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  1. I would like to say in simple words Yes.
  2. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are very potential social media sites.
  3. SEO is the most important part of digital marketing, It gives website popularity and visibility in search engine.
  4. Blogger is the really very important things for engagement. You can do it in right way.
  5. I think more that 2000 words that will be ideal.
  6. Use USA based website for resources, Focus on Quality Content.
  7. I think quality content and social networking is the helpful way for improving blog ranking.
  8. in my view google page speed checker tools, pingdom, copyscape, w3c school, webmaster tools etc.
  9. I think google analytics, google keyword planner tools, semrush, ahrefs, copyscape and moz tools,
  10. It gives huge traffic, It is helpful for branding point of view. It gives success of online business.
  11. I think there are two types of SEO :- 1. white hat seo 2. black hat seo.
  12. Ok, Got It, Thanks for sharing the informative information.
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