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  1. seojesica

    There are lots of tools available for seo point of view :- e.g. google keyword planner tools, wordstream, Copyscape, semrush, ahrefs, webmaster tools, moz tools etc.
  2. seojesica

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  9. seojesica

    You can use blog, You can choose blogger or word press, But Use always quality content.
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    You can use social networking, Use informative & useful tips.
  11. seojesica

    Yes, But Nowadays It is not easy task, It is very hard task.
  12. seojesica

    I think use content based technique & social networking.
  13. seojesica

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  15. seojesica

    Mainly two types of works is effective on-pages & off-pages seo. You can do lots of works in off-pages seo.