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  1. Are you looking to start a forex trading career, or as a trader, do you want to enhance your trading experience? Then look no further than the Osprey FX trading platform. Osprey FX is a leading ECN trader where you can trade on liquidity (stocks, cryptos, forex, and commodities) from the best investment banks and other financial institutions across the world. The company ensures all orders are processed directly through their ECN trading environment. Reasons To Trade With Osprey FX? The following reasons are convincing enough for you to trade forex, stocks, commodities, and crypto
  2. You have really nailed it dude. WGRT is a class of its own and the reason behind so much buzz in the Chinese markets. I bet it’s going to the moon!
  3. Well, never tried this kind of option before but Etoro is quite famous with this kind of feature. I am not a fan of them but just the feature you talked is quite popular there. Also look at https://fx-list.com/, as they have listed brokers with social trading option. It should help you select the best, just make sure you pick one that’s secure for long term benefits.
  4. Forex is a wonderful business and got massive potential but it also is to do with us able to get it right. If anyone got any doubts about the potential, I will say check this https://www.maravipost.com/african-forex-traders-are-set-to-take-the-world-by-storm/, as this highlights how much potential there is in this business. It’s just our ability to succeed.
  5. If we are just starting up in Forex, it’s important to focus on education. And one major aspect of that is correct level of risk/money management, as if we get that done right, it will help us with performing well. I would say in order to learn about that, it’s simple to visit https://www.morebusiness.com/forex-money-management-tips/, where it’s nicely explained to help towards accurate management.
  6. Firstly, I believe you need to be on correct terms, Bitcoin is not produced, and it’s created. Anyhow, these are simple stuff and there is nothing to be ashamed in asking about this. But you don’t have to ask instead you have to use genuine resources to get knowledge of it. And the best way to get all Crypto Education is via Cryptolinks, it’s a very highly worthy site through which you could easily get yourself into understanding the whole world of Cryptos and the concept.
  7. No mate, that’s very much incorrect. A good broker is good regardless of anything and everything. So, we are more required to work with a quality broker not one that’s specific to certain trading technique. And that’s where I feel highly comfortable with AlphaBeta FX, which not only supports every technique, including hedging and news trading but also provides stuff like instant withdrawal. So you see there, it’s why I consider this as a quality broker and one that’s worthy to work with.
  8. @valyap Whats the aim of all these conferences, Why are you speaking at so many conferences but whats the use? can you list down what are the conferences that you have attended and what the the expenses relating to these conferences and what are the gains that PPN has achevied from this conferences in relation to the expenses. As investors we are not in favour of Val flying first class and going on shopping sprees in theses countries.
  9. How is this planned further?? Are the sales on or completed? I never heard of this before but seem very likable. Anyone will like to guide me on how to go about this and is this really worthy???
  10. Have you heard about the first trading environment that exclusively uses Bitcoin? Well, I've been looking for various business opportunities linked to Cryptocurrency, since this is the most popular subject of the year, and came across this website. I'm so much happy with their support and withdrawal.
  11. There are many ICOs which are coming up on day to day basis; it’s not even exciting anymore to even talk about them, as 95% of the time, it’s all going to be useless! So, what is that with CORVUS that is exciting and can’t be counted in that 95% of the options? It’s a decentralized open platform based on public blockchain technology encompasses Digital assets and identities. The thing that makes it so powerful and one to watch out for the future is how everything is done crisply, which is to do with the high quality team of experts working out. CORVUS Coin PRE-ICO Starting Fr
  12. We all need to Perform practice on DEMO account before jumping on real and live trading where we need to deposit our own funds. Now a days, almost every broker offers FREE DEMO Account for all. However, my belief is that the Demo trading environment must reflect the Live trading environment as closely as possible. that's why I trade with the IMMFX broker. I regularly make use of this demo to test my strategies before applying that on live account. https://IMMFX.com/demo-account/
  13. Celsius is the best decentralized Ethereum-based consumer peer-to-peer Credit Ecosystem designed just for us! They are developing something that is going to change everything and with the potential to reinvent how financial transactions are originated and recorded around the world. Celsius is a P2P decentralized credit protocol built on smart contract technology. With this technology, they are going to reinvent consumer credit and provide a platform for hundreds of millions of Millennials and GenX citizens to get affordable access to consumer credit! Well, so much to say about this
  14. Sorry, but I am not for SOME of the best, I am only for the BEST. This is where I find Oceanicblissfx the best, as they have excellent trading terms allowing us to experience the purest trading conditions and are regulated by top tier regulatory institute, it’s simply amazing to be part of such highly reliable and rated company. It’s really meant to make one trade with confidence and comfort that always bring rewards.
  15. Yes, interesting. However, it's not free to test out, but it has a lot advanced trading tools and it is very user friendly... I started Using it, just this week, it seems like a power trading platform. The auto trading tool & the historical testing are their best assists, i think personally.
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