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  1. No deposit bonus will help us to start trading without having to make deposit. But i think trader can use demo account first to start trading in forex and i think if we spend money only $10, it's not a big problem. Because it will make us be more comfortable to start trading
  2. If forex trading is a gambling, we must not learn and prepare ourselves for trading. But in fact, forex is not easy as we think. To earn profit consistently, we must understand the market movement. In TenkoFx, trader can use demo account to help us understand about forex trading. TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  3. We can earn money in forex if we want to learn about forex properly. We need to learn from time to time, continuosly to make our trading knoweldge and trading skills increase. I also try to do it, because i also want to earn more profit in TenkoFx TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  4. Of course. trader need to understand ourselves and in forex the real enemy is ourselves. Emotion are uncontrolled will make us loss our fund which is deposited. We can use small amount or even demo account first to understand about forex, get more knowledge about forex trading TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  5. No deposit like you get from your broker, must be maximized as well as possible. We also can use it to test a broker to know the real performance. But although we need to make deposit with small amount, like $10 in TenkoFx may be, i think it's not too bad to be tried. TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  6. We can start trading with small amount here. Do not forget that we will not get maximal result in forex if we do not have good skills. Using free capital, we can try to hone trading skills and also psychology. We can learn more about forex, including the risk here.
  7. Yeah, we can use it as long as we want. But we must understand that our psychology will not be honed if we dont want to use real account. I think, cent account in TenkoFx also will help us here. TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  8. of course, that's why we must control emotion. We can try to use small amount, like i use from TenkoFx. $10 with cent account, will help trader to more understand about forex.
  9. Deposit bonus in a broker, must be maximized if we want to earn more profit in forex. in TenkoFx, traders also can try to maximize deposit bonus too so we can earn more maximal profit. But we must remember that we must be discipline when trading
  10. If we want to learn from our trading experience and we want to improve our trading skills from time to time, we can get maximal result in forex. Learn about forex, we can try to use demo account. In TenkoFx, trader also can try to use it or we also can active inf orex forums too TenkoFX investment forum for PAMM account investors
  11. We must know how to chooe broker for trading, which is the best for us. But surely, we also must have knowledge and also trading skills to be able to trade in forex. Using small amount, we can try to maximize it to get more maximal profit in forex. Follow us to a new height!
  12. Yeah, but no deposit bonus is not given by every trader in forex so we should not rely on no deposit bonus to start trading with real account. Now, there are many broker which give an ease to start trading, like in TenkoFx, trader can start trading with $10 only
  13. Trading experience will teach us to be better trader. To be a successful trader, we must learn from our traidng experience. A successful trader will try to learn from mistake and then fix it so they will not fall in same hole. TenkoFx Deposit Bonus
  14. Demo account will make us know about forex. And we should use demo account as well as possible. It will help us to understand about forex. And until now, i also still use demo account in TenkoFx. I try to maximize this account to more improve my trading skills TenkoFx Deposit Bonus
  15. Yes, forex trading is profitale business. And if we want to get more maximal result, we must try to more improve our trading skills. We must try to maximize demo account to make us be better trader. Maximize what we've got in a broker. And then try to learn from trading experience. Be more than a trader, be a TenkoTrader!
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