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  1. Hello My name is mmoaker and If you have got a few minutes to spare I would like to introduce you to SiteTalk. I will also add links so you can also see what I am talking about in a short clips. IF you like my presentation, please use my Reff link. SiteTalk has made quite the wave in the industry and Site Talk will continue to be a household name for a long time. To close things out I want to say that Sitetalk scam rumors are not true and you can have a lot of fun in SiteTalk. !!! WHAT IS SITETALK !!! Sitetalk is a social network site just like Facebook but with alot benefits that are given to a FREE user. But what is different from FB? On Facebook you like posts, share them, comment, send messages, post pictures, share links, play games and get nothing in return for advertising that new song you shared, or that movie you liked or eaven that game you played on FB and convinced your friend to start playing aswell right? Here on Sitetalk you get points for doing that. What can you do with them you may ask. Well you can change them into credits. With those credits you can buy deals (coupons) for cheaper items in local stores. If you don't need the »deals« you can exchange credits into Bids (points for bidding on the site); yes it also has that! =). https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/b83fb4af-fb36-4ca3-a0cd-df6c645dcb82.mp4 https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/7827a80f-069a-468c-9415-d583582cc223.mp4 The best thing I found on this site is Cashback. On 9th of August you will be able to download plugin which will allow you to buy items on internet sites such as amazon, ebay, ebookers etc, etc. cheaper. Example: You just bought a computer on Ebay worth 1000 USD. Because you have a plugin by SiteTalk, and you save 7%. And 70 USD is not just some change. Along with benefits you also get what people want the most and that is $ MONEY $ !!! HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH SITE TALK !!! Stocks I recommend buying SiteTalk stock now at price 0,025€ or in other words 2,5 cents . The stock were at 0.54€, then they went down due to taken money for advertisiting. LINK TO STOCK INFORMATION Here you can see real informations about Sitetak stock. Eaven I wouldn't believe someone just because he said so I need real verified information. The stock is predicted to rise up to 100€ or eaven more per stock. If I speak for myself I wil be extremely happy eaven if it rises eaven to 3€ per stock, because I own 39.700 stock (believe it or not) Reffering people You get your own link for refferering your friends or strangers you met online. Site talk uses Binary System, so more people you invite, the more you points you get. You eaven get 10% of points people you invited earn. You can then spend those points for biding wars, buying deals (cupons) as stated before. Isn't that great? Everything you did was invite your friends to social site and you got points, and will still recieve them. Biding As introduced before you can exchange credits for bids (aka. Bid points) and compete for brand new items such as Playstation 4, Xbox One, TV, Apple products, Samsung phones etc, etc. https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/5963529c-6d06-4e0a-96df-ca4babb84648.mp4 When you win an item you have two options; 1. Sell it for the original price of it and receive cash on paypal or bank account 2. Get it shipped to your home !! REGISTER HERE NOW !! Cashback method Remember when I told you you earn points of friends you invited. What If I told you you also recieve 10% of cashback money they recieve when shoping online? That would be great wouldn't be? Cashback will be introducet on 9th of August 2014. It will be fully working on over 5000 stores and will be introduced in 15000+ stores by the end of the year. https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/3b35f35e-6ebc-48ec-ab97-91fa395da17e.mp4 Here is a video that sums up and explains everything about Sitetalk. https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/cab29203-7e4e-40a8-9ec8-a4c5d22246d1.mp4 I am here to introduce you into something with great potential, and a chance to make money, the ammount will change depending on the work you put in aka. Inviting people. https://opnopt-cdn.r.worldssl.net/video/10e15296-995a-4147-bb7c-811c48845229.mp4 If you decided to give this site a try here is link to join it LINK . If you join feel free to add me as a friend.
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