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  1. Since a couple of years ago, global attention has shifted drastically to investing in digital assets. The good news is the avalanche of platforms where individuals can buy and sell digital assets with relative ease. Although the available options promised to be the best platform for making digital asset transactions, they have failed to live up to their billings. That necessitated the need for an exchange company that can walk the talk: Coinsquare. Coinsquare was created in 2014 to address the needs in the cryptocurrency world. Since its establishment as a reliable exchange, it has followed its mission “to revolutionize and simplify the buying and selling of digital assets.” Over the years, the company has stayed true to its promise by delivering top-notch services to its users. It doesn’t achieve that through the stroke of luck. The company worked hard to carve a niche for itself by making provision for its users. This involves creating different plans with different features that are designed to meet the specific needs of the users. Regardless of your years of experience in the digital currency world, Coinsquare has made its platform suitable for your needs. Trading methods The Coinsquare platform has multiple trading methods for the variety of users of the platform. The available trading methods are: 1. Quick Trade Quick Trade is primarily designed to give newbies the opportunity to conduct transactions with ease. The features of the trading method include: • Availability on Android/iOS devices to make trading on the go easier for the users. • Access to valuable live quote. • An affordable fee of 0.2%-0.4%. 2. Trading Desk Specifically designed for traders who have been in the business for years and conduct large volume trades, this trading method cares for the needs of traders who can trade with as low as $25,000. Such traders will enjoy these benefits: • Quote through phone, • Quote through email. • Live support. 3. Advanced Trade Experienced traders will find this trading method apt for their transactions. A special trading platform, it offers these benefits: • A custom dashboard. • Preset pairing selections for setting limit orders. • Low fees between 0.1% and 0.2%. You may be wondering why Coinsquare is considered to be head and shoulder taller than its competitors. Well, in addition to the multiple trading methods that accommodate the different needs of its host of users, it also offers the following benefits that are very rare to find in most trading platforms: 1. Referral commission This trading platform offers you the opportunity to earn passive income while conducting transactions. You stand a good chance to earn as much as 45% commission for each referral you make to the company. Whenever your referrals conduct transactions, you will receive your BTC commission. That’s a great way to earn passively for as long as you want. 2. Easy transaction If you have experienced difficult trading processes on other platforms, you will be spared of such experience on Coinsquare. As depicted in the image below, the transaction process is easy and smooth. To make transactions easier, you also have all the information about your transactions in addition to other valuable pieces of information. 3. Second-to-none security Coinsquare claims to the most secure trading platform. Well, that claim shouldn’t be taken with a pinch of salt because the platform’s proprietary system ranks high among trading platforms that have been fully tested to ascertain how it can handle stress and DDoS. It is reassuring that it aced the test, making this platform a very secure option for those who are worried about security issues. 4. Quick and better trades Speed of transaction is one of the major factors that are considered when choosing a trading platform. The availability of a wide range of trading methods ensure that you can get faster transactions done by using the right method that guarantees better trades than using a random method that may pose unwanted issues. This great trading platform offers you these benefits and more. However, before you can take advantage of the awesome offers to make trading easier for you, you must first sign up on the platform. The sign-up process is simple and straightforward. You are only required to provide the right information in the form and you are good to go. Don’t forget to check the “Terms and Conditions” box to indicate your willingness and readiness to abide by the conditions attached to your membership as well as the company’s Privacy Policy. Without this, your sign-up application won’t be approved. In spite of the huge collection of digital asset trading platform available across the globe, the distinct features of this trading platform make it stand out among its peers, making it a go-to platform for cryptocurrency traders who want nothing but the best service, but now and in the future. Get further details from: https://join.coinsquare.com
  2. The cryptocurrency industry is gradually evolving. As the awareness for digital currency and GAMING Token Offerings increases, STARS has joined the list of cryptocurrency companies that are throwing their weight behind the evolution of the industry. The company claims to be “gearing towards a decentralized financial abc ecosystem.” The implication is the readiness of the company to contribute its own little quota to the industry’s growth. It makes its contributions through its GTO, tokens, and its readiness to assist potential token owners to see their dream come true. These features have contributed to STARS uniqueness in the industry and as a trendsetter as well. STARS Details The STARS Gaming token offering can be identified with its peculiar information. Below are the GTO details: • GTO name: STRS • Sale date: The public GTO opens on January 3rd, 2019, and ends on March 2nd, 2019. • Symbol: STRS • GTO price: The presale price is $1.5 Within the sales period, potential investors can purchase their desired GTO quantity. At the moment, the GTO company accepts payment with some digital currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Waves, with a promise to introduce more digital coins that can be used for transaction in the future. This is beyond mere wishful thinking. The company has put forth every effort to live up to each word of its promise. A couple of its features are: 1. It promotes token creation Have you been contemplating launching your own token but don’t know how to go about it? If that’s what you are currently going through, MYICOPAD offers everyone the opportunity to launch their own tokens. Click the “LAUNCH TOKENS” button on the home page to start the process. After clicking the button, you will be required to fill the form below with accurate information: This is just a section of the form. Scroll down the page to see the entire form and fill it accordingly. That’s the first step towards creating your own token. Click “SAVE & SUBMIT” after you have filled the form meticulously. Token information Some valuable pieces of information about this token are listed below: • Total token: 50 million. • Soft Cap: $50,000 • Hard Cap: $100,000 • Current outstanding tokens: 12% • Marketing 1% • Casino bank: 52.8% • GTO: 13.2% • Bounty:1% • Management: 20% • Currency: Waves The fund allocation is explicitly explained with the image below: In addition to these two most important features, MYICOPAD also promises investors: • Full control of your ICO dashboard. • Huge user database. • Token purchases with the appropriate legal agreement. • Contract Management System. • Listing of multiple ICOs on a single platform. • Smart Contract technology. 2. Game Token Offer (GTO) A blaze trailer, STARS also presents Game Token Offer to cryptocurrency investors who are also passionate about online gaming. As the first in that niche, this company has rolled out STARS in order to bring the gaming community together by leveraging the best of blockchain technology. STARS was developed specifically as the digital currency of choice for the online gaming community and online casinos. Through the gamers’ community and its casino, STARS has succeeded in creating the right utility for its tokens. This special token will serve as Co-Block Chain Platform that will form the basis for the creation of Ethereum (ERC-20) and Turtle Network (TN) tokens with a gateway. This token, ERC-20 STARS, is designed to be used exclusively in poker and casino platforms. The GTO serves some purposes that will make it a go-to token for online gamers in the near future. Some of its unique features are: • Offering Loyalty, Promotion, and VIP bonus for the users • A crypto casino that boasts of over 10 different live casino games. • STARS merchant account and company bank. • Over 40 gambling software providers. • Game management system and banner. • Online shops with casinos. • Mobile version availability. You can see the first Gaming Token Offering in history on the platform’s official website. It is one of the first gaming tokens that are created on two different blockchain technologies. A gateway was used for connecting the separate technologies to make the dream of a gaming token come true. You stand to get an impressive bonus if you join the platform early. These are the bonuses: • GTO Week-01: 20% bonus. • GTO Week-02: 15% bonus. • GTO Week-03: 10% bonus. In addition to the mouthwatering bonuses on offer is the GTO token you can use for online gaming and other features. Act now before the company is oversaturated. Take full advantage of the opportunity before it is too late to act. http://www.myicopad.com/
  3. Asian equities: Bearishly optimistic There has been a lot to be bearish about Asia in 2018, but in my view, selling fatigue has set in among investors. Markets are now oversold. While the outlook maybe somewhat cloudy, markets seem to have priced in a substantially and probably unrealistically – more negative outcome. There has been a lot to be bearish about Asia in 2018. If it could have gone wrong, it invariably did: tense geopolitiAAUC, slowing economic growth, and volatile markets clouding sentiment and keeping investors overwhelmingly in cash. The aggregate GDP growth for non-Japan Asia fell to 3.7% in Q3 2018 from 4.3% in Q2 2018, its lowest rate in two years. And while we expect a modest uptick in growth in the coming quarters – alongside an upturn in the global industrial production cycle – overall growth is likely to remain rather subdued in 2019 as monetary policy tightens in response to the Fed. Coincident with lackluster growth – after nine months of underperformance against developed markets – local equity investors seemed to have given up the ghost and capitulated with price levels and selling volumes – right across the region – back to levels last seen in 2016. But 2018 is not quite over yet, and readers will have noted in these pages a modest change in sentiment in recent weeks, reflecting improved capital inflows and consolidating price action. As usual, China is the driving force behind this change in fortune with the latest stimulus-induced infrastructure investment growth turning positive and evidence of an uptick in manufacturing investment growth. China’s capital inflows recover Evidently, with the huge surge in inflows, Chinese investors appear to be positioning for a bounce in risk sentiment. In previous commentaries, I have described China’s equity markets – and its excessively stretched valuations – as a “coiled spring” ready to release at the first credible sign of a buying catalyst. As such, we are closely monitoring the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in the final few days of November where a meeting between US President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping could well result in a political accommodation, which would be received positively by the market. But while China has been the center of attention and a likely major beneficiary of a thaw in trade relations between the two superpowers, what about Asia’s other major markets? How might they respond to a bounce in risk appetite? To discuss this question, we analyzed and back-tested – from a technical analysis perspective – the MSCI Asia ex-Japan (MXASJ) Index, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index (HSI), and the MSCI Singapore Index. Expected regional returns Mid-November saw the AAUC Global Risk Appetite Index (GRA) generate a weekly technical buy signal for the MSCI Asia ex- Japan Index (MXASJ) for the first time since mid-2015. As the analysis suggests, this typically represents Important Information: This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.
  4. It’s a very simple question yet not many are aware because no one focus on this aspect of the Crypto industry, which is a major reason why everyone is often left stun with the situations we see of the market. But not me, I keep myself aware of all the Crypto Events for January or even any other month! It keeps me comfortable and ahead of others, eventually leading to making good profits and that consistently too.
  5. Weekly focus - Oil due for a bounce Black gold back on track Oil prices have slumped since early October amid an abrupt positioning unwind among investors accompanied by bearish fundamentals. This may well change as developments related to Iran, 4FV 123 turn supportive. Hence, we see chances of a tactical rebound in the coming weeks and recommend adding exposure, either directly or by exploring option strategies. Another way of gaining exposure is via energy equities. Q3 results confirmed that energy profits remain in a strong recovery mode and the vast majority of our energy top picks reported double-digit earnings growth. We outline our preferred companies. Important Information: This report represents the views of the Investment Strategy Department of AAUC and has not been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements designed to promote the place to manage conflicts of interest including policies relating to dealing ahead of the dissemination of investment research. These policies do not apply to the views of Investment Strategists contained in this report. Please find further important information at the end of this material. Singapore: For accredited investors only. Hong Kong: For professional investors only. Australia: For wholesale clients only. This part of the material: (i) aims to provide macro-market commentary; (ii) does not contain any statements or advice in relation to any specific marketable security or financial product; and (iii) does not take into account your personal circumstances and should not be treated as any form of regulated financial advice, legal, tax or other regulated service.
  6. |||| After the Successful ICO, we are now launching the XchangeRate Robot Platform. What Is XchangeRate? XchangeRate Robot, the first AI (Augmented Intelligence) powered platform in the history of Cryptocurrency trading. The platform brings one unified interface to manage trades across all major exchanges along with powerful tools to increase profits for day traders from day one. XchangeRate 24hour Live Feeds Scoreboards Pricing And Where To Buy? XRR Token is the currency for the XchangeRate platform. XRR is an Ethereum erc20 token. A user is required to have a designated wallet that will be used as the primary wallet for platform transactions. The wallet shouldn’t be from an exchange. It should be on a wallet that supports erc20 tokens. You can use the XchangeRate calculator to determine how many tokens you would need to purchase to enjoy XRR services. How XchangeRate Services Are Priced? How To Our Partners Join Us Here ||||
  7. | ||| Why BitAlley? BitAlley is a platform that will make it easy to buy and sell assets and services using cryptocurrency. The platform features a beautifully intuitive interface that is easy to use. BitAlley Coin is a functional coin which will power the BitAlley premium services as well as function as an additional peer to peer (“p2p”) payment option. BitAlley will make it easy for cryptocurrency beginners and even people not involved with cryptocurrency to enter the market and get cryptocurrency by selling goods and services and for owners of crypto to spend their currency. This innovative approach, to enable the cryptocurrency infrastructure, is not found in the existing space. We therefore believe it will make a great impact in the space. Our Key Features Here are some of our features: - Easy listing with picture and description - Listings organized by location proximity - App for iOS and Android - Availability in many languages and in many markets - Simple authentication - Multiple cryptocurrency pricing – user’s choice on which to accept - Crypto wallet integration with easy withdrawals to wallets of your choice - Continuous updates and improvements The Problem And The Solution The platform will be very intuitive. Once you post an item and the currency you are looking for buyers will have a chance to see your ad and reply. Once you find the right buyer you can set up a meeting place and meet to complete the transaction. On the buyer's side, they simply open the app and go to the payment option to send the payment to the seller. The current marketspace lacks easy and intuitive solutions to transacting with crypto. Presently quality development and marketplaces do not exist to provide the infrastructure for crypto to become a part of everyday life. Our goals include making crypto more attainable. The p2p market is in the billions and it is growing. The current solutions have barriers for crypto and are not supportive of new crypto users. This is where BitAlley comes in. Unlike other marketplaces, BitAlley is an all in one solution that not only connects buyers and sellers but also incorporates a crypto payment gateway for easy acceptance of crypto. The service is offered as a free service and premium features are only added to enhance the selling process. Transaction reviews keep buyers and sellers honest and professional towards each other as they try and build up their trust scores. We will accept many payment options depending on the cryptocurrency payment gateway we choose to integrate into our platform. Sellers can select what to accept from our available currencies. Token Distribution Roadmap Reach Us Here --
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    Life is really precious yet often people are forced to compromise on the quality of it, due to the financial challenges they face. With the fast life of this generation, it’s hard to face the day to day challenges, especially in regards to the financial woes many go through. The gap between needs and income is sharply widening from the wrong side, with salaries/income continuously shrinking, it’s becoming a massive mismatch for many. So, it’s time to look at solutions to end the misery for many, it’s to time to look at alternatives to add up income. With these present times, multiple sources of income are the need of the hour, to keep one floated and through which one could lead a healthy, wealthy and comfortable life. Amongst such ways, it’s trading that’s considered most highly in terms of the potential and easiness. And there comes the latest term in trading “Cryptocurrency Trading”, a way that has brought mind-boggling results in last few years for many. But how is it EASY to begin up the journey here? It’s NEVER easy but with desire, passion, and dedication it can be achieved! And to make it easier, comes Cointalkr to support. Cointalkr is something that’s going to target an aspect that’s left ignored by the majority and often the reason for wrong choices! When we talk about trading, it is obvious to talk about Fundamental and Technical way of analyzing, but no one talks about “Sentimental Analysis”, a key aspect for ANY successful trader. This is where Cointalkr is so special with their belief in social sentiments and understanding that it can affect the prices in a dramatic way! Cointalkr is a tool that’s designed and created to help gather social information (from transaction and “influencers”) and combined it in one place to help investors make BETTER and CORRECT decisions. Cointalkr gathers information from various sources (currently from raw data and influencers from Twitter and YouTube). Currently, Binance is used to monitor, as it’s the largest markets in the world and provides with informatics API, which allows using the information for analyzing while more markets are likely to be added in the future! So, now is your chance to try it out, try out something that’s meant to make your life easy, simple, profitable and enjoyable! Come be part of Cointalkr, where opportunities are spotted in a blink of an eye! Check further details below: Official Website: https://cointalkr.com Contact: [email protected]
  9. Andy Blignaut

    I believe with these things a proper guidance is necessary. I would suggest looking at Cryptolinks, where there is proper Cryptocurrency Developer guidance, which could really help, but other than this, you need to have sufficient knowledge to get this worked. When it comes to development, it is the TOUGHEST thing to do, so with this you just can’t afford to be uncertain or else it could really be a massive struggle, which I believe no one should get into.
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    In very common sense way, it’s not possible to be suggesting 5. IF we do then it’s purely on heard, seen or checked basis instead of personally tried one. Anyone will use 1 or 2 options at most, if a serious suggestion is to be made, it is that way only. And that’s where I will only suggest one that I prefer using and that’s Coinsquare. Since they cover all aspect that I and majority seek, which include safety, security, easiness and affordable fees, so nothing else is really needed, for me atleast.
  11. Trading and investing in digital currency is a noble decision in this cryptocurrency age. With the wide acceptance of digital currencies in many countries and companies around the world, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to join the increasing number of cryptocurrency users and reap the huge benefits that come from trading in digital currencies. However, your success will depend to a great extent on the trading platform you trade on. Although there are scores of exchange platforms, most of the exchanges have some limiting factors that undermine their efficiency and general appeal. On the contrary, FASTCOINEX is a unique exchange platform that offers you a golden opportunity to invest in digital currency. What is FASTCOINEX? FASTCOINEX is a top-notch cryptocurrency mini-futures trading platform that is dedicated to providing the best services to cryptocurrency enthusiasts across the globe. Founded in Seychelles in 2018, the exchange has spread its operations across the world, with operation centers in Hong Kong, Seychelles, and Singapore to boosts its chances of reaching many people with its excellent services. It prides itself as the first Cryptocurrency Mini-Futures Exchange that offers its users high-quality trading product on mobile devices (recommend). Features of FASTCOINEX This exchange was designed with some awesome features that make it an outstanding digital currency exchange platform. It offers the following features and advantages over its competitors: • High security One of the outstanding features of the platform is its impressive security. Networks are monitored in real time while the platform itself boasts of an efficient anti-DOS attack system that fortifies it against cyberattack. Thus, you can rest assured that your digital currencies and transaction are shielded from the public eyes while unauthorized access to your coins is almost impossible. • Creditable The exchange doesn’t list some random currencies for exchange. It also doesn’t promote ICOs but supports USDT trading pairs that are widely adopted in the cryptocurrency community. This increases the overall credibility of the exchange since traders are assured that they won’t have any reason to trade in any coin that is not universally recognized and accepted. • Limited risk FASTCOINEX exchange has a built-in Stop-Loss and Take-Profit function that you can personally set to reduce your chances of losing more than you can afford to lose. For instance, in the image above, the Take-Profit function is set to 110%. This implies that the exchange should automatically sell your investment when it appreciates and can be sold to make a profit of 110%. On the other hand, the Stop-Loss enables you to have access to 80% of your investment if there is a sudden plunge in the value of your investment. This feature allows you to minimize your loss while maximizing your profit. • Low fund requirement You don’t need a huge sum of money to start transacting on the exchange. You can start with as low as $0.5. This makes FASTCOINEX retail trader friendly. Anyone can afford that amount and kickstart cryptocurrency trading on this awesome exchange. • Lightening fast trading speed A principle that involves matching buy orders with sell orders by using some algorithms and this will badly slow down the server processing speed, This principle is implemented by some big exchanges such as Okex, Binance, Huobi, even Bitmex, Matching Orders is time wasting. But, Fastcoinex simply takes all the orders with no condition. That makes instant deal possible without any delay. This is obviously the strongest point compared to the others. How does it work? The mode of operation of this platform is explained in the image below, using BTC as an example: Let’s assume that BTC price at the time of purchase is 6,000, you can select 1 quantity to buy and a margin ratio of 0.50%. The margin will be 30 at a margin fee of 4.2. If the Bitcoin price closes at $6060 at 1%, you will earn 60 USDT. On the other hand, you can use the “SELL” option as well. Its mode of operation is depicted in the image below: If you sell 1 Bitcoin at $6,000 with a margin ration of 0.50%, it will cost you 30 margins and 4.2 USDT fee. If the closing price is $5940, you will still earn 60USDT. This implies that whether you make a purchase or sell your BTC, you stand a good chance to earn. If you want an audio/visual step-by-step guide on how to make transactions on this platform, watch this video: https://youtu.be/piTR_jms76U Take advantage of the numerous features and appealing benefits of this futures exchange platform to increase your patronage in the cryptocurrency industry. You can start with small money and gradually increase your investment as you get used to the platform. Enjoy the lower barrier and attractive profits offered by the exchange. You can click here to sign up today and get 2 USDT vouchers as a welcome bonus. Use the barcode or link to invite your friends and receive a 30% commission on every trade.
  12. Life today is becoming extremely challenging and tough for everyone, especially to do with the financial aspect. It has become impossible for people to survive now with just one source of income, therefore, having multiple ways is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. However, with limited time and ability, it often becomes the BIGGEST hurdle for all to manage it. But that’s not an issue any longer with the rise of online opportunities to earn money. One such opportunity that has come knocking is called “DoneDonate” DoneDonate is a peer 2 peer donation system that allows you to be fully anonymous as a donator or receiver. It is a fair, organize and automatically structured donation received from the community. Receive donation via Bitcoins, Ethereum, local bank or point from potential donors. DoneDonate program is a very simple, easy and straightforward system, which aim to help people get donation through a simple, fair and organized manner. You can start with $10 donation that gets you into the LEVEL 1, which means DoneDonate system will automatically put three $10 donors under you. It gives you back as much as $30, which you could use to upgrade yourself to 2 Level, which enables you to receive a donation from nine people, which brings upto $270 and it continues that way till 8 Level! So, come and be part of this simple, exciting and thrilling opportunity to make money as you have NEVER done before!
  13. Andy Blignaut

    Seeking for a platform that supports multiple languages? The Dew Exchange has got you covered. Dew Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that leverages on the blockchain technology, as well as, cutting edge tools to provide users with a great trading experience. The platform hosts more than 30 digital currencies. Initially, the Dew Exchange offers English language alone. But right now, the platform extended to other languages. Each of the additional languages was introduced based on some factors such as usage and requests. Visit their website for more information on how to sign up.
  14. It’s so very crucial for one to pick right exchange to trade through, as there is a massive difference when you trade with quality exchange and when you trade with weak or lesser exchange. It’s very often that we see people not having much clue on where to pick, which causes most of the problem for everyone. I believe we need to do proper research to manage things right, and I would suggest Bitmex review, as it’s one of the top quality options for my liking. Cryptocointrade is one site where you can get plenty of important info, which can help you with things in major way.
  15. It’s not something strange that YouTube is amongst the BEST place for getting knowledge and idea about things. But how to find the BEST channel which keeps us on the mark with things? Now you can figure it all relatively easier and simpler via the list here of Best YouTube Cryptocurrency Channel. It is ideal way to keep us on with things and to help us with knowing latest and some inside of things, which results into great stuff.