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    There are steps you can take to increase your opt-in rates and decrease the number of Unsubscribes: 1. Make it easy for people to sign up. If you want to get people to give you their email address, or sign up for newsletters and promotions. 2. Collect email the old-fashioned way, in person. Collect contact information at business events [conferences, trade shows, mixers]. 3. Offer people an incentive. Offer a prize, coupon or free resource [e.g., a white paper] and require an email in order to get your prize. 4. Let people know what to expect. "Explain the value [of signing up for your emails]. Let your subscribers know what they're in for. Whether it be deals and promotions or information and education, people are more likely to sign up when they know what to expect. 5. Deliver relevant, customized content -- with a clear, but brief, subject line. While this may seem obvious, it's more important than ever to deliver content that is tailored to each customer's interests and behavior . 6. Equally important is to have a strong -- but brief -- subject line. For subject lines, it's best to tease the content and keep it very short. Depending on your audience, up to 60 percent of opens happen on mobile, and iPhone mail [for example] only displays up to 38 characters in the subject. 7. Optimize your emails for mobile viewing. Include responsive design into your email content to allow for proper viewing as 61 percent of emails are now opened on mobile devices. 8. Don't inundate people with emails; rather, give them options. Inundating contacts on your list will leave a bad taste in the recipients' mouths, causing a negative association with your brand. 9. Test your email delivery strategy. Email delivery times, days and promotional windows should all be tested.
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