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  1. And will you actually CARE to explain how they are the best? Its fine to have your own opinion but at least don’t try to put that as general view. They are NOT the best, at least not with this useless setting they got. The worst thing for newbies to do is to join bucket shops like them. I trade with FP Markets, it’s regulated by ASIC and is an Australian owned and operated company. They have over millions of client and have won 35 awards due to their service. However, the conditions are also exemplary with 0.1 pips spreads, lightning fast execution and much more.
  2. In a business like Forex, I don’t think we should settle for any less. So, I just want the BEST and that’s why I go with FP Markets, they are without doubt the perfect one. With been licensed by ASIC and also got incredible range of features from having over 1000 instruments to ultra-sharp spreads, fast execution, high leverage, daily market analysis and various guidance for education and all so much more. In fact, right now they have excellent webinar next week with covering major aspects like emotions!
  3. There is mountain of money in a business like Forex, but you need to be skillful to be able to get it. So we need to just focus hard on that level of game which where we will be able to gain maximum. I believe keeping everything simple is very helpful which is what I do through FP Markets, as they have excellent conditions from having transparent structure, tight spreads, high leverage, widest range of instruments from currency pairs, equities, indices, commodities and much more, it’s why they have won over 35 awards including Highest Overall Client Satisfaction!
  4. The category some of the posters above have mentioned are truly ridiculous and that’s being very generous I writing. Anyhow, if I waste time on that, it is not going to help anyone. I would say FP Markets are one of the companies you need to go with. I am not suggesting just this, but I am suggesting category of SUCH BROKERS. It’s a 100% Australian based and operated company with also been licensed by ASIC and is servicing in the market since last 12 years, so that is the real way of selection not some mumbo jumbo stuff.
  5. I get weird feeling when I hear newbies talk about credible brokers, I mean for them it is the size of bonus or freebies that determines the credibility which is absolutely incorrect and disgraceful thing for quality brokers. I hardly care about such companies, I work with FP Markets which is an Australian owned and operated company regulated by ASIC, it truly leads the way in terms of credibility and even conditions are exemplary with low spreads, lightning fast execution of trades and we can read out day to day basic analysis, it’s truly wishful setting present.
  6. Binary Option is another part of trading, but it’s slightly lesser to Forex and higher on risk. I prefer sticking to Forex trading which is for me far better option to go with. I work with FP Markets and they are class above the rest for all measurements with having incredibly tight spread, high leverage, free 200 bucks bonus to start with and there are several helping features whether is their PAMM account or if it’s their fundamental market updates and all such features, it’s awesome.
  7. You rarely need to look above good broker, as if we are with good broker than we will be just fine, as that is what is going to allow us to use any technique from scalping, hedging, news trading or even EA, so we can pick whatever way we desire or like. I love free style trading which is a lot easier under FP Markets, as they are highly credible broker winning Awards like Highest Overall Client Satisfaction for past 5 years! So, I can do whatever I want according to the situation.
  8. It’s perfectly fair to call choosing of broker one of the toughest challenges for novice traders. It’s more to do with our mindset than anything else. Now, it’s attraction that newbies look instead of reality which often causes all the trouble, so we need to make sure we keep that aside and look at real deal. I had my part of pain in early point of my career, but thanks settled fairly quickly once I joined FP Markets, as they are as I call real deal. Been regulated by ASIC and in the industry for over a decade, it’s just close case in terms of selection for me. It’s not just about regulation, but conditions are equally up to the mark making them easily the best out there!
  9. It’s never about bonus at all, it’s about quality service, if we have that then everything is going to be profitable including bonus (if available). I prefer brokers that are genuine and trustworthy, so then bonus automatically becomes good. I have just that with MXTrade, it’s one of the best, if not the best. They have amazing 100% on deposit which makes it all so good for me and brings so many rewards. The biggest advantage is been able to trade without any restrictions or hidden policy to torcher us!
  10. I don’t think you will get any benefits from such bonuses because they can’t be used, this is why I prefer TradeWiseFX Company, they might offer 50% bonus, but at least this is for using not for show piece or statue, hence I will consider this better any day of the week!
  11. Sorry to say friend, but I’m getting far bigger benefits at present with TradeWiseFX, they are ECN as well and believe me far more reliable one. There are also massive benefits whether it’s with zero spread or 50% bonus given on deposit while even if not, we can take advantage of their cash back service, the payment is super quick and smooth as well!
  12. Forhad, I am sorry to tell you that the spread said by you to be lowest is far from that. It’s well above 1 pips, so how is that lowest? At present I am with TradeWiseFX Company and their spread starts from zero, it is what you really low lowest in real sense and they for me are by distance the best!
  13. Hello friends, I recently joined TradeWiseFX and ever since then my life has changed completely. This is because of their top level of features, but above all is their NFP Prediction Contest! My whole group participated on that contest last week and I am proud to say one of my friend won the contest! I have even taken the snap shot of the announcement! Thanks TradeWiseFX for such a mind blowing contest! My whole group is eagerly waiting for the next NFP!
  14. The best way to win the trade is by following the trend, as that is something that guarantees us good profits. I am not so great in analyzing, but thanks to Nova FX broker, I am able to work out things pretty well and that’s all thanks to their analysis, it’s provided to all people who are subscribed on their web site, it is really beautiful and helps me with doing well, so that’s why I like to work with them and it leads me to win plenty of trades.
  15. HYIP is solution only to losing, if we are interested in that then we should be okay working in HYIP, but if we are looking forward to making real and consistent money than HYIP is not the thing. I do Forex trading, it is very special business and what makes it extra-ordinary is quality brokers like I have got in Nova FX, it is a great company to work with their stable conditions as 1.5 pips spread, high leverage up to 1:1000 plus much more!