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  1. Exclusive benefits for professional PAMM managers: open an ECN/STP account with Forexee.com and start now! If you have a successful trading experience, you understand the situation in the Forex market and intend to increase your capital in the near future, if you are ready to manage capital responsibly and professionally, we invite you to become a PAMM manager with Forexee.com. PAMM-service is an advanced software solution that allows you to copy Master trading strategies on one or more Follower accounts. Profits and losses are automatically distributed between PAMM account participants. As a Master, you trade with your own capital on your PAMM account, and your trading strategy is automatically copied on the accounts of Followers who assigned funds to the PAMM account. Why Forexee.com PAMM service? Forexee.com PAMM platform has been up and running for more than 2 years, and during this time it has brought good profits to its participants. Forexee.com does its best to make the interaction between Masters and Followers as convenient and profitable as possible. • Offer. Offer parameters affect how funds are distributed between the Master and Followers. You can create your own offer based on your preferences. In the offer, the parameters of profit and loss distribution are set, as well as the Performance Fee. The flexibility of offer parameters allows Masters to attract Followers who have different amounts of capital and different attitudes towards risk. • Rating. All Masters are sorted in a special Rating that is updated on a weekly basis according to the results of trading. Here you can view the main statistical indicators of PAMM accounts performance. In the Top Masters list, you can find the most successful Masters who have received the maximum profit. Based on the rating parameters, the Follower himself selects the Master, that is, both sides are interested in cooperation. • Automatic distribution of profits and losses between the Master and each Follower account based on the share of assigned funds, so that each side gets its share of profits. Forexee.com PAMM service guarantees that the Master will receive his share of profits and performance fee precisely and on time in accordance with offer parameters that were accepted by his Followers. What is the minimum capital to become a PAMM account Master? To manage a PAMM account with Forexee.com, you do not need to have tens of thousands of dollars on your account. Today it is available to almost everyone. The minimum Master Capital is: • To create a PAMM STP account or create a Master Offer for attracting Followers: USD 100; EUR 100; RUB 6,000. • To create a PAMM ECN account or create a Master Offer for attracting Followers: USD 200; EUR 200; RUB 12,000. What if I already have a PAMM account with a different broker? If you already know what is PAMM and you are managing a PAMM account with a different broker, you will find the trading conditions of Forexee.com attractive. In addition to the mentioned advantages of the PAMM platform, Forexee.com offers one of the best trading conditions in the market and tight spreads. Here are some of Forexee.com advantages: spreads from 0 pips, ultra-fast speed of order execution: 200-300 ms, the best prices from the largest liquidity providers, no trade restrictions for your efficient trading and capital management. How to become a PAMM account Master? 1. Log in to PAMM service, and then click Open PAMM. 2. Fill in the account opening form. 3. Confirm the registration and start managing your PAMM account. Become a Master on the Forexee.com PAMM platform, don’t miss your chance to go to the next level in Forex trading, increase your profits with your Followers!
  2. “Try Signals for Free!” promotion from Forexee.com valid throughout 2018 Would you like to find a way to increase the income from trading on Forex while spending a minimum of time and effort on it? Forexee.com broker has something to offer you: take part in our promotion “Try signals for free!” and earn extra profit! The promotion is valid throughout 2018. Many traders are already familiar with the MQL copy trading service and have had time to evaluate the benefits of using trading signals. With MQL signals, novice traders can earn more stable profits without having enough knowledge or experience in Forex trading. Professional traders can multiply their capital by using the service without spending a lot of time analyzing the market situation in detail. You can subscribe to popular MQL signal providers and receive compensation up to $50 to your Forexee.com trading account. How to set a subscription to MQL trading signals? - Open a Forexee.com trading account, install the MetaTrader 4 terminal, and then open an account with MQL5.community. - In MetaTrader 4, enter your MQL5 account in Options > Community. - Subscribe to the signals of successful traders directly from the trading platform or through the website. How to choose trading signals? You can find all the necessary details on MQL signals in the Statistics section: cost per month, total growth, net profit, risk levels, maximum drawdown, and much more. Make your own analysis of signal statistics, choose the options that suit you and connect to the best trading signals. How to take part in the “Try signals for free!” promotion and receive compensation? 1. Choose a signal provider. 2. Send a payment receipt for the subscription to [email protected] 3. Forex.ee will transfer subscription cost coverage to the eWallet. Subscription coverage amount is limited with 50$ and valid for the first month of subscription. Make your trading more efficient with MQL trading signals from experienced traders! Take advantage of the promotion from Forexee.com: open a trading account with Forexee.com and get $50 for the best MQL trading signals!
  3. Spreads as low as 0 pips – don’t miss your chance to make money with Forexee.com In this article, we would like to summarize 2017 and draw your attention to some advantages of Forexee.com trading conditions. We would like to share the summary of one of the key points for traders – annual spread statistics. For many years, Forexee.com has been among the top three ECN brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex market. This allows traders to minimize trading costs and earn the maximum possible profit. Here is the annual statistics for the most popular currency pairs. Spread statistics on Forexee.com ECN accounts for 2017 The data in the table is provided by the independent service Myfxbook, which has long won the trust of traders. A Forexee.com ECN account is linked to the service for online monitoring. You can check spread statistics, swaps and commissions of Forexee.com and compare them with other brokers. In addition, Forexee.com publishes spread statistics on its official website every month. Open statistics are the best proof and guarantee of trust between the company and traders. The spreads of 7 out of 10 popular instruments are below 1 pip. Monthly dynamics shows that for many currency pairs the spread even decreased. For example, for GBP/USD from 1.1 pips to 0.7 pips and for AUD/USD from 0.8 pips to 0.6 pips in January and November. We are constantly working to improve our services and try to provide the best conditions to our clients. The ECN technology allows Forexee.com to make trading with no conflict of interests transparent and profitable for all traders choosing any trading strategy. Use the advantages of zero spreads for HFT trading, automated or regular trading and get the maximum profits with the reliable broker Forexee.com!
  4. Plans and ideas on how to make money on Forex in 2018 The new year has just begun, and it's time to think about your plans for trading on Forex this year. What trading instruments will be the most profitable in 2018? What market trends should traders pay attention to? In this article, Forexee.com shares some useful ideas with you. Crypto rally continues in 2018 • Bitcoin. Undoubtedly, the best instruments for trading this year are cryptocurrencies. With the launch of Bitcoin futures by the largest exchanges CBOE and CME, it is clear that Bitcoin is not going to crash or significantly lose in price in the near future, especially when its rate has outpaced analysts' expectations and exceeded the $20,000 mark by the end of 2017. Recently, Coinbase halted Bitcoin Сash trading after launch due to a sharp jump in the exchange rate: the price of the Bitcoin fork has increased by more than 60% and hit $9,500, according to Coinbase and GDAX. • Ethereum. Ethereum is also hitting new highs. The confidence of traders in Bitcoin value increased, and many of them choose Ethereum because of its greater accessibility as a worthy alternative for profitable crypto trading. Now the cryptocurrency is growing in price and has already hit $1000. In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can trade other popular cryptocurrencies at Forexee.com: LiteCoin, NameCoin, PeerCoin, Dashcoin, and Emercoin. Trading is available for any novice trader – the minimum deposit to the trading account is only 10 USD. In the new year we also plan to expand the list of cryptocurrency pairs available for trading. It is now known that Estonia is looking into developing its own national cryptocurrency – Estcoin. In September 2017 ECB President Mario Draghi rejected this idea, but today making country's own ICO seems quite real. Therefore Forexee.com recommends that you start trading cryptocurrencies in 2018 in order not to miss the benefits of technology that has already changed the usual financial world. ECN prerogative ECN accounts remain the most popular and profitable at Forexee.com: - All your trades are transferred to the interbank market. - Trades are executed at the best available market prices of liquidity providers. - The speed of order execution is 200-300 ms. - Spread values are fixed and are as low as 0 pips. - You can use any trading strategies, including scalping. Forexee.com offers 3 types of trading accounts: Basic ECN, Advanced ECN, and Premium ECN. You can start trading with the minimum deposit of 200 USD. On each account type, you can trade the 49 most popular and traded currency pairs and metals, increasing your capital. Trading gold is a reliable option Gold also has a good potential this year, so we recommend you to add it to your trading portfolio. With high probability, we can say that already in the first quarter of the new year, we can see an explosive growth of gold from $1100 – $1200 to $1500 by the middle of 2018. We offer one of the tightest spreads in the market: average values for XAUUSD is 2.1 (ECN account); 2.6 (STP account); 33.3 (ECN account). You can use any trading strategy without restrictions for trading metals and make good profits in the new year. Do not be afraid to use new trading ideas and tools in the new year. Forexee.com provides traders with top trading conditions for a good profit.
  5. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for December 2017 Dear clients, We are glad to welcome you in the new year with even more opportunities to make a profit. Trading of cryptocurrencies continues to gain momentum, and Forex.ee is one of the few experienced brokers that offers an opportunity for everyone to start making money, using the most popular assets available on the crypto market, such as BTC/USD, LTC/USD and ETH/USD. Moreover, the most suitable payment methods and convenient services will help you not only to start trading process in a short time, but also to reduce all possible fees to a minimum. Moreover, the crypto market is available 24/7, and trading crypto instruments does not stop even on holidays that only expands your pool of opportunities to earn on the digital currency market, because you have even more time for trading activity, which you can use, as it is convenient for you. And in order to show you technical part of our services, we would like to draw your attention to the statistics of our average spreads for the previous month, which maximally reflects the quality of our services. Average spreads for December, 2017: (November’17 spreads are shown in brackets) Are you new to Forex.ee? Then start trading and get part of the commission for trading in Forex.ee back to your account! Now, for all new customers, a new cashback program is available at Forex.ee! Do not miss your chance! More information about Cashback program you will find here. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  6. Forex.ee wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Dear Clients, This year was full of significant achievements, profitable orders, as well as pleasant moments that you lived together with Forex.ee. However, the year of the Yellow Earth Dog is almost here and we have no doubt that it will become even more memorable and successful for you. And to make it so, Forex.ee team would like to wish you new high results, personal records, price dynamics directed only towards “take profit”, and pleasure from what you do! We thank each of you for choosing Forex.ee as a reliable partner and continuing to stay with us. We hope that this cooperation will continue to bring you sufficient amount of banknotes in the color of the Forex.ee logo. Have a merry Christmas and happy New Year! Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  7. Changes in trading conditions and working hours during the Christmas and New Year Holidays Dear Clients, We would like to inform you that due to lower liquidity during Christmas and New Year Holidays Forex.ee may increase margin requirements 5 times in the period starting from 26th of December and ending at 2nd of January inclusively. Please note that changes in margin requirements won’t affect crypto accounts! Also, we would like to acquaint you with trading hours for specific instruments during the festive period: - Currency pairs: December 25 and January 1 trading closed. - Precious metals: December 25 and January 1 trading closed. - Crypto pairs: usual trading hours for the whole period. Moreover, Forex.ee team would like to inform you that during the holidays rapid volatility growth, liquidity decrease and price gaps may happen, therefore we kindly ask you to adjust your trading strategies, considering all potential risks. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018! Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  8. Welcome bonus – your gift from Forexee.com for the New Year 2018 On the eve of the Christmas and New Year holidays, we all wait for miracles and we want our wishes to come true. Forexee.com is pleased to present you a useful gift for trading on Forex – $15 to your STP account. With the no deposit bonus, you can trade without having to make a deposit to your trading account. No risks are involved! It is a great chance to start trading with the Forexee.com broker and see the benefits of the trading conditions on STP accounts that we offer. Trading conditions on STP accounts include: • All trading strategies are allowed. • Trading instruments: 49 currency pairs, gold and silver. • Low trading costs: spreads from 0.5 pips, leverage up to 1:500, and no commission. • You can withdraw the bonus and any profits to your account. • You don’t need to trade a certain number of lots to withdraw profits. • The bonus is involved in drawdown. Who can receive a $15 bonus from Forexee.com? The promo is valid for clients who registered their first STP trading account at Forexee.com after the 1st of September 2015. How do I get a $15 bonus? 1. Register an STP account at Forexee.com. 2. Contact us via live chat or through your personal manager. 3. Send us a trading account statement from your previous broker showing a deposit of at least $50 during the last year and let us know your active phone number. 4. Get a $15 bonus to your trading account! Start your profitable year on Forex with the $15 no deposit bonus from Forexee.com!
  9. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for November 2017 Dear clients, Forex.ee team always tries to satisfy needs of its customers, following the newest trends of the FX industry. So, due to rapidly growing popularity and capitalization of the cryptomarket, Forex.ee invites you to start earning, using the most trending instruments of the market, such as BTC/USD, ETH/USD and LTC/USD. However, in the pursuit of trends, our team does not forget that services should be beneficial not only for the broker, but also for its clients. Therefore, you will be interested to know that Forex.ee offers the possibility of depositing funds, using one of the most beneficial payment systems – Bitcoin, where the deposit fee is 0.00 USD. Adding to this, in Forex.ee we offer our customers the opportunity to open ECN and crypto accounts using Bitcoin as the base currency, which, in turn, excludes the commission for conversion when operating in Forex.ee, using the most popular digital currency. However, we do not forget about the main duties of FX broker – the provision of competitive trading conditions. In order to highlight the stability of our trading environment, we would like to draw your attention to the statistics of our narrow spreads for the previous month. Average spreads for November, 2017: (October’17 spreads are shown in brackets) EUR/USD – 0.4 (0.4) GBP/USD – 0.7 (0.8) USD/JPY – 0.7 (0.8) USD/CHF – 0.9 (0.9) EUR/GBP – 1.0 (0.9) EUR/JPY – 0.9 (0.8) EUR/CHF – 0.9 (1.0) AUD/USD – 0.6 (0.6) USD/CAD – 1.0 (0.9) NZD/USD – 0.8 (0.9) Are you new to Forex.ee? Then start trading and get part of the commission for trading in Forex.ee back to your account! Now, for all new customers, a new cashback program is available at Forex.ee! Do not miss your chance! More information about Cashback program you will find here. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  10. Deposit via credit/debit card with 0% commission! In the digital age cash is gradually going out of circulation. Probably not everyone has already used electronic payment systems, but there is no doubt that everyone at least once used a VISA/MasterCard card for making payments. At Forex.ee, credit/debit cards are among the top five most popular deposit options. And it's not just about their wide distribution and ease of use. At Forexee.com, you can make a deposit to your trading account via a credit/debit card for free: the deposit commission is 0%! The “Deposit with 0% commission!” campaign is available to all Forex.ee clients. You can make a deposit to your eWallet without commission as many times as you wish. Bank credit/debit cards are part of the global financial banking system, which, with the active development of electronic technologies, has not lost its relevance and remains an even more reliable and affordable system for mutual settlements. You can make a deposit to your account via a credit/debit card from anywhere in the world, simply using your computer or mobile phone. You only need an Internet connection, and after a few clicks, the funds will be credited to your account. You can access your funds in My Forex.ee personal area. Please note that in case of a credit/debit card deposit, withdrawal can be made 30 days after the last deposit made through the card. What are other deposit options with 0% commission? Bitcoin. You can make a deposit via the most popular cryptocurrency to a Crypto account, where the best liquidity for trading cryptocurrency is provided. In addition to VISA/MasterCard cards and Bitcoin, you can use bank transfer and numerous electronic payment systems to make a deposit (Skrill, QIWI, Webmoney, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payza, FasaPay). We’d like to inform you that 99% of withdrawal requests are processed on the day the request was received from the client. How to make a deposit without commission at Forex.ee? • Open eWallet in My Forex.ee personal area. • Select the Add Funds menu. • Select the payment option: VISA/MasterCard or Bitcoin. The “Deposit with 0% commission!” campaign will be available until the end of 2017. Do not miss this opportunity! Do not spend money on transaction fees, earn more with forexee.com – your reliable European broker! Make a deposit at forexee.com
  11. You are just one click away from profits! Install the OCTL2 plugin from forex.ee to your MT4 terminal If you want to place orders at the best available prices, but you still can not choose the right broker, forexee.com offers you the best tool for effective trading – the One Click Trading Level2 plugin. What is the One Click Trading Level2 plugin? The OCTL2 plugin is a very useful tool that allows ECN/STP brokers to display the depth of market data in the MT4 platform. The plugin for trading in one click is part of the Level2 application. With the plugin, traders can easily and quickly assess the market data and make transactions in a single click. What are the features of the OCTL2 plugin? With the OCTL2 plugin, you can: • Open and close orders with a single click. • Place pending orders. • Set the order volume. • Set the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. • Access the Depth of Market L2 data: maximum and minimum daily price, average open price and floating profit for the current symbol. Who can use the plugin with the most efficiency? The tool will be especially useful for scalpers who prefer intraday trading. With the tool, you will not miss the opportunity to earn profits on minor price movements. If you prefer long-term trading strategies, the plugin will help you choose the best time to enter the market. Many Forex.ee clients, including individual traders and PAMM managers, enjoy using the plugin. How do I install the OCTL2 plugin? To download the plugin for free, select Trading > Trader’s Tools on the forexee.com site. The file size is only 5.5 MB, so downloading it will not take much time and space. To activate the plugin in the MT4 platform, open the file and start the installation process. You can see the full instruction with screenshots in the Help & FAQ section. After the installation process is completed and the plugin is activated in the MT4 platform, you can start using it. The plugin is a stable, fast and reliable tool, and this is exactly what traders need for successful trading. Use the best technology for profitable and convenient trading with forexee.com – your reliable ECN/STP broker!
  12. Forex, available to everyone: Islamic accounts in Forexee.com Today Forex trading is rapidly gaining popularity in more and more corners of the world and is available to almost every person who has a computer and an Internet access. This is no longer just a "type of a side job via the Internet", but a serious activity regulated in many countries. Nevertheless, there are traders whose religious beliefs go against some standard terms of trading on Forex, namely about transferring opened positions in a day or more. This is about clients confessing Islam. Such restrictions can become a problem and a barrier on the way of using of all the opportunities and strategies, available to most traders. Our company Forexee.com take care of all our clients. So we offer this type of traders trading on special SWAP free (Islamic) accounts. What is the difference between trading conditions on Islamic and standard ECN/STP accounts in Forexee.com? Trading conditions on Islamic accounts in Forexee.com are similar to standard STP and ECN accounts. At the same time, Islamic accounts do not have SWAPs when transferring open positions on the next trading day or week. Instead of this on Islamic STP and ECN accounts an additional commission is accrued, which is equal to SWAP and can be positive or negative. Clients have an access to 4 SWAP free trading accounts: STP, Basic ECN, Advanced ECN, Premium ECN. Traders can use 49 currency pairs, gold and silver, crypto-currencies, as well as any trading strategies from high-frequency trading, scalping to long-term trading without restrictions. So traders confessing Islam have the same opportunities to earn money in Forexee.com and are not limited in anything. And moreover, traders with Islamic accounts can also join in participating in profitable Forexee.com promo-actions. Start today receiving cash compensation to your account in Forexee.com under the terms of two promos. How can you get them? Simply! 1) Subscribe to a chosen signal provider from MQL Signal Service by connecting a real STP or ECN account and Forexee.com will transfer up to $50 subscription cost coverage to your eWallet. Copy professionals and earn with Forexee.com! 2) Or deposit to your Forexee.com account via credit/debit card with 0% commission and receive commission refund for wire transfer deposits over 3000 USD. Terms of profitable deposition under the promo campaign "Deposit with 0% commission!" are available to all ECN-clients of our company. You can open an account and start trading without disagreements with your religious beliefs today. Millions of traders around the world who confess Islam have already done this step and earn. Apply for connecting an Islamic account in Forexee.com and make profit without limits!
  13. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for October 2017 Dear Clients, Forex.ee is one of the most technologically advanced brokers on the FX field, as evidenced by innovative and creative solutions used in the company. Moreover, we would like to note that even the ideology of Forex.ee corresponds to this statement, since we do not try to make money on our clients, we try to make money with our clients that would not have been possible without ECN technology. Therefore, Forex.ee will always remain loyal to each of its customers, while providing the best trading conditions, regardless of trading strategies. In addition to technological solutions, Forex.ee also boasts its approach to customer support. The professionalism of the Forex.ee team combined with an individual approach to each client and the desire to provide only the highest level of service makes Forex.ee the best choice among brokers providing services in the international financial market. In order to prove that Forex.ee does provide one of the best services on the FX field, we would like to draw your attention to the average spreads, which are the main indicator of the quality of our work. Average spreads for October, 2017: (September’17 spreads are shown in brackets) EUR/USD – 0.4 (0.5) GBP/USD – 0.8 (0.8) USD/JPY – 0.8 (0.7) USD/CHF – 0.9 (1.1) EUR/GBP – 0.9 (0.9) EUR/JPY – 0.8 (0.9) EUR/CHF – 1.0 (1.0) AUD/USD – 0.6 (0.7) USD/CAD – 0.9 (0.8) NZD/USD – 0.9 (0.8) Are you new to Forex.ee? Then start trading and get part of the commission for trading in Forex.ee back to your account! A wide range of tools, including the most popular crypto assets, 24/7 trading and much more only for Forex.ee clients. Moreover, use crypto currencies to deposit and operate within Forex.ee services, and reduce your expenses to 0! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  14. Good afternoon. Forex.ee has been providing services on Forex since 2004 and has formed the reputation of a reliable responsible company for 13 years of work. We are a licensed company and keep to strict international anti-money laundering policy, that’s why we pay serious attention to the verification of clients’ information to ensure financial security. We regret if the verification procedure was too long for you. We aim to work promptly and to process all the incoming requests within one day. Concerning the MT4, unfortunately, I can’t give explanations, as there are no details of the situation. The platform works with really high speed, maybe the reason was in your Internet connection. We wish you successful trading and will be glad if you continue working with our company!
  15. PAMM agent: new opportunity to make profits on Forex without investment If you think that the Forex market has nothing to offer you and everything seems to have long been known, you can start referring PAMM accounts. Why is it profitable and how much can you earn? Referring PAMM accounts can be considered a premium part of the broad affiliate program by Forexee.com. The affiliate program has many advantages, and PAMM agents have the opportunity to make more money in a short time. PAMM managers get the opportunity to increase their trading volume and profit by attracting investors to their PAMM account. Moreover, PAMM managers are interested in referring their PAMM accounts and, as a rule, they take steps to independently search for investors, expanding the network of your referrals. As a result, PAMM agent receives a larger amount of partner remuneration if you compare it with the commission from referrals trading on ECN or STP accounts. Should I attract managers or investors? Attracting both managers and investors is the best option. In each case, you will receive a partner commission, but it's not just about profits. You should consider that acquisition channels and the choice of promotional materials and communication style will be different for managers and investors. It makes sense to look for managers in online communities of professional traders, on specialized portals and capital management forums. At the same time, you can effectively attract investors to PAMM accounts through a larger pool of online resources: social networks, personal sites, blogs, posts on websites dedicated to making profits on the Internet, etc. The advantage of PAMM investments is that they are available to almost anyone – it is a passive income, and no deep market knowledge or constant participation in the trading process is required. How to choose an active PAMM account? Forex.ee PAMM service has many features and provides a detailed online statistics for each open PAMM account. You can analyze the following data: account growth chart (current and daily, %), trading activity from the first day of account opening, rate of return (ROR, %), maximum drawdown, trading portfolio, strategy, risk management and other important details. For your convenience, PAMM portal offers the rating of the 5 most profitable PAMM accounts. The rating includes accounts with high ROR and aggressive trading strategy, as well as accounts managed by providers with a more conservative approach to trading. What are the benefits of Forex.ee partnership program for PAMM agents? 1. Enhanced multi-level reward system. Partner commission is credited for: • Directly attracted managers/investors • Referrals attracted by your direct referrals • Traders, investors/managers attracted by your indirect referrals. 2. High partnership commission: up to 50% of the ECN commission, 2.4 pips per trade on STP accounts + 35%, up to 35% from agents of the 2nd and 3rd levels. 3. Quick and easy payouts to any available payment system. 4. Transparent financial and statistical reporting on referrals. 5. Help and advice on any issues. Why Forex.ee PAMM service? PAMM accounts assume increased responsibility of managers and high demands on security and transparency on the part of investors. Forex.ee offers favorable trading conditions on the most advanced ECN / STP trading accounts, no trading restrictions and low trading costs. Forex.ee is known to PAMM service participants as a company with impeccable reputation since 2004, advanced trading technology, license and segregated accounts. How to sign up for a PAMM agent account at forexee.com? 1. Sign up for an account in My Forex.ee personal area. 2. Generate a partner link in your personal area. 3. Select promotional materials. 4. Share your partnership link across the Internet. 5. Receive income from attracted PAMM managers and investors. PAMM agent is a promising way to earn income on Forex with the European broker Forex.ee, without spending a lot of time. Start now, and your partner reward is not long to wait!