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    ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for October 2019 Dear Customer, If you are a FX-trader and looking for a reputable ECN-broker to start trading with premium terms, then Forex.ee is what you need. Forex.ee is a top broker with client-oriented services and one of the best trading environments in the Forex industry. We have always something to offer our clients and satisfy requirements of the most sophisticated trader. Participate in our unique promotional campaigns, start trading now on FX or Crypro and benefit with our cashback. And this is only a small part of what we can offer to our clients. However, we understand that trading conditions are the most important part of each broker’s services, so we continue to work and improve our trading environment. And now we are proudly presenting you our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which perfectly reflect the quality of our services. Average spreads for October 2019: (September’19 spreads are shown in brackets) Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks. Register in Forex.ee and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account! Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
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    Changes to CFDs Trading Hours on Thanksgiving Dear Traders, Please be aware of the Trading Hour Schedule for the Thanksgiving Holiday from 28th November 2019 to 29th November: Thursday, November 28th, 2019 Forex pairs – normal trading hours; Metals – trading ends at 20:00 (GMT+2); Oil and Gas – trading ends at 19:45 (GMT+2); Crypto pairs – normal trading hours. All other financial instruments will be traded as usual. Friday, November 29th, 2019 Forex pairs – normal trading hours; Metals – trading ends at 20:45 (GMT+2); Oil and Gas – trading ends at 20:30 (GMT+2); Crypto pairs – normal trading hours. All other financial instruments will be traded as usual. Please consider these changes when planning your trading activities this week. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  3. Ekaterina Fechina

    ECN account from Forex.ee is an excellent option for all trading strategies. Professional Forex traders and investors nowadays tend to pay more and more attention to ECN technology. ECN accounts are a real trend in the global financial markets industry with a number of important advantages. Today Forex.ee will give an answer to the question: why does ECN deserve your attention? # 1 Technical component. ECN technology is constantly developing in order to meet even the most demanding requirements for different trading programs. With the help of ECN technology, Forex.ee provides the highest execution speed and order processing quality allowing the best market price. With the 200-300 ms execution speed, you will be able respond to any market fluctuations with lightning speed. # 2 Possibility to reduce risks. In recent years Forex has been seeing a market trend in risk reduction from global regulators. One of the factors affected by this trend is leverage. Forex.ee provides its ECN traders with leverage choice from 1: 200 to 1: 500 and an option to select various transaction volumes. # 3 Lack of conflict of interest. ECN technology completely eliminates the conflict of interests — the broker receives earnings in the form the trading commission and in its turn is interested exclusively in the successful trading activity of its customers. In addition, orders are sent for execution directly to the interbank market which guarantees the security of all transactions. # 4 Best conditions for professionals. Forex.ee is one of the TOP 5 brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest trading commissions which leads to reduced transaction costs for traders. Furthermore, the company offers three types of ECN accounts: Basic, Advanced and Premium, meaning that the benefits of ECN technology are available to anyone - the entry threshold is only $ 200. # 5 Individual commission discounts. For traders with large trading volumes Forex.ee can offer individual discounts on ECN commission for profitable trading. The commission reduction can range from 10% up to 50%. All applications for a discount are considered on the individual basis. Forex.ee was one of the first Forex brokers to use ECN technology. Register your ECN account now and start earning with a reliable broker with the best conditions!
  4. Ekaterina Fechina

    In the 00s there were 10% transactions and in 2019 it is already 50% around the world! How to become a successful HFT-trader with Forex.ee Today High-frequency trading is the most widely used type of algorithmic trading in financial markets. HFT is based on using the most sophisticated software and programs, communication networks and cutting-edge trading methods to execute multiple Forex orders within milliseconds. High-frequency trading currently accounts for more than 50% of all transactions worldwide, in particular, in the USA and Europe, while in the early 2000s it was less than 10%. Forex.ee customers are free to choose any strategy. This is why our traders make profits daily using HFT. Today we present to you a few of the main reasons why professionals choose HFT. #1 «Alpha» of HFT-trading means searching the most profitable trading option. This method is based on taking the most favorable position for your order in the order book by creating complex high-frequency algorithms. HFT algorithms are characterized by high-speed trade execution – within very narrow time frames HFT-traders execute an extremely large number of transactions, which is impossible in manual trading. This is why it is extremely important for the broker to provide traders with conditions good enough to be able to respond to the market fluctuations almost instantly. Forex.ee offers its traders an extremely fast execution speed of 200-300 ms. Ultra-fast order execution at the best market price is achieved within the ECN model and supported by reliable liquidity providers. #2 Do broker trading costs affect profit from HFT-trading? Not with Forex.ee! HFT implies achieving total profit by executing extremely large number of transactions of small volumes with small profits from each trade. For that reason HFT traders are highly sensitive to overall broker costs. Forex.ee is doing its best to offer the most convenient trading conditions by constantly decreasing commission rates and other costs: the company is one of the TOP-5 ECN/DMA brokers with tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the industry. #3 HFT is a long-term Forex trend. Algorithmic traders’ activity turns out to be very useful as it generates additional liquidity on the market. Financial experts claim that high-frequency trading can become an inherent part of the financial future as this type of trading substantially improves the market quality. It means that HFT-traders will have the opportunity to make even more profits and improve their trading skills for a long time. With Forex.ee you can benefit from any new strategy of high-frequency trading with competitive trading conditions. You can already enjoy high-frequency trading on Crypto currencies now. Don’t put off the opportunity to make profit 'till tomorrow, choose high-frequency trading with Forex.ee and become a financial pro with flexible and convenient trading conditions!
  5. Ekaterina Fechina

    Try News trading at Forex.ee without investments using a Welcome bonus Thinking of opening an account at Forex.ee but want to test the trading conditions? Or you simply like receiving Forex gifts? Well we have something to offer you! Open an STP account and get our $ 15 Welcome Bonus to check how good our execution quality is, even during an important news release. Without any risk! The modern world news constantly bring new earning opportunities: an ever-changing tone in the trade war between the USA and China; situation with Brexit; confrontation between US President Donald Trump and the main financial regulator and so on. In addition, due to the recent global economic slowdown trend, published statistics in almost all countries of the world can lead to financial market turmoil, which provides an excellent opportunity to make money by trading the news. News trading however requires an exceptional execution quality. Forex.ee knows that and is constantly striving to improve the available trading conditions. You can see it yourself by starting with our Welcome Bonus! • 52 currency pairs, gold and silver, all strategies allowed • flexible trading conditions: spreads starting from 0.5 points, leverage up to 1: 500, 0% commission! • both Welcome bonus and profit can be withdrawn • bonus is used in a drawdown Who can participate in this promotion and get the bonus on their account? The bonus is available to all new and existing Forex.ee customers who opened their first STP trading account after September 1, 2015. Guide for receiving a bonus: 1. Register an STP account at Forex.ee. 2. Contact us via live chat on our web site or through your personal manager. 3. Send us a trading account statement from your previous broker showing a deposit of at least $50 during the last year. Important! Provide the number, server and the investor password of the indicated account. 4. Let us know your personal phone number for contact. 5. Get a $15 bonus on your account and start trading! Get the Welcome bonus, check the quality of our services and make profit by trading the news with a reliable broker Forex.ee!
  6. Ekaterina Fechina

    Changes to Forex.ee server time settings Dear Clients, Please note, Forex.ee MetaTrader 4 (MT4) server time is changing to GMT+2 (standard time). When the market starts on November 3th, 2018, the GMT offset in the company’s trading platforms will be set to GMT+2. Although the change should not affect open trades or the process of opening, placing, closing or modifying orders, however, we strongly recommend adjusting the GMT offset in Indicators and Expert Advisors to GMT+2 to match Forex.ee server time. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  7. Ekaterina Fechina

    Eastern wisdom: trading during the Asian session. What Forex.ee offers to traders The Forex market is available 24 hours 5 days a week, which certainly gives traders many advantages. However, in order to properly understand the market and get the highest profit, you need to understand the intricacies of all trading sessions. The Asian trading session sets the stage for active trading, so today Forex.ee will share some secrets of trading during this period. The Asian trading session is the trading period from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. GMT The session begins when trading opens in Tokyo, which is the main exchange of the Asian session. It is noteworthy that the Australian and New Zealand exchanges are also operating at this time, which is why there is high liquidity in the market and, as a result, this affects the spread of most currency pairs. Forex.ee clients don’t need to worry about that, because the company has long been in the top 5 brokers with the narrowest spreads and lowest commissions in the market. What are the main exchanges of the Asian trading session? • Tokyo. As already noted, this is the main Forex exchange of this session and its key platform. It is noteworthy that the Japanese Central Bank itself is an active participant. • Sydney. Active participant providing high liquidity at the very beginning of the session. Sydney may not be comparable in scale to China or Japan, but it still plays a significant role in the Asian session. • Hong Kong. Even though the state has strict control over the national currency, Hong Kong actively operates instruments with other currencies. The total capitalization of this exchange is more than $3 trillion. • Singapore. One of the main financial centers of the Asian region. Although it does not play a key role in the Asian trading session, it has an impact on the stock market. What should you pay attention to and what are the key aspects of trading during the Asian session? The Asian trading session is considered the calmest and is often recommended for novice traders. But this does not mean that there are no ways for professional traders to make a significant profit. At Forex.ee, you can use volatile instruments with the yen (GBP/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY) for a more aggressive trading strategy during the Asian trading session. • All attention to gaps! The price gap on the chart may occur at the time of market opening, for example, at night from Sunday to Monday. This is due to the ongoing macroeconomic processes that continue to affect the exchange rate of national currencies, even when central banks do not work. During the Asian session, the central banks of Europe and the USA do not work, which can lead to gaps during this period almost daily. • On any day of the week, Asian traders can set trends, which are then supported by European and American players. That is, during the Asian session, the trend may be set for the rest of the trading day. On the daily chart, it may look like a candle with a small or missing countertrend shadow and a large body. Trading terms of the Forex.ee broker make every minute the best time to make a profit. Set up your financial hours with the reliable broker Forex.ee and make profits!
  8. Ekaterina Fechina

    ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for September 2019 Dear Clients, Having operated a lot of time in the FX-field and received a large amount of experience in working with clients, Forex.ee always cares about its reputation, spending its maximum effort to maintain customer service at the highest standard. Professionalism, consistency and maximum efficiency have brought Forex.ee to a new level of customer experience. Unique trading terms, individual approach to any customer and hospitality of our support team that’s what makes our services so attractive for each of our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always glad to help! Forex.ee is consistently testing different liquidity providers to deliver the best trading terms for traders. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to a fresh release of our monthly statistics on averaged size of our spreads! Average spreads for September, 2019: (August’19 spreads are shown in brackets) Do you have a dream? Don’t miss your chance to earn on it and Forex.ee will assist you! • ee helps you to make money – ECN commission is only 1$. Try out our ECN trading accounts with improved commission at Forex.ee! • Deposit with 0% commission! Fund your account with a debit/credit card and pay zero commission. We will also cover your fees paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  9. Ekaterina Fechina

    Types of Forex traders: which one are you? Each person is unique, and his identity is the key to real success. This applies to any aspect of life, including trading in the Forex market. Each trader has his own trading methods that determine his position in the market. Despite the variety of trading strategies and methods, trading styles can be classified according to several basic criteria. Do you know what type of trader you are? Let's look at the types of traders in more detail with Forex.ee! What type of trader are you in terms of decision making? • Intuitive trader. This trader does not take into account the opinions of others and relies not on his own knowledge and experience, but on the “sixth sense” and intuition. An inner instinct tells him when to enter a trade, and someone else's opinion does not matter to him. • Trader analyst. The market entry point is always supported by technical and fundamental analysis tools. The trader relies solely on his knowledge and experience and analyzes market events using special methods. • Instinct-driven trader. Decisions are most often made in a fit of emotion. Such traders can “jump into a moving train” after seeing any fluctuations on the chart. Tell us what type of trading you prefer, and we’ll tell you what kind of trader you are. • Scalping. This strategy involves intraday operations in which the position is closed after reaching a profit of several points. Another feature is trading in liquid instruments. But this does not mean that scalpers spend only a few minutes a day to trade. In search of profitable deals, they can be at the computer for days watching the market. Their strength is the ability to think analytically and make decisions quickly. • Day trading. This trader is on the market throughout the day and does not leave positions open after the session is closed. Often day traders tend to earn more profit from small fluctuations using a small chart timeframe from 1 to 15 minutes. Day traders make a profit on price fluctuations in the near future that he can predict. Preferred instruments: Euro, dollar, British pound and Japanese yen. • Swing trading. These are traders who trade on price fluctuations. They open several transactions within a few days—the transaction closes when it becomes profitable and remains safe in case of price movements. • Position trading. This is a long-term strategy: trades remain open for several weeks, possibly months or even a year. Time is the main significant advantage of the trader. There is no need to keep track of charts and news every minute. Position traders stay focused, have patience and are not prone to impulsive decisions. The choice of strategy is an individual matter of the trader. Forex.ee does its best to make trading convenient for all types of traders and for all strategies! And we can prove it, see for yourself: • No trading restrictions. Forex.ee sets no restrictions on: high-frequency trading, the time of holding an open position, hedging and/or locking, sending positions to the market, the maximum number of traded lots, minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, the volume of pending orders, the use of automated Forex systems, robots or trading advisors, the number of open orders per unit time. • Instantaneous execution speed of 200-300 ms. • One of the lowest spreads in the Forex industry. Forex.ee broker is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the narrowest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex market. • The minimum deposit is only 50 USD; the leverage is up to 1:500. • Slippage protection mechanism in the MT4 terminal allows you to make a profit and keep the deposit in case of a sharp change in price. Forex.ee - comfortable conditions for all types of traders!
  10. Ekaterina Fechina

    Forex.ee adds UnionPay to its payment options Dear clients, we are pleased to announce, that Forex.ee has added China UnionPay (CUP) to the list of payment options for depositing and withdrawing funds. CUP is available for clients from China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. UnionPay is one of the largest card payment organization in the world offering mobile and online payments, based on total value of payment transactions it is ahead of Visa and MasterCard. In order to fund your eWallet, please log into MyForex.ee personal area and proceed to “Add funds” section selecting UnionPay as your transaction method. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
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    Metals trading: gold trading opportunities with Forex.ee Today, gold prices showed growth in the Asian session following the assumptions of Fed Chairman Jerome Powell about a possible slowdown in the US economy. Gold has been the so-called “safe haven” of the Forex market for many years, providing traders with safe earnings even in times of crisis. Due to forecasts of imminent default in the United States, tensions between the two largest economies in the world and general market concerns about the global economy, gold again falls on the radar of Forex.ee clients. Do not miss the golden profit and make money with the reliable broker Forex.ee!
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    ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for August 2019 Dear Clients, Summer is over, but we did not even think about slowing down our FX-expansion during the hot season. There are so many opportunities we can offer you to increase your capital during autumn, when market participants and liquidity return to the market. Are you an FX-trader and looking for a reliable ECN-broker to start trading with on beneficial terms? Then Forex.ee is what you are looking for. Forex.ee is a top broker with client-oriented services and one of the best trading environments in the Forex market. We have always something to offer our clients and to satisfy needs of the most sophisticated trader. Participate in our unique promotional campaigns, start trading now and benefit with our CashBack or enjoy one of the lowest trading commission across the market with ECN premium account. And this is only a small part of what we can offer our clients. However, we understand that trading conditions are the most important part of each broker’s services, so we continue to work and improve our trading environment. And now we are proudly presenting you our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which perfectly reflect the quality of our services. Average spreads for August 2019: (July ’19 spreads are shown in brackets) Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks. Register in Forex.ee and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account! Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
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    Trading capital: successful start and possibility to make a profit with Forex.ee Many traders would ask what capital is optimal for efficient and successful trading. There is no answer to this question that would suit everyone - it all depends on your capabilities, experience and broker. The myth that successful Forex trading requires large amounts of money has long been dispelled. Today, Forex.ee is ready to share additional tips on how professional and novice traders can increase their trading capital and make trading even more efficient. For novice traders. Different brokers have different minimum deposit requirements. It’s better to start with a minimum deposit and gradually increase it while gaining experience. At the initial stage, your main task is to learn how to properly manage your funds, and then make a profit. At Forex.ee, the minimum deposit is only $10. How can a newbie increase his deposit at Forex.ee? • Keep an eye on bonuses and promotions. For example, you can get a Welcome bonus of $15 by registering an STP account with Forex.ee. You can learn more about the terms of the campaign on our website. • Leverage up to 1:500 - great opportunity to make a profit with a small deposit. For professional traders. The potential income of professional traders is often calculated not in numbers, but as a percentage, and the earnings directly depend on the turnover. Each professional trader chooses the most suitable strategy for himself: someone prefers a stable but small income, others trade big volumes. How can an experienced trader increase his working capital at Forex.ee? Use Forex.ee PAMM Service. If you are confident in your trading skills and get regular profits, then investments from other traders can serve as additional working capital. Register on the PAMM platform and start trading. Good statistics of your trading can bring you profit and inspire confidence in new investors. When you manage a PAMM account, you get not only your own profit, but also remuneration from Followers' accounts. The size of the trading capital is one of the most important aspects of Forex trading. Forex.ee broker offers you several additional options to keep and increase your deposit: 1. Cashback program. It allows traders to get cashback for any transactions including loss-making ones. Forex.ee provides one of the highest amounts of cashback - up to 150% of the basic partner commission (percentage of the Forex.ee trading commission equal to 2.4 pips per trade on STP account in 5-digit quotes format and 15% of commission on ECN and Crypto accounts). The process of crediting payments is automated, you don’t need to register on third-party services. 2. Partnership program. For many traders, the Forex partnership program has become a personal business that brings a stable income. Forex.ee values its partners. We offer 3 levels of partner remuneration, timely payments and good commissions - up to $100 from each transaction made by referrals. 3. Bonuses and promotions. Forex.ee offers several promo campaigns that can help you increase your deposit and get the best conditions for trading and depositing funds. Please learn more about Forex.ee campaigns on our website. Open a trading account with a reliable broker Forex.ee and reach the heights of the Forex market! Forex.ee – reliability and profits in the Forex market since 2004!
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    Which Forex.ee ECN account is perfect for your trading? ECN technology has long been popular among Forex market participants as an advanced order processing system without conflict of interest. Forex.ee offers three types of ECN accounts for trading metals and Forex instruments: Basic, Advanced and Premium ECN accounts. Find your perfect ECN account at Forex.ee When choosing an ECN account, it is important to consider your trading strategy, initial capital and overall trading experience. The illustration below shows our recommendations on how to choose the type of ECN account at Forex.ee. You can open several ECN trading accounts for different trading strategies. Why do professional traders choose Forex.ee ECN accounts? At Forex.ee, traders' orders are processed based on the Market Execution model, which provides access to interbank liquidity. We also ensure ultra-fast order execution speed — 150-300 ms — without requotes or restrictions on trading strategies. You are free to choose your trading style! We provide good trading conditions on all types of ECN accounts. You can use any trading strategy without limitations. You can install One Click Trading Level2 plugin that provides access to the depth of market and allows you to open orders at the best available price. Low trading costs. Forex.ee is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex industry. This keeps your trading costs to a minimum. If you trade large volumes, the company is ready to reduce the commission on an individual basis. Deep liquidity, instant execution and no conflict of interest. Choose an ECN account and build your successful Forex career with Forex.ee!
  15. Ekaterina Fechina

    Metals trading: trade silver with Forex.ee Despite the fact that the most popular metal for trading on Forex is gold, silver also attracts the attention of experienced traders. This precious metal is often used by traders and investors who prefer volatile assets, but with little risk to capital. Today, Forex.ee will tell why professional traders choose silver and what are the nuances when trading this metal. There are several important advantages of trading silver on Forex. There are many reasons why this metal has been traded on Forex for many years. Good income in the long run. When you are just starting to trade metals, you should open positions with silver of small volumes. In the long run, trading metals brings profit: the fact is that silver is actively used in industry (45% of world reserves), which ensures a steady increase in demand amid depletion of world reserves. High volatility means excellent prospects for high returns. During the year, fluctuations in the price of silver can reach 60-80%. At the same time, the level of risk is not as high as in cases of trading cryptocurrencies or other highly volatile trading instruments. The relative stability of the silver price provides reliability and predictability of trade. Ease of trading. Although you can trade metals 24/7, traders who choose to trade silver should remember that the peak of liquidity is the hours of simultaneous operation of the European and New York markets. The closure of the American session is accompanied by a decrease in liquidity. Expansion of trade borders and protection in times of crisis. Traders use silver as one of additional tools to expand their trading portfolio and multiply capital. In addition, like gold, silver can be considered a "safe haven" of Forex in times of crisis. It can help to keep the trader's own funds in the account. Predictable price movement. Numerous external factors affect the silver exchange rate: the dollar, the price of oil, the state of the world economy, trade relations of the major economies, etc. This knowledge allows you to predict the price movement and make money even on the slightest price fluctuations. Conditions for trading metals at Forex.ee: • Trading on two types of accounts: ECN and STP. Direct access to the interbank market with an instant execution speed of 200-300 ms. • Tight spreads. Forex.ee is in the top 5 ECN/DMA brokers with the tightest spreads in the Forex market. The average spread for XAG/USD is 0.7. • High leverage of 1:500 allows you to make a profit even with a small deposit, because the minimum deposit on the STP account is only $50. • No trading restrictions. Forex.ee sets no restrictions on trading strategies. Traders can use automated trading, hedging, scalping, etc. • Security of trading. The MT4 trading platform provides a slippage protection mechanism. Test the best conditions for trading silver and increase your chances to succeed on Forex with a reliable broker Forex.ee!
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