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  1. Forex trading is the most standard profession in the world and I am really happy on my trading profession. It’s brings enough financial freedom for me even though I started with very low trading balance. In addition, I have overcome this problem very easily by receiving 100% deposit bonus from ECN broker TradingBanks, so no doubt Forex is the most flexible profession for me!
  2. When I attempted to invest my own money then I did not found any trading contest actually, but I have invested my money with 100% deposit bonus of TradingBanks, I got a healthy trading equity in my young live account because of this amazing bonus offer! As a result, I made double profits in my early stage of live trading.
  3. General certificates are not essential here; traders need huge knowledge on Forex business. To be honest, knowledge is the main power house of success. I see, a number of traders are losing their money although they have long time trading experience, but I am earning my money even though my trading experience is only one year, I used educational friendly broker TradingBanks so, I got proper direction in my demo.
  4. it looks easy but honestly I faced so many difficulties when I tried to trade manually, that’s way, now I need to rely on copy trading service of TradingBanks broker. By using this automatic trading service I get consistent profits in every month. In addition, I am enjoying Forex market as an investor.
  5. There have lots of trading broker but believe me maximum are not useful for novice traders. Frankly, live trading facilities may not help news traders because, they need to learn first. That means, novice traders need to use which platform is active on trading education like TradingBanks. Personally, I used this one where I got all kind of educational instruments.
  6. now,i am using TradingBanks broker in my trading career as a scalper from where without any kinds of restrictions i can scalp at any pair including flexible trading spreads. nowadays, in spite of a profitable trading approach scalping cannot use in a regulated trading broker.
  7. Right now, I am handling my live trading account according to my own trading knowledge and experience, actually now I am learning from my trading mistakes and my main focus on only earning. I have already completed my learning session with one of the most education friendly broker TradingBanks, which one provided me most neat and clean trading knowledge’s.
  8. To be honest, I am not interested on this issue. Because, I wanna invest my full concentration in my trading. On the other hand, I get enough money from my live account. That’s way, I do not require any additional job actually. I have double money earning opportunity in my live account because of 100% bonus from TradingBanks broker.
  9. Forex trading business is the most standard way of money earning. Its very easy way of money making for good skilled Forex trader but not for general public. The facilities and features are well standard here. Like, a trader can withdraw his or her big money instantly. Even, I am able to withdraw my healthy profits through any kind of payment processors because of advance facility of TradingBanks broker.
  10. Forex market moves by buyers and sellers. But, we always need to trade in imbalance trendy market. Besides, we have to avoid reversal conditions of market completely. Because, market can change it’s additional direction at any time without final confirmation. Daily market analysis of TradingBanks helps me to track market flow and demand. I never open my trades without financial confirmation.
  11. When I do scalping trading, then usually I set my SL for 30 pips. On the other hand, when I do long time trading, then I use high stop loss like 100-150 pips. 100% welcome bonus offer of TradingBanks is my main strength of using high stop loss trading position. This big space of my live account helps me to earn better money in my live account
  12. I have an interesting point, that is some traders were successful in demo but right now they are losing their in live account! know why? Because, they were not serious in their demo. So, there was so emotion issue at all. But, I found actual guideline on demo through trading eBook of TradingBanks. That’s way, I never crash my real balance in my live account.
  13. For the reason that, we can make here huge amount of money in a quick time without any restriction. Really, Forex trading business is the most profitable business. In addition, in my live account I can withdraw my big profits at any time because of using dependable trading platform TradingBanks. Even, I can use here my MasterCard for my transaction purpose.
  14. I see, some traders are trading here based on EAs, some are indicator based trading strategies and others are using live market analysis. But, personally I trade according to my price action knowledge only without any news trading knowledge! NDD technology of TradingBanks ensues fair market movement that’s way, I do not need to rely on any particular trading style.
  15. Honestly, I wanted to trade manually then I came to Forex market. But, I did not get any consistent result! That’s way, I decided to leave Forex market. Then, I found a interesting trading offer from TradingBanks, that was their copy trading service! I found there so many professional Forex traders that make me interested for investing my money. Right now, I am earning huge amount of money from this reliable service.
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