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  1. Imagine a life where everyone gets their desired financial freedom or one where happiness signals are not dependent on the size of the pocket! But try to do something BETTER, and stop imaging and start DOING! And to get started, here is one opportunity that you just can’t say no to! Alliance Token is giving you the opportunity of the LIFETIME! With the value of 1 Token $25, it can be brought at 50% LESS in bulk order, and be used for reselling at a HIGHER price to GAIN! Or you can simply join up the Affiliate Program, where you can gain MASSIVE commission for EACH person you bring to the table! With original price is $25 in the market, you can also get it at a BIG discount on all purchase during next 1 week and 50% off with bulk orders. Not just that, as Alliance Token is a class of Cryptocurrency designated as a Utility Token and has the value WITHIN the Alliance Membership, which allows one the access to SPECIAL events, Unique experiences, and to be able to participate in Luxury Raffles and Auctions! So, what are you waiting for? Come join now to make money together!!
  2. Years of analysis by the AAUC (AA UNION CAPITAL) Research Institute (AAUC RI) have shown that family businesses tend to outperform the wider market. This outperformance can not only be attributed to superior financial performance, but also to factors such as a more conservative long-term business focus and a greater emphasis on innovation. Michael O'Sullivan Chief Investment Officer – International Wealth Management Family businesses are the cornerstone of most economies, but they are under-researched as an economic phenomenon. The AAUC RI has addressed this research imbalance and found numerous reasons why family-owned companies tend to be successful and therefore attractive from an investor point of view. Since 2008, the AAUC RI has conducted research on family businesses globally, defining family-owned companies as direct shareholding by founders or descendants of at least 20%, or voting rights held by founders or descendants of at least 20%. The AAUC Family 1000 Report, first published in 2017 and freshly updated, is based on a database of 1000 listed family businesses. This broad universe is truly global in its reach, with over 40% of companies based in Asia. This allows us a valuable perspective on the creators of new wealth across emerging markets. Investment outperformance the striking feature of family-owned companies is performance. We have found that family-owned companies outperformed in every region and that the best-performing family-owned companies since 2006 are in Germany, Italy, China, and India. The latest findings show that the businesses in our universe have outperformed broader equity markets by an annual average of 340 basis points (bp) per year since 2006 and no less than 724 bp in 2017 Superior financial performance Supporting this trend, we find that the financial performance of family-owned companies is superior to that of non-family owned businesses. Growth in revenue and earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) is stronger, EBITDA margins are higher, cash flow returns are better and momentum in gearing is more moderate. Moreover, a style and credit rating analysis of our universe suggests a strong bias toward quality. In addition, we find that financing is more organic and that family-owned companies appear to have a more conservative longer-term focus when it comes to running their business: they spend more on CapEx, have stronger asset growth and rely less on share buybacks as a means to generate shareholder returns. Family owned companies also appear to place a greater focus on innovation as research & development (R&D) spending is higher. Funding for R&D is made easier as family-owned companies have lower payout ratios. Reviewing growth and cash flow returns by sector and size (small versus large caps) suggests that the “family factor” is largely universal and indeed identifiable. Small-cap growth companies our analysis shows that first and second generation family-owned companies have generated higher risk-adjusted returns than older peers over the past ten years. While some might believe that this is due to succession related challenges, we would caution against this. Family owned companies themselves do not see succession planning as one of their key concerns and younger family-owned companies tend to be small-cap growth stocks, which has been a strongly performing investment style. FIND OUT MORE IN WWW.AAUNIONCAPITAL.COM
  3. Andy Blignaut

    If you are an active player in the cryptocurrency community, you probably have come across different cryptocurrency platforms that are created to offer the needed assistance to the community. These platforms play different roles that may include: • Sensitizing the community to the blockchain system. • Offering the stakeholders practical tips to maximize the blockchain technology. • Assisting individuals within the community to invest in digital currencies. • Teach them how to conduct transactions with digital currencies. • Assist them to raise funds through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). However, there is a cryptocurrency platform that offers these and many more. The platform promises to be the best in the industry. Welcome to ChainCreator, the ultimate platform for all your cryptocurrency-related issues. What is ChainCreator? ChainCreator is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers to give newbies the assistance they need to succeed as cryptocurrency investors. By combining an impressive collection of tools with an experienced team of experts, ChainCreator will offer you whatever you need to make your cryptocurrency dreams come true. What does ChainCreator offer? ChainCreator goes out of its way to create an environment that is conducive to getting the best out of the cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology. In order to understand why ChainCreator claims to be your one-stop platform for all cryptocurrency-related issues, let me briefly itemize what the platform offers. 1. It allows you to launch your ICO Have you ever been contemplating creating and launching a cryptocurrency and raise money by launching its ICO but don’t have an idea of how to go about it? If yes, rest assured that ChainCreator will give you all the tools and assistance you need to create digital currency and fund it by launching the ICO. That will take the stress off your shoulders while you gradually build your own ICO and get more people to support your dream. 2. Safe crowdfunding There are tons of platforms that offer to assist cryptocurrency investors to raise ICO crowdfunding. However, ChainCreator stands out from the pack. With this platform, you can conduct safe crowdfunding for your ICO without running the risk of being defrauded. It conducts its ICO crowdfunding through an escrow to eliminate the tendency of being robbed of your money. This will guarantee that you are fully protected against fraud and thus assure your project’s success and credibility. 3. List your token on the ChainCreator exchange Listing your token on a credible exchange is a necessity for its growth and success. It gives the token the exposure it needs to reach as many potential investors as possible and create the right awareness about its potentials. ChainCreator is the most secure cryptocurrency exchange where you can list your token without the fear of failure. Since you need a credible exchange to increase your token’s chances of success in the cryptocurrency market, this exchange has all the necessary tools to give your token what it really needs: the right exposure. 4. It connects you with the cryptocurrency community The platform will connect you to the best cryptocurrency community where you can meet other cryptocurrency enthusiasts and share great ideas. The community is made up of teams and experts in the digital world who have years of experience in the cryptocurrency world and are ready to use their knowledge and experience to assist newbies to find their footing in the industry. You will find their wealth of experience a reliable guide to keep you in line while creating a name for yourself in the digital world. If you have a cryptocurrency idea or project, the community is where you can find the support and resources you can leverage to start your Blockchain project on a good note. 5. It assists you to raise ICO funds Sometimes, you may have a blockchain project but don’t have sufficient fund to see it through. That can be quite challenging. ChainCreator won’t only assist you with members that you can share ideas with, it will also help you to raise ICO funding for your project so that you won’t be denied the opportunity to see your project come through due to financial constraints. Through its promotion, many investors who are convinced of your proposed cryptocurrency project will invest in your token and assist you to raise the fund needed for the project. 6. Up-to-date cryptocurrency news As a cryptocurrency investor, it is imperative that you don’t keep yourself in the dark about events in the community. To keep you abreast of happenings in the crypto world, ChainCreator has a section dedicated to cryptocurrency news. The section runs articles, events, news, meetups, research, and other related components that will boost your chances of succeeding in the digital currency world. 7. Convenience of use It will be quite counterproductive and frustrating if you can’t easily find your way around the ChainCreator exchange and make the best use of its offers. This brings to the forefront one of ChainCreator’s best attributes: convenience of use. The website boasts of an attractive user interface, easy-to-navigate menu, and other features that are designed to give potential users a platform that won’t compound their problems but alleviate them. 8. White Label Exchange Another distinction between ChainCreator and other platform is its White Label Exchange. This exchange offers you the opportunity to run a personal crypto exchange if you wish. As a cryptocurrency exchange owner, you will be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution while you trade with your token or ICO’s coin. This will substantially increase your project’s credibility, attract more users to your coin, and be able to achieve an impressive market cap valuation for your coin. You also stand the chance of earning reasonable trading fees whenever a transaction is completed on your exchange. If you have set up issues, ChainCreator is on hand to assist you with the setup and smooth running of your crypto exchange. As a powerful feature of the ChainCreator platform, the White Label offers the following: • You can determine your price structure. • You can set up a passive income system. • A fully secured platform hosting. • You can trade in an impressive number of pairs of currency trading. • Secure vault technology. • Advanced API to assist your traders. . • An affiliate system, in-built. • State-of-the-art and impressive exchange. • You can offer your traders free airdrops. • Trading pairs in Euros and Dollars. • Insurance against first theft. These are some of the benefits you can reap from using this platform for your cryptocurrency-related projects. You can also find effective solutions to your problems and get over them easily.
  4. ||| |||| Stakes And How This Program Works: This bounty program will be based on stakes. Each task will reward users with a predetermined amount of stakes after completion of the task. At the end of the bounty program, the percentage of stakes you hold against the total number of stakes we give out is the same percentage of the total amount of tokens being given out. For example, Chelle Coin commits 240,000 tokens to the bounty program. You earn 5 stakes during the program with a total of 50 stakes given out to everyone. You have 10% of total stakes, so you will receive 10% of total committed tokens or 24,000 tokens. Master Spreadsheet Bounty Distribution: 0.6% of the total ICO supply will be reserved for this Bounty Program 1:Twitter: 10% 2:Facebook: 15% 3:YouTube: 15% 4:Reddit: 20% 5:Telegram: 15% 6:Blogging: 25% General Rules: No spamming and no multi-accounts We reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any point if we feel that the person is abusing accounts or spamming Every participant must join our Telegram channel, Subreddit, and comment on our Bitcointalk thread If you are disqualified for any reason, you will NOT receive any bounty rewards. No mention of the bounty program in campaign posts All rights reserved by Chelle coin team, Team can make any changes to rules or terms and conditions, if applicable. By signing up for the bounty, you're accepting all the terms Sign up via this Form link Twitter Rewards: <1,000 followers: 1 stake/retweet | 4 stakes/tweet 1,001 - 2,500 followers: 2 stakes/retweet | 8 stakes/tweet 2,501 - 5,000 followers: 4 stakes/retweet | 12 stakes/tweet 5,001 - 10,000 followers: 8 stakes/retweet | 16 stakes/tweet 10,000+ followers: 10 stakes/retweet | 25 stakes/tweet Twitter Rules: Follow our Twitter account 7 max tweets per week 1 tweet per day All tweets must include #ChelleCoin #ChelleCoinICO Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EST Sign up via this Form link Facebook Rewards: <1,000 friends: 1 stake/repost | 4 stakes/post 1,001 - 2,500 friends: 2 stakes/repost | 8 stakes/post 2,501 - 5,000 friends: 4 stakes/repost | 12 stakes/post 5,001 - 10,000 friends: 8 stakes/repost | 16 stakes/post 10,000+ friends: 10 stakes/repost | 25 stakes/post Facebook Rules: Follow our Facebook page 7 max posts per week 1 post per day Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT YouTube Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 YouTube Rules: Videos must be at least 1 minute long All videos must be relevant to Chelle Coin All videos must be in English Include links to Chelle Coin’s social channels in the video description Highest quality videos include higher production value, creative production, contain a lot of information, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Reddit Rewards: Comment referencing Chelle Coin: 1 stake/comment Comment referencing Chelle Coin with a link to project: 3 stakes/comment New topic started in another subreddit discussing Chelle Coin: 5 stakes/topic Reddit Rules: All comments must be relevant to Chelle Coin Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Telegram Rewards: 5 stakes per week for consistent engagement 20 stakes for adding our logo as your avatar 20 stakes for adding “Cryptocurrency Meets Real Estate - http://www.chellecoin.com/” to your bio Telegram Rules: Consistent engagement is at least 3 comments, questions, or any other posts in the channel No discussing bounty program Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT Blogging Rewards: Highest quality: 100 stakes High quality: 70 Medium quality: 50 Low quality: 15 Blogging Rules: All posts must be relevant to Chelle Coin Must be original Must be public for everyone to see Posts must be at least 750 words long Include links to [project name]’s social channels in the post Highest quality posts include intelligent write ups, longer posts, and high subscriber count Accounts must be older than 6 months old Accounts must be active before the start of bounty No deleting posts for the duration of bounty Quality levels are subjective and we have the right to not accept any videos we deem below low quality level Post in this thread a report of activities by Sunday 23:59 EDT
  5. BLOCKCHAIN POWERED REAL ESTATE ECOSYSTEM | | | | | | The Chelle Platform will provide users with a unique way to use and trade tokens within the blockchain powered real estate ecosystem (namely ERC20 and ERC721 standard tokens). Chelle Service Capital Inc. is a real estate investment firm that takes an investigative approach to investment opportunities throughout the metropolitan areas of North America, leveraging industry expertise and performing market and analytical research in property acquisition. Our philosophy of “Evolution of Finance” lives truly in the introduction of our own “Chelle Coin”, applying the latest in blockchain technology. CHELLE APP - COMING SOON Chelle Coin is going to develop its platform in multiple stages. 1: ICO Raise 2: Stage 1: Blockchain Powered Real Estate Investment 3: Stage 2: The Property Exchange (Buy and Sell your own property with both crypto and fiat) CHELLE SERVICE CAPITAL INC FIND OUR VIDEO WALKTHROUGH HERE TOKEN ALLOCATION OUR ROADMAP OUR TEAM FOLLOW US HERE
  6. REDEFINING MOBILE MONEY WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | TELEGRAM | MEDIUM DéMars proposes a blockchain that can run trustlessly and securely with low computing and low data transfer requirements. Nodes are fully autonomous and do not depend on third parties or other nodes for full validation. It runs on a structured peer-to-peer network based on hypercube geometry. Hypercube geometry is based on a concept of measurable node proximity by using Hamming distances between nodes and provides an efficient navigation algorithm to communicate with defined neighbourhoods. This provides DéMars with unbiased network zones at different points in time which are responsible for electing proposers and validators which carry out consensus messaging within the boundaries of the zones. DéMars deviates majorly from most blockchain solutions by the supposition that all blocks, which maintain all the transactions since the genesis block which in the case of Bitcoin involves a download of over 150GB of data (at the time of writing), are not necessary to validate a blockchain. Hardworking People Pay The Price Why DéMars Is The Solution The Technology behind DéMars DéMars is a structured, peer-to-peer distributed computer network. It is a Byzantine fault tolerant blockchain which uses network segments to reduce the storage and network transfer costs, thereby enabling it to execute on mobile nodes. Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts. Go Through Our Video Story Of DMC ROADMAP Leadership Team -----
  7. Andy Blignaut


    Well, trust me this is NOT an easy thing to do and that’s why a lot needs to be worked out. IF you want a worthy thing, then instead of just trying to find developers, you need to UNDERSTAND how this works. Otherwise, everyone is experts by claims, but to judge right one, you need to have a BASIC idea. I would refer you to this contract, Svitla Systems, as this is a wonderful guide for someone like you who got ZERO knowledge. So, check it first before trying to find anyone.
  8. In recent years, Cryptocurrencies fever have spread like fire and with that, Crypto trading has become one of the highly preferred ways for people, especially for Millennial to make money through it. However, with the growing popularity, there are also growing problem and issues with people struggling to make money consistently. It often is to do with no proper guidance available and the most system’s not worthy enough to follow with confidence. So, what can change this or be the solution? The answer is simple and straightforward! Introducing to you, the solution that was always desired for “Project X” Project X, is a vision, which is to give people that KEY, which will unlock any and every door of SUCCESS on the field of Crypto trading! Project X aims to generate alternative products to achieve maximum productivity for the Cryptocurrency markets, the fastest growing community of modern times. The very FIRST product is “ProBOT”, it’s a dream creation to help people maximize profitability trading Cryptos by integrating Project X ProBOT V2 with the on-going R&D activities. The single target of this creation is to become the world’s MOST preferred RoBOT with the constantly updating market analysis, exchanges and team of Traders. The technology; Project X introduces a unique technology, enabling one to make profits without being dependant on anyone else, a computer, or a corporation, even when you are on a vacation, asleep or running your daily errands. As ProBOT V2 continues working 24/7 to maximize the profits for its users, using its constantly updating software, even if one has no knowledge on cryptocurrencies, exchanges or trading. Project X was founded in 2017 by Mr. Marian Tudor, Esq. at the United States of America. He closely monitored the developments in cryptocurrency markets for years and decided to develop this experience with a professional team of traders, and from there came the birth of this dream called “PROJECT X”. Project X’s biggest breakthrough came during 1st January, 2018, when the initial version of ProBOT was aired and got spread rapidly spread in over 20 countries. With the ultimate aim to spread all over the world, Marian Tudor responded to countless user reactions and requests, launching ProBOT V2 with various trading alternatives and a state-of-the-art signal monitor, which is also very easy to use and generates more profits than its former version. What makes “PROBOT V2” different from the stuff available in the market and ones you see on a routine basis? Let’s take a quick look at the features of ProBOT V2 Trade Robot. 1. Complete security for your information with it being safeguarded by an expert team of network engineers, using the multi backup algorithm. 2. Purchasing/Selling coins using ProBOT V2 Signal Monitor that compiles all information for you, without the need of separately login to the exchange. 3. All transactions are carried out 24/7, by the special software and professional traders at Project X, with no requirement of your presence. 4. Can integrate the ProBOT V2 to trade with all or some of your BTCs at your exchange. 5. Complete coverage of the day to day development in the world of Cryptos through the engine to grab the latest news, whether it’s positive or negative. 6. Mobile application available to make trading and monitoring simpler. 7. Affiliate benefits with earning immediately released to the users for referring people to ProBOT 8. ProBOT V2 includes 6 different trading strategies, which include: Auto Trade, Technical Trade, Ping-Pong, Manuel Trade, Scalping and Social Trade. 9. ProBOT V2's latest strategy, the 6th one is Social Trade (The Social Trade ecosystem), which allows you to choose and follow the BEST traders on the platform with their strategies, which enables people to make huge profits without any efforts! 10. ProBOT V2 enables you to position yourself as its analyses all technical indicators using its Signal Monitor, even without having any trading experience. 11. ProBOT V2 allows you to make profits without any experience or knowledge, through the option of keeping settings under control. 12. ProBOT V2 license is valid for Project X’s entire lifespan, without any hidden weekly/monthly or yearly charges. 13. ProBOT V2 users are entitled to updates by Project X, free of ANY charges. With such features, it makes ProBOT V2 unparalleled to its competitors! So, are you ready to trade in simpler, easier and more profitable way with ProBOT V2, which is the world’s most user-friendly cryptocurrency trading robot! Check below for further info: Official Website: http://projectx-online.com/patronkaan
  9. Dear readers, This morning, I received this email from a friend, who is highly concern for the Crypto world, so I felt required to share it with you guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dobitrade Team, Over the years, you’ve established yourselves as one of the fastest growing and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Your high level of scrutiny before enlisting any cryptocurrency on your exchange has been the gold standard for the industry. However, your reputation in this regard may be at stake, going by the most recent news of you contemplating listing Giracoin/Girauno on your exchange. As you may be aware, there are an endless number of fraudulent cryptocurrencies in the market, and I would like to bring to your notice the fact that Giracoin/Girauno is one such cryptocurrency. You would be well advised to carry out a thorough background check of the founders - Gian-Carlo Collenberg, Ramon Simon - of the cryptocurrency and their credentials, before taking a call on enlisting them on an exchange as reputed as Dobitrade. Do read through the inputs below and check the facts listed to support and justify this claim. Giracoin/Girauno is an MLM Coin An MLM Coin, which until recently was a closed Blockchain, Giracoin/Girauno has wilfully wronged various investors, fleecing them of their hard earned money, by constantly and shamelessly leveraging their ‘Swiss’ origins. The company has time and again closed accounts of members who trusted the company with their time and money. There are various pending charges levied against Gian-Carlo Collenberg and Ramon Simon in Switzerland. One such pending lawsuit against Gian-Carlo Collenberg is that of swindling an investor of 4.5 million Swiss Francs. The founder has since resorted to a much more subtle, yet blatantly shrewd new tactic of fleecing a larger number of investors of relatively smaller amounts, so as to avoid drawing attention towards its illicit activities. Gian-Carlo Collenberg cruely jeopardising lives of newborn with SwSI Medical AG Gian-Carlo Collenberg—the CEO of the company—earlier formed a company called SwSI Medical AG that has a notorious reputation of selling defective products such as rusty and deformed cannulas, jeopardising the lives of newborn babies. German article in Newspaper: https://m.derbund.ch/articles/5a591485ab5c372a94000001 German article in of the well known Newspaper: Published documents and proves that Gian-Carlo Collenberg even hired hitman to silence the investor and draw back the lawsuit. http://www.starke-schule-beider-basel.ch/Files/BAZ01-0504-026.pdf Gian-Carlo Collenberg Scamming tactics Furthermore, Gian-Carlo Collenberg is infamous for launching new companies, scamming investors and subsequently liquidating it. https://www.easymonitoring.ch/handelsregister/universe-cars-gmbh-1233573 Read also https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4861923.0 to further back this claim. Often, he has been known to utilize the investments of unsuspecting investors in one particular fraudulent project for funding another. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/officers/ru69vQlqJzoO6HOT_4pVvWdWLbU/appointments Do find attached herewith, the brochure circulated among the team, detailing the proposal of the MLM plan. Also attached for your perusal is the screenshot of the chat between the founder and networkers, explicitly advising them against posting anything in Dobitrade chat which would reveal that it is an MLM Coin. Earliest Brochure promoting MLM System: https://www.slideshare.net/RobertoHintermann/giracoin-brochure-english Latest Brochure: Attached A sample link for Registering MLM Partner: https://portal.giracoin.com/partner/leader2020 It might interest you to know that most of the accomplished advisors who were attached with company during its inception, severed all ties with it on learning of the various scams linked to the founder and on realising that Giracoin/Girauno is also going down the same path. This information has largely been withheld from being publicised. However, you could reach out to the original team of advisors to get a better understanding of the ground reality. https://nulltx.com/gira-financial-announces-advisory-board-composition/ https://giracoin-mining.com/blog/en/george-schmidt-se-une-al-comite-asesor-senior-de-gira-financial-group-ag/ Korfmann, Rytz, Schmidt, and Katz are some of the many noteworthy names that disassociated with the company shortly after its inception. You could use https://www.riskscreen.com/ or any similar service to get further insights on the founders of the coin. I am an avid follower and user of cryptocurrency and distributed ledger technology, and truly believe in its incredible potential to do good. I haven’t a doubt that in light of the new information shared with you, you would revisit your decision of enlisting Giracoin/Girauno on Dobitrade, so as to not be linked with such a highly notorious and fraudulent company. Thanking you. Yours sincerely, An extremely perturbed Cryptoenthusiast
  10. Are you a full time worker seeking to make passive income while concentrating on your regular job? Then you’re at the right place. Pure Investments have the requisite mentorship skills to mentor you in order to start making money. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced trader, you can grow your investment in cryptocurrency by partnering with Pure Investments. That’s not all; Pure Investments runs a blog to update her users with the trending news in the cryptocurrency industry. You can take advantage of this blog to get updated regardless of your experience. Check Pure Investments website to get started.
  11. SMIGG COIN BLOCKCHAIN BASED SEARCH ENGINE WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER |TELEGRAM |REDDIT |WHITEPAPER |YOUTUBE |MEDIUM The SMIGG project is an innovative approach to change how we think and interact with the world of e-commerce by means of digitalization and virtualization, which are prerequisites for “tokenization” on the Blockchain. Bringing you an innovating blockchain base decentralized search engine (smiggsearch) and an open hand innovative token platform we have no limits for our tokenomy opportunities. Smigg’s Ambition It clears the technical concepts behind Blockchain, smart contracts, DAAP, Ethereum and which challenges they help to solve for the management of the e-commerce assets as a protocol. In particular, the market price stability of SMIGG token is in our view essential to power the SMIGG “tokenomy the (SMGC). Our Ambition is to provide solutions that describe the needs for successful data-driven investments and also to provide a blockchain based search engine having a facility for creativity. Jobs for software development, Monetization, freelancing platform and many more innovations, through which a wave of technological innovations that will disrupt and change the current HR landscape. Smigg Payment Gateway To make the online transaction a lot easier than ever before and making the online payment a fun, we aim to deliver a flexible payment gateway which works in a single click, moving funds across the globe and having fun in online shopping was not as much easier before. The SMIGG payment gateway is a secure, decentralized, powerful method for online P2P and e-commerce platform transactions, Light-weight, easy to use and comprehensive solution for the economy. Smigg Wallet The Smiggcoin will act as a payment unit on the Smigg platform. The need for a Token is based on the need to credit funds from advertisers’ accounts for the displays of advertising materials that they have bought. Basic cryptocurrencies do not allow the crediting of funds from third party accounts even if one has permission from the third parties. The Token allows for setting quotas (allowances) to a specific address within which the owner of the address can use the funds available on the account. The Smigg platform will allow the input of Tokens into the system and their output for a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies. The Smigg platform will allow the input of Tokens into the system and their output for a wide range of crypto and fiat currencies. Any user can exchange his tokens for such cryptocurrencies as ETH, BTC, USD, etc. using the Smigg exchange rates. The exchange rates will be determined by the needs of the market and based on the trade data of the Smiggcoin. Smigg Debit Card Our purpose is to provide a secure transaction methods and ease of use, a debit card not only omnipotent for our customers. Smigg debitcarrd will give you lots of ways for you convenience in the payment on a global scale. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to sign up and get yourself a debit card Smigg, this requires you to authenticate personal identity through all major email (KYC procedures). After completing the procedure, the system will automatically save and send the card to the address you registered card without losing any of the cost. Smigg Debit Card can be used both methods to purchase online and offline in addition to accepting Global trade in these locations than at 300 thousand place of purchase.[/size] Smigg Innovation Fund We are researching and developing a decentralized Fund based system Smigg Smart Contract. Decentralized Funds maybe no longer strange to many people. Our Foundation is an incredible idea was done by a team of the technician and the advisor has extensive experience in the creation and development of ICO. The Foundation’s activities based on the trust and interest from the customers, based on Smart Contract individual as a registered member Smigg will have the right to contribute to the Fund, entitled Smiggcoin. Innovation Fund of Smiggcoin shall take a part of this fund to support the others project which has the ability to succeed in the near future. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES Buying our token means you are partnering with us for our bright future. We will continually be working on new ideas and new technologies to better our partnership with you. There is no limit to where we can take Smigg Coin with the work we are willing to put in. Being involved in the early stages of this platform puts you in the best position for when we are fully operational. You can manage everything. Anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection can participate in the global marketplace. Integrates blockchain technology with search system to provide unique job and freelancing searching. SMIGG COIN TOKENOMICS Smigg Coin will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform. It’s compatibility of the token with third-party services wallets, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use integration. Pre-Sale : Start Oct 29, 2018 (9:00AM GMT) Pre-Sale End : Nov 30, 2018 (11:00AM GMT) Acceptable currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH etc Number of tokens for sale : 900,000,000 SMGC Tokens exchange rate : 1 SMGC = 0.01 USD Minimal transaction amount : No Minimum Transactions OUR ROADMAP OUR PRESTIGIOUS TEAM FOLLOW US HERE -----
  12. Imagine a world where you can do what you desire, imagine a place where your security and safety is not compromised. With the rise of the Blockchain technology and the Crypto industry, it has given people the luxury of remaining anonymous, it has given people the benefit of staying safe and secure. However, with such demand the difficulty too has increased, especially in terms of trading, exchanging and keep funds secure. So what’s the easy solution that can make your imagination a reality? The solution is called “Coinxes”, a trading platform that’s created and designed specifically for beginners who have always found Crypto trading difficult, expensive and insecure! Coinxes is a P2P exchange with a system that is not just secure, safe but also beneficial for everyone involved! With the decentralized Cryptocurrency P2P secure transactions, all payment is verified before being released from escrow. With no storage of Cryptocurrency, there is no fear of hacking, which enables a safe and peaceful environment for people with their digital assets. And a system that allows YOU to create your own trade directly with another person based on the amount of Cryptocurrency you want to buy or sell, along with the country and payment method. Coinxes empowers traders with buyers and sellers to agree on terms of trade by setting their own price, the volume of trade and types of payment that they want to accept. Cryptocurrency is kept in Escrow accounts and released when payment is verified and there are NO FEES for withdrawals! Coinxes comes with a long list of features, which not only are meant to take the whole industry to the next level but also will make it extremely comfortable for people looking for trading without complicating stuff! With Coinxes, starting up is as simple as it gets! All you need is to open up an account to get started with posting a trade and get rolling, it is a type of creation that you have waited for years, so join it now! Check below for further details: - Official Website: Coinxes: https://www.coinxes.com - Social Media Links: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Coinxes-208578143095412 Telegram: https://t.me/coinxes Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinxes2 Gplus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101687501788969046554 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coinxes-p2p-4a992a172 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coinxes/
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  14. ConvertVR ICO begins from Monday (15th October, 2018), it lasts for 7 DAYS! Each day there will be 666,000 concertVR Token distributed with a Bonus of 50%. The distribution will start at 12 pm German time each day! So, don't miss it! Imagine a situation where you have the choice of choosing the type of live concert or artists to watch from the comfort of your home or office. This is exactly what the concertVR platform is all about. ConcertVR’s experience is not just limited to live concerts. You will also have the opportunity to choose concerts and songs on demand from an ever-growing concertVR library. And If you are an artist or an entertainer seeking for a user-friendly blockchain-based platform where you can reposition yourself for your fans to watch your live concert without physically attending the concert, then seek no further; you are at the right now. The ConcertVR blockchain will help artists and entertainers to overcome all the challenges inherent in the music and entertainment industry. The music and entertainment marketplace is one that has its own challenges. One of such challenges is the fact that you have to purchase the platform’s token to enable you buy the platform’s content. Even though it is mandatory to purchase concertVR tokens to buy content in their app, they also accept various cryptocurrencies besides all well-established payment methods. So, come be part of this thrilling experience that could change your life in many ways! The ICO begins in next few hours with 50% bonus, so do not miss this opportunity!
  15. ConvertVR ICO begins from Monday (15th October, 2018), it lasts for 7 DAYS! Each day there will be 666,000 concertVR Token distributed with a Bonus of 50%. The distribution will start at 12 pm German time each day! So, don't miss it! Any country or society that wishes to progress and have a sustained growth must never neglect its youths. The youth remains the pivot of any society and everything possible should be done to keep them focused and productive. A country with a focused youth is comparable to a country with a bright future. However, raising focused and productive youths does not happen by accident but takes a deliberate effort. There are several ways to keep the youths from being distracted. One of such ways is through the power of music. That is what ConcertVR seeks to achieve! ConcertVR - The first blockchain based cross-platform marketplace for high-quality VR content from the music and entertainment sector, their aim is to get the youth actively involved and do so in an interesting way. But why are they laying their emphasis on the youths? Youths are highly active and can easily be distracted if there is nothing to keep them engaged. But with ConcertVR, the youths can now be brought closer to what appeals to them – music. How do they help the youths? • They enable users to enjoy real concerts in Virtual Reality. With your time of choice, this can be made available on demand or in realtime. • Youths can enjoy the contents across any platform after it is purchased. You can enjoy it on VR glasses, Smartphone, SmartTV or browser. • Discover your choice artists and acts by searching through the various categories • You also have to decide the camera perspective from which to enjoy the concert. • Inform your friends via the social media about the concert you are watching. • Directly invite your friends while the concert is ongoing and also chat with them. ConcertVR ensures that creativity is handsomely rewarded. Letting the youths know how much their creative ability is valued makes them willing to devote their precious time to creating things that add value to society. As an artist, it is easy to make money on the ConcertVR platform and improve one’s financial strength. On the platform, artists are able to do the following: • Put their VR content in the marketplace and personally retain their copyright. ConcertVR does not share or take over your copyright. • Sell VR live tickets, individual songs or recorded concerts • Sell an unlimited number of tickets without experiencing a live concert sell out. • ConcertVR helps artists provide an analysis tool • ConcertVR offers both recording of live concerts and live streaming on the artist’s behalf. • As much as possible, they help provide adjustment of prices and descriptions of content that are never interrupted. Youths are easily distracted or discouraged when there is nothing to keep them busy. Besides, they also get attracted into crimes and other vices. Their high level of energy needs to be channeled into something meaningful and more rewarding. With ConcertVR, youthful talents are no longer wasted but guided in the right direction and rewarded handsomely. This concrete means of reward reassures the youth and addresses the issue of compensation for their creativity thereby getting the vast majority of them off crime and boredom.