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  1. Forex has everything that we could wish to see in a business but the question is on our ability as if we are good enough then it can give us success not otherwise. I am learning how to trade from one of the most respected and reputed academy yesfx, it’s a company that not just help us learn to trade but also give us funding to manage the account on their Remote FX Traders program so it’s incredible to be part of this.
  2. I am not just happy but also very much satisfied. It is not ordinary business and if we are not happy with this than even God can’t help us. Forex trading is great for two reason first the amount of profits that could be made and second is the benefits that we get for just working with good broker. At the moment OctaFX shares every benefit that they could with us. They give us 50% bonus and also a chance to begin with free investment if we want with that 8 USD no deposit bonus.
  3. There are brokers and then there is OctaFX broker such this amazing company. Success starts from here, I only found out after working for just 1 week since in past 6 months I tried various brokers but always struggle was the problem but ever since I used this company all my troubles have vanished completely. Now I trade with keeping my chest open because I know I am definitely going to succeed due to so many benefits like low spread of just 0.2 pips and much more.
  4. There is nothing better than self-learning, it might be difficult in initial phase but as a long term future we are almost certain that this will lead us to better results and in case we learn from others we will have to make many mistakes before able to get experience. I am lucky that I was able to pass this acid test because of OctaFX broker, they had excellent free demo contest where anyone could participate, it was their cTrader demo contest where I learned everything on my own and also was in race to win 150 USD prize.
  5. Sometimes I think what would be if there was no OctaFX broker, It would have been dead and buried in Forex trading. I can’t imagine my life beyond this company. I get nightmares when I remember what was my life before starting trading with OctaFX broker, it was horrible because I used to only fail and struggle due to wrong selection and lacking of knowledge or experience about it. It is great thanks to my dear friend Abbas who guided me to OctaFX broker and also told me about this analysis service, it changed my life from root level. It is like automatic trading systems for me where I just follow what you guys tell me and it is only because I am getting results from past 5 months.
  6. Every bonus is special in their own ways as for a beginner they would certainly like to have free bonus since they can’t afford to make their own investments, therefore when they we get free bonus it is so much useful while for the person who is capable of investment for him obviously the welcome bonus or the one that is paid over his investment. I went with both bonuses step by step. Firstly I started with OctaFX broker’s 8 USD no deposit bonus where I made decent returns up to 35 USD profits and now I regularly use their 50% bonus on the deposit since that helps me which is obvious as the more money we have in our account the better chance of profits.
  7. I think there could be many reasons we might not be able to win it mainly it is because we are simply not good enough or sometimes others are better, so we need to accept these factors but if all of this is not the case then we should trade with a better broker who we can trust with contest. I trade with OctaFX broker since they are regulated, so their contest is also great. In fact, I have also won Champion contest prize of 300 USD once and I am regularly trading with their new cTrader weekly contest.
  8. After loads of enjoyment it’s time to settle back to work and what’s better than OctaFX broker, they are kind of a non-stop working company that is always on their toes to help us to make serious money and also allow us to trade with comfort while what most I love is that the stop out level is just 15% which is extra ordinary specially for a high risk scalper like me, so many times I survive from 20-25% margin but due to having little more space I get lucky and really that’s the best feeling!
  9. Forex is a business not a beauty parlor so the real reason is money only and I must admit it is the finest business I have ever seen as we can earn endless income from it if we have little capability. Also, thanks to my broker OctaFX where they have high leverage up to 1.500 which allow even my low investment turn into sharp one and also I can easily make huge returns without risk of larger investment which is not possible with other brokers.
  10. Yes, it does but if we have got self-control than there is nothing in this cruel world that can harm us, so it is not greedy but our lack of control which leaves us into disastrous situations. I have tied myself down with such plans that I never lose patience and greed is hardly part of it and it was only because of OctaFX broker and their easy to access swap free account, it is so easy to use that even if we don’t believe in religion, so make serious money from it.
  11. In my view the best thing that can be done to lower the risk and increase earning opportunity is by proper planning. I am very lucky that even when i was new i learned lesson of trading with strict money management which ultimately resulted in bringing serious amount of profits for me and in my support was OctaFX broker's awesome 50% bonus that gave my low capital a hero kind of look and allowed me to be successful even without risk.
  12. I think Forex deserves all the hypes get is surrounding it but apart from this rest is strictly upon our policy and strategies that we use, if they are good than we will find out all the hype is correct and it is indeed this good while if we don’t have ability our self than we will never get the true benefit out of it. I mostly trade with OctaFX broker and just like Forex itself, they are also one of the most rated Forex broker in the world. They belong to completely different range as it is rare to find any broker with offering such low spread of just 0.2 pips, high leverage up to 1.500 and lots of other benefits.
  13. Forex trading is such a risky business that one step at the wrong end and its boom over, hence we have to look forwards getting everything dead on correct as that is how we are going to be successful but of course we need help be it conditions wise or the analysis as it’s tough to go out all alone in Forex. I am really thankful that I am able to trade with you guys and OctaFX broker always have given me the best and have increased my ability as well. These analyses that is given here on daily basis is extra ordinary and a newbie like me loves to trade with this, so really I wish it keeps going like this!

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