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  1. Yes, What you are saying is very realistic. I completely agree with you.
  2. I also want to know about it ??
  3. I think Alexa counts traffic globally, You have to work globally for ideal rank.
  4. Ok, Got It, What are you thinking about directory submission nowadays ??
  5. Yes, Great Information. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Web development is the hidden part but you can see web design.
  7. In my view google keyword planner tools is potential.
  8. I think guest posting and web 2.0 are potential.
  9. webmaster tools, google analytics, google keyword planner tools, semrush and ahrefs all are very popular tools.
  10. now you can use reddit, stumble, scoop etc........
  11. Google Analytics is one of the popular & important tools for analysing your website in terms of traffic.
  12. Search engine algorithm like unique & fresh content.