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  1. Ever thought of making money off the blockchain as a Minecraft player? Yes it is real! Since the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a lot of promising projects have empowered and changed the fortunes of people across the globe. Minecraft players should not be left out. Here is an opportunity for minecraft players to also earn money while playing their favorite game. So how can Minecraft players make money off blockchain? Simple! There is a new blockchain-powered project called Minecraft Coin that is not in any way related to the original owners of the Minecraft game. What is Minecraft Coin? What do I gain by joining Minecraft Coin? And how do I get paid? Answers to these questions would be provided in subsequent paragraphs, so read on to find out. What Is Minecraft Coin? Minecraft Coin is an open-source cryptocurrency that permits minecraft players to connect it to the Minecraft server and get rewarded in the process with MCC. MCC is the native token of the Minecraft Coin project. Like other open-source coins, Minecraft Coin works on the proof of stake system or better put, the proof of work. How You Can Make Money With Minecraft Coin Once you receive the MCC token, you should proceed to Autradex exchange to convert the token to any fiat currency of your choice. You can access the exchange directly from the Minecraft Coin official website. There on the website, you will find useful information on how to set up digital and paperback wallets. Why Should I Join Minecraft Coin? Find below why Minecraft players, and indeed so many crypto enthusiasts, prefer Minecraft Coin over other blockchain-powered projects in the same niche. ● Connection: With Minecraft Coin, you can connect all the servers belonging to minecraft. There is also a player community where newbies can join to network with others to learn the ropes. ● Earn While Playing Minecraft: This is the biggest advantage of joining the Minecraft Coin movement. Every player on the Minecraft Coin server earns MCC just by playing Minecraft. ● The Project Encourages Creativity: The team behind Minecraft Coin is very generous. Little wonder minecraft players and crypto enthusiasts flood to the project. They encourage creativity. Regardless of your skills as a creator, there is something for you to sell on the Minecraft Coin marketplace. You can sell maps, mods, skin, and much more. ● Decent Wallet Fees: Compared to what their competitors are charging as wallet fees, the fee charged by Minecraft Coin is a bit decent. For instance, the transaction fee between users of Bitcoin is 0.002%, while the withdrawal fee is pegged at 0.00000001BTC. Are you passionate about the Minecraft Coin project? You can join other Minecraft players to earn money while doing what you enjoy. Visit https://www.minecraftcoin.online/ for more information about Minecraft Coin.
  2. Recently I quit my job and wanted to invest my money in a safe and handsome profit-sharing platform. After a long search, I found WOTA but at first, it shows the harsh part rather than faking the scenarios. It told me that I can’t terminate the account before the period is over but the most amazing fact is that I can have my monthly profit at the end of every month and I can withdraw it. That means when a client's subscription is active, last month's profit shares are distributed to their wallet where I can freely choose to withdraw or reinvest.
  3. This is a question of many debates, what is the best source of passive income? because this age is much more expensive than before. One of the best sources of passive income is financial markets such as forex, crypto, and stocks but to make a profit we have to depend on our level of investment knowledge. If you have an investment with a good quality investment platform like WOTA then you can earn more profit easily. I prefer investment to an agency rather than going alone because individuals have limited resources over any institution.
  4. Seeking for investments where you feel comfortable and secure? With the right platform, that desire is not impossible. Now is your chance to do that by growing your Ethereum with WOTA. While there are hundreds of investment platforms on the internet, the WOTA platform stands out due to its potential-profit sharing opportunity that it presents. With WOTA, you can choose to reinvest or accumulate your earnings every month or your capital at the end of your subscription. How does WOTA work and why should you join the WOTA app? What Is the Wota app (enterwota)? WOTA is an investment platform where you can grow your Ethereum with ease. For the safety of your deposited ETH, WOTA maintains a corporate account with Binance where the funds are deposited and utilised for trading. Therefore, your funds and transactions on the WOTA platform are safe and secure. What Are The Benefits Of Joining WOTA? Wondering why Ethereum enthusiasts are drifting towards growing their Ethereum with WOTA? It's simple! WOTA is your platform of choice when it comes to reaping decent earnings on your Ethereum investment. Find below some of the reasons why Ethereum investors prefer WOTA to other platforms: Growth Potential: The WOTA platform is an investment hub where you can invest your Ethereum and watch your investment grow. Plus, there are no hidden charges or terms to affect your capital, except for a small 0.5% fee that would be deducted from your subscription principal at the expiration of your subscribed Amplify plan. No Deposit Fee: Tired of all the investment platforms that charge a fee to deposit your capital? Then give WOTA a chance. WOTA doesn't charge users to deposit their Ethereum. However, only a flat fee of 0.005 ETH when withdrawing your earnings or profits. Referral Rewards: To further reward users for their loyalty, WOTA operates a referral program. If you can convince your friends or family members to register on the WOTA app via your referral link, you would be rewarded with 5% of whatever amount the person has profited. The referral reward is credited on a monthly basis. Safety: All transactions on the WOTA platform are secured using latest industry best practices. As a matter of fact, WOTA holds an active corporate account on the Binance Exchange platform where your deposited ETH is traded after being accumulated in a secure cold wallet. How To Grow Your Ethereum With WOTA Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow your Ethereum coins on the WOTA app: Step 1: Download the WOTA app Download the app from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Install the app and register for a WOTA Ethereum wallet free of charge. Step 2: Deposit Ethereum After downloading the WOTA app, the next step is to send ETH to your Ethereum wallet. Step 3: Select a Subscription There are two Amplify plans on the WOTA app, therefore choose a subscription that you are comfortable with. The minimum amount of ETH eligible for subscription is 0.1 ETH. Step 4: Reinvest Or Accumulate The next step is to reinvest or accumulate your principal at the end of your subscription plan. Remember, the profits you earned would be credited to your wallet on a monthly basis. Visit the official website via https://enterwota.com. From the website, you will learn everything you need to know about Wota (enterwota). You can navigate to the frequently asked questions section to peruse the questions and answers, should in case you have anything still troubling you. Alternatively, you can reach out to their customer support via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram. The customer support team members are always on the ground to walk you through any stage of the process.
  5. The Yalelodge Creditcard Store is one of the best store cards with a good rewards rate on in-store purchases with 6% off at Target. It is much better than what I can normally get through other credit cards. Target has a wide assortment of goods, so this discount can go a long way for most shoppers.
  6. With the increased adoption of blockchain technology for wealth creation, the need to take advantage of blockchain to generate passive income cannot be overemphasized. In a bid to give more crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to increase their income streams, the team behind Psychic Finance is pleased to announce the introduction of its yield farming and prediction market. Psychic Finance is a blockchain-powered platform that gives investors the opportunity to earn income from yield farming and on the prediction market. Psychic Finance has a native token with the symbol PSY. Users can pay for transaction fees, buy goods and services on the Psychic Finance protocol with the PSY tokens. In fact, users can stake PSY to earn a decent return on their investments. If you choose to join the Psychic Finance's prediction market, your PSY tokens can earn you extra income. We will talk more about the prediction market in the next section. How The Prediction Market Works As with other prediction ecosystems, the Psychic Finance prediction market rewards those who predict an event and it comes to pass. Most of the events that you'd be predicting are related to the crypto space. For example, if a participant predicts that by March 2021, Ethereum price will level up with the price of Bitcoin, he/she will receive PSY tokens for the correct prediction. You can use your earned PSY tokens to purchase more NFT prediction cards. This will enable you to earn extra income. However, keep in mind that the reward that is paid out to you is as per the value of your NFT card. How Psychic Finance Is Different From Other Crypto-based Projects Psychic Finance has a fun and exciting prediction market where users can place bets, list predictions, and participate in game voting for profits. The project gives room for participants to challenge the outcome of a bet if they feel aggrieved. The project allows participants to serve as betting executives, referees, or predictive registrants. About Psychic Finance Psychic Finance is a Binance smart chain project that gives crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to earn income from yield farming. The project combines the power of innovative farming and NFT to present investors a world class farming experience. At its core, Psychic Finance consists of three markets, including farming, NFT, and lastly the prediction market. Psychic Finance parades a team that is highly knowledgeable in yield farming and the prediction market. With their knowledge and experience, they continually strive to bring innovations to the project. You can get further information on the Psychic Finance website; other media contacts include Telegram channel and Telegram group. In addition, their Medium page can easily be accessed, while other social media include Twitter as well as YouTube.
  7. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. Definitely, there is a big challenge to gain handsome profit especially in this covid -19. I never go for any blind decisions anymore. I understand all of us are very good investors and want to make sure about our next decision. I invest in different instruments to minimize my risk at the same time it is time-consuming. That’s why I have an equity spreadsheet that helps me to understand the percentage of my total investment in different instruments. It is so automated that I don't have to waste more than a few minutes to do all the checking and analysis in a few minutes. Thanks, stockologi for this excellent feature.
  8. Currently, it’s not just about BTC but overall the industry, it's growing big and well. And very frankly, it’s not about BTC but to do with Blockchain technology that is getting the boost for it. Furthermore, it’s Chaingateway's credit to bring up a unique concept to allow things to move smoothly. With projects, able to use it, epically exchanges can use their Blockchain API to offer trading with ETH, Tron, and all other tokens. It’s something that is contributing to making this field glow even further!
  9. Knowledge is essential in any business especially in cryptocurrencies because it is the most news-sensitive market in the world. I am a semi-professional crypto trader right now and I follow cryptonewstrading.com for crypto-related news and information. On this site, I find lots of information on topics such as crypto trading, crypto investing, also brokers and exchanges reviews. A great place for beginners and professional traders or investors.
  10. Usually, we trade through metatrader 4, as it is a very popular and reliable platform which mostly is used by people. Of course, I don’t think it’s necessary to use for all but more comfortable in my opinion. I work with IronFX, where I generally use this platform, as its very much comfortable and easy to operate, but as I said be dependent on your level of comfort, entirely instead of anything else at all.
  11. This article refers to Mr. Philipp L. We will not write the whole last name of the respective person because we don’t want to harm his reputation long term. We want to give him a chance to change to a better. This person gives income claims and guarantees to his students for 5 figure income opportunities but the vendor does 100% know that the income proof cannot be delivered within the money back guarantee. I have 2 family members who got themselves into a debt trap since they invested their last life savings for the offers provided and endorsed by click funnels and Mr. Rüssel Branson. After the trial period a in German so called DEBT COLLECTING AGENCY (INKASSO OFFICE) starts to take care of the case and puts an overhead cost of +30%… This is pure SCAM. The courses are providing high value but the implementation is not as easy for beginners as advertised. We issued complaints to FTC, CFTC, BAFIN and other financial regulators. Disclaimer: This article is describing a personal opinion of a real person and cannot be interpreted as official statement. Website: www.philipplang.org Medium: https://boreviewed.medium.com/
  12. We have to be super careful when it comes to using EAs, as they must be worthy enough or else we could get into deep trouble. Therefore, I ensure that whatever Forex tools I am using, it is very much on the mark. And that’s why my routine goes through Myfxtools, a very well-built place, through which I can really get correct information of all quality EAs and much more, and ensures the right track to benefit through.
  13. When it comes to trading and that in particularly with Cryptos, it is very much fair to say that we should be very sharp and careful, as no room for errors at all. I am always very careful and most of my planning works around good strategy, I usually focus on proper Bitcoin investment strategy, which is in order to help with doing things and enables me to make better and accurate trading decisions as well.
  14. It can be good but very much dependent on how we go about approaching things. I don’t have greatest level of skills, so it is always a major challenge for me with these things. And that’s why I use alternative in shape of Forexcopier, as it’s awesome with the service they provide to be able to smoothly copy top traders. So that definitely helps out with able to generate good returns from this business.
  15. I am honestly not too sure about the best or worst at all. All I know is that we should seek for a quality option. And therefore, I have preference for Top Forex Robots, as through this way we can make judgment via facts and figures instead of random stuff. It not exactly gives guarantee of the results but ensures we are very much on the right track to benefit.

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