
  8. TasksQ is one of the BEST apps created for people like you and me, as it helps us with managing our tasks in a highly professional way. With easy to create, assign and track tasks. We can also invite anyone and work together on tasks, so this is the BEST way to manage your task! So, join in now by downloading their app from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tasksq.app
  9. There is long list of ICOs coming up on day to day basis, it is almost impossible to decide as per which one to go with. This is where VDC Coin is the answer to everything! VDC Coin is a peer to peer, open source blockchain based cryptocurrency created to serve as the de facto digital currency for ViDiCia platform. It’s a complete altcoin (with near future availability in global crypto-exchanges) with wallets for safe-keeping and trading utilities besides being an integral part of the ViDiCia platform. With being the FIRST blockchain-based global online platform for nutrition, it holds serious potential for all involved! And, there is bonus starting from 30% every week, it is expected to take the world by storm! The ICO is just 15/16 days away, it’s the biggest opportunity to get into! Check out this video to know further https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHcpemYyJzc
  10. Ubiquicoin is the name that you need to store in your brain. There are many upcoming ICOs that are promising the stars to everyone, but not many are even close to such scene. That’s where Ubiquicoin is unique with having investment options giving us access to over 73,000 mutual funds and ETFs worldwide, all offered with no transaction fees and no account minimum. Then there is stuff like Micro Loans, Debit Card, Merchant Inclusion, Healthcare savings, Educational savings and much more! Ubiquicoin is the FIRST decentralized digital currency built on a proven infrastructure, with an equitable revenue share structure; it’s designed to optimize and implement the goals of the global financial revolution and giving you the kind of security that you always desired for your future! Ubiquicoin offers an ecosystem capable of not only dramatically reduce the friction costs associated with the investment and commerce, but one capable of providing significant, uncapped, recurring income for all those participating in it! With the presale set to begin from 11th December with the price of $1, it is the biggest opportunity there is with downside protection guaranteed! This is also a RARE thing that’s rarely seen offered before. With 1 USD financial guarantee, it provides the coin holders with the comfort that one could ever wish for. So, get in before you are left to regret! Just 9 days to go, so get on the whitelist now! Or follow them at https://www.linkedin.com/company/ubiquicoin https://t.me/UbiquicoinICO/
  11. StakeIt Token Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Slack | Bounty Campaign | Blockchain Explorer EXCHANGES: EtherDelta | Mercatox - Coming Soon | Idex Explanation Video Translated ANN Thread - Indonesian, thanks to y4y4n8 - Filipino, thanks to Coin_trader (reserved) - Vietnamese, thanks to Dr.Lecter - Croatian, thanks to Anthonyxx - Portuguese (reserved) - Korean, thanks to koreanas Translated Whitepaper - Indonesian, thanks to: y4y4n8 - Filipino, thanks to: Coin_trader (reserved) - Vietnamese, thanks to: Dr.Lecter - Croatian (reserved) - Spanish, thanks to: lorenilla__ - Portuguese (reserved) -Korean, thanks to: koreanas Stake your tokens daily without time or age limitations. StakeIt Tokens are community-driven ERC20 (Ethereum-based) Tokens. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme nor an HYIP program. It's a simple community-driven token with great token staking plans. Long-term Token Buy Back & Destroy Plans [/b] *************************************************** Token Specifications Name: StakeIt Symbol: STAKE Decimals: 8 Type: ERC20 Token Blockchain: Ethereum Total Supply: 100,000,000 STAKE *************************************************** Token Distribution Total Supply: 100,000,000 STAKE Token Sale: - 20,000,000 STAKE (unsold tokens destroyed) Bounty: - 5,000,000 STAKE Stake Reserve: - 75,000,000 STAKE *************************************************** Token Sale over 1.3m+ tokens sold! Date: 22/11/2017 - 5/12/2017 (14 days) Hard Cap: 20,000,000 STAKE (20 million) Unsold Tokens: DESTROYED 1 STAKE = $0.05 Minimum purchase: 100 StakeIt Tokens ($5) Currencies accepted: ETH *** Please note that when you participate in the token sale, you will be required to provide your ETH address (as StakeIt token is an ERC20 token). Make sure that you have the full control over your private keys of your ETH address. Do not provide your ETH address from exchanges. It is best advised that you create a new account on MyEtherWallet. *** We would like to thank you as an early-adopter giving us the benefit of the doubt. The token sale will, therefore, continue for a relatively short period of 14 days with all unsold tokens destroyed. JOIN THE TOKEN SALE[/b] *************************************************** How StakeIt Works Our dashboard (website) will allow users to stake their tokens off-chain (safely) 1. Register on the dashboard & deposit your tokens to specified ETH addresses 2. Tokens will start staking with balances updated on a daily basis (on our dashboard) 3. Withdraw your tokens back to your ETH address (on-chain) at any time you want (Note: 24 hours processing time applies for all withdrawals as they will be checked manually for security reasons) Each time you decide to deposit and stake your tokens, you will be required to pay a small fee (ETH). All revenues earned from this will be used to buy back the tokens on the market & they will be permanently destroyed. *************************************************** Staking Plans This is not an annual/monthly/daily staking plan. As soon as specified amounts from the Stake Reserves (75 million) have been distributed, staking rates of next tier applies. Tier 1: First 15 million from Stake Reserves 0.035% daily (Approximately 12.775% per year) Minimum amount required for staking: 1,000 STAKE Fee: $2 equivalent in ETH Tier 2: Second 15 million from Stake Reserves 0.05% daily (Approximately 18.25% per year) Minimum amount required for staking: 2,000 STAKE Fee: $5 equivalent in ETH Tier 3: Third 15 million from Stake Reserves (BEST STAKE RATE) 0.075% daily (Approximately 27.375% per year) Minimum amount required for staking: 4,000 STAKE Fee: $10 equivalent in ETH Tier 4: Fourth 15 million from Stake Reserves 0.05% daily (Approximately 18.25% per year) Minimum amount required for staking: 8,000 STAKE Fee: $15 equivalent in ETH Tier 5: Final 15 million from Stake Reserves 0.035% daily (Approximately 12.775% per year) Minimum amount required for staking: 10,000 STAKE Fee: $20 equivalent in ETH All revenues earned from this will be used to buy back the tokens on the market & they will be permanently destroyed. *************************************************** More Tokens Destroyed - Revenue Stream In addition to the revenues earned as stake fees, there will be a ?1-page AD platform which contributes to the token buyback & destroy plans. 1. This AD platform will contain 100 different AD slots. 2. Advertisers will need to pay in StakeIt tokens to place their advertisements on the page. 3. StakeIt Bounty Programs & Giveaway Campaigns will be hosted on this page as well to ensure constant in-flow of traffic. All StakeIt tokens received as revenues will be destroyed to balance supply X demand. *************************************************** Team By now, you should have realized that we are in fact, not keeping any of the tokens for ourselves. The only funds we will have as development fees will be the funds collected through our token sale. Although this token is not to be treated as a security, the nature of it has the potentials to be treated as one. In order to avoid legal and tax issues, we will not be revealing ourselves. We know that we are going to get alot of backlash and stones thrown at us for this but this won't stop us from further developing this great token. We believe that with time, we will be able to prove our legitimacy. *************************************************** Token Addresses Token Sale https://ethplorer.io/address/0x943133a0ee5e98cb388a5bc892aa18f9196b7d4c Bounty (5 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0x9c6706f21190781052e2054e58bbafaa9a5acf8e Tier 1 (15 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0xf10b80a246759f5783e3a8270ebbdc8e46261158 Tier 2 (15 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0xc089763836277c08acffaaff40a44cca8281cc23 Tier 3 (15 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0xa57cb410474018d216d3d6d6796395c2c4dd0be3 Tier 4 (15 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0x10513442deeeb5ad9ef3f5e8fcfb6fc22dc20d14 Tier 5 (15 million) https://ethplorer.io/address/0xd4d0a2e8206f9bf629d15364445fa55f36289dfc *************************************************** FAQs How does staking work? You will need to be registered on our website. Once you have created an account, purchase the ¡®Staking Service¡¯ product available on our website. Note that you are paying the ¡®staking fee¡¯ when you purchase this product. As you checkout of the shop, you will be required to send your STAKE to a specific address. Once done, you will have to fill in the amount you have sent and the TXID as you checkout of the shop. We manually check all deposits and it should be handled within 24 hours. Once we have checked, you will be credited with a ¡®STAKE¡¯ balance under your account on our website. This amount automatically stakes on a daily basis and you can decide to withdraw anytime you wish to do so. Does my staked token get staked as well? Yes. Whatever you have earned (staked) automatically gets included into the next round of distribution. This means the amount you stake significantly increases over time. How can I withdraw? You can do so by submitting the ¡®withdrawal form¡¯. We charge a service fee of $1 for every withdrawal request you make. Why does the staking % decrease after Tier 3? We believe that by Tier 4, the total supply of the token would have decreased significantly. The staking % decreases to prolong the overall staking process as well as to ensure that we have sufficient balances as the staking process officially comes to an end. Why do you charge fees for depositing and withdrawing? We charge fees to ensure that users do not spam and abuse the deposit & withdrawal system. Additionally, the fees are part of our token buy back and destroy plans. All revenues generated are used to buy back the token on exchanges & they are permanently destroyed. This ensures that there is a constant demand in the market as well the total supply constantly decreases. *************************************************** UPDATES 16.11.17 - Whitepaper & Website released! 17.11.17 - Working with Exchanges (Mercatox is our #1 option as soon as the token sale ends. 18.11.17 - Staking feature on website tested. Successful automatic staking & pay outs (0.035% daily @ 1:00 am UTC). 22.11.17 - ICO begins 25.11.17 - STAKE now traded on Idex 29.11.17 - StakeIt is now officially recognized as a token on Etherscan
  12. Zennies lets you make money even while you sleep. Invite your friends to the community and receive rewards in Zennies coins. Keep your coins for some time and let the value increase thereby earning you more money. On the Zeni platform, you can easily send or receive digital currency payments with peace of mind. You can also play games as well as create your dream games. Build applications with the Zennies Zincubator program as a developer. To join Zennies community for free, register here now.
  13. With several ICOs being launched weekly, it is difficult to filter the weeds from the crops. In the midst of this confusion however, a voice stands out. Sellmygoodico is a highly trusted name when it comes to ecommerce. They are well versed in peer-to-peer e-commerce order management and providing a secure environment for customers to transact business. With them you are sure to take your online store to the next level.
  14. What if we were able to make money for doing our routine activity? That is exactly the thing with Aut0, as they allow people to earn their A+ tokens while we do our routine activity which is driving! It is the BIGGEST opportunity that is coming on 20th December once the token sale starts up. So, it is absolutely brilliant opportunity for one to get in.
  15. There is not much explanation needed for Blockchain technology, as just about everyone is aware of it and the wonders that it has done. However, when one sees the overall picture, there are not too many options exactly making their mark in South Asian (India in particular) Markets. That is where Rupee Coin comes in been a decentralized open-source blockchain cryptocurrency, it is meant to rewrite the history book with the chapter that will be termed as GOLDEN! Rupeecoin is not any new ICO but a well-established Cryptocurrency that originally launched in 2016; it is presently available on many exchanges as well. However, it was in 2017 that highly qualified team of experts saw the potential and started working on the project and re-launching it in September 2017 with major improvement adding several features to help benefit users. The whole concept behind is to help people especially ones who live in foreign to send money to their families with ease and with almost next to nothing fees. With Rupee Coin, it will be easy to send/receive money with also having the easier conversion to and from fiat currencies (INR, USD etc.) for merchants and buyers. So, now is the opportunity for you to save money and be part of the game changer for South Asian people!