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  1. How much hve you earn from this website guidance?
  2. 12 x 12 program, NO SURF. Request payment on Friday. Get paid on Saturday. A good future package for me. Will take a look into it.
  3. Jutawan

    Support team is here. I really like this. :thumbsup:
  4. Jutawan

    One of the best after expire got paid automatic payment autosurf program in 2009. Although they do not answer to any support e-mails but they do pays.
  5. Jutawan

    Do they have problems with their LR instant payment system? I do not get my payment for 2 days now although i have already complete my surf.
  6. Jutawan

    I have just join for 4 days now. Wish me luck to earn good money from this program.
  7. Jutawan

    Have not been paid with LR, beware everybody.
  8. Jutawan

    The best paying autosurf in 2009?
  9. Jutawan

    1 package expire. Will request cash-out today.
  10. Could you please elaborate more regarding this matter skylady?
  11. How much have you already earn from here sir?
  12. Any updates from TGF members who had ready using the information from the e-book?
  13. Jutawan

    Got the result already skylady?
  14. Jutawan

    Why we must our link to this program? Does it provide good traffic to our website?
  15. Thank you skylady, care to guide me also here ok. Nice to know you. :thumbsup: