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  1. Bitcoin is great but not the ultimate option, there are many other options that are worth going with, so we just have to be selective and that is something enough to help us gain. I have completely switched to upcoming ICOs; it is without the future way of investment and to top it, I have found Sphere, which is really going to change the landscape of this industry! It is always worthy to make such investments.
  2. I will be very honest that you can’t be making money just like that, as there is a lot to be done in order to get chance of making money. Firstly, we have to pick what we are good at. There are many ways to make money even in trading since there are various ways like Binary/Forex/Stock and all those, so that’s why we just need to be selective with the way we go about. Although, it might not be exactly easier to understand but I think this site spretting.co.uk will certainly make it easier!
  3. It depends on whether we want to do Forex/Binary/Stock or Penny trading, as one can select Best broker according to that criteria. I mostly look for doing Forex/Binary; it’s easier with Etoro, as they are amongst the most renowned name in the industry. It wasn’t so easy for me to select them but after knowing their pros and even cons, I found them to be best option. And, that is all thanks to binopt.co.uk, as without their guide there was no way I would have found them.
  4. I completely believe that tips is not the solution, it is more crucial that we go with step by step learning and have proper plans with things. It is not too tough for me to manage this thanks to Fxbuzz.co.uk, as they have brilliant structure that runs from how to go about investment to broker selection, and also about the way to trade, there is so much there to help us with.
  5. There is little to doubt on the importance of Social websites now. As the whole world is involved in it and everything is measured through it. However, with so many social sites from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Reddit and many others, it is very hard to choose between them. But now with Snapcoins, we have all features combined in one that helps you stay updated with the latest news and happening. While we can create our own stories or make comments on others story, so join one of the BEST platforms that give complete freedom to users to do whatever they wish! Join now https://snapycoins.com
  6. It’s so cruel to put a link that leads nowhere, it is not even worthy to listen to people like you. We need to ignore these types of people and look in serious way. We have great opportunity to pick out better options for our self and that could help us gain a lot. I consider this ICO, Sphere is amongst the BEST. The idea that its’ built is just marvelous, as they are working towards transparency, data security and giving us the control to make money! It has NEVER been done before, it is so refreshing to see such concept and success is almost assured.
  7. Nowadays, it is too common hearing about XYZ ICOs popping up and claiming to be the NEXT everything! But very few actually back it up and have a genuine approach to things. That’s why most of such ICOs are rubbed off right away and most are done in later stages, as they are only time killers. However, in between, there are many who are actually worthy and eligible to hold their heads high with having solid footing. One such name is Licensium & Trusted Nodes. Although, there are 2 stand-alone projects but running under one roof! There long pages of reasons for investment under them, when we talk about potential wise. But just on an upfront note, it’s to do with them been very solid and the professional way they are approaching things, it’s worth appreciating. I hear a lot of people say where is the time machine, so they can go back to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum. I say to them, use the machine that you already got and that's your brain! At least, I am using it with selecting them and with just 10 days away (their presale starts on 18th October), I will certainly want people to make the decision that even their kids remember!
  8. Some of these are good, but there are better options available. If you check the top upcoming ICOs, they can be brilliant investment for one and all. However, we need to be very correct in our judgment. I have invested in some of these, but right now my priority is only Drone Show Coin, as it’s one that is for the future! With the unique concept and the management, it’s just fireworks to be part of this!
  9. I will say this very strictly, it’s NOT possible to get rid of risky to finishing levels, so not even worthy trying it out. However, the thing that can be done is the part of reducing it and taking it to level where it won’t hurt us all that much. I am not an expert for this guide, but one with same worries not long ago. It all got solved by VERY simple way and that’s through using of MTP Trading Platform through MarketServicesAustralia. I love it in every way being able to get it on my smartphone and just play it exact way to generate handsome profits; it’s really perfect to make money!
  10. Making money in the world of trading via Stock/Binary is always considered very difficult for beginners, but that’s now no longer true! Now with MarketServicesAustralia, it’s possible to make money without any major effort. As all the research and analysis is done for us by their highly qualified team of experts with having over 40 years of experience and tons of knowledge. Providing us live trading signals that are sent to the computer and smart phone with all details from the entry point to exit, so that really makes making money walk in the park! The greatest benefit of this platform is the simplicity with proven methods and algorithms! With just 25/30 minutes average a day, it’s possible to make tons of money! Join the fun and change your life forever! Say Hello to the FUTURE!
  11. In all fairness, I believe it’s very much obvious that everyone feels they have got the best strategy working, but it’s often not true and that’s why we should not go with what we feel but we should go with what we see in terms of results because that matters most and that’s really what we need to be careful about. I don’t have any great strategy but I do have very easy strategy and so far, it has worked very nicely for me with been able to make good profits with relative ease and comfort which is to do with OctaFX broker which is top block having low spreads from 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 while there is also magnificent 50% bonus on deposit as well, so it all helps with working with smooth strategy.
  12. See, Boo_sl3, it’s obvious what you said but at the same time, it should be very much obvious for you is that you can’t get to that level just like that, if you are talking about controlling emotions or anything like that then you are not going to do it overnight or by magic, it’s going to be possible through hard work and putting effort into getting knowledge and experience. If we have those things into work then we can obviously bring our self into achieving profits and success not without it. Like I said, it’s easier with supportive broker like I have in OctaFX which is world class having excellent educational setup which guides us well and we can easily work out everything.
  13. To be able to win a trade is not tough and even slight luck is enough to make it possible, but what’s actually hard and is required to look after is to maintain winning and that’s possible only when we work out good strategy and stick with it. The most important deal here is demo account because that’s our biggest weapon at play; if we want to really work out good way then we need to have right strategy which is what will help working out things in terms of helping us make profits. I have all that but in that it’s well supported by OctaFX broker especially through their demo contest where I can practice in big way with chance of winning prize as well.
  14. Demo account is a very crucial part of things because it helps us get use to everything and we can move forward with doing everything while if we skip this phase then we will have obvious trouble and difficulty with managing things. I am able to do it all very nicely thanks to OctaFX broker where they have outstanding benefits and features including demo contest like cTrader, it’s awesome with been weekly based having 400 dollar prize to be won as well, so that’s why I like it quite a lot and that’s what helps me with trading and never feel boring at any stage and even if I don’t win the prize, I am still getting a lot of experience which is equally good.