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  1. Discipline is an integral part of becoming a consistently profitable trader. However, most aspiring Forex traders find themselves unable to remain disciplined as they trade the markets
  2. Each PAMM manager sets the minimum investment amount on their account. You can check this parameter in the PAMM account's profile before making your investment. When you create a PAMM account you must determine the parameters for investments and rewards. Offer contains a minimum amount of investment and four indicators: 1. Amount. It determines further parameters for the investor. 2. Performance fee - a percentage of investor's income that will be paid monthly to the manager's account. 3. History - can whether the investor see the history of transactions. 4. Open trades - can whether the investor see the current transactions. I illustrated as follows: I see that the performance in order to have the best performance in the PAMM Rating. PAMM manager will provide profit sharing data is the minimum investment required How easy is it?
  3. No deposit bonus is like Bless for every trader. It is mostly important and helpful for new traders who do not have experiences in trading market. So using no deposit bonus, a trader can make his / her trading account and they can perform in live trading without any risk. Therefore, it is also good for those who do not have capital to invest in Forex. I even started my trading career with TenkoFx broker having 10 USD minimum deposit. Using that amount I managed to get 100 USD profits within next 3 weeks. I was so lucky to get such a nice opportunity to start my career in Forex industry. After that, I also got huge bonuses from my broker and now I am regularly trading in Forex with TenkoFx.
  4. Yes I am happy with Forex, even though I have lost a big amount. I am happy because I believe I can become a successful trader someday and I will get back my losses and become rich because of Forex. So I am trying hard to learn everyday and practice for a long time.
  5. bonus is good, but traders should have the ability to take advantage of these bonuses. I do not take advantage of the bonus in my broker, but still comfortable trading
  6. I has information from my broker about this PAMM Promotion : Our promotions department is currently working to set the 2015 launch date for this promotion and we anticipate that the re-launch will take place in February. Once the date has been set we will announce the re-launch in a press release. Clients who submit accounts for verification before December 31 will receive their verification results by the end of January 2015. If you have already sent in your application please keep your trading account open for monitoring, or we will not be able to process your application to participate once the next season of the promotio
  7. Forex trading is not like a game. It's a business, so we have to treat it like a business. Serious but relaxed, if we experience loss, do not make it as a burden, because the loss is one thing that can not be separated from the forex. Make the loss as a lesson so that we can become a better trader. I start trading with $ 10 in TenkoFx by opening an account cent. but before using own capital should we see our ability to make trades. if still not ready should we establish a trading system that will be used by using a demo account
  8. It is know to all that greed destroys patience. A greedy trader can not be patience in trading- greediness inspires the trader to continue trader without patience and the trader have to face loss. So, we should avoid greediness and be patience in Forex trading.
  9. Discipline with our money management, we also must improve our trading skill, include controlling emotion skill. Because if we can not control our emotion, we will not get profit consistent in forex, even we can lose all our money.
  10. Definitely in this business we should be more patient, because in this business a lot of things we need to wait and we observe, and it all takes time and patience is not small. and should if we want to enter the market, wait for the market is favorable.
  11. whether you are a Managing a successful Trader? There is an opportunity for you to develop your career and have a great income without having to have a lot of investors. TenkoFx gives you the opportunity to manage PAMM accounts. TenkoFX offers a unique opportunity to managing traders.
  12. I think that forex trading is not easy you have proper knowledge first so learn and practices in demo account than start trading in real account always use stop loss .Also Many people who trading in this market they have greed for huge earning and in this try they trade more or they get more entry in this market.
  13. Bonus is profitable and we can using bonus to added our margin. Bonus money in TenkoFx does serve as additional margin against Margin Call and Stop Out trigger. However, the bonus will be cancelled and all positions closed when the Balance (not Equity) falls below the total currently active bonus amount.
  14. Bonus can helping a trader to get the additional fund to trade. in TenkoFx the bonus credited to account balance and Bonus money does serve as additional margin against Margin Call and Stop Out trigger.
  15. Deposit Forex bonus is just an additional funds added by a forex broker to a traders live account after the trader has deposited some real money for trading. It comes in different ranges with conditions.Most time you cannot witdraw the bonus until you have satisfied the conditions but you can withdraw your capital any profit it accrues.The main aim of the bonus is just to beef up a traders account against a margin call. Not all brokers offer bonus but the few that offers bonus offer it in form of a percentage e.g 30 percent of deposit like in my broker ( TenkoFx )

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