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  1. There are 908 Positions still left; Grab your Position now during pre-lauch
  2. Crypto Crowdfunding Club is a New Crowdfunding Opportunity launching in just 28 days.Founder Members get placed now.They are placing members now in a Team Build during their Founder Member Launch. Each member is assigned 3 referrals in the Team Build.Here is a summary of the Crowdfunding Opportunity...** One time $50 donation required.** Each position receives up to $69,300 in donations.** 115 re-entries created under each position.** Every new position receives donations.** Team Build places 3 under 3.** Earn 50% Matching Commissions on your 3 referrals.** Earn Advertising CreditsThe payplan details is shown on the site.You need to pay a one time $50 donation using bitcoin to secure your position in the Founder Member launch. The Team Build will be placing 3 under 3.Act quickly for a top position in our team build.GUARANTEED EARNINGSEveryone earns and there are Guaranteed Earnings.If you have not cycled the Jade Level and earned back your $50 they will begin refunding you at a rate of $5 per week.No Crowdfunding Opportunity has ever done this before!PAY PLANThe cost is a one time donation of $50. You will never pay anything else again.Your one time $50 donation will generate up to $69,300 in donations with 115 re-entries to receive additional donations. Each position in turn could receive an additional $69,300 in donations with each generating another 115 re-entries. This keeps on duplicating to Infinity.Your one time $50 donation places you into the Jade Level.This is what happens each time you cycle a level...Jade Level (3x2)You receive a $50 donation.You receive an entry into the Pearl Level.You receive re-entry back into the Jade Level.Pearl Level (3x2)You receive a $250 donation.You receive an entry into the Sapphire Level.You receive re-entry back into the Jade Level.Sapphire Level (3x2)You receive a $4000 donation.You receive an entry into the Emerald Level.You receive 3 re-entries back into the Jade Level.Emerald Level (3x2)You receive a $15,000 donation.You receive an entry into the Diamond Level.You receive 10 re-entries back into the Jade Level.Diamond Level (3x2)You receive a $50,000 donation.You receive a re-entry back into the Diamond Level.You receive 100 re-entries back into the Jade Level.TEAM BULDThis is an automated Team Build where each member joining will receive 3 referrals.When a new member joins our team the site automatically scans our Team Downline for which member does not yet have 3 referrals. As soon as the member pays the $50 this member is assigned a sponsor that still needs a referral. This allows our entire team to build 3 under 3.The Team Build process of assigning referrals is fully automated without you doing anything. Join Our Cryto Crowdfunding Club Facebook Group Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2228378657445814/JOIN NOW https://www.cryptocrowdfunding.club?r=cashout
  3. Billy Joe Ward

    Hi skylady, they are only currently taking Alertpay as the Payment Processor thanks - Billy
  4. THIS JUST LAUNCHED TODAY!!!! This is by the same guys who created 4x1fortune (the same program that signed up over 8000 members in a month) How it Works There are 3 UPlus 2 Matrices in 1 Program. All income examples above are based on the Mega Cash - Phase III Matrix. Everyone comes in at the first level matrix at just $35, and can either cycle to the higher matrices spending just $35 One-Time Only or Buy In to the 2 Higher Phase Matrices. Brilliant !! The Levels breakdown: Baby Steps - Phase I - $35 Entry, pays $12.50 per cycle, 100% Matching Bonus Fast Cash - Phase II - $75 Entry, pays $25 per cycle, 100% Matching Bonus Mega Cash - Phase III - $145 Entry, pays $50 per cycle, 100% Matching Bonus We pay on Every 1 x 2 completed cycle (some companies will play money games and pay on the first member of your 1 x 2, but this is condusive to "lazy cycle syndrome" or fool's gold, where the average member is trained to come on board and stall out at just 1 sponsored and never realize the true power behind cyclers (to cycle over and over again). What good is a cycler if you only get part of your money back? Plus, we have an amazing 100% Matching Bonus that can Explode your Cash Fast. That's The Real Secret !! Are you kiddin' me? We are talking a 100% Match on every person you introduce, they cycle, you get paid. You cycle, you get paid. That's The Secret to Mega Cash. You Have Options Let's say you can only afford to come in at the Baby Steps Phase. You enter with just $35 one-time only, and can cycle 4 times and get paid 4 times (plus, you earn 100% Matching Bonuses on personals first 4 cycles). The 5th - 7th cycle commissions are used to push you into a paid position in the Fast Cash - Phase II where you can now earn $25 per cycle and a 100% Match on personals cycles (you continue to cycle in the Baby Steps Phase and continue to receive 100% Matches, too). Got buying power and a desire to make more money right out of the gate? You can opt to purchase either the Fast Cash - Phase II or the Mega Cash - Phase III at $75 and $145 - paying $25 and $50 plus a 100% Match respectively - per Fast 1 x 2 cycle. When you purchase a higher Phase matrix, our software will remove the 5th - 7th cycle "push you to the next phase" requirement from the direct lower level matrix. Example - Everyone comes in taking Baby Steps - Phase I. You want $50 cycles and $50 100% Matches now. So, you buy in at the Mega Cash - Phase III. This removes the "push you to the next phase" (5th - 7th cycles), from the direct lower level matrix (Fast Cash - Phase II), requirement, so you can cycle continously and earn 100% Matches in that Phase. Because, there is no need to hold funds to buy your way into the next Phase (Mega Cash - Phase III). You already bought in. Matching Bonus - based on each cycle of your personally sponsored for the respective matrix and is paid on Every cycle except the 5th - 7th cycle if necessary (no buy ins), used to push you into the next higher matrix. You have to put forth a little effort to start earning income. Just introduce a few friends to us at just $35, and earn money as soon as you complete your matrix or they complete their matrix. Remember those Huge 100% Matching Bonuses for personally sponsoring. Get busy and the rewards are staggering. Use the PIF (Pay-It-Forward) principle and benefactor 3 members at just $105 and teach them to do the same. Their and your income will explode beyond your wildest imagination. All by helping others get what they want. This is going to be HUGE, Get in early to ensure spillover! Check it out now .... http://www.uplus2riches.com/index2.php?id=219
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