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  1. One of the most important studies as a day trader is to manage their risk exposure. Sure, risk control is a concept which be used on any trade, however, day trading has to do this matter from a different angle. Because their job is to capture multiple price fluctuations during the day, of course, profitability targets will be much smaller than a swing trader (who puts a single transaction with the goal of a much bigger profit target ). Therefore, by placing several trades throughout the day can be simple to "drift" far from their default stop losses. A shared (very joint! really) day traders thought is "if I extend my stop losses a bit hopefully the market will flip"! The hope is to one of the worst enemies of the trader. These tiny tracts of stop losses accumulate and suddenly without realizing that they are losing more money by trading brushed to make your turns ratio risk / reward against you. By KheloMCX Trading Advisory Services
  2. I hear many times about auto forex trading robot. Hundreds of auto forex robots out there who has been pressing to become successful and make double or triple your money within 2-3 months. Let me know is its true statement? What's your opinion about Forex Auto robot?
  3. Why is it important to demonstrate patience and discipline in trading Forex? Do you mean that you should be in the market "all the time?" Traders mostly professionals speak of patience in forex trade and think that patience is very necessary for the best Forex market, I want what is the primary reason that patience in foreign exchange trading is much needed and how we show patience in trading? Plz friends share your opinions.

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