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  2. Yeah sure! What kind of info would you like to get?
  3. Glad to see your thread here. Welcome to the community!
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  7. Welcome into this board guy. Enjoy your stay here.
  8. hey guys i will give a quick update about my experience using Chatwing so far. 1. most important, my users are very satisifed with it. 2. it has been working really smooth and feels great to have a cloud chat and not rely on servers and hosting anymore. 3. the Chatwing android and iOS app have been a greta way for myself and moderators to keep control of the chat and get alerts when their is new activity. 4. my users also use the chatwing apps so they can stay connected to my website chats. 5. the chat has helped increase the number of visitors and also the amount of time they spend on my website. 6. as far as pricing chatwing is by far the best value on the web, i pay $11.20 per month for unlimited usage in my chat, on other chat services they limit usage for say 250 users will cost you $50 per month. Chatwing also has a free version that let's you have unlimited usage too which is really nice just lacks a couple features i wanted like uploading my logo and hiding the chatwing name. conclusion, give Chatwing a try if your looking for a chat room to put on your website it's perfect.
  9. Welcome to the forum all. Feel free to ask any questions.
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    Welcome to the forum guy. Enjoy your stay here.
  11. Yeah, quality of content is most important for a new website. Carry on!
  12. I also like binary option so far. And this is good for newbie. I have another question to you. Which trading system do you follow. I follow MXTrading and which is yours?
  13. Guys, I would like to update you again here for ChatWing new features. Hope this will also be helpful for you. ChatWing has recently added new features like Email Marketing. You can send lot's of emails using ChatWing service with low of cost. So this will be much informative and effective for the email marketer. The more details are here http://chatwing.com/site/email-marketing
  14. Don't like to take risk even don't have interest to learn.