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  1. For becoming successful trader in my view one must be able to learn well and also look a good strategy, it does not matter which business it is but having these quality is just too crucial for our chances of success. I am mainly doing binary trading where I am very lucky to have great guide in Best Binary Broker site; it’s really amazing as I am able to learn great strategy from their special strategy sector for completely free.
  2. It is nothing surprising to me since the work that they do is always going to fetch them tons of awards, it is because of their client treatment that they are so much respected and no one can deny that within 4 years they have made history and arguably reach the level where no other broker have ever went or can even think of. I have been using OctaFX ever since I started trading and not for a moment I worry about my investment such is the trust I put with them!
  3. It is mostly due to wrong selection of the company to work with, as majority have contests or competition for show off. I would recommend you to try OctaFX, as their contest of cTrader is just perfect for any newbie; it is just one week lasting contest, so we can show our skills completely and even if it does not work out next week is open to participate again and prize is 150 USD for first position, so I can assure you if you have got any skills even little you would win it like I did previously.
  4. I think the real bonus is our education, so if we have got the right especially with Forex trading rest of the bonus will automatically be great. I like using the world famous broker OctaFX, it has arguably the finest bonus on deposit, it is 50% which has basically no ropes, so we can work like we do like we would be doing with only our own investment, it gives a larger chance of profit and at the same time it is less risky.
  5. It is really wonderful to see that we are able to take the 50% bonus so easily as normally with other companies we have to go through several process and only than they will hand over any bonus and that too with restrictions on usage of leverage and those stuff, but OctaFX has nothing like that as we can trade normally with the bonus and any profit can be withdrawn without any trouble, so really love using their service to make money!
  6. It’s nearly the end of the year yet the accuracy of OctaFX’s analysis service never goes down or for a rest. I would have been a failure if it was not because of following your analysis, I can trade without even 1% tension because I know that there is a great service behind me to support in any conditions, so really all I can say is really proud to be dealing with such a caring and reliable broker in the whole Forex industry!
  7. Yes, if all goes like you said it’s very easy without no stress or risk, but life is never that straight for anyone even for winning the contest we have to gain knowledge and experience, as there are thousands of traders participating and it does not help when the broker is OctaFX, they are immensely popular and have larger numbers of followers, so any contest is really hard to win. I really enjoy their latest demo contest cTrader, it is short contest of just one week, but have great prize of till 5 position while the first winner will get 150, so it is good enough for me for weekly basis, as
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