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  1. There are various sites that offers T-Shirts and all those stuff, but nothing like Teespring, it’s the BEST out there with combination of The Red Panda Club, it provides us with multi range of choices, but most noticeable one is their Hanes Tagless Tee, it not got various color but there is quality guaranteed! Just hours before they end their sales, it’s still time to get yourself into this!
  2. I don’t think I need to tell the importance of whitepaper, it is everything! Stokit is one of the latest happening in the field of Crypto with just 5 days to go before they release their whitepaper. The biggest reason why it’s getting so much attention even before the whitepaper is their concept and the people carrying the weight for this project. It makes them to be really watched out for. It’s a really highly anticipated project of 2017, so will be watched with keen interest.
  3. Life is not exactly that long, so make sure you have right selection to get things working to have the BEST life you could EVER desire for. The BIGGEST opportunity is now open with Bittxcoin, as offering you the biggest ICO starting at $1.5, so now it’s the time that you need to make your choice that can really change the future and help you achieve the kind of life you ever desired! Join now before you are only left with regrets.
  4. I don’t really have exact idea about this, but anyhow, I believe that you got to be very wise with where to put time and money into. I don’t think Bitcoin is still that much rewarding for new comers via mining. I look at upcoming stars like Santacoin, as they allow us to mine and very similar to Bitcoin with upgraded version and higher on the potential, I will certainly wish for that instead of anything else.
  5. There are many projects that come in the highly awaited category, but nothing like Celsius; it is THE most ambitious project by the MASTER himself – Alex Mashinsky. The guy needs no intro with 25 years of experience behind in the tech industry; it is fair to say Alex Mashinsky is an inspiring name and role models for many! Now bringing his years of experience into field, it is Celsius that is created to free us from the banking mafias and their monopolistic empire! Celsius is amongst the RARE P2P decentralized credit protocol built on smart contract technology. It is leveraging this new exciting technology to reinvent consumer credit and provide a platform for hundreds of millions of Millennials and GenX citizens to get affordable access to consumer credit. With such dynamic project, it takes a lot of courage and skills to manage it and that’s exactly what Alex Mashinsky has done! Now we can read his interview where he pours his heart out on here https://bitsonline.com/celsius-lending-battle-banks/ So, it is the time we join Celsius Network to reshape the future in the way we all desire!
  6. Earning money has never been easy and NEVER will be. That’s why we must not look for short cuts and be ready to put 100% effort. However, I am so lucky to found something that has changed my life dramatically. Now you can also do the same….. Learn the Secrets on how to make $200 in just 1 hour FREE - https://www.maytradingportal.com/affiliates/affiliates/
  7. Although, I definitely believe that we need guidance from experts and senior traders, but still it’s not completely down to them. I feel it’s down to us to get through in with making money not just riding through experts stories. I do follow senior traders and some experts, but I trade according to my own ability and plans, it’s easier with broker like OctaFX, as they are fully supportive with having lovely educational guides along with demo contests too to try out things.
  8. Using of any indicator needs to be put forward carefully, as it is not sensible to use random indicators. I feel it’s far better and beneficial that we practice well before using any indicator. This is exactly what I do through broker like OctaFX under whom, I can really grow nicely because of their demo contests like cTrader and Champions since both of these have big prizes and allows me to work really nicely and into figuring out things smoothly.
  9. You can’t pick new broker, as it is not something which is really going to make sense. It is vital that we work quality broker that’s somewhat established and that’s why my personal pick is OctaFX hands down. They are highly rated and organized company servicing since last 6 years and have great market reputation too. I feel great with them to do with low spreads at 0.1 pips to high leverage up to 1.500 and many more benefits, it’s just awesome.
  10. There are always great opportunities available when we talk about Forex, as it’s a global business through which we can gain greatly especially if we work with proper way and method. I always work on with good strategy and method, it’s easier for me to do this with help of broker like OctaFX since they are outstanding having razor thin spreads from 0.1 pips for all major pairs, smooth trading platform like cTrader plus much more, it’s all outstanding to work with.
  11. The thing we need and the thing that’s even necessary to understand is that we simply can’t move forward if we don’t handle losses properly, so the way we handle difficult phase or losses is what that will decide our future. I work it all nicely and easily through broker like OctaFX who are highly rated and recognized company with lovely set of schemes with having 50% rebate scheme too that’s usable. I feel absolutely great with it and keep me relaxed too.
  12. We need to pick broker that we are comfortable with and have good reputation, as that is really what will help us with getting positive results. I work with OctaFX broker who are highly rated and have excellent set of features and facilities with ultra-slim spreads at 0.1 pips, over 70 instruments, rebate program where I get 50% back on all trades which is even with losing one too, so that’s why I like it so much and able to enjoy it all so much more.
  13. One part should never be watched, it is vital that we look at the complete picture since only then we will be able to gain well. I am operating with OctaFX broker with whom; I get all the luxuries and important stuff. They have balanced setup that includes small spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, fast execution and then there is even massive deposit bonus that’s up to 50% and is usable too, so that really helps up in working nicely.
  14. Yeah, I am absolutely comfortable with my broker OctaFX who are highly reliable and trustworthy with been regulated by FCA and also have solid reputation with winning 21+ awards. I don’t think you can get more comfort than that and further to do with rock solid conditions with low spreads at 0.1 pips for all major pairs, fast execution, rebate program where I get 50% back on all trades which is even with losing one, so that’s why I like it so much.