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  1. Various ways are available, so one got to pick what he/she is comfortable at. I say look at https://www.easkme.com/2019/09/legit-ways-make-money-home.html for making the right choices. It’s so important for us to make the right choice, as that’s how we can set up our career.
  2. Wow this is lovely. This name seems irrelevant but I think a good name could also be attractive to many….. I find Travala much better.
  3. We all are forever ready to do hard work right? We still unable to crack the deal with Mr. Success right? So, it is due to ability or not determined enough? No, it’s simply because hard work is not enough (alone), but you need to be Smart as well! Be smart today with your decisions and select EliteSignal service, it’s not your above 95% promising service, but it’s very genuine and straight forward with promises that connect with reality. We are able to get up to 75-80% accuracy with all major trading instruments present here. Whether we love doing Forex trading or Binary Option, it’s possible to receive signal for both with perfect structure having Entry/Exit/TP and even SL, it’s all available here but benefit is not going to be stopped here because once you are into this league of greatness than you will just continue to cherish every moment continuing it through receiving daily analysis, free E-book, trading course as well present and not to forget about FREE TRIAL as well! Elite Signal is not just a gateway to success, but it’s a lifeline for struggling traders!
  4. In my view there is no better that can survive without charging fees, it is now dependent whether the company wants to be honest and tell that or be manipulating things with claiming stuff like Zero Spread account which is not possible. I trade with a broker that’s honest with charging low spread of 0.2 pips for all major pairs and OctaFX never claims to be zero spread which is the truth and that’s why we feel comfortable working with such honest company.
  5. Who said we should be trading multiple pairs? I never like that concept and I believe it’s not so wise to be trading on multiple pairs especially if we are just starting out our career. I started with EUR/USD and till now I am using that pair only because this is a very stable pair and gives me healthy chance of making profits while using a high quality broker OctaFX, it works well for me with their low spread of 0.2 pips.
  6. It’s absolutely correct that Forex is indeed a highly profitable adventure for one and all, but in order to get success I feel that we should be ready to do hard work and that will automatically lead into healthy results, I have made profits after struggle thanks to OctaFX broker’s guide and help with their loveable conditions in which we are required to pay just 0.2 pips as an spread while they also have got swap free account option available to be used.
  7. In my view it just got build up automatically, as I wanted to trade with a reliable and honest broker and thats where I found OctaFX broker, so it was just all in the destiny to be working with them. At the moment I am enjoying their facilities and believe that this is a type of broker thats everyones first choice and we are not really required to look for anything else with having a solid company like them to work with.
  8. In my view it just got build up automatically, as I wanted to trade with a reliable and honest broker and thats where I found OctaFX broker, so it was just all in the destiny to be working with them. At the moment I am enjoying their facilities and believe that this is a type of broker thats everyones first choice and we are not really required to look for anything else with having a solid company like them to work with.
  9. OctaFX is really the grand-daddy of them all brokerage companies, it has got everything that one can ever really wish for and not just that, but they have unbelievable offers like 50% bonus on deposit that can be used for margin levels, so that really makes thing easier for us and we can always get the results in our favor without having to struggle all that much. Also, I really enjoy the customer service we have got with this outstanding company.
  10. No, I don’t like the idea of auto trade or signals; I believe it’s not such a reliable way. It can work but one should really never be dependent on it. I believe that we should always be ready to use our brains first and then we could check signals or maybe just have a look at signals and then decide what we feel. I am always touching the market with help of my broker OctaFX, it gives me interesting tips and that helps me get positive results.
  11. 9/10 times it’s the broker who is going to benefit from spread because of been trading going overnight a lot of time. I don’t exactly know how to get positive swap, but I never really want to know about this. It’s not allowed for me as a Muslim, it’s prohibited and I feel that I am fortunate in having OctaFX as my broker since they allow me to use swap free account without any difficulty and I am able to get account just like I wish.
  12. I don’t know about super traders, but what some brokers don’t want us to know is their cheating techniques, it’s easily the worst thing to face with joining new brokers, it is dead on trying to exploit our weakness and gain from it. At the moment I have OctaFX at my side. They are 11 times award winning broker with all great offers like rebate service where we get 15 dollars profits per lot size trade, so that’s seriously handy.
  13. I have never really counted because I see it according to the money that I earn, so at times I make 10-20 pips or more and sometimes 5-6, so all depend on the lot size that I am using, I close it early with bigger lot and if it’s smaller then I can let it open. I am working with OctaFX broker, so they have allowed me to work freely with low spread of 0.2 pips; it helps me earn more money or pips.
  14. For all new comers especially who believe in fast way of trading, it’s absolutely must to have leverage on higher side, it’s way too tough to be working with low leverage due to capital issue, I also prefer going with the highest leverage with my broker OctaFX, it’s really an ideal company to work with and they got brilliant 1.500 leverage, so I can use to great advantage and turn my low capital into huge thanks to the highest available leverage.
  15. It’s really unbelievable to see market move how it’s doing in last few weeks, I have made great profits and this has been one of the biggest months for me in terms of profits, but I can’t let this happiness share with me alone because the big part of this success has to go with this lovely company OctaFX. I have been a really regular follower of these analysis and I believe that anyone who has followed it will know how good this is and on personal note I have unrealistic results of above 85% in period from Jan to now, it’s a long time so the consistency that I have got just because of this is mind boggling not just for me but anyone watching.
  16. There are so many reasons and advantage that I get with my broker that I am struggling to pin point few, as it’s impossible to list all that down and I believe this is the biggest quality of my broker OctaFX, it has such lovely service and deals that one faces huge problem in deciding on which one to go with. I selected them on based of their honesty and simple policy and I must say I have not got disappointed one bit, it’s all thanks to their ever good bonus of 50%, it’s given on any deposit above 5 dollars and we can use it the way we wish or like to, it’s no trouble or tension at all.
  17. Now a days people create strategies like they are playing game, but in reality any strategy should be created with all so much care as only then we could be getting results. I am so lucky that I am working with great company OctaFX, it allows me to use demo account without any restrictions and that helps me massively to get profits. I have 3 strategies that I have created thanks to them with using their cTrader demo contest, it’s really ideal place to practice for winning great prizes, but even for getting experience it’s really great and all my strategies are created easily according to the situation that I get in that contest and it’s seriously healthy for our career.
  18. My selection is based on great money in short time and its something that is not easy in a job or lower level business, so Forex fits perfectly where I can get max out of this and at the same rate there is enough safety to make me relax, but its not often that we find this happening. I prefer working with OctaFX broker where they have the best of conditions to make my trading life easier especially with the low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500, so these are near perfect conditions that one can imagine having no matter how many brokers we mix, I dont think these things can better than this which I have mention above.
  19. In my view I like making fast profits, but for some reason I am not that attracted to scalping, it’s very surprising for many of friends because they feel this is a method that no one can hate, but I am not exactly hatting this. I just believe that I can do better without having to put risk into my account every single time. Just because of risk I do long term trading and my liking has develop for that. It is also very true that working with OctaFX broker has made my mind much stronger towards doing long term due to their swap free account, it’s easy to use this and I can avoid paying huge commission for swap.
  20. There might be many benefits but on personal note the biggest benefit is OctaFX broker that I work with, it’s a solid company that has outstanding facilities with low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 plus their low margin levels of 25% is really good to help me in all situation while their stop out level is just 15%, so it’s highly useful and allows me to do scalping so much easier without having to face any issue at all.
  21. Whatever I have learned is mostly with help of OctaFX broker, it has given me excellent 8 USD no deposit bonus, I have used it well to learn to trade and also it has helped me understand my own ability. I have so far made over 100 USD profits from it and now using that only I have made my own investments and making great profits with it consistently, so all thanks to them I have started a great way of income.
  22. I don’t think there is any fast cash with trading; if we want fast cash then gambling is the better way. I am working with OctaFX broker where I am already getting cash in great way due to their rebate service, it helps me earn 15 dollars per lot size trading and with successful trader the fun gets double with having extra source of income awaiting for me, I can really enjoy my work with such a fascinating company and I never have to worry one bit.
  23. I really like to congrats the winners of recent cTrader demo contest, I was also the part of this, but unfortunately I was not able to win it yet I am not feeling upset because I know next time I will also be able to do it if I have skills and I am thankful to OctaFX broker for these lovely arrangement every week, it’s an event that happens and the winners are really able to change their life completely due to participating in this.
  24. A license to go and do what I want is one of the best thing I ever got especially after all the trouble that I had in the past, I just wanted to make a turn around in my life and start earning money according to what I was capable of or at least think I was. My license came in shape of OctaFX broker and their rebate service where I was able to earn 15 dollars profits per lot size trade and even on losing trades, I got the same treatment to receive this much amount. It was finally the licensed that allowed me to thrill and be fearless, it helped me bring out my A game and the results were far greater then what I ever thought them to be and credit is only to this service and my broker that made me so comfortable to do what I know the best!
  25. Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible to earn this much even with investment, so without investment it’s just impossible. I believe that we should never be shy in investing if there is potential and with me it’s really good to invest due to OctaFX broker, it gives me rewards straight away with their 50% bonus, so using such service is just wonderful and makes my life all so much easier which is also obviously understandable since the larger balance we have the better chance of trading it is.
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