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  1. A well researched, and managed strategy is needed in order to gain success in Forex. Robot or EA Trading? I don't like going with them. It's better and simple to move with the Chart strategy all the time because in Forex, history repeats itself. Harmonic Pattern is a popular, yet powerful chart strategy that gives you the most accurate trade signals. However, if you still find it difficult to draw or analyze the chart, you can make yourself comfortable with FormationSeeker. They make it easy for you to trade with Harmonic Pattern and make easy Profit
  2. Well, I have been trading with IMMFX actually and I found them really as BEST for me. Good client support, low spreads, positive slippage, fast execution time. I trade with them because they don't charge deposit fees or withdrawals and commissions are the lowest in the market. You can try them too :) https://immfx.com/
  3. Ibinaryrobot can make you money online whether you are a beginner or advanced trader. You can be a profitable trader by using the best binary option strategy. There are many automatic trading systems on the Internet, but not all are created equal. Here is a simple flow for you to get started: Sign up at ibinaryrobot: http://www.ibinaryrobot.com/ Choose either 24option, binarytilt, stockpair, marketstrading, dinerolibre or empireoption to auto trade with Once you are logged in, customize your settings before you start auto trading. You can set the amount of each trade. The assets you are willing to allow the robot to trade. Choose classic method if you are a beginner. Select the indicators that you are comfortable with Before you start auto trading with your real money, I recommend you to auto trade with the demo account so you get used with the system. It´s also an advantage to auto trade first with the demo account since you will find out which settings that works best for you. Once you find out your settings then start with the real account. You can then start your auto trading robot and let ibinaryrobot do the job for you.
  4. I’m happy to be a Binary options Trader.. I have an account with CTOption and so far.. I haven’t notice any widening in spread or any other suspicious activities regarding to charting. Customer support is also good, always available to answer question when needed.
  5. Just received the first withdrawal payment from CTOption. they took 2 days to transferred the payment to my eWallets, and since it was my first withdrawal I had to request my account manager to handle the transfer process. I really received a friendly service from ctoption and pretty much happy that they didn't make any trouble
  6. Hi: I am a newbie and am trying to research which broker is best to deal with. I have read that you generally recommend CTOption. The thing is that their payout is higher than any other broker. Did any of you try this broker? The platform looks quite ok and the delay on demo is fine too. I searched online for reviews but didn't find anything negative. Can anyone help.
  7. on my android device, I am trading with CToption from last few months. as a regular trader, i used to trade with many brokers, but frankly I got this app very friendly for me and the platform works very smooth. Thanks
  8. I would be glad to have positive or negative experience from fellow traders.. please share you experience guys
  9. I’m happy to be a Binary options Trader.. I have an account with CTOption and so far.. I haven’t notice any widening in spread or any other suspicious activities regarding to charting. Customer support is also good, always available to answer question when needed. https://www.facebook.com/CTOption.Official
  10. I have started trading with CToption some weeks back, it was mainly due to their attractive bonus up to 100% and so far I am making profits and able to withdraw without any restrictions at all, so looks pretty cool to me. Anyone has traded with them? I would love to know about their experience since usually people say don’t believe in higher bonus due to restrictions, so what do you feel about this broker?
  11. The first broker I tried is CToption. Experienced some lag when trading 60 second binaries. Successful withdrawal of $280 no fees and 4 business days for the transaction to be complete. Don't know if it will be as fast if there are profits involved. Best platform for beginners. The demo account is completely free.
  12. I have been looking into binary trading and was impressed with the CToption interface. Their charts and how they express the buying trends is what makes them attractive for me a beginner. Have you found another broker with similar software interface that is more trustworthy?
  13. Ctoption is one of the best binary platform. No issues at all. Withdrawals processed within a day. No manipulation with the prices compare to other platforms where almost every one of them play tricks with the price so you loose money if you are not aware of that. The only drawback is if the price moves to fast you will not be able to place trades you will get an error. So the platform is not good if you trade news.
  14. I am glad to be trading on this site for 6 months already and I find the percentage payout fair. They have a good customer support service always with professionalism and courteous. However, I checked CToption review before I joined and it has provided me with lots of important key information prior opening my membership with them.
  15. I am very happy with CM Trading. I opened my own account 6 months ago and also now introduce people. Service is first class, and any issue gets dealt with quickly. Even once when one of my clients had a problem withdrawing, they spoke to me as well and I was able to help him get the necessary documents. Basically - any times anything crops up they are always there to help. https://www.cmtrading.com/