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  1. I invested on Concierge because I considered it as one of the highly revolutionary project. I care little on what this thing is called. All I care is if the thing that got me here is maintained and that’s quality. I do feel it will!
  2. 10xbitcoin is an innovative multifaceted Cryptocurrency specialist utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer its Cryptocurrency education, digital products, ads network, coaching program and services through superior vision, and a strong companywide work ethic to achieve outsized resulted, growth and profits with their Affiliate members. 10xbitcoin got the BEST compensation plan in the industry with fantastic startup bonus! With just 1 time $5 investment can eventually grow up to an unbelievable figure of $14,002,70 every month in Bitcoin with the Bronze Phase 1 Matrix! So now is the opportunity to join this to change your life and start the journey to the successful future!
  3. I don’t use any tracker or such, I just do my own research and select up through that. Right now, I have picked Upfiring because it’s seriously high on potential with such simple and straight forward concept of decentralizing by file sharing and seeding, it is something that is going to game changer, so easily the BEST option to go ahead with!
  4. When we talk about what type of broker is required, it is common that Australian brokers are amongst the top on the list to work with. The reason is absolutely crystal clear; it is because Australia is a country where everything is done is very strict and legitimate way! So, if any broker operates from there, it is highly likely to be good and got to have strong financial setup, as otherwise, it is not possible to become an Australian company. So just imagine how it is to be with the LEADING Australian Broker in the industry, which is FP Markets. Having over 12 years of experience servicing globally, they have won 35+ Awards with been licensed by ASIC to ensure further safety. The condition itself is worth in gold with having transparent structure removing any sort of manipulation, over 10,000 instruments to pick from, it is easily the largest range anywhere found, which is just remarkable. Furthermore, it's having zero spread, 1:500 leverage, high-quality trading platform and 24/5 active support, it’s not just a broker, and it’s much beyond it!
  5. We certainly need to be with quality broker, as that is what makes huge difference. If our broker is not good or reliable then we could face plenty of issue, so that’s why we need to be very wise. I always deal with these things carefully, as I know how much a good broker can make a difference. This is where I feel privileged under TradexOptions who are a great company but even beyond this, it’s wonderful in terms of conditions which are simply outstanding.
  6. When it comes to brokers, it’s obvious that we need to have the best one, it’s also no hidden thing that Australian broker is the BEST. I am with the BEST in FP Markets who are regulated by ASIC while are servicing in over 200 countries and have ideal setting with ultra-tight spreads from 0 pips, over 1000 instruments, daily market analysis, insights, tips and even have 24/5 support which is quite helpful and makes life easier in every way and keeps it all good for me!
  7. You need to be sensible with your selection of broker, as it is something that could make massive difference. I am with FP Markets given they are outstanding by all measurements with having safety and security in place perfectly. They are awesome by all means given they are licensed by ASIC and are a true ECN broker with ultra-tight spread, lightning fast execution and hardly noticeable slippage, so all this makes them one of the most SPECIAL companies out there.
  8. I am working with FP Markets who are arguably the best broker out there and have everything you could wish for. They are licensed by ASIC and are an Australian based company servicing since last 12/13 years and have transparent structure that makes it easier for traders to work here. I also feel happy with their ultra-slim spreads from 0 points to over 1000 instruments and one can even trade on over 1000 instruments, so all this is incredibly good and helps one to perform nicely.
  9. Yeah, it is common sense only that we need to have high quality broker that we can rely and trust upon, it is next to impossible for anyone to be successful without such broker. I am with the best in FP Markets, as they are one of the best genuine companies out there. With offering no freebies or bonuses, it still is the leader of the pack being regulated by ASIC and is servicing since last 12/13 years in the market and the facilities and features are equally stunning! From controlled spread to fast execution and much more, it’s all stunning and helps up with working for us!
  10. The biggest problem is that the mindset and approach got to be right from beginning; it is not possible to be correct if you haven’t got things worked out. We need to have knowledge and working through proper plans, it will be enough to ensure we can hold our own in tough situations and avoid panicking. I am grateful to FP Markets, who are no.1 Australian based broker for providing me such lovely guidance, that not only I have learned to trade well, but also able to hold myself when the going gets tough. I also feel privileged using their wide range of facilities such as market analysis, signals, tips and all that, it just makes you trade with extra zip and confident.
  11. My favorite broker is definitely FP Markets because they are arguably the hottest property in terms of brokers. As they are licensed by ASIC and are an Australian owned and operated company servicing in the market for over a decade (12 years). It also feel comfortable to do with the conditions as from 0 point spread to high leverage up to 1:500, over 1k instruments, lightning fast execution, market analysis on daily basis, insights and various webinars happening regularly, it’s one perfect company!
  12. I believe the basic idea is that by accepting losses, it opens gate towards correcting the mistake. But, if anyone is arrogant and doesn’t think he made a mistake and lost due to bad luck then high chances are of same thing getting repeated. Therefore, it is sensible to accept the truth and work on solutions. My current broker is FP Markets and apart from been the hottest broker in the world licensed by ASIC, it have excellent educational package having beginners to advance guides, E-Book, Video Tutorials, Market Insights, trading tips and so much more which allows us to correct our mistakes easily.
  13. We can talk about experts and all that, but if we lack discipline, skills and dedications then we are going nowhere even if it was for Einstein to come alive, it is not going to work. So we need ability and only then anything else could be useful. I have every facility one desires through FP Markets with their massive educational section, market news, analysis, day to day reports, tips and there is PAMM account facility too, so this is the best lineup you get anywhere. Still, if one truly wants to succeed then using this correctly is the challenge.
  14. No sure what you meant by all that, as it just went over my head. Anyway, I believe the talk of risk often comes is all too silly for my comfort. I believe the things are very simple and that is to work with proper method and connect it to analyzing and money management, if you do these things correctly then you could be in for good gains. I handle it nicely with guides from FP Markets, as they are the leading Australian company regulated by ASIC and are servicing in over 200 countries. The ultra-tight spread, quick execution, market analysis and lots such features enables me to reduce risk and perform nicely.
  15. Risk free is nothing unless we are playing video games, so we need to be brave enough to take the risk and fight through it. I believe the best way out there to do this is with knowledge, it is not easy to learn but if we have fair level of dedication and determination then we could cross it. I operate with FP Markets, it’s highly rated company with licensed by ASIC while are Australian based broker. On similar note, they have widest section for education covering basic type to advance level while often there is webinars happening, so all these things really slow down the risk levels.