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  1. How much does YouTube pay per 1000 views in Pakistan? I’m gonna tell you this straight, (practical answer below the bold) you won’t make shit on YouTube. It’s very hard to get one video over 1,000 views, much less each video, in fact, you’ll be lucky if you get 200 views per video. But I will answer your question, First, you have to create an ad-sense account, and link ads on your video, that’s how you make money, you show people commercials. And you link this to Youtube. You could have 1,000,000 views, but you won’t make a single dollar if you don’t have adds running. Okay, so for every 1000 views, $3 USD is the revenue, but you have costs. Youtube takes 33–66% of all revenue, and there is some taxes i believe. So don’t expect to make more than 1$ USD per 1000 views. Now, like I said, it’s VERY hard to get lots of views on YouTube at this point, ESPECIALLY if you want to start making money right away. In my entire Youtube career, I netted 36,000 views, over 2 years of work, wanna know how much I made? 24 dollars USD, for 2 years. I didn’t even bother collecting, I just sent it to a charity… If you go onto youtube for the money, you’re gonna be disappointed. You won’t net millions of views, you will be making nickels per video if you’re lucky. doing youtube as a HOBBY? I had a lot of fun down the road. but forget ever becoming a big youtuber and never seriously working a day in your life. Source: https://www.quora.com/How-much-does-YouTube-pay-per-1000-views-in-Pakistan Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  2. They simply come to you on Telegram and start telling you of an investment they made and were not able to withdraw until they found this great company “CircleField.” They would say they have been able to withdraw several times. If you checked the website, they promised 3% per day. Oh my Gosh! 3% per day is easy in theory but difficult in practice. If it were possible, they wouldn’t have to solicit people for investment in the first place, as they would simply make between 60% - 90% per month, and over 1000% per annum. That amount of profit is possible in a few days or few weeks, but unsustainable. However, this people will do all things they can in order to convince you that they’re genuine. You won’t know until you become a victim. If you send your money to them, your money is gone. The marketers/ affiliates are simply part of them. They dress like the US military personnel online, bearing Western names (is it a job of soldiers to promote investment schemes?). They dress like beautiful women, but we know it’s all fake. Fake photos, fake names, fake claims and lots of effort in criminal energy. The name of the website is: http://circlelifeltd.com Update: The website has been taken down. It’s like they took people’s money and fled. They will now build a brand-new website for the purpose of scamming people. Scammers spend a lot of time to build websites like this for the purpose of defrauding people. Profits from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  3. Hello Traders: We are launching a massive online project very soon... This is a brand-new service that Nigerians have never seen (the first of its kind). It will revolutionize how Nigerians make money online. Yes only qualified Nigerians would benefit from this. The service is outstanding and intriguing since it is a website that enables you to earn income from your knowledge. You do this by making research and gathering information that confirms your knowledge, and you then make prediction based on the knowledge. The result of your prediction will eventually earn you money. We will launch this soon and you will be duly updated. For more information, please go here: https://www.predictmag.com/
  4. Which is correct, “I am in the bus” or “I am on the bus”?: It appears that none of the answers so far are from native speakers of English, or at least not the American dialect. Both “in” and “on” could be correct in this sentence, but they carry different connotations. “I am on the bus” would be the much more common usage. “I am in the bus” might be used to describe your location, inside a bus rather than outside of it. You might use this in a message to a friend you were meeting at the bus station, to help them find you. “I am on the bus” would be used to describe the process of riding a bus as a method of transportation from one place to another. You might use this in a message to give someone an update of your status on the journey, for example, “I am on the bus home from the train station; I'll be there in fifteen minutes.” “I am on the bus” on its own would not be interpreted by anyone to indicate that you were physically on top of, on the roof of, a bus. Source: https://www.quora.com/Which-is-correct-“I-am-in-the-bus”-or-“I-am-on-the-bus” Buy and sell Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash; get funded quickly: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng Make money from games of knowledge: https://www.predictmag.com/
  5. Hmmmmm.... Number one trading course indeed. Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  6. I would love to know more about this. Thanks for the post: Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  7. I got an email, “You’re ugly. Shut the F up.” It was the first time I got hate mail. I had an opinion about the stock market, wrote it, then got this email. It was 2002. I showed a friend of mine. “That’s a badge of honor. It means people are paying attention to you.” “Or it could just mean people think I’m ugly.” — In 2005, in a column in The Financial Times, I wrote that I didn’t think kids should go to college. Student loan debt was around $300 billion then. Now it’s over $1.5 TRILLION. Tuitions are two times higher now than then. Acceptance rates are lower. And yet, in 2019 almost all new jobs being created in the economy don’t require a college degree. But this was 2005. Many people hated me. I lost friends. I got death threats. People would say things like, “He went to college so now he just wants people not to go to college so he can remain superior.” People said things like, “He must have done bad in college.” People said things like, “Not everything’s about money!” Colleges stopped inviting me to speak on their campuses. — I wrote an article on why people shouldn’t own a home. If you paid all of your life savings to own a home then you probably hated me after that. I spoke about it on Yahoo! Finance in a video that got millions of views and over 10,000 comments. My friends told me, “Whatever you do, don’t look at the comments!” I looked at the comments. I looked at them for hours. I threw up afterwards. — In 2009 I went on CNBC and said the market was going to go up. A lot of people hated me. One person called a friend of mine and said, “Everyone is laughing at your friend.” I said, “Did you defend me?” “No way, man!” he said, “I want to go out with that girl.” I was really upset that he didn’t defend me. — In August 2017, I went on CNBC to talk about Bitcoin. I said there were a lot of alternatives to Bitcoin that were scams but that Bitcoin would go up. Bitcoin was $3,500 then and about $8,000 now. And 80% of the alternative currencies around then are out of business because they were scams. I wasn’t right about everything but I was right about the direction. A lot of people hated me. They hated me because they hated Bitcoin. Or they hated me for ads I made for a course that would explain cryptocurrencies to the average person. One time I got so upset at all the hate I put my phone number on Twitter and told people to call me if they had a problem with me. I spoke on the phone from 3 a.m. until about 8 a.m. What good did it do? To this day I get at least one hate mail a day about Bitcoin. — One time I wrote that I was against all wars. One person wrote, “Even the Peloponnesian War?” What? Another friend wrote me and said, “If you said that in the bar I go to each night, we’d kick your ass.” Another friend never wrote me. He had been my friend for decades. Even a best friend. I finally realized he had unfriended me everywhere. I wrote and said, “What happened?” He said, “You must want slavery if you are against the Civil War?” What? “You’ve known me for decades. How could you possibly think that?” He didn’t answer. People who hate don’t change their minds. They are afraid their view of the world is wrong. They are afraid they spent huge amounts of money without needing to. They don’t like who you are for some reason that you have no idea about. They think it will make them feel better to not like you. They think it will make them more accepted in their group to not like you. They think you are directly insulting them. They think you are stupid and they are smart. They think your view will hurt them in some way. Maybe (cliche) they are jealous. I don’t like it when people trash me or say horrible things to me or treat me poorly. It hurts me almost every day. I need to get over it. I’m getting better at it. I’ve learned a few things: A) Never ask “Why?” Nobody is ever going to tell you the real reason they dislike you. They might not even know. B) Never argue back. What’s the point? C) Some relationships end. D) Listen to them. I’ve often changed my mind when people are reasonable. E) Move forward. In physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When you move forward, someone will always try to move against you. This is why success is so hard. To be successful, you will have every force in the world move against you. Learning to ignore the haters, not fight them, and just take the very next steps, is the key to success. F) Ignore. Ignorance is bliss. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s apathy. Ignore the people behind you so you can move forward. — I felt all alone many times. I felt depressed. So depressed I simply didn’t have the emotional infrastructure inside of me to get out of bed. I lost friends and I would make the mistake of calling them and asking “Why?” when there was no answer. I’d try to argue and plead but it just dug my grave. The only thing that works (foreshadowing: it’s a cliche): figure out more ways to help people. When other people are hate machines, I try to let that be the fuel of my “help machine.” I remind myself of this when I get hate. But that first guy was right. I looked in the mirror today. Ugh. Author: James A. Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  8. How to manage a jealous staff* *A. What is jealousy?* Jealousy is showing a dislike for someone because you want what they have. Other names jealousy is known are envy, covetousness, intense desire, resentfulness, grudge, bitterness, malice and spite. *B. What can cause a staff to become jealous of an employer?* 1. Jealousy can creep in when a staff feels unappreciated, under paid and over looked for promotion 2. Jealousy can come in when a person feels insecure 3. Some people’s jealousy can be pathological (a psychological disorder that causes a person to be preoccupied with the thought that he/she is better than anyone). Many jealous employees make an assumption of the money their employer earns, and convince themselves that they could do a better job and earn more than their boss. *C. How can you identify a jealous staff?* 1. They love it when you make mistakes 2. They are unhappy when you succeed. 3. They openly criticize you in and outside the work place (They criticize or belittle your appearance, achievements, personality, or personal life) 4. They talk behind your back (gossip) 5. They give you backhanded, false compliments (their comments make you feel uncomfortable and they often over do it) 6. They secretly sabotage your work and effort 7. They spread lies about you. Jealousy can make a workplace toxic and hell like. It kills productivity, ruins team morale, and causes unnecessary drama at work. Envy and jealousy may be covered with mild criticism, derogatory remarks and excessive praise but the aim is to put obstacles in your path that you may not be able to trace to their source. And do not be surprised when you eventually discover that the brain behind your problems is your admirers, best friends or best staff. *D. How can you handle a jealous staff?* 1. Acknowledge jealousy is a natural human emotion that we have all experienced at one point or another but should never be allowed to go weird 2. Success of any kind creates envy and one of the ways to enjoy continuous success is by learning how to manage envy from both friends, workers and foes. 3. Expect jealousy from anyone around you, any one I repeat. _If you suspect your employee may be jealous of you, here are some ways you can manage this misnomer._ *(a) Stay calm and remain positive.* 1. Take a lighter approach to manage it and shrug it off if the staff’s attitude is not threatening. In the other hand, try to be firm in dealing with it if it is becoming inimical to the health of your business. *(b) Remain Professional* 1. Treat all employees equally and fairly in line with your company’s policy. 2. Communicate often with staff and intimate them with the business policy *(c) Give Credit Where it’s Due* 1. Praise all employees for a job well done instead of just a select few. 2. Provide all employees with a list of the criteria you use for evaluation and generously praise the outstanding ones. *(d) Refrain from Bragging* 1. Avoid the temptation to flaunt your wealth, success, beauty or any other peculiar endowment before your workers. 2. Boasting will definitely make your workers and observers feel inferior and become covetous and jealous. 3. Learn to keep a low profile in the sight of men even when it is apparent you can afford to buy or control the city. 4. Use your gifts and endowment as a source of blessing to others rather than using it to acquire wealth, intimidate others and to attain selfish interest. *(e) Have a One on One Discussion* 1. Schedule a meeting with him to resolve your differences. 2. Let him know you noticed his behavior and you wish to know the reason for it and the rift between you and him. 3. If necessary, highlight what you observed in him and the fact that his conduct is having adverse effect on other workers and the business. 4. Listen when he speaks and try to understand his point of view with the purpose of seeking solution to the problem. *(f) Terminate their appointment* Some people’s jealousy can be pathological as earlier on mentioned here 1. If the situation doesn’t improve, you may need to relieve him of his job. 2. Run as fast as possible and very far away from irredeemable envious people around you because like a viper, they are waiting for an opportunity to strike you and when they strike their poison is often deadly. By: *Dr. Olatoye Akeem Taiwo* Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  9. There are many cryptos websites out there, including this one. Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  10. The world has been thrown into a state of pandemonium following the Covid-19 outbreak. Global stock exchanges are consistently recording dips after dips with little hope of seeing any stability soon. Analysts predict that the effects of this pandemic on the global economy will be like nothing seen before. The pandemic has caused unimaginable losses for investors and businesses alike. In March 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average (^DJI) recorded its worst decline in history. Not even during the Great Depression were things this bad for the Dow. It is safe to say that no one, not even well-seasoned analysts and investors, anticipated the level of crisis we're witnessing today. The Covid-19 outbreak, if not anything, has shown us just how volatile the financial markets can be and how quickly our investments can go ‘sour.’ Many investors are scrambling to find alternative investment vehicles that can diminish risk while remaining profitable in these uncertain times. With the crisis going on in the financial markets, it may seem impossible to look/wish for such investment solutions. However, there is one company that delivers just this; 8topuz. 8topuz is an award-winning FinTech company, that provides an Artificial Intelligence-based risk-regulated trading software (bot). This software takes advantage of the FX market and works with just a select few currency pairs. 8topuz—pronounced as “octopuz“— provides investors with access to a kind of system that could only be possible if an army of high-quality risk managers assembled for the said purpose. Here's How It Works The technology behind 8topuz allows investors to benefit from an AI-automated risk-managed system, built to consistently produce an audited ROI of 3-4% monthly as efficiently as possible. This means that traders without experience could benefit from this AI system which is based on machine-learned risk management algorithms. The risk management attribute is very adaptable to fluctuations and has the added option of human intervention for luxury. This means that the automated trading system can be overridden in anomalous situations. What are the Returns Like? The unique approach practiced by 8topuz has put them ahead of the stock markets and other financial markets, in terms of returns, for the past few years. While stocks usually return—on average—8-12% yearly, 8topuz yields returns of 24-48% annually. To make it even better, their software has managed to stay consistent with monthly gains since the beginning of the year, irrespective of the volatility and crisis surrounding the financial sector today. Illustrated below is a table juxtaposing the performance of 8topuz with the S&P 500 and the DJIA from January to March 2020: January 2020 February 2020 March 2020 Total 8topuz 3.62% 1.35% 4.97% 9.94% S&P 500 -0.04% -7.92% -13% -20.96% DJIA -0.9% -10.07% -13.74% -24.80% 8topuz offers stability in a market currently gutted with ridiculous volatility. Apart from recording consistent high returns, this automated trading system provider stands as a more stable investment option. Since December 2016, for example, 8topuz has recorded only one losing month compared to the S&P 500 which has had a total of 11 losing months since the same period. 8topuz’s ability to assess and adapt to market conditions that may be unprecedented or unusual is one of its key functionalities in delivering consistent profits for its investors. 8topuz is, without a doubt, one of a kind in these markets. Source: https://8topuz.com/
  11. Founded in 2018, 4xCube is a Forex and CFD brokerage that provides a platform where investors and traders alike could get access to ridiculously low spreads, instant trade execution, and top-notch customer service. 4xCube consists of a management team with more than 20 years of experience in the global financial markets, making it a brokerage that perfectly understands the needs of its customers. This brokerage is a true STP/ECN trading platform that doesn't require a dealing desk and allows for any kind of trading strategy. In this article, we will be looking at 4xCube and some of the concepts involved in it. We would also discuss/explore a remarkably unique program offered by this brokerage that could be revolutionary for traders. An Overview of 4xCube This brokerage could be considered as a perfect tool for traders (especially beginners) thanks to its simplified and education-oriented platform. Trading the financial markets can be complicated and overwhelming sometimes considering the several digits, information, and charts that have to be analyzed in it. 4xCube makes trading easier and worthwhile. 4xCube also supports low entry capital for its customers. Traders can open live accounts with as little as $5. This makes backtesting and learning in real-world market conditions more realistic. The true STP/ECN attribute of this brokerage eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest. It also means that all trade orders are carried out by a pool of 21 service providers between ECN and banks, giving its customers a fast and drama-free trading experience. Additionally, 4xCube facilitates true instant transactions as deposits and withdrawals are processed in split seconds. This helps traders take advantage of extremely volatile market conditions. 4xCube is globally recognized as one of the most innovative and fast-growing brokerages and has received several awards for its distinction including International Finance Awards 2019, Global Forex Awards, and AtoZ Awards 2019. Properties of 4xCube Explained below are some of the concepts and properties involved with 4xCube: Regulation 4xCube is registered in the Cook Islands and is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). Being registered and regulated offshore gives this trading company more flexibility in implementing trading rules and features. Trading companies regulated under European laws makes it difficult for small-scale traders to gain entry into the financial markets as they have a capped leveraging of 1:30. 4xCube, on the other hand, allows for leveraging as high as 1:400, making it more beneficial for small-scale traders. 4xCube also has adequate security features regardless of its offshore status. This trading company has separate accounts for storing customers’ funds to ensure that these funds are not tampered with in any way. 4xCube uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) cryptographic encryption on its website to provide a secure digital environment for traders and to safeguard against hackers. In 2019, 4xCube emerged as an affiliate of the FSC which bolstered the array of services and benefits it could provide for its customers. 4xCube is accessible across every continent on the planet. However, it is restricted in countries like North Korea, the United States, and Iraq. Education As mentioned earlier, trading the financial markets is no easy feat. Choosing a brokerage that supports you in your trading journey is quite important (especially for beginner traders). 4xCube helps you stay on top of the market by providing you with daily charts, overviews, interactive webinars, and other necessary analysis. This brokerage keeps you updated with global economic and financial news that could help you make better trading decisions and grow in experience as a trader. Auto Trading 4xCube also comes with an auto trading feature that helps you automate your trading. Auto trading helps busy, beginner, or any interested trader execute trades automatically once preset market conditions are met. It also allows traders to copy or find guidance on trades from more experienced traders. The auto-trading feature helps traders carry out trades free of emotions, allowing them to take advantage of more trading opportunities. Deposit and Withdrawal Options With 4xCube, deposits and withdrawals are done with the utmost ease. Users of this platform can make cash deposits in various currencies including US dollar, Euro, Nigerian Naira, the British Pound, South African Rand, and many more. You can also make deposits using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Available channels for making deposits and withdrawals include bank transfer, debit/credit card, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, and many more. The 4xCube Installment Program As a show of their innovative solutions and a dedication to customer support, 4xCube has come up with a unique program to help beginner traders launch their trading careers. This program gives new traders the option of trading with as much as $1,000 (in credit), and pay back the loan in as much as 10 installments. This program is extremely beneficial and can help many beginner traders kickstart their trading journeys on a supportive platform, instead of wandering in oblivion. The scheme is incredibly flexible and can be started simply by following these easy steps: 1- Register on the platform and submit all the necessary identification requirements. 2- Choose the amount of credit you desire. 3- Select your desired number of installments. 4- Download the installment program terms and conditions. 5- Sign and upload the highlighted page(s) on the prompted screen. 6- Begin trading. Final Note 4xCube provides a wide array of trading services and products waiting for you to take advantage of. However, trading is not an easy task. Do well spend quality time in acquiring the necessary trading skills before embarking on your trading journey to give you a better chance of succeeding in this industry. Source: https://4xcube.com/installments
  12. What You Should Do When Your Company is the Subject of a Business Litigation Lawsuit If your company receives notice that it has been named in a lawsuit, it can be an unnerving experience. Although never an ideal situation, defending a lawsuit is often an inevitable occurrence for most companies. The steps your company takes at the onset of litigation can greatly impact the success of the lawsuit and potentially mitigate future risk. Companies can be sued based on all kinds of allegations—from discrimination to product liability claims. No matter what the allegations of the lawsuit are, your company needs to take the following steps when first presented with a lawsuit. Step #1: Contact an Experienced Business Litigation Attorney Your company should never attempt to deal with a lawsuit on its own. The moment your company is served with a lawsuit, you need to contact an experienced business litigation attorney who is experienced in defending the types of claims you have been sued for. Although you might be close friends with a divorce attorney, having a divorce attorney defend your company in a business dispute would be risky and counterintuitive. An attorney who is familiar with the types of claims you are facing will be better postured to develop an effective defense strategy as he or she will be knowledgeable about the intricacies of business or employment dispute litigation. Do not wait to contact a business litigation attorney. Generally, your company will have 30 days to respond to the allegations laid out in the lawsuit. Be honest with your attorney. If you feel uncomfortable sharing certain facts with your attorney, choose another one you feel more at ease with. Your attorney can only defend your company with the information he or she has available. Even if the allegations contained in the lawsuit are correct or partially correct, share this information with your attorney. Step #2: Keep All Documents Even during times of non-litigation, companies generally have a requirement to preserve certain documents. If your company has been served with a lawsuit, it is imperative you do not destroy any documents that are associated with or could be associated with the allegations contained in the lawsuit. Your attorney will likely request copies of all relevant documents for review in order to better grasp the circumstances of the allegations and to develop possible defenses. If you destroy documents relative to the lawsuit, your company can face additional legal ramifications. Step #3: Do Not Attempt to Contact the Opposing Party Directly You may be tempted to contact the party who filed the lawsuit against your company in an attempt to resolve the allegations before the lawsuit proceeds. Do not do this. Once a lawsuit has been filed against your company, the time to resolve the allegations personally has passed. The individual or entity who filed the lawsuit is now represented by counsel. All communications to the opposing party must occur through their attorney. You also enjoy the protection of being represented by counsel. The opposing party cannot contact you directly, only your attorney. Once a lawsuit has commenced, you also should not discuss the lawsuit with anyone except your attorney. Your communications with your attorney are privileged and confidential; however, communications you may have with other individuals are not privileged and may be subject to discovery in the lawsuit. Your attorney will be able to properly advise you on when and how you should speak about the allegations in the lawsuit. Step #4: Contact your Insurance Agent Check your insurance coverage policies to determine if you have coverage for the type of lawsuit your company is facing. If your company is covered, call your insurance agent. You may not want to involve your insurance company in fear of increased premiums, but litigation is expensive, and this is one of the reasons your company carries insurance in the first place. Your insurance can alleviate some of the financial burden that results from defending a lawsuit. Step #5: Develop a Strategy Once you’ve found an attorney, determined whether your insurance company will be involved, and taken all necessary document preservation steps, you can begin to work with your attorney to develop an effective strategy to defend your company. You and your attorney need to carefully dissect the allegations laid out in the lawsuit. If the allegations have merit and can be proven, your attorney may advise you to undertake a settlement strategy that would limit the progression of the lawsuit, saving your company valuable financial resources. If the allegations do not have merit, you and your attorney need to start collecting evidence that can effectively disprove the opposing party’s contentions. If there are other parties that need to be brought into the lawsuit (i.e., other individuals or entities that contributed to the opposing party’s alleged damages), your attorney can present these other parties to be added to the lawsuit, which could limit your company’s ultimate liability. It is important to note that every lawsuit is different, and no two litigation strategies are the same. Your company’s defense strategy can change and often does change as the lawsuit progresses and more evidence is presented by both sides. A good business litigation defense attorney will be able to change litigation dynamics and strategy as needed. Source: https://uk.advfn.com/newspaper/advfnnews/54721/what-you-should-do-when-your-company-is-the-subject-of-a-business-litigation-lawsuit Perfect Money/Payeer/BTC/AdvCash/Neteller/Skrill: www.ituglobalfx.com.ng
  13. The 419 plan is that you send money to get 100% profits of what you send in less than 50 minutes. They ask you to send more money once you send first amount. They don’t have any website. Even if they do, they can pull it down. They have no physical office. They claim you cannot comment cause of spamming, but they often remove members (who can’t comment). Needless to say, those members have been scammed or realized they’re criminals and instead, they think his presence in the group is no longer needed. They appear religious. They use multiple phone numbers belonging to part of their groups to give fake testimony, to deceive people. Alerts shown are money from fools who send money to them. They’re not from investors who get paid. You join them or they add you. People should start massive campaigns against these idiots who come in different investment names. The public should be warned. TO REITERATE This is a scam. They have duped many people.... Promising to double their money everyday. If this was possible, every Nigerian would be rich. They are smart liars and a group of fraudsters, who will do everything possible to convince you they're genuine and God-fearing. Once they collect your money, they remove you from their group. You can't even comment so that others won't know they're criminals. Those who share fake testimonies are part of a large group of the scammers... And they're the ones that can post.. In order to deceive people that this is real. The alerts they show you are actually alerts of funds sent by their victims (mumus/magas, who want to become rich by having their monies doubled). They're now targeting WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram, looking for victims to join them. The go as far as hacking social media accounts so that they can deceive and lure your friends and family by posting the scam business, as if you had tried and trusted them (thus ruining your reputation). Now ask yourself, would a legitimate business hack people’s accounts so that they can get more clients? Would they add you to their groups without your consent? They have no websites and no offices... Sometimes, their written English is terrible. Even if they do, they can always pull the websites and move offices and remove their SIMs. You can only PM the admin that will eventually block you once they succeed in stealing your money. And they are desperately looking for more victims. Please run for your life.
  14. This is another scam business on a WhatsApp group. Their WhatsApp number is: +234 706 194 7833 They will look for your number and add you to their WhatsApp group without your permission. They will then ask you to leave the group if you don’t like what they’re doing. The moderators are maniacal criminals who would quickly remove you from the group if you ever question what they do, and also private message you to abuse you (PM, DM, PC). Unlimited 100% Fixedgame promises to give you numbers that win sports bets 100% of the time. They say you cannot lose because they have access to secrets of fixed matches. But you need to send money to get the numbers to do sports betting games. Send money to them at your peril… They remove you quickly from their group afterwards. Mission accomplished. If they know numbers that could win 100% of the time, why can’t they and their family only play the game and become rich? Why must they spend a lot of time and energy persuading people to be rich? These scoundrels use many means to dupe people, but it boils down to, “SEND MONEY TO RECEIVE MONEY.” They have many cousins, like Assured Wealth Management, Lavita Ricca Investment, and others. This is more info about them: https://www.nairaland.com/5169885/assured-wealth-management-latest-scam https://www.nairaland.com/5028627/how-got-scammed-10k-lavita
  15. WHEN A CHECK/DRAFT IS PAID INTO YOUR ACCOUNT They say it’s a rule from CBN. When a check/draft is paid into your account, especially from someone using another bank, you will receive a credit alert. The credit alert will be there as an SMS alert, email alert and if you even login to your Internet banking area, you see it there. The name of the sender is not included. THE STATUS OF YOUR CREDIT The reality is that, the credit will never be added to your available balance. The book balance would be different from the available balance and you won’t be able to use it until after 48 hours. This would give your bank the time to confirm the cheek/draft. If it is genuine, the money would be added to your available balance. If it’s fake, the money would be removed from your account. Sadly, most members of the public are not aware of this fact. Once many people see credit alerts from their banks, they believe it’s real money and they fall into traps. And scammers know that most people don’t know. HOW BANKS AID AND ABET SCAMMERS Some banks will send credits alert to you, as soon as a check is deposited into your account. This is wrong, and it’s the loophole that the scammers capitalize on. Why should banks send credits alerts for checks that have not been cleared (checks that have not been confirmed)? It currency takes up to 48 hours to confirm a check or draft and banks should not send alerts to their customers until that is done. So, if the checks are later proven to be forged/spurious, the money would then be removed from your account. Many customers are not aware of this. Sane employees of sane banks, know that it saves a lot of things, when a check/bank draft is confirmed before alerting customers. If the one who pays, or the payee is really in a hurry, then they should look for other ways to transfer money. Yes, there are other and better ways to transfer money… And insisting on draft/check should raise suspicion. A bank that alerts customers without confirming a check is really adding and abetting scammers. SCAMMERS ARE DIFFICULT TO CATCH Yes, scammers are difficult to catch. Be suspicious of anyone who changes their numbers too often. Once they dupe someone and the person is threatening them, they remove the SIM and that person can never reach them again. A scammer can pay one-year house rent and spend only a few months - only to change accommodations. Changing offices is not a big deal to them. They try their best to erase all traces to them and they do their best not to come in your way again, forever. They’re good at forging documents and using fake addresses and fake things. Until you’re convinced that you’ve been duped, they’ll be giving you guarantee that all is well, and no problem and anything going wrong would be corrected. Meanwhile, while they’re fooling you that there’s no problem, they’re packing away from their locations. I can tell you that some (and most of these scammers) are married with children. Some of them are elderly people. Some of them are really gentlemen in society and they still dupe people. They know about the loopholes in Nigerian laws and they know that if you can even catch one of them, you can never catch the rest of them. WHAT NIGERIAN BANKS AND CBN CAN DO CBN should instruct Nigerian banks that they should stop giving alerts to customers until the bank drafts and checks paid into their accounts, are confirmed to be valid. If a customer or those who may think they’re in a hurry, then they should use an electronic method or direct cash deposit to pay. Yes, if they think they cannot wait for 48 hours or you can’t wait for 48 hours, for the bank draft to be cleared, then they should use another means of payment. In this digital/electronics payment age, when banking technology has advanced so much, how can someone insist on using a bank draft or check to pay people? Bank officials that don’t alert customers or put “locked” credits in their accounts until the checks have been cleared, are saving lots of lives. Bank officials that send credits alerts, when checks/drafts have not been cleared, are really not doing the right thing. When banks start to refuse to credit or alert any customers (based on drafts or checks brought in their names), until the checks and the drafts are cleared and confirmed to be genuine, then scammers who forge checks and drafts will go out of the business. That’s the only way. WHAT SCAMMERS DO AND HOW THEY BEHAVE When people want to scam you, they usually pose as honest, dependable and trustworthy people. They do everything in their capacity to prove to you that you’re safe when doing business with them. They’ll always tell you that they’ve been duped in the past, and they don’t want to be duped again. They’ll be asking you to confirm that you’re honest and safe to do things with. They pretend to be very religious. They pose like lawyers, accountants, bishops, imams, etc. They claim to be holding very high positions in society. They claim to have international experience and connections. They “prove” to be close friends with those who’re working at Chevron, Head of Bureau the Change or a senior nurse at LUTH. etc. They put on corporate dresses and use cars to deceive people. They pretend to be who they’re not. They assume titles of the positions you respect. They spend a lot of energy, days and resources (which could have been channeled into other productive things) trying to dupe you. The best way they get you is through someone you know very well. They may be a family member, a church member, a neighbor, a friend, a customer, etc. Someone you think you can trust. They will come to you through that person, as the one who introduces them to you. You won’t know that the person has a money sharing deal with the scammers. The premise is: The person you know, who introduces others to you, usually for business or contracts or projects, is presumed by you, as someone who will not deliberately betray you, because you’ve been dealing together for some time. Some of them may call you through the phone number of the person you know, who introduces you to them. Sometimes, they insist on using drafts or checks only, to pay you, for a flimsy reason. No matter how, they won’t give up on you until they succeed in duping you. You won’t know what people are capable of doing, until you find yourself at their mercy. The best thing is not to fall into their traps in the first place. HOW THE PUBLIC CAN PREVENT THIS SCAM One of the most effective ways to stop these scoundrels from their usual business and from destroying people’s life, is to create awareness and educate the public on how to guard themselves against these people. 1. No matter what they say… No matter what they claim to be… No matter where they come from… No matter how they try to convince you… NEVER NEVER accept bank draft or check payment from anybody or any company or organization. Never allow such a thing to be used to pay money into your account. 2. If no-one can do business with you unless they use a check or a bank draft, please forget about that business, no matter how “safe,” attractive or lucrative it may be. 3. If they cannot pay by cash or electronic money transfer, then they should forget about doing business with you. Or they can use the draft to pay one of their own people, and then the person can pay you with cash or electronic transfer. 4. Prevention is better than cure. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry. It’s better not to make money or not to do business, than to do what you will regret for the rest of your life. 5. If you must accept a bank draft or a check, please disregard any alerts that come to you in any form. Wait for at least, 72 business hours, and then, contact your account officer to confirm if the money from that check has been cleared and added to your available balance. You must ensure that you are able to use that money before you deliver anything to those who used the checks/drafts to pay. Beware of anyone making it seem to be in a hurry to do business with you. If they’re really in a hurry, then they must use another means other than a bank draft or check to pay you. Never release anything or send anything until you’re able to confirm that you’re completely safe. Please save people from penury and financial ruin. Save them from pains and losses. Share this information on websites, social media, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram and Facebook groups. Forward it to your exchangers and their customers and all those who deal in goods and services in return for payment. You don’t know whether the next person you’ll save is your loved one. Save someone today with this information. Thanks for reading….
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