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  1. “Magic” click or why do you need an OCTL2 plugin from Forex.ee? For many months, financial markets have been overwhelmed with volatility. The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, new waves of morbidity, the global financial crisis, trade wars and sanctions – all these issues affect the prices of trading assets and provide traders with unlimited opportunities for making money. How can you get the best price in the market for your trading portfolio in such a market situation? Install the One Click Trading Level2 plugin at Forex.ee! One Click Trading Level2 OCTL2 is a market depth plugin integrated with MT4 platform and aimed to monitor the current market situation and promptly react to its changes by adjusting the order management process. One click is enough to capture the best price and make a trade. What advantages does OCTL2 offer? One Click Trading Level2 Plugin allows a trader to: • Place Sell/Buy orders with one click; • Place pending orders; • Set order volume and Stop Loss and Take Profit levels; • Monitor Market Depth (Level 2) with market prices and volumes, Volume-weighted average price (VWAP). The plugin will be especially useful for traders who prefer short-term and news trading, where every point matters, especially in volatile market. What events on the market are traders paying attention to now? • Coronavirus issues. There is a risk of a global pandemic growing for several years in case of vaccine nationalism continues. In particular, the possibility of the virus mutation is not excluded, which will lead to a slowdown in the recovery of the world economy. • The US has expanded its sanctions against Russia. Biden banned banks and other financial institutions in the country from purchasing bonds on the primary market issued by the Central Bank of Russia, the National Wealth Fund or the Russian Ministry of Finance. Despite the fact that the new sanctions have not had a significant impact on the market so far, the situation may worsen in the future. Install the OCTL2 plugin and get the best price on the market! The plugin is available for free download in the "Trading" – "Trader's Tools" section on the official website Forex.ee. To install the plugin, run the downloaded file – complete installation instructions are available here. You can test the plugin with a bonus offer from Forex.ee – a Welcome Bonus to your account! The promotion is available to new Forex.ee clients who have registered their first STP account with the company. Boost your trading using the best technologies with a reliable Forex.ee broker!
  2. Deposit crypto and trade cryptocurrencies 24/7 with Forex.ee Don't want to lose money on exchanging fiat currencies for crypto? Progressive broker Forex.ee, along with the usual methods of depositing via cards, EPS Skrill, Netteler, Web Money and others, guarantees the possibility to fund trading accounts in crypto. Our company was one of the first to offer traders trading crypto on MT4 back in 2015. For 6 years since launch, we have been aiming to offer the most profitable and comfortable services to our crypto traders using ECN/STP technology. Deposits to accounts in our company are possible in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. In case of choosing these deposit methods, a commission will be not charged. Note: Cryptocurrency trading at Forex.ee does not stop for a minute and will be available over the coming weekend, April 24 – 25. If you have planned a trip or activities outside, we recommend installing MT4 on your smartphone. This way you will be able to control your account and not miss any opportunity to make money. Be in the crypto trend and make cryptocurrency deposits to earn money with a reliable Forex.ee company.
  3. Checklist: is an ECN account right for you? There is reason to believe that the ECN system was created in an effort to reinvent the Grail in Forex. Until the global goal is achieved, ECN continues to enlarge its pool of supporters, acting as a flagship for market participants with different trading strategies and experiences. This is a technology that allows traders to conduct transactions on the interbank market, ECN network links market participants with each other directly, without broker intervention. There is no dealing desk and no conflict of interest between the trader and the broker. Today we will focus on ECN benefits to help you decide if this type of account is right for you. Are you looking for better liquidity coverage? Then ECN is right for you. The presence of a large pool of counterparties is guaranteed on ECN accounts, which means a real provision of liquidity. ECN traders do not worry about the lack of liquidity when trading Forex not only in the main basket of currencies, but also trading exotic instruments. Do you want to be confident in the market quotes? Then ECN is right for you. In the very essence of the ECN system, there is no possibility of executing and closing orders at “non-market” quotes. In addition, in the trading terminal, traders have access to the so-called “order book”: a small window where all orders of users, both private traders and leading world banks, are collected. This tool helps to analyze the market situation correctly. If the absence of requotes is important, an ECN account is right for you. Forex.ee provides seamless order execution – 200-300 ms, which means that traders are able to open deals at the requested or the best price in the market at a time. In addition, the MT4 trading terminal in Forex.ee has a built-in mechanism of automatic slippage control. Do you want to receive great discounts? Forex.ee has something to offer you – under the terms of the current promotion, every trader who prefers using an ECN account can receive a reduced commission of just $1 for a period of 1 to 8 weeks. To get more information about the promotion terms please go here. What other advantages of using ECN accounts can you get with Forex.ee? • There are no limitations. There are no limitations on transactions duration and on trading styles and strategies: trade within a spread, scalping, hedging/locking and any algorithmic strategies. • Tight spreads. For several years, Forex.ee has been in the TOP-5 ECN/DMA brokers with the lowest spreads and commissions on Forex. As a result, traders significantly reduce their trading costs. At Forex.ee, a trader can choose one of three available account types: Basic ECN, Advanced ECN and Premium ECN. The screenshot below displays the detailed terms and conditions of each type. Choose the best in the Forex market – let yourself an ECN account! Register at Forex.ee
  4. Forex.ee Increases Margin Requirements for Rouble Pairs Dear Traders! Due to the uncertainty caused by possible sanctions against the Russian Federation, Forex.ee is increasing margin requirements for rouble pairs. Margin requirements will increase by 5 (five) times their normal level. The changes are effective starting from April 5, 2021. We will inform you as soon as margin requirements are back to their previous level. Please consider these changes when planning your trading activities. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  5. How to open a Crypto account with Forex.ee If you don't have cryptocurrency but you want to become a proud owner of Bitcoin, trading with cryptoassets with Forex.ee will definitely suit you. A crypto wallet allows you to trade with the most popular cryptocurrency without owning it directly and make money on any price movement. It is really easy to become a crypto trader with Forex.ee and here is a brief instruction. In the last few weeks Bitcoin has been actively attracting investors and traders all over the world, setting new historical records and going up in price. Such price movements are a good opportunity for traders to make money. Forex.ee offers cryptocurrency trading on an ECN Crypto account. How to open a Crypto account with Forex.ee Step one. On the home page of Forex.ee, click the "Open Live" button to open a real account and "Open Demo" to open a demo account. You will be asked to fill out a simple registration form: enter your email address, password, mobile number and anti-spam code. Step two. After logging into your Cabinet tabs with account types will become available in the left menu: Crypto, ECN, STP and Investment. You will also have to provide additional information about yourself: name, surname, date of birth and country of residence. After that, choose a Crypto account, read carefully the Customer Agreement and other documents, and tick a box "I agree". Step three. Now you need to decide on the account currency, leverage (1:1, 1:2 or 1:3) and enter the phone password. Step four. All that remains is to deposit your account, decide on a trading instrument and start making money! it is important to highlight that trading on a Crypto account at Forex.ee is available from just $10. Important things to know before starting trading with Forex.ee: • Wide choice of cryptocurrencies available – you can choose to your portfolio any of the 43 trading instruments with cryptocurrencies available in Forex.ee. • Comfortable trading conditions 24/7: instant orders processing at a speed of 200-300 ms guarantees additional comfort and timely response regardless of time or day. • Deposits with cryptocurrencies are available, while cryptocurrency transfers allow you to transfer funds to the account instantly and without commission. • You can trade directly from your phone. Mobile terminal provides access to real time quotes, full set of orders (including pending), order execution modes, trading history, technical indicators and interactive and customizable charts. Explore profitable Crypto trading and start making money on another Bitcoin boom, set the goal to earn $50,000 or more on a trading account of a reliable broker Forex.ee!
  6. Forex.ee Switches its Trading Servers to Summer Time (GMT+3) Dear Clients, Please note, Forex.ee MetaTrader 4 (MT4) server time is changing to GMT +3 (daylight saving time). On Sunday, March 14th, 2021, the GMT offset in the company’s trading platform MT4 will be set to GMT +3. Although the change should not affect open trades or the process of opening, placing, closing or modifying orders. However, we strongly recommend adjusting the GMT offset in Indicators and Expert Advisors to GMT +3 to match Forex.ee server time. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. Your premier ECN broker, Forex.EE
  7. Choose predictable and safe trading terms with Forex.ee Traders deal with risks every day. And it is important to separate predictable and manageable risks within the framework of the chosen strategy from “surprises” that some unreliable brokers may bring to you. Transparency of trading conditions should be considered as an indicator of reliability. A broker interested in long-term work with a client on mutually beneficial terms will provide open access to detailed trading conditions even before the registration of the Personal Account. Figures and exact data in percents should be presented on the company's website in full. Forex.ee provides an opportunity to study all the trading conditions in a detailed specification, which makes cooperation transparent and predictable for clients. Specification is a list of trading conditions for each financial instrument. It helps the trader to choose trading assets in accordance with his trading strategy, expectations and preferences. The specification for each type of account can be found on the Forex.ee website. In Forex.ee you have access to the following trading accounts: STP, BASIC, ADVANCED ECN, PREMIUM ECN and Crypto. Clients can use an unlimited number of trading accounts connected to the eWallet. What trading conditions for each account are presented in the specification? For each type of account, the information on the minimum deposit, minimum lot, spread, maximum leverage, commission, currency and the availability of an Islamic account is provided. So, you can start trading on an STP account with a minimum deposit of $50, the minimum lot of 0.01, and the maximum leverage of 1:500. The specification provides detailed information on all important trading parameters and account collateral requirements. Forex.ee trading specification includes: • Symbol and Description, • Spread (from 0 pips), • 1 lot contract size, • Min trade (from 0.01), • Margin Call, • Stop Out, • Market Order and Stop Order Max Slippage. The company's clients are protected from various manipulations and hidden changes in the trading terms. You can find legal information on trading accounts on the Forex.ee website in the Documents section. More detailed trading conditions are specified in the Client Agreement for each trading account. Instant order execution, minimal spreads, no requotes and trading restrictions, detailed specifications – choose honesty, trade with a reliable broker Forex.ee!

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