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  1. we must be able to control it well, that by understanding and mastering psychologist trading well, then we can easily control our bad attitude is good and right, so that what we do can run smoothly
  2. we can seek to understand and understand the workings of trading well that is by studying all means trading properly, and we have to gradually understand it so that we can know the true and can ensure that we can control and manage trading well
  3. true because in order to understand all the way to master the workings of trading is to learn and continue to understand how to run trading well, so with so we can easily manage and master the ways of working trades properly and correctly
  4. we need a maximum of science and knowledge, and the ability and our efforts in understanding the forex trading, because to be able to manage trading is not easy to need to maximize his ways and may have mental as well as a good level of psychologist
  5. therefore we must be able to manage and make the workings of trading well, so that we can take advantage of all the bonuses and services provided by brokers, so with so we can easy to trade it well and can master it properly
  6. we can do in any way in order to minimize the risk as long as we can and keep trying so that we can easily fast and responsive in limiting losses, to the many ways that should be utilized either in our own way, or given by the broker
  7. Therefore, we must be able to frequently learn and enterprising in understanding the workings of trading correctly, so we can easy to master trading well and can make a profit, for the capability and our efforts must be maximized properly in order to help master how trading working well
  8. by we can apply all means to be able to minimize the risk properly, then we can easily to be able to achieve keuntugan and can avoid the risks properly because it needs the understanding and management of trading well
  9. we could observe the forex market very well, because the forex market is very dynamic and it takes a good prediction, therefore we must be able to analyze ways to maximize trading well, so we could easily when issuing the right target and in accordance with our analysis
  10. in the trading business broker does really help us, even could easily also we can understand and know everything to be able to master and understand the workings of trading. Therefore broker should be utilized as best as possible to make you feel more comfortable and be able to master trading properly
  11. most of the people join forex because of it's time flexibility. Also another major thing is it's earning potential. it has very good earning potential , within a short time we can earn good amount of money, provided we put enough analysis and hard work.
  12. the reason for the forex trading forex because then we will get the money. The forex then we were able to get the money, therefore we have much to learn and practice trading with good so we will get money from forex
  13. Bonuses of the broker is very helpful trader to increase the margin trading will be obtained. though so we should still make trades with good money management to avoid losses
  14. i think most traders just want to have good earning or profit daily. i don't know other reason why trader would spend a lot of time learning forex if not because of possibility of earning good profit.
  15. Proper knowledge of forex market, Practice much on demo, hard work and patience, Control on emotions and risk management all these are the basic things that you have to keep in mind to go through the way of success.
  16. the reason is expectation of easy and quick profit. But traders shouldn't put it as a primary near-term goal, especially if they are only starting to chew over theory. I would say that earnings from forex is a conclusion of professional market analysis and forex trading. With my broker I do my best to learn the ways of efficient market forecast and money management strategies. This constituents are of major importance in trading.
  17. we need to use the bonus so well that we will be able to benefit from the bonus. I also use a 250% deposit bonus of instaforex
  18. Bonus will helps us to get more maximal profit in forex as long as we want to discipline when using it. In InstaForex, trader can try to use deposit bonus because it can be used to hold position
  19. The reason for trader join in forex is money. The difference really with the physical work, which certainly can be paid if you do, but if we do forex able to pay more than the physical work but also could lose money from physical labor. forex is a business that there are highs and lows gain
  20. You have to be patient and use money you can afford to lose. You must treat it like a real job. Every time you buy or you short you must feel like you are selling a product and your objective is to make money. If you lose, think about that you did wrong and analyze each and every case for hours.
  21. I think the reason people join is hearing the results of what the forex can do. But if you take the time to educate and understand more about it, then it will be more of a hobby or pleasure to start off with. Then if your doing well, consider taking it more seriously
  22. Yes, I am grateful as a trader. gratitude greatly improves your odds of success. Otherwise, you will always be looking for the next big thing, no matter how much you have.So work hard, but also take some time out to enjoy yourself.
  23. Become IB is a good choice to expand our income. Most of affiliate programs are based on searching and attracting new customers over the Internet. The main instrument is an affiliate link serving for counting your referrals. You will earn your affiliate commission of 1.5-5.3 pips per each deal of the users who followed your advice and opened a trading account with InstaForex Company.
  24. As a trader we need to adapt your trading strategies according to changes in market condition.Market condition varies over time due to changes in economies, fiscal policies and market sentiments. Hence it is necessary for you to monitor the performances of your trading strategies and adapt them accordingly to stay profitable in your trading. Do not let a profitable trade turns into a loser. Remember, you can always re-enter the market. If you are in doubt, stay out!

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