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  1. papia09

    Well, never tried this kind of option before but Etoro is quite famous with this kind of feature. I am not a fan of them but just the feature you talked is quite popular there. Also look at https://fx-list.com/, as they have listed brokers with social trading option. It should help you select the best, just make sure you pick one that’s secure for long term benefits.
  2. papia09

    Forex is a wonderful business and got massive potential but it also is to do with us able to get it right. If anyone got any doubts about the potential, I will say check this https://www.maravipost.com/african-forex-traders-are-set-to-take-the-world-by-storm/, as this highlights how much potential there is in this business. It’s just our ability to succeed.
  3. papia09

    If we are just starting up in Forex, it’s important to focus on education. And one major aspect of that is correct level of risk/money management, as if we get that done right, it will help us with performing well. I would say in order to learn about that, it’s simple to visit https://www.morebusiness.com/forex-money-management-tips/, where it’s nicely explained to help towards accurate management.
  4. papia09

    These features are too risky to be given to newbies, so must come with warning. One of my friend lost a lot due to this high leverage feature.
  5. papia09

    Has ever anything like this resulted in any major step? No, even in worst scenario there is tiny fines put up, which are like peanuts for these money making machines!!
  6. papia09

    I see many people are angry but I think we should give Binance a chance.
  7. Dumb corporations led by even dumber people, binance is trying to do everything to destroy it's reputation.
  8. OKEx is really shaping the future in such a wonderful way. I am so glad to hear about this partnership.
  9. I will be shocked if not surprised if Kwan really leaves. She is the main pillar of the company and if she departs, it will crush things badly. I just can’t think this is possible
  10. Good job AsiaCryptoToday… I would also like to see them clarify things…
  11. Extremely pitiful to hear this. Indeed, seems nothing is protected, so what we can anyone ordinary like me say?
  12. papia09

    Finally great to see this. I always had torrid time with videos. Hopefully this will help
  13. I seriously can’t believe thy expected something else??? It was terrible move and results are very much on expected lines….
  14. Something is seriously wrong with Binance, they really not so innocent as they look.
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