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  1. 20% TRADING COMMISSIONS BACK Trade on the Yadix Scalper account and get 20% of your commissions back, in cash to dramatically reduce your trading costs. All trading activity will qualify (profit and loss) to ensure you will earn a guaranteed return on your trading. The Scalper account offers unrestricted ECN trading for EAs and profitable strategies with unbeatable conditions. read promotion rule...
  2. Free VPS to Beat Latency! Accelerate your trading and beat slippage with a Free London VPS that offers an average ping time of 2ms and super-fast execution.
  3. Instant Rebate Program Highest cash Rebates rates available anywhere on accounts to suit any trader or trading strategy. For every trade you make, Yadix will pay you back a part of the spread or commission of your trade according to the program you choose more...
  4. As an STP (Straight Through Processing) forex broker, Yadix does not operate using a dealing desk, this means that there is no conflict of interest with our clients trading activity. By developing excellent relationships with a range of selected liquidity providers and tier one forex banks, allows Yadix processes your trades directly through the MT4 trading platform to the liquidity provider that is offering the most competitive price without restrictions on critical aspects of generating trading profits such as stop limits or strategy limitations. No Restrictions on Trading No Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Order restrictions or limits Market Execution No Re-quotes Click & Trade Trade Orders Over 100 million easily Accurate Fills on Take Profit & Stop Loss orders Technical Support during Trading Hours Interbank Liquidity
  5. Test Your Strategy! Yadix invites you to take a free $25 credit and test the famous Yadix execution quality and trading conditions Test your strategy or EA using our superior execution quality broker facilities and low spreads from 0.0 pips before you deposit.
  6. Take advantage of a 20% trading bonus Get extra trading power up to $2,000! and start trading in the most profitable with Classic account Bonus gives you extra trading equity, supports your trading during drawdown and can be lost read more Bitly
  7. Swap Definition Not only are clients trading two currency pairs, the interest rate on both currency pairs is taken into account, this is because each world currency has an independent interest rate. If the interest rate of the currency bought is higher than the rate of the currency bought, clients benefit positive rollover, and should the interest rate on the bought currency be lower than the sold, the client is charged the rollover. Swap Example Should a client buy GBP/USD, the Great British Pound is being bought and the US Dollar sold to balance the purchase. Should the interest rate of the GBP be set to 1.2% and the US Dollar is set to 0.20%, then you are buying a currency with a higher interest rate and therefore, you as a client will earn a 1% positive rollover. On the other hand, should the interest on the currency you are selling be 1% lower than the currency that you are selling; you will be eligible to pay the 1% difference. All Swaps are calculated on an annual basis. Rollover Booking Times The forex market weekly opening and close times are recognised by Yadix as 10:00 PM GMT Sunday and 10:00 PM GMT Friday. The open and close daily market times are also set to 10:00 PM GMT on our trading servers. Any positions remaining open after 10:00 PM GMT will be eligible for Swap charges. A position opened any time after 10:00PM GMT will not be charged Swap as long as they’re closed prior to 10:00 PM GMT on the following day. Any positive or negative Swap will be implemented automatically to all clients’ accounts. Weekends and Holidays As most international banks do not operate during the weekend, the general rule of banks is to apply a set rate of interest during Saturdays and Sundays. To balance this, Swaps applied to forex accounts are usually tripled on Wednesdays. The Wednesday rate is taken and multiplied by three. Some instruments are subject to triple swap on Fridays. During public holidays, no Swaps are charged, however, Swaps can be charged on the two days prior to the scheduled holiday.
  8. Yadix offers the possibility to trade the popular Commodities, Gold, Silver and Oil. As with trading currency pairs, Yadix can also offer extremely competitive pricing on the most popular Precious Metals and Oils available to traders through the Yadix MT4. Trading Hours Gold and silver trading is available on the Yadix platform from 22:00 GMT Sunday till 22:00 GMT Friday. Gold and silver trading follows CME holiday closures. Execution Spreads As a Straight Through Processing broker, spreads may vary from time-to-time during high market volatility, or before and after major economic releases or news events. Spreads will reflect true interbank market liquidity. Trading Minimums Trading of gold and silver is executed in lots. 1 lot traded of gold = 100oz and 1 lot traded of silver = 5000oz. Trading of gold starts at 1oz = 0.01 lot and silver from 50oz = 0.01 lot. PricingGold and silver are similar to price quotes of Forex currency pairs. For example, gold is traded against the US dollar value and is displayed as XAU/USD. The same is for silver which is displayed as XAG/USD. Spot prices of gold and silver are quoted internationally and are the equivalent in US dollars per troy ounce, therefore, for a price quote of XAU/USD 1300.50, 1oz of gold is equal to $1300.50 Profit & Loss When trading gold, 1 lot is 100 troy ounces and the smallest price increment is 0.05. Therefore, the smallest price increments are equal to 5 USD in price movement. When trading silver, 1 lot is 5000 troy ounces and the smallest price increment is 0.01. Therefore, the smallest price increments are equal to 50 USD in price movement. Trading Hours Yadix Oil products do not have expiration dates, Yadix offers 24 hour trading. Trading hours for specific CFDs is dependent on the base market. Execution Spreads As a Straight Through Processing broker, spreads may vary from time-to-time during high market volatility, or before and after major economic releases or news events. Spreads will reflect true interbank market liquidity. Margin Call Margin Call is set to 80% and 50% for Stop Out: When the margin level reaches 80% our MT4 platform will issue a margin call so that clients can manage their positions efficiently. Should positions reach 50% of the account margin, MT4 will close positions one by one prioritising the least profitable first to ensure that your account remains balanced.
  9. Classic Account Specifications The Classic account is suitable for both new and experienced traders and offers beneficial conditions including low cost trading, no strategy restrictions, cash bonus, forex rebates and fast STP order execution.
  10. BENEFICIAL TRADING CONDITIONS Due to the high level of volumes executed by Yadix to the inter-bank exchanges enables us to deliver to all clients conditions suitable to trade successfully and without restrictions. All account types offer micro trading (0.01), leverage up to 1:500 without restrictions and core spreads from 0.1 pips. No Restrictions on Trading No Stop Loss, Take Profit and Pending Order restrictions or limits Market Execution No Re-quotes Click & Trade Trade Orders Over 100 million easily Accurate Fills on Take Profit & Stop Loss orders Technical Support during Trading Hours Interbank Liquidity
  11. Major Banks Compete For Your Trades Liquidity is provided by leading Forex banks that compete for your forex trades and due to high volumes institutional level conditions are passed on to our clients. Once an order is submitted, the Yadix Forex Bridge sends the trade directly through to the liquidity provider offering the lowest price, the order is accepted instantly and executed. This flow is called Straight Through Processing. The STP model guarantees no order manipulation and no conflicts of interest and full trading transparency. A Market Maker can often delay the process re re-quote orders to ensure extra profitability on your positions. A Dealing Desk Broker does not execute orders to the exchange market but keeps the order in-house, then should the order lose, the broker will then keep the margin staked used as profit. Yadix does not profit from clients losses but earns a commission on the forex trading volumes generated by the community. As our liquidity providers recognise the large Forex trade volumes submitted, Yadix receives the most competitive STP spreads with full market depth and fast order execution to allow us to support the most aggressive and profitable trading strategies
  12. No Trading Restrictions & Anonymous Trading All trading strategies are always welcome at Yadix and will never be discriminated against. When trading using hedging and scalping strategies there are no restrictions or limitations. We are fully flexible to accept these strategies as we are an STP broker that does not take the opposing side on clients’ orders. Therefore, profitable trading strategies can truly benefit from trading with Yadix no conflict of interest policy. Aggressive Forex Scalping & all EA systems including Scalping Robots Yadix has a growing reputation as the ideal brokerage solution for all scalpers and has the ability to welcome even the most aggressive scalping robots by providing each and every client a capable forex trading environment to run their Expert Advisors and trading strategy without issue. EA Developers Community An important feature of the MT4 trading platform, that is not available in most other forex trading platforms, is the ability to plug-in automated trading tools such as Expert Advisors that automate trading strategies such as forex scalping. This allows users to enter and exit the markets according to the EAs programming and strategy without the need to physically open and close positions when trading manually. Yadix is in the unique position as a broker to encourage the use of EAs and forex scalping sue to its no conflict of interest and no trading restrictions policy. By providing favourable trading conditions for automated traders, Yadix continues to grow in popularity with EA traders and developers. EA Supporting Services & Facilities Yadix is committed to offering services, facilities and broker support for networks of EA users, Expert Advisor Developers, PAMM trading using EAs and all scalping systems and strategies. All requests are handled efficiently and effectively as our staff fully understand and are experienced in handling automated trading and scalping questions, as well as being fully fluent in every aspect of our beneficial trading conditions for your trading systems. All forex traders can expect to be assisted by professional and friendly support.
  13. Understanding Forex Scalping Systems Volatile markets give forex traders opportunities to make profits . Forex auto robots provide accurate forex trading, the EA is programmed to monitor currency exchange markets and enter and exit forex market orders with trading logic used in the trading system. The Expert Advisor will trade only when the trading indicators are reached and profitable trading can start. Forex auto robots use advanced algorithms and trading strategies for detecting scalping trades from any currency pair during day trading. Forex Robots have the ability to combine a successful strategy without being effected by emotions, making it the ideal tool to make scalping profits from forex. Choosing a Profitable Scalping Robot Forex expert adviors are designed with intelligence and sophisticated algorithms to monitor the forex markets 24/7 from your metatrader 4 platform for new trends and profitable trading opportunities. The robot will automatically open and close forex orders using the successful trading strategy. Choosing a good automated forex robots is difficult and can affect your money making trading forex. Furthermore, you should check the robot is compatible with your forex broker. 1. Before buying a forex robot make sure that it has a successful trading history. 2. Some of the automated forex robot works only on the windows operating system. 3. Ensure the Expert Advisor is able to work with your MT4 platform. 4. There EA robots that trade currency pairs specifically. Make sure that you robot matches the currency pairs you want to trade. Best Scalping Indicators for Scalping Robots Forex indicators are a crucial part of scalping manually or a scalping robot. The indicators identify signals on the MT4 chart and the trader or forex robot submits orders based on movements or pivots to scalp the market. The best scalping indicators help to maximise scalping opportunities and enter forex orders earlier and manage trading risk. There are many scalping indicators regarded as some of the best scalping indicators that can improve your chances of making forex profits, but even the best scalping indicators can’t guarantee success. Parabolic SAR – The SAR is a tool that gives a sign either to move into or out of the market. Open a trade when the SAR goes in your favour and exit orders on the other side. Stochastic Indicator - This forex indicator will show when a currency pair is overbought and is one of the best scalping indicators. This can be one of the best scalping indicators as it can predict a market recovery. Pivot Point - Support and resistance are vital for a forex scalper. As price nears resistance or support the price will turn in the opposite direction crucial for scalping systems. Daily pivot points can expose the major resistance and support and previous highs and lows.
  14. All trading activity at Yadix is anonymously executed to liquidity providers to allow Scalpers and Expert Advisors to trade with full confidence. Ready to Open an Account?
  15. Yadix invite you to profit from trade Bonus Rebate 25% + $ 5 for each lot traded! Offer unbeatable allows you to maximize your investment. Example: Deposit $ 1,000, the equity trade with $ 1.250. When you trade 50 lots, you will get additional cash back $ 250 (50 EUR / USD * $ 5 = $ 250), regardless of profit or loss. Advantages of Bonus 25% + rebate $ 5 for each trade.