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  1. When it comes to Crypto world, it’s not hard to say everyday people regret over their decisions, as the price continues to run wild. But now, it is irrelevant what you have done in past because Tumblrbee is here to make your present memorable, and therefore, ensuring a successful future as well. Tumblrbee is a company that helps us getting unbelievable returns on our investments. It’s an opportunity that not only will help you reach towards your desire of getting rich but also do it in highly secure and comfortable environment that with absolutely. Tumblrbee is London based Crypto-Forex trading company, which is licensed in the UK, so there are absolutely no issues over the safety of our investments. They use a stock market bot Ai Tumblr to double Bitcoin and providing 6 top notch investment plans that we can select from and with that, it is possible to double our investment within 5 days! So, be part of this memorable adventure, which promises to be the Golden chapter for investors!
  2. iFan brings celebrities closer to their fans and then helps them to get payments commensurate to their efforts. No more streaming of an artiste’s music without earning money. Fans build a cordial relationship with their idols and get first hand information from them. Celebrities can sell their compositions and music productions and be well paid. Making payment on the iFan platform is both fast and secure. Invest in the iFan token sale that comes up shortly, for a chance to build lasting wealth for now and the future.
  3. When we talk about Crypto world, it is not hard to figure out the opportunities. The thing is getting popular day by day, and we see the upcoming ICOs making a great contribution to that. Now comes a revolutionary ICO called Solareum. It is an option that is meant to the game changer, as it is the FIRST and FOREMOST Coin to be backed by major solar companies. Solareum is a crypto currency that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain with offering discounts on solar panels, free renewable items, discounts on exclusive solar heating, and rewards for ownership of solar panels all over the globe. The greatest part here is that unlike normal thing, it is Solareum that makes the change with individuals getting paid for making energy! Solareum pre-ICO starts from 25th December; it will be an opportunity not to be missed! So come forward and become a part of this revolutionary project that promises to change the world!
  4. This is certainly one of the BEST ICOs I have seen. With so many options and the rewards are unbelievably high. I believe anyone willing to make serious money; it is this option that is not to be missed. I am thankful to you for providing with such info. I have already joined in and will ask my friends too to join on this marvelous option that is Bitbeeline!
  5. The online world of video chatting is huge and is only growing in recent years! But mostly, it is without any quality and mostly, it’s so bad that you just don’t feel like using it. This is where CamX is going to be a revolutionary project based on Blockchain technology! CamX is a thrilling concept, which makes fraud impossible and protects the participant of the affiliate program: webmasters and web-models. It not only increases the revenue but also gives the kind of comfort everyone wants. The BIGGEST benefit with them is that all participants of ICO CamX will receive lifelong access to the paid livecam site with the level of privilege according to the amount of their investment! So, with the Token Sale on, it is not to be missed before it finishes on 18th December!
  6. Not exactly a fan of making money without hard work, but certainly no one minds winning something once in a while.... Thanks Dennis#MD Will certainly look forward to the next contest!
  7. Are you currently looking for a viable business or program where you can invest your hard-earned income and get a good Return on Investment (ROI)? Well, there are several startups and other existing businesses out there. But would they really give you what you want? Not all of them would, of course. However, you should not be discouraged because of that. Cryptofancy is out to give you the best possible ROI in the shortest time. Cryptofancy promises to provide you a direct access to advertisers, and help you buy the property and car of your choice. Investing in this program would be the wisest decision you ever made. In addition, Cryptofancy has a referral program that allows you to refer your friends and colleagues and get rewarded for your efforts. Join the affiliate program now while offer lasts. Register at http://bit.ly/cryptofancy
  8. Digital Currency is something that EVERYONE got fairly good idea about. But to be able to invest into the safest option, it is not the EASIEST of things to do for many, which is one major reason why people feel scared of making investment on this. But, now things will change rapidly with Bitconnect. It is without doubt the NEXT Bitcoin and having such digital assets can be life changing! So join in now to be part of the safest Crypto!
  9. There is little doubt about the future belonging to #Cryptocurrencies, it’s exactly why 55Cancri (also known as #TheDiamondPlanet ) offering the greatest opportunity that runs around Blockchain technology! #UROC, Inc. is the sole Ambassadors for the rightful owners of the 55 Cancri planetary systems located approximately 40 Light-Years from Earth. The company is selling Extraterrestrial Property ($25 per acre) on #55Cancri E, "The Diamond Planet". Which means having 75% discount from the actual price of $100 per acre, but this discount will remain only for short period, as the price of the property will go up to $55 per acre from February 2018, then finally increasing further to $105 by March 2018. So this is your opportunity to become part of the project that got the kind of potential that is NEVER seen before. It’s a massive project and running on grand scale, so this is the perfect time to get Cancri Diamond Coin, as this project is going to be a revolutionary one!
  10. Will certainly jump into Laptop, as it's more of a need for me instead of luxury!
  11. I highly doubt if anyone here reading will be unaware of Paypex. It is a platform that empowers and enhances the payment systems based on Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract; it increases the efficiency, decreases the cost of the money transfers and sends or receives cross-border payments instantly. With their sales already closed having achieved awesome results, it is just starting to rather steam and entering into the big league with it listed on Coinmarketcap! It is a major achievement by Paypex to be listed on there and slowly but surely they are reaching the desired destination. Join in through the exchanges; it can be the life changing opportunity you always wanted!
  12. Paxchange is not a new thing. I believe most people already have idea about it. As they have been running their service since last 5 years, where they have allowed people to buy Bitcoin fast and securely. As they are peer to peer Bitcoins exchange and helped people in over 10 countries to exchange Crypto currencies into their local currencies. And, now they have entered into a much bigger pool to help the people with their ideas in smartest way! With Paxchange, it will help people unlock the future with creating smart futures contracts for yet to be released ICO tokens, so it helps them to launch their business successfully. Paxchange token holders gets potion of transaction fees of the exchange enforced by a smart contract. With less than 20 hours to go for the launch, it is the ideal opportunity to become part of something spectacular, something larger than life type! Be a part of this deal that promises to change your future for good! They have really made everything very crystal clear; it can easily be understood by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zN3W7zAswOY https://paxchange.io/
  13. I don’t really use anything for tracking instead I do research that helps with knowing about best options. Right now, I am I have entire focus/interest in Caviar, it is epic by all standards with seriously great potential of Crypto and Real Estate in one token, so huge potential there with the token holders receiving 75% of quarterly profits via smart contract. It really makes it all huge hit! So really keeping watch on them as they are 3-4 weeks away from the presale.
  14. By now, I don’t think too many people are unaware of Harvest Master Coin; it is amongst the BEST option in this Crypto industry! With being decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries, which ensures lightning fast and secure transaction, multiple wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity, low number of confirmations, low fees and very low number of total coin supply for faster increase of value. Also, it is a rare coin that has over 80% Pure PoS block reward phase which is optimum for investments, and has stable building block of long term committed investors who guarantee the coin continuity. The more important reason why they are called the GAME CHANGER, is that unlike other cryptocurrencies utilizing Masternodes they don’t distribute the reward block equally but rather uses an unique Proof of Stake (PoS) to split the rewards block between the mining and Masternode distribution mechanisms, and that ensures the benefits are shared fairly, with also ensuring that the number of users conducting the PoS doesn’t decrease! My favorite part is that currently, there is 50% discount, so just life changing thing and WHO will not want to join them?
  15. When we talk about Crypto industry, there are many pros and cons. But some obvious issues are transaction taking huge time (for confirmation), fees increasing day by day, and the volatility. So, with that many not so favorable things we always want something better. And finally, our wish has been granted by Paypex! It is the solution for us with so many pros that were previously cons for us. Paypex is based on blockchain technology & digital wallet; it allows shop owners, eCommerce businesses or individuals to sign up in very simple way. With options off remit fund, pay shopping bills or shopping online from eCommerce websites with the instant transaction and absolutely zero fees! While the Paypex tokens will be available to be bought, sale or traded from exchanges on 2nd November 2017! Now is the time to have something that will be too precious in time to come or else, it will only be regrets that will be left!