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  1. welcome all newbies, i am here ready to make money together with you all ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
  2. Famous hyip manager "Goldcoders" has added Epay into their website and supports Epay now. Any hyip admins want to use Epay as payment option, just buy the script with Epay integration at, very convenient!!~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Hello,everyone is now starting an awards program for merchants. Once your website support Epay and add Epay as your payment processor, you can get $10 awards. Once you sucessfully to recommend another user to support Epay, you can get $5 awards. my referral link: Well, the thing is, I have a website and have applied to become an Epay merchant. But our website is based on WordPress, which is urgently needed pluging of based on this platform.I have wrote to EPAY and asked them to provide me Epay Wordpress Plugin that integrated with Wp e-Commerce shoping cart, the reponse from them is:" please confirm that what you need from is an Epay SCI PHP form." Because I didn't mastering web programming well, so i can't confirm that whether the php form sci or other form like jave, html is what i need to integrate to my shop. Anyone here has suffered from a same doubt, or who give me some suggestions about this? thanks very much!!
  4. Link: Program I:Awards For New Users Time: Jan 1st 2016—Jan 31th 2016 GMT Details: Successfully registered and completed the account profile, you will be rewarded $1. And you will be rewarded $0.1from your each directly referral. Program II:Awards For Verified UsersTime: Jan 1st 2016—Jan 31th 2016 GMT Details: Successfully being verified, you will be rewarded $3. And you will be rewarded $0.5from each your directly verified referral. Notes:1. You can copy the referral link in the 'Affiliate Program' to invite friends to participate in the activity. 2. You can win commissions as a directly referrer once any person successfully registered/being verified under your referral link during the activity time. 3. The rewards will be deposited to your Epay account directly. 4. The number of registration will be limited to 10000 only and same to the verified members during the activity time. 5. Epay reserves the right of final explanation to this activity.
  5. i also wonder the answer. I start a webstore and how can i ensure that it's seo friendly.
  6. Welcome to the forums sylvially :) Enjoy your stay and thank you for being a member. If you need help or have questions don't hesitate to contact me and other mods. We are here to help you.