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  1. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for May 2018 Dear Clients, Summer is here, but we did not even think about slowing down our working pace. There are so many opportunities we can offer you to increase your capital during this summer season. Are you an FX-trader and looking for a reliable ECN-broker to start trading with on beneficial terms? Then Forex.ee is what you are looking for. Forex.ee is a top broker with client-oriented services and one of the best trading environments in the Forex market. We have always something to offer our clients and to satisfy needs of the most sophisticated trader. Participate in our unique promotional campaigns, start trading now and benefit with our CashBack, check our daily analytics to stay up-to-date with the Forex market. And this is only a small part of what we can offer our clients. However, we understand that trading conditions are the most important part of each broker’s services, so we continue to work and improve our trading environment. And now we are proudly presenting you our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which perfectly reflect the quality of our services. Average spreads for May 2018: (Mays’18 spreads are shown in brackets) Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks. Register in Forex.ee and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account! Become our client and take advantage of the full range of our services. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  2. Сryptos in Forex, overview of opportunities Dear Clients, In an effort to follow market trends Forex.ee continues to expand the range of possibilities of using cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a closer look at the trading opportunities in the digital cash market, and what advantages distinguish Forex.ee from services of other brokers. First, we would like to note that Forex.ee offers crypto-market since 2014, and our team has managed to do a considerable work to expand the range of its services within the cryptocurrency market. At the moment, Forex.ee offers for trading on crypto-accounts more than 30 pairs, such as BTC/USD, ETH/USD, ETH/BTC, XRP/BTC. Moreover, we do not stand still and this list continues to expand. Thus, this year Forex.ee added to the pool of its instruments such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin Cash, EOS, IOTA, and many others. The full list of crypto-tools in Forex.ee you can find here. In addition, we would like to note that now it is possible to open and follow PAMM crypto-accounts. This innovation allows providers to trade the trendiest and high-yielding assets, while followers now obtain the opportunity to make an even more profitable investment portfolio. Therefore, if you are a successful cryptotrader or you are looking for an opportunity to profitably invest your capital, do not waste your time and start making money with Forex.ee PAMM service right now. You can read more about trading conditions of PAMM accounts here. Also, if you are an experienced trader and you would like to become a PAMM manager in Forex.ee, but you haven’t worked with us yet, then we have the perfect solution for you! Forex.ee PAMM service offers an opportunity to import public statistics of your trading account from another broker via Myfxbook.com. Simply insert a link to the statistics of your trading account when opening a PAMM account and continue to earn with Forex.ee, attracting new followers. And finally,you can open ECN, crypto or even PAMM crypto-accounts with the base currency in the most popular cryptos, what completely excludes the need for conversion when operating with Forex.ee services. Moreover, a large number of payment methods through the digital cash, 0% commission for deposits, the most beneficial withdrawal terms, and much more make the services of Forex.ee accessible, convenient and most importantly – without additional costs. Forex.ee team intends to create new opportunities for its customers, improve the quality of our trading conditions and adapt its services to the constantly changing conjecture of foreign exchange markets. We are open to innovations that will continue to make our services more competitive among other brokers in order to match the status of a progressive and high-tech partner with a reliable reputation. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  3. Crypto rally: How to start a business with Forexee.com? Bitcoin has become the most popular cryptocurrency in the last few years, and many traders have been able to make profits on the growth of its price. In this post, Forexee.com will give you tips on how to make money on cryptocurrency without trading on your own. Why cryptocurrencies is a profitable and promising business? In 2017, cryptocurrencies became one of the main trends of the year. Bitcoin and mining were among the most frequent requests of users in search engines. According to Google Trends, Bitcoin is the second most popular news query of 2017 in the “World news” category. We’ll also note that a strong two-way correlation between the cryptocurrency’s exchange rate and the number of queries in search engines was revealed. Analysts predict another jump in prices of cryptocurrency instruments in the summer of 2018. Therefore, Forexee.com is confident that there will be more opportunities to make a profit and offers you to take advantage of the favourable conditions of our affiliate program. As a partner, you do not need to trade yourself: you receive a commission for attracting new clients who trade cryptocurrencies to the company. Improved conditions on Forexee.com Crypto accounts • Extended pool of cryptocurrencies: 35 most popular pairs. • Spreads from 0 pips, commission only 0.5% of the trade amount in the base currency for one side of the trade. • SWAPs reduced to 10% per annum. • Direct trading on the exchange through MT4, and not through CFDs. • Fast speed of order execution: up to 200-300 ms. • The minimum deposit is only 10 USD. • No commission for deposits in Bitcoin. The commission for withdrawing Bitcoins is only 0.001 BTC. Trading with Forexee.com is really profitable! We are sure that your attracted crypto traders will easily be convinced of this themselves. How can you attract cryptocurrency traders to join Forexee.com? We are interested in developing our partner business, so that clients of any level are satisfied with the trading conditions and the profits they make. Therefore, we do not limit our partners in attracting traders. You can promote the company's cryptotrading services in social networks, blogs, on forums, place referral links on your websites, hold consultations, meetings, or training sessions. Partner’s remuneration. The partner’s remuneration depends on two factors: the number of attracted clients and their trading volume. The more clients you attract and the more successfully they trade, the higher your earnings. Here is how partner commission for Crypto account agents is calculated: Multilevel partnership. This partnership system assumes that the partner, in addition to the commission, receives remuneration from referrals of his direct referrals (level 2) and traders attracted by second level referrals (level 3) for each transaction of the attracted cryptocurrency trader. Start your profitable business in cryptocurrency right now with a reliable Forexee.com broker!
  4. Trade cryptocurrencies on PAMM accounts in Forex.ee Dear Clients, Forex.ee team broadens your horizons in the world of trading. Following the latest market trends, Forex.ee is glad to offer its clients the most effective way of trading cryptocurrencies. Now Forex.ee clients can earn not only on the volatility of crypto-assets, but also by copying orders of successful traders, whose specialization is crypto. From this moment, it became possible for Forex.ee clients to open or copy PAMM-accounts denominated in BTC, LTC, ETH and benefit from trading over 30 cryptocurrency pairs. You can read more about trading conditions of PAMM accounts here. It is important to note that the fully adapted Forex.ee environment for cryptocurrencies makes the use of PAMM service even more beneficial and convenient for both providers and followers. Zero commission for a deposit with digital cash, a large number of deposit options, the opportunity to operate within Forex.ee services, using the most popular cryptocurrencies without the need for conversion – all this and much more will help you to start earning with Forex.ee PAMM service faster, more convenient and without additional costs. Do not miss the opportunity to multiply your capital in the currency market with your loyal and high-tech partner – Forex.ee. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  5. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for April 2018 Dear Clients, Have you heard about even more beneficial conditions of using cryptocurrencies in Forex.ee? No? Then we hasten to inform you that Forex.ee expands the scope of your opportunities, introducing several important innovations that will simplify the use of Forex.ee services, and will also help you to increase your capital. • Forex.ee adds Crypto-PAMMs, denominated in BTC, LTC and ETH, with over 30 cryptocurrency pairs available for trading. Trade the trendiest assets, attract more capital and make even more profitable investment portfolio! • Forex.ee announces, that Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and BitcoinCash (BCC) are now available for depositing and withdrawing funds from your Forex.ee eWallets. Deposits are instant and with 0% commission. However, let’s not forget foreign exchange market. We continue to work with liquidity providers on improving our trading conditions. And in order to show the results of our hard work, we would like to draw your attention to our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month. Average spreads for April 2018: (March’18 spreads are shown in brackets) Interested in trading the most popular crypto-tools in the rapidly growing market of digital cash, but do not know how to start? Then do not waste your time! Open a crypto-account in Forex.ee and start earning. The most beneficial conditions for crypto and FX-trading are only in Forex.ee! Learn more. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  6. How to start a Forex trading career with Forexee.com? If you know how to trade on a Forex demo account, this means that you have already taken the first step towards professional trading. How to make the most of the broker's offers? What trading conditions can directly affect the results of your trading? Today, Forexee.com will explain in detail the important nuances of our trading conditions, which is especially important for novice traders. [/URL] 1. Different account types. To choose the right trading account offered by the broker, you need to consider your initial deposit, the purpose of trading and your strategy. Forexee.com offers 3 types of trading accounts with low initial deposit: • ECN accounts: no re-quotes, spreads from 0 pips, trading available in times of high market volatility, 3 types of ECN accounts (Basic ECN, Аdvanced ECN, and Premium ECN). The minimum deposit to start trading on ECN accounts is only 200 USD. • STP account: no commission, deposit from 50 USD. • Crypto account: 35 cryptocurrency instruments, direct trading on the exchange (no CFDs). You can start trading the most trending financial instruments of recent years with only 10 USD! 2. Favourable trading conditions. Forexee.com has combined the best trading conditions on its trading accounts, which makes it one of the best brokers in the market. If you want to expand your trading portfolio or start investing, you don’t need to worry about finding a new brokerage company. Forexee.com is your reliable broker offering a vast range of trading instruments. With Forexee.com, you can use our advanced trading tools and make a profit. Here is what we offer: • No conflict of interest. • Order execution at the best available price at the time of order placement. • Fast speed of order execution (200-300 ms). • 49 Forex pairs, 35 cryptocurrency instruments, gold and silver available for trading. • Profitable PAMM platform and Partnership program. • Transparency of order execution process: all orders are visible in the Depth of Market, where you can see the best available prices for the selected instrument. 3. No trading restrictions. Very often traders, especially beginners, do not pay enough attention to this issue, and then face a lot of restrictions set by the broker. With Forexee.com, you have complete freedom in your trading strategy. Forexee.com does not set any restrictions on HFT trading, the retention time of open positions, hedging and locking, maximum number of traded lots, minimum Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, volume of pending orders, automated Forex trading systems, robots, expert advisors, number of open orders per time unit and the minimum withdrawal amount. 4. Slippage control mechanism. Slippage (difference between the requested price and the actual order execution price) is often observed in the market in times of high volatility. Forexee.com provides traders with an automatic Slippage control mechanism for free. The Slippage control mechanism is enabled in the MT4 trading terminal by default and is available for all types of ECN and STP accounts, including Crypto. 5. Bonuses and campaigns. Bonuses and promotional campaigns are a great way for novice traders to test trading conditions with no risks and some additional benefits. Visit our website to learn more about the detailed terms of our promo campaigns. Start your career as a Forex trader today! Open a trading account with Forexee.com in just a few clicks and withdraw profits without limits!
  7. Trade cryptocurrencies from your smartphone! You can hardly imagine the modern world without smartphones. Trading on Forex with a mobile phone has long become a common practice among traders. Hundreds of thousands of traders around the world enjoy all the benefits of mobile trading every day. Forexee.com clients also actively use the mobile terminal. With the MT4 mobile terminal, you can keep track of your assets and orders, trade Forex pairs, metals, and cryptocurrencies. The mobile terminal is especially convenient for cryptocurrency traders. You can follow the trends of the high volatile cryptocurrency market and immediately open orders from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. What features are available in the mobile version of MT4 for trading cryptocurrencies? • Access to price quotes in real time • All order types, including pending • Trade history • Interactive and customizable charts • Technical indicators • Various types of order execution With the MT4 mobile terminal on your smartphone, you get favorable trading conditions for performing operations with cryptocurrencies: • 35 most popular cryptocurrency pairs available for trading. • The minimum deposit is only 10 USD. • High speed of order execution (200-300 ms). • Leverage 1:3, commission only 0.5% of trade volume in base currency. • Spreads from 0 pips. • No commission for deposits in Bitcoin. The withdrawal commission is only 0.001 BTC. You can enjoy the full functionality of the platform on your mobile device at any time from anywhere in the world. Cryptocurrency trading is available 24/7. You can check current quotes and place orders even on weekends using your smartphone. The mobile version of MetaTrader 4 is available for mobile devices based on Android and iOS. How to install the mobile terminal To install MT4 on your mobile device or tablet, download the mobile version of the terminal from the AppStore or Google Play, add a previously opened Forexee.com account, and then connect to the NetStock server. If you have any questions about installing the mobile application or working with the trading terminal, contact us in Live Chat or by email. Download the MT4 mobile application to have access to cryptocurrency trading with Forexee.com anytime, anywhere – at home, outside, on the road or from anywhere in the world!
  8. Learn and avoid: mistakes made by cryptocurrency traders Risking and making mistakes in Forex trading is normal. However, learning from your mistakes can be very costly. Forexee.com has compiled a list of the most common and non-obvious mistakes made by both novice and professional cryptocurrency traders. 1. No trading strategy. If you act at random in the cryptocurrency market, you can easily lose your deposit. Given the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, it is very likely that the current trend may be unfavourable for you. A well thought out trading strategy can provide a clear understanding of when and why you need to open or close a trade in accordance with your trading purpose, without having to take unnecessary risks. 2. More often does not always mean better. Novice traders are often willing to spend every spare minute looking at the price charts and trying to identify the perfect moment to open a trade. We do not advise you to use such tactics. Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile. Even if you lose one opportunity to make a good profit, you will have dozens of such opportunities in the future. Therefore, it is not worth trying to open as many trades as possible and succumb to panic spread by the cryptocurrency media. 3. Excessive risks and no money management strategy. Here the well-known rule of trading is applied: emotions and greed of the trader is the main risk. In your trading strategy, you should first determine the maximum possible level of risk. It is not worth striving for sky-high profits. For example, if a coin has grown by +20%, and you have received 10% of profit from this growth, there is still no reason for uncontrolled risks. 4. One cryptocurrency in your trading portfolio. If you have only one asset in your portfolio, the risk of losing the entire deposit increases, especially if you choose new and unstable altcoins. Remember about risk diversification, especially for such high-volatility assets as cryptocurrencies. 5. Entire deposit stored in altcoins. Buying altcoins can be attractive for many reasons: a much lower price, your confidence in their future growth and diversification of risks. However, many traders make Bitcoin the main currency in their portfolio based on the fact that this is the first and largest cryptocurrency. We believe this is a rational decision. You can allow a minimum of 30% on Bitcoin in your trading portfolio. Forexee.com allows trading 15 most popular and profitable cryptocurrencies from which you can build your trading portfolio (BitCoin, LiteCoin, NameCoin, PeerCoin, Ethereum, Dashcoin, Emercoin, Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Monero, EOS, NEO, and OMNI). 6. No withdrawals. Make sure you don’t forget to fix profits and close your trades on time. Deposits and withdrawals at Forexee.com are as simple and profitable as possible – there is no commission for deposits in Bitcoin, and the withdrawal commission is only 0.001 BTC. Open a Crypto account and explore the benefits of cryptocurrency trading with Forexee.com: • Trading cryptocurrency is carried out directly on the exchange through the ECN technology, not CFDs (contract for difference). • Fast speed of order execution (200-300 ms). • Best prices in the market. • The minimum deposit is only 10 USD. • Trading available 24/7. Do not make the mistakes of others, be fully prepared and start trading cryptocurrency with Forexee.com!
  9. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for March 2018 Dear Clients, Forex.ee is one of the leading brokers on the FX-field, as indicated by the quality of our services, reputation and growing loyalty to our company. The success of Forex.ee lies in the fact that we clearly understand the importance of trading conditions, especially for customers, who use complex trading strategies such as scalping, arbitrage or HFT. Therefore, we regularly test and add new liquidity providers, while also improving our technical parameters, thereby maintaining the quality and stability of our trading conditions at the highest level. In order to highlight the advantages of Forex.ee, we have prepared statistics of our average spreads for the previous month, which maximally reflect the overall level and quality of our services. Average spreads for March, 2018: (February’18 spreads are shown in brackets) Still in doubt about the competitiveness of our trading conditions? Test it yourself without exposing your funds to risks. Register in Forex.ee and get Welcome Bonus of $15 to STP-account! Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  10. $50 not enough for trading on Forex? Forexee.com destroys the myth In this post, we’ll touch upon an interesting topic of making money on Forex with minimal investment. Forexee.com will give you tips on how to start trading with a small deposit. You can make a profit even if you have only $50. Let's consider three options. 1. Start trading independently on an STP account with Forexee.com. The minimum deposit on this account type is only 50 USD. On STP accounts, 49 currency pairs, gold and silver are available for trading. Forexee.com is in the top list of brokers with the tightest spreads and favourable trading conditions. There is no commission on STP accounts. Spreads start from 0.5 pips, which greatly helps traders reduce trading costs. Recommended for: • New clients who want to take advantage of the favorable trading conditions offered by Forexee.com. • Traders who want to test their new trading strategy on a real account. 2. Try cryptocurrency trading. Cryptocurrencies is the biggest trend in the financial market in recent years. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, Forexee.com offers you excellent trading conditions. Cryptocurrency trading is available to everyone: the minimum deposit to open a Crypto account is only 10 USD. We have recently expanded the list of cryptocurrency pairs available for trading – now you can trade 24 pairs with spreads starting from 0 pips. Recommended for: Traders who want to trade cryptocurrencies, but do not have a deposit of tens of thousands of dollars to start. 3. Copy professional traders. Forexee.com has a special promotion for clients who want to copy the trades of professional traders. It is an easy and safe way to invest $50 on Forex. To take part in the “Try Signals for Free” campaign, choose a signal provider from MQL Signal Service and connect your trading account. According to the terms of the campaign, Forexee.com will transfer subscription cost coverage to your eWallet. Thus, you can copy trades of successful traders to your trading account absolutely free for the entire first month. Recommended for: • Novice traders with no or little experience, for whom it is difficult to make independent trading decisions. • Traders who are interested in getting additional income without effort and who want to save time on the detailed development of their own trading strategy. • Traders who want to create their own trading strategy based on the strategies of other professional traders. How to take part in the “Try Signals for Free” campaign? 1. Choose an MQL signal provider and connect a real STP or ECN account. 2. Send a payment receipt for the subscription to [email protected] 3. Get a subscription cost coverage from Forexee.com to your eWallet. Invest only $50 today to make a real profit with Forexee.com tomorrow! Choose one of the options we offer or all three!
  11. Changes in working hours on Easter 2018 Dear Clients, We would like to inform you that due to Easter holiday on Sunday, April 1st, the following changes in trading hours will occur: - Currency pairs: usual trading hours. - Precious metals: Friday, March 30th, trading will be closed. - Crypto pairs: usual trading hours. Moreover, Forex.ee team would like to inform you that during the festive period rapid volatility growth, liquidity decrease and price gaps may happen, therefore we kindly ask you to adjust your trading strategies, considering all potential risks. Forex.ee team wishes you a bright and joyful Easter holiday. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  12. Take advantage of high leverage up to 1: 500 with Forexee.com! Leverage is one of the most important factors in Forex trading, as it enables you to trade large volumes with a small deposit on the trading account. For example, if your leverage is 1:100, you will only need 100 units of the base currency to buy or sell 10,000 of the base currency. The broker "lends" the capital to the trader for trading desired volume, and the trader gets the opportunity to make really big profits. This is very convenient if you don't have enough money to trade large volumes. Forexee.com does its best to give more opportunities to traders providing one of the highest leverage in the market on ECN and STP accounts – up to 1:500. The minimum deposit is only 50 USD and 200 USD for these accounts, respectively. What are the advantages of high leverage? The main advantage of high leverage is a greater volume of available funds. You can trade larger volumes than you actually have on the trading account. Leverage allows you to remove restrictions on the use of various trading strategies and tools set on accounts with a small deposit and minimum leverage. It is important to note that the use of leverage excludes for the trader the risk of losing more money than is available on the trading account. For example, prior to the introduction of the law that regulates Forex in Russia many brokers provided leverage of 1:100, 1:200, and some up to 1: 500. The new rules set certain restrictions on trading for clients of licensed brokers in Russia. These restrictions include leverage only up to 1:50, ban of operations with CFDs and cryptocurrencies, certain restrictions on payments, etc. The statistics of client activity confirms their dissatisfaction with the current rules. According to the reports of Forex dealers, the number of their clients at the end of September amounted to 1153 people, including 270 active clients, and the balance of nominal accounts of Forex dealers was only 63.5 million rubles. Many European regulators are limiting leverage to 1:50 or even lower, for example, CySEC, FCA, KNF, and MFSA. Such sad statistics often forces traders to think about changing the broker and look for more favourable trading conditions. This really makes sense, especially when it comes to such an important parameter as leverage. So if you are thinking about changing the broker, Forexee.com is happy to provide you with some of the best trading conditions in the market without any trading restrictions. The higher the leverage, the more advantages for the trader. However, be aware that the risks increase proportionally. Without a doubt, high leverage gives the trader more freedom in trading, so do not miss your opportunity to make a profit. Don't limit yourself in Forex trading – take advantage of top-notch trading conditions with Forexee.com!
  13. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for February 2018 Dear Clients, Have you already tried out new trading opportunities offered by Forex.ee? Let us remind you that since this year Forex.ee has significantly expanded the pool of its crypto-instruments that gives you even more space to implement your trading strategies. Our toolkit was supplemented by such assets, as Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Monero, EOS, NEO and OMNI, which are presented in pairs with Bitcoin, dollar and euro. The full list of 35 available crypto-instruments of Forex.ee you can find here. Also we would like to note that it is not only convenient, but also beneficial, to use digital cash in Forex.ee! You can deposit, withdraw your funds, and perform internal transactions using the most beneficial payment system – Bitcoin, which excludes any additional conversion costs. In order to show you that Forex.ee provides the best trading conditions in the FX-market, we would like to draw your attention to our average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month, which maximally reflect the quality of our services. Average spreads for February, 2018: (January’18 spreads are shown in brackets) Interested in trading the most popular crypto-tools in the rapidly growing market of digital cash, but do not know how to start? Then do not waste your time! Open a crypto-account in Forex.ee and start earning. The most beneficial conditions for crypto and FX-trading are only in Forex.ee! Learn more. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  14. ECN spread statistics from Forex.ee for January 2018 Dear Clients, We are pleased to announce that Forex.ee expands your opportunities to earn money on the crypto market. Now you have even more top-end digital assets, such as Ripple, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Monero, EOS, NEO and OMNI, which will give you the opportunity to try out new profitable strategies and become a successful trader! All these currencies will supplement the Forex.ee toolkit and will be offered in pairs with Bitcoin, US dollar and Euro. The full list of 35 available crypto-tools of Forex.ee you can find here. Also we would like to remind you that the market of digital cash works 24/7, and trading crypto instruments does not stop even on holidays, which allows you to determine the convenient time for trading yourself. Moreover, beneficial payment systems and convenient services will significantly simplify the work with Forex.ee, as well as minimize all possible costs. Right now, we would like to share the results of our work, presented in the form of average spreads on ECN-accounts for the previous month. Average spreads for January, 2018: (December’17 spreads are shown in brackets) Interested in trading the most popular crypto-tools in the rapidly growing market of digital cash, but do not know how to start? Then do not waste your time! Open a crypto-account in Forex.ee and start earning. The most beneficial conditions for crypto and FX-trading are only in Forex.ee! Learn more. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  15. Important FAQs: Advantages of Forex.ee ECN accounts How to choose a suitable trading account in the Forex market? Today more than ever there is an overchoice of various account types and trading conditions of different Forex brokers. Many Forex industry professionals agree that ECN accounts are one of the most reliable and profitable. Today Forexee.com will answer the most popular questions about ECN accounts. - What are the main advantages of trading on ECN accounts compared to other accounts? Here we highlight three of the most important benefits of ECN accounts: • No conflict of interest between the broker and trader. Direct access to the interbank market and transparent trading with other market participants. • High speed of order execution. One of the main advantages of our ECN accounts is a record fast execution speed (200-300 ms). • Tight spreads from 0 pips. In addition, when the spread is floating, a trader can profit from price fluctuations in the market. - What is the difference between ECN Basic, Advanced, and Premium accounts? Leverage 1:500 is available on Basic and Advanced ECN accounts. The leverage on ECN Premium account is 1:200. Commissions on the three account types differ: 5, 2.5, and 1.8 units of the base currency per 1 lot, respectively. The minimum lot size on all three account types is 0.01, spreads start from 0 pips, 49 popular currency pairs, gold and silver are available for trading. - What is the minimum deposit on ECN accounts? The minimum deposit is 200 USD, 1,000 USD, and 25,000 USD for these account types, respectively. - Are ECN accounts suitable for all traders? ECN account is an excellent solution for both novice traders and Forex professionals who value the reliability and speed of order execution at the best market price. Low trading costs and favourable trading conditions on this account type are also attractive for scalpers and HFT traders. What account currencies are available on ECN accounts? The following account currencies are available on Forex.ee ECN accounts: USD, EUR, RUB, JPY, AUD, and BTC. Are there any special promotions for ECN accounts? Forexee.com offers individual discounts on ECN commission for traders generating large trading volumes. Discount is available to any trader who generated large trading volumes on all types of ECN accounts. Moreover, if you have previously traded large volumes with a different broker, you can also get a reduced commission if you start trading with Forexee.com. Each request is considered individually. Now you can easily make your choice on the way to successful trading – open an ECN account. Don't delay the decision, start making money with a reliable broker Forexee.com at the best conditions: Open an account with Forexee.com! Forexee.com – your premier Forex broker since 2004