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  1. I don't agree that only regulated brokers are good.They have bad conditions for trading, very often such brokers simply cover themselves with so called regulations but they lead unfair trading. There are many offshore broker that are much more reliable than regulated brokers. Among them CM Trading is a Good one.
  2. what is the lowest spread your broker currently offering ?? I obviously look like to have a good regulated broker, that also offers lowest spread.. however, for the lowest spread I prefer to trade with CMTrading (https://www.cmtrading.com/), customer service and withdrawas are fine with them too.. does your broker the same?
  3. In order to trade Safely, I recently started trading with Delemont Capital. Although they're relatively a new broker in this industry, but still offering best financial service for traders including currencies, stocks, indices, bonds, commodities and Metals as trading assets :)
  4. To become a Profitable trader, I am currently following signals with BuyForexSignals. Many professional traders lose 50% of the time or more but, I can make easy profits because of good money management practices and following signals with BuyForexSignals Team. the funa fact is, I got their 6 months subscriptions completely FREE just by making account with AvaTrade following their referal links
  5. Leverage, Spread, Customer Support, Payment syste, all is good with this broker,,, liteforex even been featured at FXHQ, however, the main problem is this broker is not regulated Yet... So, I'm afraid
  6. Actually, I do not have enough idea about IB commission. Because I am a fresh Forex trader. And I do not have any interested about IB holder. My main aim is to be a successful Forex trader.
  7. No doubt about this answer, Forex business is much profitable business in the world. Because, there is no limitation to earn money. Therefore, a trader can earn huge money within a short time. I also can earn enough money by Trading. Because I use world best trading strategy called ‘Holy Grail Golden Eagle’ system. My strategy cans analysis the market trend very accurately. Therefore, I get always best trading signal by it. Even, high voltage news time. I can earn quick money by my strategy.
  8. I think Forex business is much profitable business in the world. The most interesting point is, there is no limitation for money earning. This is way; the good skilled Forex traders can earn money. However, it is not easy way to money earning. I can earn regular money by using world best profitable trading strategy ‘Holy Grail Golden Eagle’ strategy. Last three months, I have earned over 80% profit by using this trading broker.
  9. Robot is auto-trading software. Therefore, it is not enough for making regular profit. On the other hand, all successful Forex traders depend on their trading strategy. Therefore, I use best profitable trading system ‘Holy Grail Golden Eagle’ strategy. My amazing trading strategy provides me best trading signal in every time. Even, in the height voltage news time, Golden Eagle indicates me right direction. I can earn over 85% profit in every month.
  10. I think the most interesting point is, there is limitation for money earning. So, a trader can earn unlimited money by trading. The market is open for 24 hours. Now a days, Forex business is the most wanted business in the world.
  11. I think auto trading or EA using is not a proper solution for the new Forex trader. However, expert Forex traders update their robot in regularly. By the way, a good trading strategy gives the clear view of market. Before six months, I bought ‘Holy Grail Golden Eagle’ strategy. After that, I have surprised to see this strategy signal accuracy. It also gives re-entry signal. By using this strategy, now my monthly income is over 90%.
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