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  1. Fraz333

    The reason for it is a lack of knowledge and experience or brokers-scammers. A lot of traders-beginners think, that Forex is an easy way of making money and start trading without any plan and strategy. Or create an account on some scammer broker site and lose their deposits. http://snalaska.net/
  2. Fraz333

    If you are new in Forex and want to start trading then you need to have a good, reliable and trusted broker and you search a lot before the start. Always start trading with a demo account and it will be helpful to become a successful trader. forex brokers
  3. Fraz333

    The lowest fee on the market - just 0.01% for order Instant withdrawals without delays 24/7/365 Live chat and e-mail support Powered by EU-regulated payment platform EU-regulated payment business The Worldcore platform is known for its high quality. It has become a member of various influential organizations: Emerging Payments Association, Euro Banking Association and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. The world-known payment platform has announced a number of update packages including the creation of the new wallet for one of the most influential cryptocurrencies, new features for the users, notable collaborations. Worldcore ICO raised over $25m Trade the world's first token of well-established EU-regulated payment platform operating for over 3 years. Worldcore Exchange
  4. Steven Twain and George Mcintyre claim your invested capital will be returned within 8-14 days via Bitcoin is not true don't exist carrier in bitcoin with this type of scam is not a real business.More at: http://nobsimreviews.com/btc-global-team-scam/
  5. I have bought a lot of WRC tokens and it is best ICO in 2018. Now price of WRC token is low and you can buy it from exchanges. WRC trading is live on HITBTC and Okex. Worldcore is a regulated payment institution with the EU license of National Bank of Czech Republic.
  6. Fraz333

    Some basic knowledge and skill sets required for Forex: A sound understanding of global economies and how they operate Knowing about different styles of trading such as day trading, position trading and swing trading Being familiar with the concepts of different charts used in Forex Knowledge about chart patterns; and support and resistance zones Must know about Forex trading strategies and must have the ability to develop one. Good money management strategy. https://forexmarketslive.com/forex-brokers-returning-to-the-u-s-as-forex-regulations-come-full-circle/
  7. Fraz333

    having a good knowledge is a very important factor in Forex trading. If you want to be a successful trader then you should learn the basics of Forex before start real trading and demo trading is also very helpful to get some experience. https://piptionaryclub.com/
  8. I tried their service last week, pretty fast transfer.It has real-time customer support service allows you to communicate with http://ecoinspeed.com/ without delay.( LIVECHAT 24/7)
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  11. There are many link building methods available and you build quality backlinks for your site to get high rank in Google. Some of them are: Forum Posting Blog commenting Web2.0 Guest Posting App Store Optimization Services
  12. Fraz333

    If you want people to find your site, SEO is important. If you plan to make money from lots of people visiting your site, whether directly, through selling them something, or indirectly, from click-through advertisement profits, then SEO becomes not only important but essential. The only website that doesn't need SEO in some way or another is the one that doesn't really care if it gets hits or not. In other words...every site should have some basic SEO. Affordable SEO Services for Small Business
  13. Fraz333

    I have an account with my broker https://www.amarkets.com/promo/, It is a great broker and I am very satisfied with it. It has low spread and great customer support.
  14. Facebook likes are very important for branding. It helps in increasing the brand popularity all around the world. Most of the users are active on social sites and facebook likes are most important to gain users trust. Brand Awareness Services
  15. Fraz333

    Demo trading is really very useful to us. we can learn many things from demo account that is same as a real account.No man cannot do anything without any experience.And of course, demo trading make perfect traders.Any person can be practice this demo trading. forex account management