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  1. Let me ask you what you want between water and food? I don’t think we are going to survive on one for long at all, so it’s very much similar thing with knowledge and investment. If we have one then we could survive for certain amount of time, but not beyond that. So, if we truly wish to achieve profits and be successful then we need to get it done through having both. I am fortunate enough to have it with support and guidance of OctaFX broker. They have epic educational structure where I can learn ever so nicely while there is also 50% bonus on deposit which helps me with investment part, so all this is absolutely picture perfect.
  2. I don’t prefer Binary Option trading at all, but it’s always web-trader platform for it, but I am not too much aware of it. Gloria, I believe it was UK-Alpari that went bankrupt not one he has mentioned, so both are different. Anyhow, I prefer to go with broker that’s established and reputed. This is why I go for OctaFX, as they have mesmerizing tools and resources, it really makes trading ever easy to do with the long list of benefits which include having low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also 50% bonus on deposit offering that’s use able, it really makes trading walk in the work in a way and makes me feel relaxed!
  3. Firstly, it’s vital that we stop over-thinking, if we want to avoid the risk or decrease it then we just need to keep the tension out of our system, if we do that then only we are going to find things working in our favor. But, if we always worry and think too much then things aren’t getting easier that’s certain. I never like to overdo anything, it’s helpful when there is broker like OctaFX which is highly supportive through their top notch features and facilities which include having lowest possible spread from 0.1 pips for all major pairs while there are also 50% bonus on deposit which is use able, so all this automatically decrease the risk for me in grand fashion!
  4. Online trading is definitely the best thing as far I am concern, it has done wonders for me especially with supporting company like OctaFX where I get ideal conditions which includes low spread of 0.2 pips for all major pairs while there is also smooth platform that really helps me trade better and allows me to be successful which is why I love it so much and always prefer it over any other company that I have previously worked with.
  5. I was one of the saddest events, it made a lot of my friends suffered, but luckily I had OctaFX broker to work with. It’s regulated company with also been true ECN company, so that is why I am able to work smoothly while they even have cTrader platform where I am able to perform well without having to face any delay or re-quotes at all while there is also instant execution, so that really helps me work easily to work with.
  6. I am just so happy participating regularly on cTrader demo contest by this lovely company OctaFX, it has really given me something to look forward to every week, it has not only allowed me have a attempt at winning prize up to 400 dollars, but also has opened doors on me to win (earn) experience, it is one of the biggest thing as a trader and that is the reason why I really love it and I always participate in this to gain maximum out of everything.
  7. We should just be our self and that is the best way one is capable of making good profits, if we try to copy or follow someone completely or say blindly then we are going to fail. I always like to be me only, as I know that is something which is going to bring super profits. I am making profits with OctaFX broker since they have taught me a lot thanks to their cTrader demo contest where I can participate regularly and have a chance to win decent money.
  8. I believe that the best insurance is our knowledge and experience, if we have that in greater number than we can obviously make serious profits, but without that we won’t be able to do anything no matter how much insurance we do. At the moment I am working with OctaFX broker where I get epic solution to all trouble due to their rebate where I am able to earn 15 dollars profits per lot size trade even on losing ones.
  9. Having root strong means whole structure to be strong and that’s exactly what happens with analysis in Forex market, it is a direct way of becoming successful, if our ability to analysis is not so powerful or strong then we will struggle, so that’s why I love it so much to work with them. I believe this is a rare company that not just provides daily market updates and analysis, but that too for almost everything that’s available in Forex market whether it’s for currency pairs, commodities, indices or just about anything, it is the main benefit of working with OctaFX broker, it has really high class level that one should be proud of because not every broker can offer that.
  10. I think demo account or even demo contest is very handy especially if it’s with right company, if we trade with good broker then we will definitely get all these benefits, but if we are stuck with wrong broker then we will struggle badly or at least won’t be able to reach too far in high risk market like Forex. I am lucky that I work with OctaFX broker where I am not just getting great support, but also facilities like cTrader demo contest, it’s weekly based contest which is really helpful and allows me to get results in my favor easily while there is also huge prize that is up to 400 dollars, it’s really good and helps me trade so much better.
  11. The right broker is definitely important decision to make for traders, if we select a company like OctaFX then it will make even difficult things easier, but if we are with wrong one then simple stuff will look extremely difficult. This is where I love this company so much with all the above mention benefits, it’s each and every word which is truth, I have experience everything whether it’s with my real account or their free demo account option that’s available for all.
  12. Yeah I am really grateful to be a trader, I have very simple and easy life because I can work even from my bed and I am never forced to do anything. I am my boss here and can trade even from beach! It’s only getting better with high class brokers like OctaFX coming into play with their sensational cTrader mobile platform, it’s so simple to work with this and it helps me trade from any corner of the globe.
  13. This is definitely a possibility, but we are required to have 2 things working in our favor to have this possible. It is a good broker that we are confident will become one of the best because this way we can plan for long term and have type of referrals that will stick due to the service that’s provided to them. I have selected broker just like that and it’s OctaFX, it’s a terrific company with brilliant track record in the industry so far. It has perfect system for IB with allowing us to earn great income up to 15 dollars for every lot size by the client, it has no restrictions so we can earn massive amount of income consistently!
  14. I feel extremely pleased with OctaFX broker since there are very few companies who think as much as they do, I am surprised that there is no extra charges for this service, I have seen worst stuff having fees yet this is absolutely classic yet no charges is just unbelievable and I don’t think anyone will disagree to pay fees for such high class service. I am lucky that I got outstanding broker like this, so I can get the results working into favor consistently without having to make much of effort and that’s all to do with this sensational news and analysis that too on almost every single pair that one wants to work in with range that goes up to 50!

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