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  5. I am not admin Start - 22.01.2016 [ENG] https://www.youtube.com/embed/9kCBEs5e89k WAR of the PLANETS is a browser-based space strategy created by Mill Rif Inc, which is totally free. WAR of the PLANETS allows each player to start earning real money! Being a player, you obtain resources, produce weapons, send your units in raids and participate in fights between players. The most important thing is that due to this game, you will be able to fulfill one of the most devout wishes, namely, to play an exciting game and earn money. Marketing: Currency in the game: Energy [/b]. Course: 1 Dollar = 500 Energy Energy Yield per month: Up to 37% All movements of currency in-game are carried out through the Stock Exchange. By exhibiting items from the resources extracted in the game. This marketing allows to exist for a long time. Terms and Definitions Barrack - is to equip and view statistics for your units. Units: Units - characters who go on hikes and earn the plasma. There are 8 different types of units yield with a different payback period. Units have a lifetime, after which they should be treated, and later be revived. Prices of units, their profitability in the short and the long march in the raid, and the price of treatment. Also here are the prices for Autoraid, which can save time. Weapons: Weapons can be used in campaigns, increasing the profit from each campaign. It acts a certain period, and then disappears. Bought in the barracks of the plasma. Bought / sold on the stock exchange. Produced at the plant for the resources from the stock exchange or on your own. Below are the rates for a weapon for each of the units, its period of validity. As well as the impact on profitability in the short trek for long numbers twice. The buildings: There are 4 types of mines, each produces its resources. Resources for: sell on the stock exchange for other resources to the Commission immediately used for the manufacture of all types of weapons Mines have 10 levels of upgrade. Mines periodically break and Stalling. There are 4 types of plants, each produces its own weapon. Plants have 10 levels of upgrade for each of the 8 characters. Raids - your units can go hiking for 3 or 8 hours. After returning from a hike units will produce plasma with the value of the character and the value of its equipment. Warehouse Management is designed to: resources, units, weapons, their sale and battles. The hospital - for treatment and intensive care of wounded soldiers. Arena - fights between players for game resources. Headquarters - the main building at the location, your profile / article / ref. program Exchange - the main source of income in the game. Serves for purchase / sale of resources, weapons. The principle of profit on the stock exchange is not too complicated and is fielding lots of sellers for green energy at a premium of 10% and 15% of resources for weapons. Lots exhibited at one of the fixed price and in a limited quantity. For crystals of a maximum of 10 000 units. For a plasma up to 50 000 units. Minimum price = 25% of the system cost. Lots are put in place within the price range selected in the sale. Those items with identical prices. Until the early exhibition will not be fully redeemed, the next one will not be available for sale, the same is with weapons. Lots are set to the value of the price in green energy. The purchaser buys the lot for green energy The seller receives for the purchased lot Yellow energy Yellow energy can be converted to green or withdraw its payment system. Green Energy are available to replenish the balance, or to exchange the yellow. Referral payments as charged in the yellow energy available to a conclusion. Each type of resource / weapons can be set in a single copy. Once your lot will be bought - you can set the new lot. Bonus at registration: Three races, the bonus for each: Earthlings: Purple Mine Turians: Factory «Nano-bulletproof vest» Organics: 2 soldier John Referral Program: The game implements 3-level referral proramm 7% of each replenishment of referrals Level 1 3% of the completions invited the 2nd level of 2% of completions invited 3rd level representative status with increased ref. deductions. Payment of the project: Add possible through: Payeer Perfect Money Account Type: verify 0 Trust Score point (s) U10240259 (WOTP) Payments are made to: Payeer: (Auto 1 $) Perfect Money: (Auto from $ 1) Activation of payments: $ 2 My deposit to the project: START GAME
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