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  1. THE THIRD DEMO CONTEST begins with higher PRIZES for winners . All demo accounts from all brokers can participate this demo contest and trade with fxboost to get profits. Definitely except the demo contest, we are also have Live Competition for all real MT4 accounts from all brokers. Trade to get our high LIVE PRIZES 200,000usd, if you take the ranking for winners, you can withdraw out the prizes without any limitation!!! Moreover, if the participants are fxboost qualified accounts which can get our competition bonus for participating the competitions and get rebates when they traded!!! One more good point, no matter for the demo or live competition, if you refer your friends or clients here to participate the competition and get prizes to trade, you can get our affiliate rebates from them, such good chance, you deserve to push more!!! Further information for competition , please check below: http://www.fxboost.com/competitions_profile?ID=39 http://www.fxboost.com/competitions_profile?ID=38
  2. http://www.fxboost.com/ FxBoost is a FREE social trading network that enables users from all brokers to benefit from each other’s knowledge and share market insights while maximizing their profits. Traders can link their MT4 trading accounts using the FxBoost bridge and publish account activity in real-time for others to see, copy or comment on. Moreover, traders can trade directly from the FxBoost website, analyze their performance in great detail and get unlimited profits through REBATES for own and copied trades. We are sure the future of financial investment is social trading and our dedicated team is always at the forefront of new developments looking into cutting edge technologies and ideas. With ground breaking ideas like rebates on own or copy trades we are making it easy and simple for you to maximize your potential whilst helping other gain from your actions! • You can Follow and Copy traders • Receive rebates on own or copied trades • Share ideas and views about market events • Get information on current events from our expert Calendar section • Get informed from a carefully filtered multiple source News section. • Exchange EA’s and various strategies through the forum section • Analyze yours or any other traders performance through charts , graphs and professional statistical tools
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