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  1. Thanks, I got my Payment
  2. Admin Don't wanna pay me my Invalid Spent Batch , Lots of my LR hung in his system, Pls talk to him PreBoy. My accts: UXX22181 , UXX07885 Thanks
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  6. beat down the price.... Might be Interested in
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  8. Good luck to y'all participating....... Long live TGF
  9. Nice and Awesome
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  11. Scammed by nyinvestment Just 40$ LR and petty funds, i make deposits in other and dont even remember them, i deposited it with risk, was not that bothered even if i was scammed, Just bought something worth over 500$ from guruscript dot com, they are taking time to respond to my ticket, i might soon consider it as scam if they don't deliver, Besides with my experience on ins and out online its quite difficult for me to fall for scams. * Word* Good luck to y'all
  12. Facebook, because its easy to use and you atleast have some privacy options
  13. Nice news items.. at least some improved and more google surveillance on this page... Good luck and God bless this forum.
  14. I urge you go study HTML much better, Css and javascript if you wish... It's not clear, please elaborate....... Learn from Lisa: 2createawebsite dot com other basic script resource : w3schools dot com