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  6. Hello,This is a notice. This is just the beginning.I am from Team ProXScripts. The person Drew Burton of my24hourincome.com is not trustworthy at all. He was using our script and then came mentioning publicly that he is bringing a new program. He also said that his site was hacked (we are not revealing any other details at the moment, but can when required). We can bring the truth out about this person.He purchased a pirated copy of our software from some low grade person. Selling and using pirated software is illegal world-wide. So, now he is part of a crime. We can also complain regarding this in the country in which he is living. It is not a big deal to hire a lawyer to file a complaint against him and the person who is selling the software. He does not know the consequences of indulging in such a criminal activity.We had sent him an email asked him to provide an explanation regarding purchasing and using pirated copy of our software, but he has completely ignored us and has not yet replied to our email. Therefore, we have decided that we will make all his members and everyone on internet aware about this. If a person is using someone's software in such a way, do you think he is trustworthy and will you trust him? (There are many things about him that we will reveal slowly and when the time comes).We have given him all the support he needed. In fact, we have gone out of our way to provide support to him. We are finding a proper way to take a legal action against him. This is last warning we are giving to Drew Burton. Whoever is Drew Burton needs to contact us as soon as possible. Either he should change his script or purchase our open source software. Otherwise, we will let everyone know how he is fooling customers (we will provide proofs along with screenshot) and also take legal action against him.Thank You.
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