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  1. Most important is forex market work 24*5 in a week. Thats very good, means traders can trade any time in 24 hrs. I checked many of the traders are going to Forex investment. But beginner should learn some tactics like latest tricks which help to make a successful trader, it help a lot.
  2. Yes, it is safe, There are numerous focal points over the different methods for contributing. Most importantly, it is a 24 hour business sector, aside from weekends obviously. With the help of forex trading tips , you can investment for future also. Still you have query for future investment you need to know why is forex an investment of the future?
  3. Forex market is very vast & before enter here we should aware about it, for the beginners should have to check some tips like- make your goal perfectly. Choose a broker with whom you feel relax for trading. Collect all the information about the forex market before enter it. Understand the graph and chart of the forex , will help you. Subscribe weekly forex newsletter. These are the few tips, will help in forex trading.
  4. This is true ,that before trading in forex market everyone should have to keep in mind some points. Forex trading is depend on perfect planning . if you are beginner in forex trading , study about forex trading at least a month & gain the experience about it, understand the market strategy. Then over come with your emotions, because there is no place for emotions. For achieve the profit return use proper equity managements. Always trade with confidently. These are the few points which will help you.
  5. Recent news which I got, that was about HSBC & Barclays suspended currency traders, because of FCA investigation.
  6. Hello everyone, I am a new here and intrested to know about stock trading, I hope anyone will help me.
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