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  3. 1. Be less boring- People don’t care about boring stuff. Its social media, people come here to get entertained and have fun. Thinking of creative ways to market your stuff and drive traffic while being interesting, that’s marketing! It start with the headline of your posts/blog links. Make it compelling for the audience to read your posts. “6 social media marketing tips” can be improved to “don’t miss these 6 tips while marketing on Social Media” Often times, being controversial can give you viral traffic. Put out your opinion, create friction, stand out! 2. Go visual- face: images are more appealing, can give you instant shares, viral traffic. Don’t forget Instagram and Pinterest in your Social Media Marketing Checklist.
  4. Hey Guys, just listened to an audio tape, and I learned something which I want to share with you :) These are 5 ways to generate leads using your blog/website 1. Call to action- at the end of the article, just tell people what to do. Put your capture page, or opt-in page and tell them to click. Offer some free stuff, anything of value to the reader- free ebook, training bootcamp, video series. 2. Sidebar opt-in form- on the right/left side- you can actually put a form, with a very short ad-copy, and space for the person to put their name and email. In the article, you can actually tell them to opt in. 3. Top header- at the very top, some bloggers put buttons like “home” “contact me” “make money online” – here you can also put a button which leads to your capture page. eg- “free XYS training” – the person would click this and this button would take them to the capture page. 4. Banner ads- banners are like the monsters in the world of marketing and advertising. Put attractive and compelling banners, inside the article, outside the article, everywhere you can think of. (Caution- don’t make your blog look spammy by putting the banner everywhere, 1-2 places is ok. ) 5. Exit Gate- when the viewer leaves your blog, this exit gate can popup and say something like- “7 foods to avoid because they are too toxic” or something, depending on your niche/market. This is really effective. If your content is good, people are more likely to opt in.
  5. This post is about the type of content which you should be posting, in order to find your target audience and engage them. most people in Home businesses/MLM just post their links and spam, it repels people! From tomorrow onwards, start sharing these 4 types of things. 1. Content which helps you target market. (preferably, share your blog link) eg- if you have a weight loss product, write about weight loss, to attract people who want to lose weight, to your blog. Once the targeted traffic is there on your blog, you can start building your list market to that list. Traffic can also be useful for branding purposes. 2. inspiration- motivational stuff- videos etc. 3. other people's blogs, good content which helps people. 4. entertainment- viral videos- share it on your blog. So that people can come to your blog, and of they share that viral content, your blog gets more traffic.
  6. As the times are growing, we should grow too! With all the advancement in technology, using the Internet is one of the best things you can do! 1. Get a blog! – Internet gives you the power to virtually ‘attract’ the right targeted market. Get a blog, start producing content, and start attracting and building your audience. Content on your blog should be related to your niche- eg- weight loss, nutrition, make money online etc. 2. Leads- you need leads. Best way to build relationships with the traffic you get on your blog, and social media! Serve your leads, give value, and build relationship. As they start trusting you and knowing you as a genuine guy, they’ll start buying from you. 3. Stop prospecting- running after people and asking them if they are interested, is way too old school. Get your hands on some good trainings, follow what leaders in the industry do. I am not saying prospecting is bad, its just inefficient. Think of ways to promote your presentation online, that’s marketing. Home meetings can give you a personal touch, no doubt, but start exploring the online world. There’s a reason why people are making millions online J
  7. No, Google has very strict terms. You gotta have high traffic. If you dont have high traffic, you can go for affiliate marketing. In any case, you have an opportunity to make money. if you have an affiliate marketing deal to get started, then good. But if not, you can work with me personally and I can help you. Just click the link below in my signature and watch the video (That's my personally recommended system)
  8. Thats right. which is why you should only join the person you TRUST
  9. Hey guys, in this post, I want to talk about the 3 best ways you can make money from blogging: 1. ads- when you have enough traffic on your blog, you can apply for Google adsense and google puts up ads on your blog and pays you. 2. affiliate marketing- you can become an affiliate and market someone's products for commissions, a fix % of money which you get if you make a sale. 3. ebook- writing your ebook and selling is one of the popular ways to make money too! You can sell an ebook for a low price like $7, and then in that ebook sell the high ticket products as well. Another idea would be, giving content rich ebook away for free, and selling products through that ebook. What are some other ways you can think of?
  10. Hey Guys! Social Media is one of the best ways of marketing. Everybody wants to have fun, get entertained and educated, that's why millions and millions and millions of people are on social media today. This gives you an opprtunity to market your business effectively to a large audience. 1. look for all options- All social media sites are different and unique in their own ways. Explore all of them and find out what's best for you. Perhaps one particular site reaches a majority of people and so is a worthwhile recipient of most of your efforts. 2. Approach- you marketing should be value drives, most people forget this, adn they spam their links everywhere. Produce content which helps people. 3. Stand out- you need to realize that when a person is spanding time on social media, he/she is bombarded by 100s of marketin messages. In your niche/domain itself, there must be 100s of blogs/websites comepting with each other for traffic. You need to stand out. Keep the titles interesting, catchy. 4. Caution- in the spirit of 'standing out' and being different, you can post controversial content, but make sure you dont talk negative about other people/organizations. You can be held liable in a court of law. 5. type of content- writing articles is a great way to drive traffic and engage visitors, but make sure you also have infographics made. This will be useful for sites loike Pinterest and Instagram. Videos are another great way to engage people. So a good idea would be, when you're writing an article, make a video about it too, as well as an infographic and power point presentation (for document sharing sites like slideshare) 6. build a list- So you're marketing , you have great content and everything, but if you're not building a list of subscribers, you're missing out on a great opportunity. list bulding helps you with 2 things, you can send your content to your list, in this case, you list is a source of traffic. List building is a great opportunity to build relationship with your subscribers. A person on your list is more likely to buy your product as compared to a person visiting your blog/site first time. How do you build a list? By giving value- ebook/videos in exchange for contact details.
  11. Hey Guys, What I am sharing with you right now can be worth at least a $1000 to you! Here's the thing, next time you do keyword research, just search google, and make a note of google suggestions. eg- how to make coffee as soon as I typed this into the search bar, google started showing suggestions: how to make coffee at home how to make coffee without milk how to make coffee with a coffee maker Guess what, this is what people are searching! Make a blogpost, targeting these keywords as sub-headings. Wanna see this in action? 3 years ago I wrote a blogpost entitled: HOW TO CALL SPIRITS AT HOME. Just do a google search- how to call spirits and you'll find my blogpost still on the first page! When I made this blogpost, it was in top 3! Done hesitate to send me the $1000 I deserve!
  12. Hey guys, I am writing this post for you if you're just getting started with blogging and you need some quick syndication strategies. This post could also be useful fro you if you are not consistent in applying these syndication methods. All of us know that on the Internet, consistency is the key. The traffic starts to build up slowly, but if and when it does, it just explodes. 1. Social Media- explore all social media sites. All are different and unique in their own ways. There comes a time when people are sharing your blog like crazy, but before that, you also need to focus on building your network on social media. Use graphics/videos to engage people better. Stand out in front of your audience. Dont be afraid to write about controversial topics but at the same time, do not talk negatively about your comepetitors. 2. Document sharing sites- make a PDF and powerpoint version of your blogpost and share it on sites like- slideshare, box.net, scribd etc. 3. article directories- repurpose/spin your article and post it into article directories like ezinearticles, hubpages etc. 4. social bookmark sites- like stumbleupon, digg, reddit, etc, you can go to these sites and share your links there. Attention span on these sites is very short but if people start sharing your links, you can traffic of tens of thousands of people. What do you think?
  13. Hey guys, just listend to a brilliant audio series by this guy Kevin Trudeau, I found out 4 reasons why people fail doing anything. 1. They dont listen to the right people- there's tons of information out there on the internet, if you want to learn anything/do anything. But is that information worth trusting? has it been produced by an expert? Or some wanna-be person. Another mistake is that, talking specifically about building a business for example, people around us are generally negative. Over time, we start listening to them and this negetavity dominates our minds. And then we start thinking negative. So, who do you listen to? General of thumb- follow the people who have what you want and who have been where you are today. 2. people aren't teachable- people have big dreams, they want to make all the millions of dollars and run businesses, but they dont want to learn how to succeed. Lack of teachability is a big problem. Why do you think Warren Buffet reads 80% of his time? Because all successful people KNOW that just like you feed your body everyday, you have to feed your mind everyday, your mind is growing as well, it needs food everyday- it bneends information! 3. Too much emphasis on techniques/the HOW- you need to balance out the "doing" part with the "thinkng part". if the thinking is wrong no matter what you do, you wont succeed. Dreams, motivation, enthusiasm, positive thinking are ultimately more important than knowing all the skills. Your unconscious mind has to be programmed for success, in order for you to command the mysterious forces of the universe, if you know what I mean. 4. people quit too soon- you need to understand that you need to become a 'master' in anything you do. Just like rising a bicycle, you fell down, you failed your way to success. Similar is the case with anything in life. What do you think?
  14. Hey, this is Vivek from India. I am an Internet Marketer and blogger. I write content and make videos intended to help home based business people get more traffic/leads and make more money. See you around!
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