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  1. Shares of Apple Inc (AAPL) moved higher today as money flow continues to favor the big trillion-Dollar technology names. While investors, funds and the media continue to rush in, the technical analysis on Apple is screaming caution. Apple has rallied 50% since its late March 2020 lows. Today Apple hit gap window resistance, a key factor for any chart technician. Smart investors that follow the technical analysis on Apple are selling the stock and even taking short positions. Based on technical analysis on Apple, I have two levels. The first hit today at gap window of $303.00. The second l
  2. Thank you very much. For more info please visit https://inthemoneystocks.com/
  3. Shares of Delta Airlines (DAL) are consolidating inside a wedge pattern on the daily chart. Should this wedge pattern break out to the upside, Delta Airlines has the potential to pop 72%. The airline industry just got a massive bailout and they will need more. In the near-term Delta Airlines is setup as best in the industry and any economic improvement could likely trigger this big upside move. The key to swing trading Delta Airlines is to wait for the wedge pattern to break out. Once price gets above $25 (and stays there), look for the stock to surge dramatically higher. Within 6-12 mont
  4. As Apple Inc (AAPL) continues to bounce higher, investors are getting more bullish. As a pro, I am becoming more aware of the risks as Apple gets near-term overbought. I am starting to see the profit potential of short levels on Apple. The sell short level on Apple begins when it tags $293.00. There is a key gap fill at that spot and will have retraced about 75% of the down-move at that price. The sell short level on Apple begins at the $293.00 level but has an additional add price if it tags second target of $312.75. This would be where I add my second half of the short position (if need
  5. NetApp, Inc (NTAP) has an incredible stock channel trading opportunity for all investors and swing traders. NetApp has held this long-term stock channel trading range since late 2018. Every time the upper channel is tagged, the stock sells off, every time the low trend line of the channel is tagged, it bounces significantly. Stock channel trading is one of the great ways investors and swing traders can profit with minor risk. If at any point the channel is broken and confirmed, an exit for a small loss is easily done. NetApp, Inc is just coming off the low end of the channel trading range
  6. As markets continue to rally, investors are becoming more confident. The vibe is now that COVID-19 will pass soon and it will be business as usual. In reality, that is unlikely. Until there is a vaccine, there will be no ‘business as usual’. Having said that, the rally can last a little longer. Microsoft is likely to head up to the major technical chart resistance at $178.50. That is my key short level to attack. Once there, I will pull the trigger. I will also begin shorting the S&P and NASDAQ 100. Based on all technical cycle work, there is still another leg lower that could take us
  7. Shares of The Travelers Companies Inc (TRV) hit major technical support today at $80.00. This is a full 50% drop from its recent all-time high of near $160 and a major technical level from 2013. Quality stocks that may see minimal hardships from the coronvirus outbreak should be accumulated at these levels, especially if you have a 1+ year horizon for hold time. I am anticipating a bounce back to $110.00 in the coming month for near-term swing traders. This technical level is the dream level for traders as full panic has hit the market. See the chart here: https://inthemoneystocks.co
  8. Shares of Bank of America (BAC) continue to collapse lower after the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to near zero. The banks will have to continue to diversify their portfolio in order to make money. The good news is, these big banks are at no risk (right now) of going out of business. The question is, where is the Bank of America institutional buy level? Based on talking to various fund managers that are sitting with cash on the sidelines and analyzing the stock charts closely, it appears there is an epic level at $18.00. The low of today was $19.73. This means the Bank of America
  9. From recent all-time highs to the lows, the stock market fell over 25% in three weeks. This is the quickest drop in history. Thursday, March 12th saw the biggest decline (over 2000 points on the Dow) since the crash of 1987. Investors are panicking and running for cover, but many are also wondering if the stock market has bottomed. There are key factors every investor needs to look for. If done correctly, the profits can be insane. Investors and stock traders need to monitor fear. The higher the VIX goes, the more likely the market is nearing a bottom. In 2008, the VIX traded betw
  10. Commodity traders are buying silver today after it completed a 61.8% retrace, filled a major gap on the $SLV (Silver ETF) chart and retraced into epic multi-pivot support. This triple factor level signals a coming bounce in silver. Note the chart below. Gareth Soloway InTheMoneyStocks
  11. If you ask any trader or investor what is the most important currency to follow they would probably say the U.S. Dollar. After all, the U.S. Dollar is the world's reserve currency. If someone in Asia, or Africa wanted to buy a barrel of oil they would need to convert their money into U.S. Dollars in order to pay for that barrel of oil. Almost every major commodity is traded in U.S. Dollars, so it is understandable why the U.S. Dollar should be followed. If a trader or investor trades the U.S. Dollar Index, they are trading the U.S. Dollar verse a basket of six other major currencies, including
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