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  1. The market capitalization of cryptocurrency exchange Binance's native platform coin, BNB, took a battering today, plummeting in minutes from a high of nearly $4 billion, to close to $3 billion, a drop of 33 per cent. Now, speculation is rife that the sell off is due to the recent quarterly token burn on July 12, which many view as misguided and badly handled. https://powr.com/video/I3pSLEPOVH The drop has forced Binance co-founder, He Yi, to take to Chinese social media and WeChat to defend the move, but has been widely criticised regardless. It all centres on the decision by the Binance leadership team, led by CEO Changpeng Zhao, to change the way that it conducted the recent token burn. Under normal circumstances the exchange would buy back tokens that are in circulation before destroying them, thus removing supply and increasing demand for the asset. A new way? But on July 12, instead of doing that, the Binance leadership team decided to burn its own token allocation, a portion of the asset's supply that was 'locked-up' with them when the BNB coin was created. The burn on July 12, saw 808,000 BNB tokens, valued at around $24 million being 'burnt'. But allegations spread like wildfire that this move devalued the asset, a prediction that now appears to be coming true. Many across WeChat and Weibo allege that the Binance leadership team used the burn as an excuse to 'cash-in' on the asset. A move that would potentially anger supporters of the exchange and investors of BNB, if it were true. Binance's official stance on the new burn method was outlined in a blog post by CZ: "According to the Binance whitepaper, 40% of the total BNB supply (80,000,000 BNB, currently worth about US$2,400,000,000) was allocated to the Binance team, as a reward to the work they have put into building the Binance ecosystem. But now, we are giving that up, and we will contribute this to the BNB burn. "With this change, we'll still burn BNB based on trading volume on Binance per quarter. But this time, the Binance team has given up our token allocation. We are now committing to building the Binance ecosystem without getting any BNB from the initial allocation. The team will burn their own tokens first." One thing is for sure: it looks as though Binance's and BNB's history of dominating the market in the past six months could be at an end. Source of article: https://www.theodysseyonline.com/investor-sell-off-binance-coin-dumps
  2. Andy Blignaut

    We really need to learn and understand these things properly because it’s such a massive industry that if you are not aware of these things right, it will be next to impossible to reach far. I have gained a lot of Crypto Knowledge, which has really helped me move far and allowed me to achieve greater level of success. If you are not having proper idea, it will just limit your potential as far gaining is concern. So our entire focus needs to be on that only.
  3. Andy Blignaut

    It is very important that we keep eyes on news and that not just this but overall for the whole Crypto News around the whole industry, it’s not just important but also necessary. It is just not going to be possible for anyone to succeed in this Crypto world without that. So our highest level of prior should and must be with this only. When we get it right then we will automatically see that we are getting so much more benefit and rewards for our self.
  4. Bit Flow is one of the most successful investment services online today. On several occasions, people end up investing in the wrong service and platform. It's a new platform with the potential to help struggling people survive. Even if you are a professional investor, Bit Flow will boost your earning potential. It is a global platform and a financial network to help you succeed in business and other areas of life. The new investment platform is not an organization like other services. Another crucial thing to know about Bit Flow is that it’s not a company or a commercial institution. It remains a simple and professional platform to help people accumulate wealth. If you are suffering and struggling with your life, then Bit Flow can help. Is it possible for this program to resolve the financial problems of anyone? The good news is that Bit Flow can help people struggling with their finances and those who want to improve it. How Does Bit Flow Work? First, Bit Flow can help you make good money up to 5,000$ by only investing one hundred dollars in a month. How can Bit Flow help users earn such a massive amount within one month? The simple answer to this question is by following three easy steps. Sit back and watch the simple steps on how the program can change your life. Step One: A prospective member of Bit Flow will have to create an account after signing up. Once you have an account on the system, go ahead to deposit one hundred dollars in bitcoin. Step Two: Creating an account and depositing your investment is not only the step to take. The next line of action will be referring to two friends that are available to work. The two people you are introducing to the program must be ready to offer their best shot. Step Three: The third step is the simplest for anyone to follow. The two people you brought into the program will have to do the same. They have to follow the same step by bringing the other two people each. Note: When you invest more money & time into Bit Flow, the sky and above will be your limit of success. The idea with the program is that resources and time are reciprocal to your total earning. If you want to boost your earning potential with the program, then follow the simple steps. It is a platform where everyone helps each other through the bitcoin chain of success. Every member on this platform can operate with the free opinion of their wish. The goal is to enrich each user with enough resource that boosts their financial freedom. Testimonial Report: Since the launch of this new platform, many people have been able to testify of its greatness. Teachers, traders, professors, and people from all walks of life see the power of Bit Flow. The program has transformed the lives of people struggling with their finances. People that are already into investment programs testify to the efficiency of it. With the record in place, Bit Flow changes the life of members every second and day. To prove that the program works, successful members have been sending testimonial videos. Here is one of the video that really caught our eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gefDRgolXlQ There are over 100s of more videos received, but we picked some and just showing some clips of them to motivate you guys! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vHGwPlel6U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfy_H4K2YAQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpjJIO75x9I While we regularly add Success stories on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfMkzfViDTHeAjuaD3tNqDA Final word: There is a possibility that you are the next person to give a success story of the Bit Flow investment program. Are you ready to take the chance and change your financial future? Do you want to be free to financial problems? Will you want to live the dream of your life? Know the answers through http://www.bit-flow.org/
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    If we are really looking for a major investment, I will close my eyes and tell you to go for BTCOnlineInvestment. It’s one of the best I have seen in recent times. Not only they have huge potential but also is amazing in terms of how wonderful their whole system is that makes me feel so happy about them. The thing that makes them stand out is their security and safety measurements, its way beyond anything there is right if you figure out similar program. So if something that truly deserves the tag of next major investment, it for sure is them.
  6. While the development of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have proven to be a huge milestone in global technological advancement, one cannot simply write off some of the problems that users have had to deal with over time. These problems have made it difficult for prospective merchants and investors seeking to venture into the crypto market to do so. Additionally, it has made it almost impossible for most governments to legally back crypto investments and its acceptance as a means of payment for products and services bought. Problems Of Bitcoin Investment And Usage The blockchain technology, which is the underlying technology on which Bitcoin and other alternatives coins (altcoins) were built on seeks to restore trust to the system. While there has been a number of significant improvements, things have not really gone well in that regard. One of the main problems that have hindered the global acceptance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for goods and services bought is the lack of trust in the system. There have been several reports of scam ICO projects, scam crypto projects that have made way with millions of dollars of investors from all over the world. Cryptocurrency exchanges are not left out as well; most of them have been designed with little or no security systems put in place to ensure that the coins of users are secured. This has resulted in countless reports of hacks where millions of BTC coins were made away with. For merchants (online retail store owners) seeking to accept cryptos as a form of payment, they have had to deal with fraudulent exchanges and digital wallet platforms. This has not only resulted in a countless loss of funds, but it has also made these merchants more skeptical about accepting these cryptocurrencies as they do not know who to trust. The lack of trust that exists in almost all Bitcoin-related services has also made it difficult for most governments to accept these cryptocurrencies. They fear that their citizens stand to lose more than gain from accepting and even trading or investing in these cryptocurrencies. In simpler terms, Bitcoin has a huge trust problem which if not solved, will take a massive toll on the global acceptance of this revolutionary coin. The Solution To solve this major problem that hinders Bitcoin's global acceptance, crypto enthusiasts have designed a number of platforms that will help track and follow-up on each transaction that is carried out on almost all Bitcoin service platforms (like exchanges, digital wallet platforms, etc.). The Bit Trust Service platform (BIUT) has been designed as an ideal solution to this problem that affects all players in the crypto sphere. BitTrust As A Solution Established in 2013, our mission has and would always continue to be to solve the trust problem that has been a major factor since the development and launch of the crypto over a decade ago. We are more than fascinated about these digital currencies as well as its underlying distributed ledger technology (blockchain technology). We are simply a website or platform that has been designed specifically to offer people unbiased and well-detailed reviews of Bitcoin businesses. We are committed to driving the usability and acceptance of this digital currency through the help of our informed platform. It is important that you remember that Bit Trust is not a supplement of the Bitcoin network; it is a separate blockchain that seeks to solve the problems of Bitcoin. Since our inception, we have gathered a large number of users all dedicated to offering unbiased reviews of Bitcoin businesses. Our reviews do not just offer prospective crypto buyers vital information that will help them as they decide to venture into this trust-less system; we also communicate to various merchants the best practices that they can adopt. At BitTrust, we rely on our users to provide reviews and information that will foster an honest and transparent digital currency system. In addition, we have grown to become an integral part of the digital currency industry, and in that period of time, we have seen the reputation of these digital currencies rice above what people were used to. To restore trust in the system, we work in such a way that our users make use of service platforms and review these platforms to either encourage other prospective users from making use of that platform or not. Our users do not just rate a service platform; they state the main reason or reasons why a particular digital wallet or exchange platform should not be used. This information helps prospective users stay away from that platform, at the same time offering the service platform developers information on areas that they can improve on to better serve their users. Our goal is to provide users with informed, accurate, and precise data as well as compelling and unbiased reviews that would help them make more informed decisions when it comes to the use of Bitcoin. The system seeks to use decentralization to solve the problem of trust that exists in the trading or exchange of Bitcoin and other alternative coins. With the peer-to-peer (P2P) algorithm, users will be able to exchange assets or services without the need for middlemen or intermediaries. To achieve this system, we'll need to have a good technical support. In the future, we plan on entering into partnerships with a number of popular, safe, and customer-friendly exchanges all in the hope of connecting the general public to these merchants or platforms. Our purpose has always been to offer all players in the digital currency industry our unbiased and well-researched take on the various developments that are taking place within the blockchain community. We are dedicated to providing helpful and quality consumer reports on all of the popular BTC/ ETH trading exchanges and merchants. In addition to offering quality reports, we will also conduct interviews with some of the experienced individuals in the crypto sphere. This will give the general public an in-depth and more informed knowledge of these merchants and how they operate, thus, helping them make informed decisions. Having come to terms with the fact that the potential, global acceptance, and viability of these digital currencies depend on politics and macroeconomics as it depends on its development, we have taken it upon ourselves to offer the general public vital and helpful information about the daily happenings in the industry. Our desire at BitTrust is to provide the general public with helpful information by simply facilitating the exchange of value. Finally, I am Anderson, from the BIUT (Bit Trust System) community, about cryptocurrencies, if you have a unique perspective, we can discuss it together.
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    Frankly speaking, the person who is just starting up or has not started yet, he/she should be looking more towards learning and finding the right platform to do it through instead of talking about signals and all such stuff. This is where to me xTrade is very much a perfect place to go through. As not only they allow Crypto trading in seriously smooth way, but got fantastic setup for beginner with detailed Crypto training, advance trading tools available to use and smooth trading platform. It all combines into one fascinating experience for any Crypto trader, in particular a beginner.
  8. Maya Preferred 223 remains a stable coin. Every token in this coin gets a support of about twenty-three thousand dollars worth of silver and gold. It is the first time for anything of this nature to appear on the internet. Maya Preferred 223 was launched last month and will help boost the crypto world efficiency. To be factual, the amusement and effectiveness of the coin is highly relating to bitcoin. One amazing thing about this crypto coin is that it has received appreciation since lunched last month. In the first month of launch alone, the price of Maya Preferred has risen to five hundred percent. Do you know that the Maya Preferred coin has better value than bitcoin? The actual price value of this coin today surpasses whatever you know about bitcoin. As bitcoin continues to experience some ups and downs, Maya Preferred is above 10,000 dollars and growing. The value of this new and innovative cryptocurrency is a product of the support from silver and gold. The gold and silver that backs this digital asset comes from eight different sources in Mexico. The goal of Maya Preferred 223 creator is to boost the number of sources of gold and silver. It will help to increase the rate of producing the Maya Preferred coins to every user across the globe. The UK Financial Limited is the registered organizer of the innovative crypto coin called Maya Preferred 223. The organizing firm for this digital currency is popular throughout the crypto world today. One great advantage of trusting the UK Financial Limited is their revolutionized creativity. The firm is currently backing its own assets with the best support that users deserve. Apart from that, the UK Financial Limited also has future plans to back and support other cryptocurrencies. Another thing to know about the team at the UK Financial Limited is that the first cryptocurrency will be backed with its own token. It implies that bitcoin will soon be backed and supported with Maya Preferred 223 token. Will Maya Preferred 223 in conjunction with bitcoin revolutionize the crypto world? Without any iota of doubt, this new digital asset will change the face of the earth and how people do business. How is this possible? Well, the UK Financial Limited will make a transfer of twenty-three million Maya Preferred 223 tokens. The tokens from the organizer will be placed in a secure escrow wallet. The amount is also the value of the bitcoin that miners will get. It implies that every bitcoin generated will be having about twenty-three million dollars worth in silver and gold. Join Maya Preferred 223 investment today and don’t miss out of its great benefits. Watch the Video to know more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwPlukF7b6w MAPR President Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJIxiaf-KhE
  9. Andy Blignaut

    When it comes a business like Forex, it is so vital to have a good strategy as it’s the backbone of successful trader. I am not any expert but I do have better common sense. And this is why I use Forex Millennium, a truly wonderful creation that helps working. They have great indicator which is not just highly accurate but incredibly simpler to use. I am not going to say this is overnight rich thing, but something that for sure will get you good returns.
  10. Binance coin (BNB) is probably the only coin that is making notable gains more than any other coin. Not even Bitcoin is coming anywhere close to BNB. Consequently, the price rally has attracted more investors to BNB. At the time of writing, BNB was exchanging hands at $35.42, a market capitalization of $5.0 billion, and a 24-hour volume of $495.7 million. The current BNB price is a significant gain considering that the coin was trading at $9.41 on Jan 4, 2018. In exactly one year from today, BNB was exchanging hands are roughly $14. On January 3, 2019, the price of BNB stood at $6.05. Don’t be attracted by the gains While the appreciation curve for BNB may seem like the coin is heading towards higher gains capable of sending investors smiling to the bank, BNB may not be as rosy as it looks and adding it to your portfolio is a bad idea. Concerns around BNB remain on whether its investors are dealing with a security, a utility, and or how to mark the token’s fair price. Unfortunately, its creators have often lured investors by promising a 25 percent discount when paying trading fees with BNB and the ability to spend the coin in stores. Additionally, although quite obvious but only meant to lure unsuspecting investors, Binance flaunts BNB as an altcoin with an ability to be stored in several wallets. Binance also promises that BNB will become the native currency of Binance Chain, which will hold the Binance decentralized exchange (Binance DEX). The chain, according to its developers, will concentrate on trading and or transfer of blockchain based assets. According to The Block: “Even assuming the vague promises of the Binance Chain hold up to scrutiny, if all Binance really does today is provide holders with a small fee rebate, why does so many people hold it in eager anticipation? What do some investors misunderstand about it?” What is 20% of Binance profits? However, from the start, Binance has maintained quarterly burns to decrease the total of BNB in circulation with anticipation that this would drive its price up. During these burns, the exchange pledged to use 20 percent of its profits to buy back BNB. Unfortunately, BNB to be burnt will come from the exchange’s “own sizeable treasury.” Also, the ground is not leveled up since it’s hard to determine Binance’s 20 percent profit. “While they focus on compliance, there is no reason to believe that token holders would be entitled to anything in the event of a shutdown or asset seizure.” In October 2018, Binance burnt BNB worth roughly 17 million US dollar, but it didn’t have any effect on the price. Although BNB is moving fast in the price increase ladder, it is “no less useless than the majority of tokens” listed on the exchange.
  11. Introduction Following a generally bullish outlook in the cryptocurrency market and a successful listing of Wayki Chain on Gate.io, the WICC paired against the USDT see a steady price increase. Read on for more insights into the technical patterns fueling the current bullish campaign. WICCUSDT: Monthly Chart Let’s carry out a top-down analysis of the Wayki Chain coin starting from the monthly time frame. Following a price plunge of about %, the WICC pair broke out of bearish accumulation resistance on March ’19, establishing support at 0.0910, and consequently bringing an end to the crypto winter of 2018. The bulls are set for further price rally as the monthly candles make higher lows on its way up. Let’s take a step lower to the weekly time frame as it further breaks down the transition from bearish to an established bullish trend. WICCUSDT: Weekly Chart From the above weekly time frame, the WICC price showed the crypto winter by an entry of the RSI oversold area. The good news, however, is that the price exits the oversold region on March 18 ’19 by an exit of the RSI level-30, which was reinforced from an earlier regular bullish divergence in succession with a breakout of bearish accumulation on December 17 ’18. Upon signaling the bullish divergence setup, the WICC price continued to indicate an increase in bullish sentiment by the double bullish accumulation price pattern on January 21 and February 25 ’19. Further price close above the 0.3698 resistance level will reinforce the already started bullish campaign. WICCUSDT: Daily Chart We turn to the daily chart for a closer view and to identify the price patterns driving and sustaining the current bullish trend. The WICCUSDT crypto pair exited oversold territory while at the same time flagging a regular bullish divergence on December 09 ’18 and setting support at 0.0910 after which the price skyrockets by 230% before making its first retracement after an opposite regular bearish divergence on April 13 ‘19. Opportunities to scale into the earlier bullish trend was fired by bullish accumulation pattern on March 22 ’19 and a breakout of bearish accumulation resistance on March 22 ’19. A retracement of bullish trend is only natural to attain new market highs, and there’s no better place to enter into a long position like an end of a price correction which is identified by a breakout of bearish accumulation on May 03 ’19. This and another breakout of bearish accumulation on June 12 ’19 fortify a remarkable comeback for the bulls. Conclusion: With the exit of oversold on the weekly time frame which confirms an end to the crypto winter as well as a combination of bullish patterns, we project a first take-profit target of 1.00 USD and a second take profit target of 1.50 USD. And with WICC coins with a 50% discount on sales. Investors will be buying the coins for half the original cost of $0.2615.
  12. Do you know that people can now get continuous bitcoins with the help of a low investment? While this may sound strange, but in reality, it is true. Bitcoins4Ever is an innovative service with several offers to provide prospective clients. The advancement of this company is beyond anticipation about receiving bitcoin. If you look for a company that focuses on a bitcoin investment, then Bitcoins4Ever is the right place to go. One thing remains factual with this service user will enjoy more profits. In a nutshell, Bitcoins4Ever is a self-reliable and sustainable platform. Benefits Of Using The Service Of Bitcoins4Ever: 1. It comes with great value. The sustainability of this service will help you remain active in the bitcoin market. The website is the first to display self-maintenance of bitcoin reception activities 2. It helps people to invest with a sense of intelligence, hope, and success. The platform can help to expand the progress of your business 3. Finding developmental opportunities is simple with this company 4. It is the first self-sustainable investment company of its kind 5. Users will make more profits for using this website How To Access The Great Offers Of This Company? The first step to take on Bitcoins4Ever is to sign up for an account. Once your account is active, you can go ahead to make a deposit. Once the fund is seating in your account, ensure to make a purchase. For example, if you invest up to two hundred dollars, other users also take part in the process. If there are four users in the investment platform along with you, then the total amount becomes 1000$. The one thousand dollars happen to be the investment total for the first day of account. When comparing your investment for the first day, it will be the same as ten percent of the total amount. If there is an increment of extra 1000$ on day two, the amount also changes. It means that the second day’s total investment amount is around two thousand dollars. Taking the same approach above, it means you have ten percent of the total investment. It brings you to an investment of two hundred dollars going to your second day’s activity. It’s crucial to know that a 10% company commission is functional to the total investment. At this juncture, you will have access to one hundred and ninety dollars. The 190$ dollars will be the investment returns for using Bitcoins4Ever. If the third day’s investment also moves to three thousand dollars, then you see some changes. The investor will get the original investment cost as the first day as the new returns. It also implies that you will be making 3.3 percent on the third day of your investment. On other days, the event of your percentage profits will follow the same process. It implies the total amount you invest divided by sum of every day. Referral Program: To make Bitcoins4Ever more lucrative for users, you can refer to other people and earn. Investing other people to take part in this investment system will help you earn ten percent. The referral commission will give you the avenue to make 10% of other people. It means that when anyone you bring into the program invests, you’ll make money. Referral Contest: The event comes with a profit of 0.5 bitcoins that will expire on 2019-09-11. Another thing to know is that the contest has different levels of earning as well. The prize for the first degree is 0.09 BTC. For the second degree, you can expect to 0.06 BTC. The prize of the third degree earning will be 0.038 BTC. With degrees four and five, users can earn around 0.01 BTC. Moving from degrees six to ten, you can earn 0.005 BTC. From the eleventh degree to one hundred, users will get a prize of 0.003 BTC. Conclusion: Are you looking for a self-reliable and sustainable investment platform that converts? By visiting Bitcoins4Ever today, you will enjoy more investment benefits. The company is all about helping people to earn with bitcoins. Give it a try now and see how the system works. Official Website: https://bitcoins4ever.io/
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    Risk is there with every business, so if we try to find risk free business, it will lead us nowhere, so it’s vital that we learn to face up the challenge without fear at all. I at least do that and I find it relatively comfortable with using Best forex ea. As this is what enables me to do well to do with available to make good and easy money. Thanks to Best EA Robots, I can find the perfect EA. And able to enjoy my life and yet able to bring up rewards for myself fairly consistently.
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    Yes, I have tried a lot but mostly it’s not worthy at all. However, in recent times, I have come across Fidelcrest, a remarkable trading opportunity. It’s basically a platform created for those who are capable enough but lack the capital to live up. A lot of people go for loans and all that but with this type of offering, one can pretty much set himself into big league without having to go into complication of any sorts. The most amazing part is the Trading Affiliate program of theirs which enables one to receive upto 20% from the subscription charges. It’s something that makes this a very very cool deal to crack.
  15. Andy Blignaut

    The more you think about broker’s selection, the tougher it is. So, if we really want to make things easier, I believe the only way to do so it is with a little common sense. Start with the regulation part follow up with features and facilities.
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