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  1. Eagerly awaiting for the IEO but what is the date? I can’t seems to find it anywhere at all.
  2. Trading can be seriously good if done properly and the best part of all this is that it is possible to do it from anywhere and anytime. So, it can be done part time too. And more so, now we can see so many women joining up. Just check https://www.hercampus.com/author/what-does-future-look-women-finance, it really shows exact facts.
  3. It seems to be that you have not read my post right above, I believe we should always go with best of anything and everything, it’s exactly why I prefer to go with OctaFX broker, it’s a regulated broker with also having epic rebate program where am able to earn 15 dollars profits per lot size trade and that too including the losing trades like I just mention above, so there is no rocket science that this is the company to join, if you still don’t get it then best of luck. I believe we will grow through our own ability but if we get right support and tools then we can grow in double way, so always make sure to go with the best in order to be the best.
  4. This made me feel so much better about been with OctaFX, I believe you should check them out given we can earn massive money with them as they’re offering highest rebate in the whole industry. We can earn 15 dollars profits per lot size trade with them and that’s completely irrelevant to winning or losing. So, if you just imagine how much you will earn here as compare to what you’re getting at the moment, it’s just gigantic the difference, so it will be silly for anyone to miss out on that and go anywhere else. I have been with them for nearly 3 years now and I am making huge money simply by rebate program, so even if I don’t trade I can make enough for living.
  5. I believe this is entirely to us, if we’re hard working and have knowledge, experience and skills then nothing beats Forex in terms of rewards (potential), if we’re trading through those things then we could definitely make it big and that too with fairly ease, I am grateful to broker like OctaFX, it’s only through them that I have managed to make good profits and that too regularly. This is through their mighty educational section while there is also lovely demo contest facility available where we can participate, so with that we’re always able to perform nicely in terms of practicing and when you practice well, it’s no rocket science that the performance automatically gets improved and we’re able to achieve positive results without any major trouble at all.
  6. I agree with you Gaban, I too have similar belief, I think practice is what will allow us space to work things better, but if we are not going to practice then we could find our self struggling pretty badly, so that’s why our primary focus needs to be on practicing only especially in start of our career, if we do this correctly than rest of the things can easily work out itself, but if we don’t do this part right than it is difficult to handle. I have been very lucky that my development has been rapid, the biggest reason behind this is OctaFX and their mouth-watering demo contest like Southampton Supreme, it is extra-ordinary with seriously high prizes, so this works well for bringing motivation.
  7. There is only one reason as far I read it and that’s to make money, but another reasons to select this above other stuff is the high level of profits that’s up for grab, this is also with low investment, so kids or people who are just looking to seek out extra income which can be done even with low investment if we have decent knowledge. I don’t have too much knowledge, but I have plenty of experience and that’s through OctaFX broker since they have excellent demo contest like cTrader, it is weekly based yet got serious prize which is up to 400 USD while we can obviously participate regularly which is truly awesome and makes me feel very comfortable.
  8. We must aim to become a successful trader and forget the rest because when that comes everything else comes easily. I am trading for past few years and I have been profitable and I can’t take credit for this since if it was not for the help of OctaFX broker I would not even be here. It was impossible for me to even survive but only thanks to demo contest that they have where I participate every week I am able to improve so much and I even won the Champion contest once with 300 prizes.
  9. OctaFX broker is one of it’s kind as there are many brokers in Forex industry but nothing ever I have seen like them, it is a company that every client is proud of not just due to their incredible service like low spread of just 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 and many others but it’s due to been multiple award winning company including the most prestigious award like ECN Broker and also having the Best Customer service award.
  10. I think any business would be able to bring success if we are discipline, patience and have the correct amount of knowledge. At the moment I am working with OctaFX broker and they have really made the deal simple for me as I have to pay only 0.2 pips spread, it is marvelous not only for me but everyone especially scalpers since they are able to perform without any stress or fear of losing due to getting in profit almost everything so quickly.
  11. It’s thrilling to be able to participate in a broker like OctaFX, it is a kind of dream for people to work with a good company no matter how much it cost but here it’s completely different as not only they give us great free money to deal with but these superb analysis is just incredible. I have survived a close call with trading few days back thanks to these wonderful analysis, they have saved so much money which I would have lost otherwise. I mostly follow analysis or news about EURO pairs as I prefer to trade on them only, its excellent opportunity to work with this quality service that they have that too for free and for all even ones who are not trading with them.
  12. I don’t agree mate It’s very easy to say learn Forex by yourself but people who are needed to do this understand how difficult it is to do so because we not only lack money in early but also experience and over this self-trading is just a very difficult thing to manage. I did not had any guide but fortunate now I have someone who I can depend and it’s the broker you mention OctaFX as they have highly qualified team of experts which always are at our help with daily news and analysis so we are easily aware of what’s market is going to do and trade according to that.
  13. Yes, at the moment I am fairly pleased and happy with how my Forex career is pending out but it is definitely not easy to maintain consistency as for that we have to get proper knowledge and experience and only than we will stay happy for longer period. Also, the close wire to my happiness goes with OctaFX broker since it has given me excellent starting free capital of 8 dollars that I have used and managed great profits which makes me feel very happy.
  14. Finally the voting ending today I am so happy that OctaFX rightly so have been nominated in this year’s FX Empire awards for the Best Broker and Most Reliable broker award, they fully deserve it and we just have to keep fingers crossed and hope we can get good news of them winning while as I client it feels so satisfying that the broker we pick is indeed so classic and I love to work with them only ever since I started.
  15. It’s definitely a business and that too legitimate, so we should never connect it with words like gambling, it’s nowhere near that and also at the moment I am trading with a fantastic broker like OctaFX broker which makes Forex even more charming since it’s regulated too so we can completely depend upon it while at the same time we get great treatment no matter what deposit we make and also their customer service is really great with been available 24/7 for help.

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