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  1. purchasesharesonline.com Often the question arises, at the beginning trader: how to trade stocks online? If the game to increase more or less clear, logically combined with the many situations in life; and being seen is simple: buy at a lower price, sold at a higher and eventually made a profit on the difference in rates. The loss game is not so simple. You can use a simple principle: to sell the shares at one price and purchase at a lower when the market price falls below. In the end, the investor is left with their shares and has even profit from exchange rate differences. However, in this case, the possibility of playing for decreasing rather limited in comparison with the game on increase. In the latter case, a trader with a certain capital, is not limited in the choice of the shares on the purchase. Relying on his own reasons for playing on the rise, he can choose any combination of shares. In the game for a fall, the trader is limited only by the shares held by him in the presence of. http://www.purchasesharesonline.com
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