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  1. maybe i will try this one
  2. The design is beautiful
  3. I think i will join this one
  4. I think i will join this one
  5. look nice
  6. what payment processor are you using?
  7. i like the dising
  8. loks good.. do they all pay and do they pay be paypal...? is it legit?
  9. that looks good... i might join them more... Nice long list I am going to join
  10. i like the plane of this program,hope every body will be small at the end of the day?
  11. i just like the dising of this site,,,,,,Has anyone recently received payment from this site?,
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  13. has any one received payment yet in this program?
  14. I'll keep you updated from time to time.
  15. I'm not admin: Welcome to 1stWeek.Net. 1stWeek.Net is a surf and investment platform made up by a team of financial professionals and administrators with the primary focus on stability and profitability. This aimed at bringing our investors and members a steady and stable daily profit. Security of every account is highly important. This is the reason 1stWeek.Net has a dedicated security expert, and uses DDoS Protection to ensure that every member has a hassle-free experience when using 1stWeek.Net as an income generating platform. A STEP AT A TIME Other focus of equal importance are: fast witdrawals, clean and professional design, fast support, stable and sustainable income plans, and finally, but not the least, transparency. These are fully assured and you will find as part of 1stWeek.Net. 1stWeek.Net presents the following plans. Each plan is designed to meet any need, from the beginner to the seasoned investor. FREE MEMBER: 2% referral commission Add 2 sites to rotation 100 free credits Surf 15 sites daily Daily Cashout Allowed UPGRADED MEMBER- Multiple Surf Plans 1st Surf Plan: 12% daily for 10 days = 120% 5% referral commission Add 4 sites to rotation 100 free credits Surf 15 sites daily Upgrade cost $3 Minimum purchase $6 Maximum purchase $10,000 Daily Cashout Allowed 2nd Surf Plan 5% daily for 30 days = 150% 5% referral commission Add 4 sites to rotation 100 free credits Surf 15 sites daily Upgrade cost $3 Minimum purchase $3 Maximum purchase $10,000 Daily Cashout Allowed There is simply no time to waste. Start Now. Update: Hi This is to inform you that AlertPay and RoutePay have now been added and activated. They have both been tested and functioning properly. Regards Update - Weekend Withdrawal Enabled! Hi, We have now enabled the option to allow free members to withdraw money during weekends. Only upgraded members were allowed to withdraw during weekends previously. Now our free members that have earned money through referring will be able to also withdraw during weekends. Please note that the minimum withdrawal has also been set from $3 to $1. So if you have $1 in your account, you can now withdraw. Please remember to vote for us when you receive your payment. Have a nice weekend. Regards. Support: Teresa O'Reilly Manager: Ray Leonard 1stWeek.Net Hi, This is to inform you that StrictPay payment system has been added and enabled. Those of you with StrictPay account will now be able to withdraw or buy ad spots using StrictPay. Also, 1stWeek.Net is gradually adding more monitoring sites. This process is going to be an ongoing one. We are not going to rush to add 20 monitoring sites. It might be a daily thing. We will work to ensure we stay among the best in the autosurf business for a very long time. Note that we are always open to any suggestions. We are in this together and we will always listen to you. Best wishes Support: Teresa O'Reilly Manager: Ray Leonard 1stWeek.Net Management

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