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  1. Yes, Google considers its spam and no longer in use but yes, they are still valuable if you focus on niche directory with high da submission. Don't put a short description but use a longer one. It will help you to achieve rank in serp also it's backlink will be count to your website.
  2. varunroy

    I always use .htaccess method to redirect the webpages and it is very easy too. Redirect your pages and upload it on server of your website.
  3. varunroy

    Alexa and Google analytic are the way to know about the website traffic. Both tool has their own analyze criteria. Alexa tool shares the information that the rank of our website and Google Analytic shares the traffic on our website like Organic, Paid, Social Media, Ref feral and others.
  4. varunroy

    There are so many tools to do keyword analysis, Some of them are below. 1. Google Keyword Planner 2. KW Finder 3. Moz's Keyword Planner 4. SEM Rush
  5. First make your website on Page right by adding quality and informative content, do the proper interlinking, make your websites navigation user friendly, Submit Sitemap, Image optimization etc. Do the off page activities for your website and try to generate the quality backlinks from high DA webistes. It will help you to increase website rank in local searches. For website branding, do the business listing and not forget to submit your business in Google Business Listing.
  6. varunroy

    To improve DA and PA, you will have to do the right on page for your website or blog. Add the quality and informative content on your site and do the proper interlinking. Get the backlinks from high authority and quality websites.
  7. varunroy

    There are a lot of activities in SEO which you can do for your website to increase the genuine traffic. Do off page activities such Guest Posting, Blog Submission, Forums, Blog Commenting, Press Releases, Image Submission, PPT and PDF Submission for your website.
  8. You can do it by yourself. It doesn't take much time and it will be good also by do yourself. You can post the content as per you need.
  9. varunroy

    Join content writer's group or community in facebook and G+. There you can find the best content writer according to your need.
  10. varunroy

    First, You should analyze your website and make your website attractive and interactive. It should be error free. Do the On Page, Off Page and SMO for your website to increase the visibility in search engine as well social media. Off Page Techniques : Guest Blogging, Press Release, Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, PPT and PDF submission etc. SMO : Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, G+ , Image Submission, Video Posting
  11. varunroy

    There are several factors to increase Alexa ranking. 1. Update original and engaging content. 2. Get related backlinks to your site. 3. Build strong interlinking to your site. 4. Share your site on social Media platform.
  12. varunroy

    Social Media sharing are the best option for blog syndication. Even you can submit it on microblogging sites too.
  13. Stumbleupon and guest blogging is the best idea to generate traffic. If you want to go for paid then google and facebook ads are the best.
  14. Hi I have travel blog and looking for travel blogging community in that relate niche.
  15. varunroy

    Many of websites such as eCommerce contains a variety of pages and we divide them into multiple pages, this process is called pagination.