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  1. AWESOME! Although, I thought they might be listed on Binance after all the recent hype but OKEx is no mug either.
  2. OctaFX is really the grand-daddy of them all brokerage companies, it has got everything that one can ever really wish for and not just that, but they have unbelievable offers like 50% bonus on deposit that can be used for margin levels, so that really makes thing easier for us and we can always get the results in our favor without having to struggle all that much. Also, I really enjoy the customer service we have got with this outstanding company.
  3. It’s really unbelievable to see market move how it’s doing in last few weeks, I have made great profits and this has been one of the biggest months for me in terms of profits, but I can’t let this happiness share with me alone because the big part of this success has to go with this lovely company OctaFX. I have been a really regular follower of these analysis and I believe that anyone who has followed it will know how good this is and on personal note I have unrealistic results of above 85% in period from Jan to now, it’s a long time so the consistency that I have got just because of this is mind boggling not just for me but anyone watching.
  4. Now a days people create strategies like they are playing game, but in reality any strategy should be created with all so much care as only then we could be getting results. I am so lucky that I am working with great company OctaFX, it allows me to use demo account without any restrictions and that helps me massively to get profits. I have 3 strategies that I have created thanks to them with using their cTrader demo contest, it’s really ideal place to practice for winning great prizes, but even for getting experience it’s really great and all my strategies are created easily according to the situation that I get in that contest and it’s seriously healthy for our career.
  5. I really like to congrats the winners of recent cTrader demo contest, I was also the part of this, but unfortunately I was not able to win it yet I am not feeling upset because I know next time I will also be able to do it if I have skills and I am thankful to OctaFX broker for these lovely arrangement every week, it’s an event that happens and the winners are really able to change their life completely due to participating in this.
  6. Recent days has been really hectic for me on personal note, as I have been trading with loads of confusion, but only thanks to this broker OctaFX that I read these analysis on daily and feel much more comfortable, it always feel uncomfortable when I have to trade alone without analysis, but this covers that up. I love using EUR/USD pair to be trade and thanks to this I can do it with rather comfort, it’s a really confusing period to decide about the trend, but thanks to these perfect analysis consistently it has become a lot more easier and helps me get the much needed success, so I can do trading properly without having to face any huddle or difficult situation.
  7. Learning is definitely the best way, but to be frank there is not any other option, if we don’t learn then how do we supposed to be learning? I don’t think it’s really possible, so that’s why the sooner we get our learning factor in place; it will make everything work fine. I trade with OctaFX broker where they have superb cTrader demo contest, it’s great in a way that it keeps helping me out to get the best of my ability due to great prize.
  8. I have recently purchase a new smartphone and I thrilled that I am working with this fabulous broker OctaFX, I am able to see that there is wonderful platform available for mobile traders, so really I am thrilled with this facility, as it’s not just about having the platform, but the comfort level is what makes this awesome, as I am able to trade easily without any delay or re-quotes, so that makes my life very simple and free from financial stress.
  9. Yes, it’s very often that greedy destroys patience and it really does not matter what we do it’s not possible to control greediness without knowledge, experience and skills, so if we wish to be successful and avoid greediness then getting education should be our top most priority. At the moment I am working with OctaFX broker, it’s ideal company to get rid of greed with their superb free analysis service, it’s deadly accurate so can completely follow it without any fear.
  10. It’s so confusing that whenever there is something good happening the time fly, but the moment something bad is happening, it’s just never ending period, so that’s really upsetting thing and makes a person really frustrated, so if we want to be successful then we must overcome these things and stop been frustrated over every small thing. My frustrated is over the day I started following this, it’s epic service by OctaFX broker, it’s not just ordinary analysis service that we often see with broker, it’s special and it won’t be wrong to call it very special because this is indeed very special and that’s because of the accuracy level as at the moment I am getting 80% easily so that’s just incredible.
  11. In a way what you said is fully correct and people definitely join Forex because of the money factor, but it’s more due to the investment first up requirement been so less, it gives a better chance to us and that’s why we are so attracted to doing Forex trading than any other work or business. I am currently trading with OctaFX broker and they have thrilling conditions which include low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 and really great trading platform, it is super smooth and helps me trade in a much better and bigger way, so that’s why I really enjoy trading with this company and this is one reason why I do Forex trading.
  12. We need to give Forex time, as it’s not possible to straight away become profitable trader; it requires lot of things and that too consistently. I am working with discipline, patience and planning and that’s how one becomes profitable trader, so it is necessary for us to be learning doing that and after that we can make consistent profits or become a professional trader. I am working with a great company like OctaFX broker and they are perfect guide to me with their great offers and conditions low spread of 0.2 pips, high leverage 1.500 and also excellent customer service that’s available 24/5, so it makes things so easy for us even if we are in any doubt or trouble.
  13. I have been doing Forex trading for so many years now almost 5 years, but I started with OctaFX broker only 2 years back and I hate myself for wasting so much time to start with such a great company, it took 2-3 losses and many sleepless nights to start working with such a high quality company. Still I am glad that finally I made the correct move and I have already recovered what I lost in my early years thanks to this wonderful company.
  14. When it’s about no deposit bonus, it’s not about thinking much as we are getting freebie, so that’s why it is so great to have it without any thinking. I do enjoy my work with OctaFX broker, as they have got outstanding 8 USD no deposit bonus that makes everything easy. I am working with them using this and it’s a really smooth journey so that allows me to trade really easily without any major issue at all with this bonus.
  15. It’s not long since I started trading with this company, but already I am so much addicted to the analysis service I find here daily, it’s incredible to see the accuracy especially given the fact that it’s provided on daily basis, so it’s a kind of stuff that’s not easy to do even with paid service. It has really made me respect OctaFX all so much more, I was never doubtful about their service and that’s the first reason I joined them, but having such accurate analysis and news updates for free is surely something I never expected, but now the point is that without this it’s not possible for me to survive even for a little while in this market.

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